Trump complains about 'freezing' courtroom, holds up news clippings after 12 jurors selected in trial

Trump spoke to reporters as he left court at 5. p.m. on Thursday, where 12 jurors were selected in the 'hush money' case against the former president.

“I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire. I’m supposed to be in Georgia. I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, South Carolina," he said. "I’m supposed to be in a lot of different places campaigning, but I’ve been here all day on a trial that really is a very unfair trial.”

Trump then held up a stack of news clippings from "legal experts" claiming that "this is not a case."

"There are all stories," Trump said holding up a ream of print-outs of stories.

He leafed through the papers and named outlets including the National Review, Wall Street Journal, NYMag, and "even the Rolling Stone."

The Republican nominee also decried the courtroom itself, claiming it was "freezing."

“I’ve been sitting here for days now from morning ’til night in that freezing room," he said. "Freezing. Everybody was freezing in there.”

Trump said that the DA is "out of control" and the judge on the case is "highly conflicted" before turning his scathing remarks at Biden.

"You have the leading [Democratic] candidate, and [I'm] leading Joe Biden by a lot, he's the one who should be on trial – he's a crook," Trump said. "We've got a crooked president."

Source: NY Post