Tucker Makes Ominous Warning for America

Tucker Carlson is issuing a grave warning for the United States in 2024 as the presidential election looms.

While speaking at the Risk On 360! Global Success Conference in Las Vegas, Carlson painted a grim picture of what the election year may bring as he revealed his concerns about the deepening division and paranoia among Americans.

The 2024 election will be "like nothing we've ever seen," Carlson said amid the promising look that former President Trump will be the GOP nominee— something the Democratic Party has fought long and hard to prevent.

Examining the current political and cultural landscape, the conservative commentator said that there is no positive outcome in the U.S. of the progressive Leftist policies that have brainwashed and plagued millions of Americans.

"There is no upside to the great trends of our age. There's no upside to pushing transgenderism on kids. Period. None. Not for the kid, not for the society at large, not for the parents who will never have grandchildren," Carlson said.

The ominous warning Carlson gave should send shivers down every American's spine. Alluding that the U.S. will push past its limits during the next election cycle, he urged people to stay strong and continue to speak the truth even when it is polarizing or difficult.

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