Putin Interview? Intense Speculation As Tucker Carlson Is Spotted in Moscow

Is Tucker Carlson getting ready to interview Vladimir Putin?

Carlson, who is now free to interview whoever he so chooses following his departure from Fox News last year, reportedly arrived in Moscow earlier this week and was spotted at the capital's Bolshoi Theater.

The image led to intense speculation across the X social media platform as to what Carlson might be doing in Russia, particularly given that it has become more difficult for Americans to obtain visas to enter the country.

"Tucker Carlson is in Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin," Kim Dotcom wrote on the X platform, despite providing no evidence for his claim.

"Uncensored on X. The US deep state and the Biden administration must be in panic mode because Putin (the most censored man in the West) will expose their propaganda and lies."

Also weighing in was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who declared that Democrats were fearing the prospect of Tucker conducting such an interview:

Source: Red State

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