Rabbi Shmuley And Cenk Uygur Go Head-to-Head In Fiery CLASH

As calls for a ceasefire in Gaza grow ever louder. Should Israel hold its fire? Or would that be a gift for Hamas?

Rabbi Shmuley and Cenk Uygur go head-to-head on Piers Morgan Uncensored in a fiery and furious debate.

The clash between Rabbi Shmuley and Cenk Uygur highlights the deep divisions and emotional intensity surrounding the conflict. Rabbi Shmuley argues that Hamas's charter is dedicated to the eradication of Israel, branding it as a form of genocide. He emphasises the moral distinction between the goals of Hamas and Israel, stating that Israel aims to eliminate Hamas terrorists, not all Palestinians.

Cenk Uygur counters by asserting that Israel's actions, including the occupation and displacement of Palestinians, meet the definition of genocide.

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