Tucker Carlson reveals how hosts are kept in line at Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s firing continues to be a point of contention among many conservatives. How could Fox News silence such a crucial voice for America First policies and the “forgotten Americans”? Well, according to Tucker, he wasn’t the least bit surprised that he was let go. During his appearance on the All-In Podcast, he explained it this way: You can’t offend everyone and still expect to keep your corporate job. However, things became particularly interesting when Tucker revealed how Fox News keeps its hosts in check through the advertisers who fund the network. He pointed out that Big Pharma is one of the main sponsors of Fox News, and consequently, no one on the network is going to criticize the vaccine.

Tucker elaborated that this is the method by which hosts, reporters, and journalists are kept in line, and it’s also how corporate America exercises nearly complete control over the entire news cycle. Now, you can start to truly grasp the conflict between Elon Musk and his corporate advertisers and why they’re so furious that they can’t control the narrative.

Popular X account KanekoaTheGreat shared the details of what Tucker said during his appearance on the All-In Podcast:

Source: Revolver News

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