Explosive New Study Reveals Shocking Effects of COVID Vaccines

Image Sam Spade - September 14, 2023,

A recent study has uncovered alarming findings regarding American men who have received a "full booster" of COVID-19 vaccinations. According to the research, these individuals could face a staggering loss of up to 24 years in their life expectancy.

Researchers conducted an in-depth analysis of official data provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the UK government. Their aim was to assess the long-term consequences of mRNA vaccine injections.

The study aimed to evaluate the risk-benefit balance of these vaccines by examining how long negative side effects persist and whether they diminish over time after each vaccine dose. To their surprise, the researchers discovered that the damage caused by the vaccines did not decrease with time; instead, it appeared to accumulate with each subsequent shot.

Based on the CDC All-Cause Mortality data, it was observed that each vaccine dose was associated with a seven percent increase in mortality in the year 2022 when compared to the figures from 2021. This data indicated that with each passing year, the likelihood of death increased by seven percent for each vaccine dose administered annually.

These findings have led the study to assert that mRNA vaccines and booster shots may be characterized as a "slow-acting genetic poison."

Furthermore, the study concluded that the human body appeared unable to recover from the effects of mRNA injections. As a result, considering 2021 as the baseline, an individual who had received five doses of the vaccine would be at a 350% higher risk of mortality in 2031, a 700% higher risk in 2041, and a staggering 1050% higher risk in 2051 when compared to an unvaccinated person.

Data also shows that the vaccine doesn't work against the present strain of COVID-19.

It can damage a person's immune system in a dose-dependent manner.

This means the more doses that people receive, the more damage it will do to their immune systems.

If people were recovering from the first COVID-19 vaccine dose, then it would not have the same effect as the fifth dose, which is equivalent to a seven percent increase in mortality.

This is a long-term problem because people are not recovering from the damage done by the shots in terms of excess mortality.

The news comes as Democrat President Joe Biden's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved new "booster" shots from Pfizer and Moderna for public use.

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