MSNBC Host Claims Trump Will 'Imprison' and 'Execute' People if He Wins Another Term

The liberal media is working hard to drive up fear ahead of the 2024 election.

As if their previous commentary about former President Donald Trump wasn’t enough, now they want you to believe he’ll be carrying out executions of his enemies.

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough went on a several-minute rant featuring the greatest hits of liberals’ nightmares about Trump’s re-election bid, such as his alleged desire to “end American democracy as we know it.”

“He will do, he will get away with, he will imprison, he will execute whoever he’s allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country, just look at his past,” Scarborough said.

if you think Trump is going to arrest people and execute them because they sent a mean tweet or wrote a bad story about him, you should consume sources of news and opinion other than MSNBC and The Atlantic.

The former president says a lot of crazy stuff from time to time, especially if you look over his Truth Social feed. However, he has a tendency to get really upset and spout off with crazy and ill-advised comments and then do nothing.

And frankly, he did not display the best ability to fire people who would and could actually implement his strangest or wildest ideas.

Liberals have been screaming for years about their fears of a crazed orange man and Republicans rounding them up and killing them or their children or shipping them off to some random country until to still here in 2023 breathing and fretting about their future status as an exile or martyr.

Still, just because Trump does not make good on a lot of his outlandish comments, doesn’t mean he should keep it up. Sure, it gives his bases some red meat and juicy content to use to “own the libs.”

But it also gives Democrats and his opponents perfect material to attack him with in 2024 and drive up the same fear that will have their voters crawling over broken to glass to vote for an incredibly unpopular incumbent president just to stop Trump.

Source: IJR

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