Video shows plane tilt, burst into flames before crash in Nepal

Harrowing video taken inside an aircraft before a deadly crash in Nepal Sunday morning appears to show the plane tilt and erupt in flames as it hits the ground.

The disturbing footage, obtained by TMZ, shows an unidentified man moments before the plane spiraled and crashed into a gorge while trying to land at a newly opened airport in the resort town of Pokhara.

The clip shows the man — reportedly video taping as part of a Facebook Live — sitting in a window seat.

The man then flips the camera from his face to show the cabin and passengers in front of him.

As he changes the view, the plane suddenly tilts to the side, causing some passengers to shriek. The audio then muffles, with video showing a dark, red sky from outside the plane. Flames can be seen through the plane’s window — and quickly take up the entire view until the video ends.