UK Government to End COVID Booster Shots for Healthy People Under 50

The government of the United Kingdom officially declared that it would no longer require healthy people under the age of 50 to receive COVID booster doses.

As the UK begins to recover from the pandemic, the universal Covid vaccine program will be phased out this year.

“As the transition continues away from a pandemic emergency response towards pandemic recovery, the [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation] JCVI has advised that the 2021 booster offer (third dose) for persons aged 16 to 49 years who are not in a clinical risk group should close in alignment with the close of the autumn 2022 booster vaccination campaign,” the government said in a news release Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Brits under the age of 50 were urged to get their free booster shot before the program is discontinued.

“In England, the closure of the autumn booster campaign and the first booster offer will be on 12 February 2023. We strongly encourage everyone who is currently eligible for a first booster and is yet to come forward to do so before the offer closes,” JCVI said.

The government is also urging those unvaccinated to receive their first dose before the offer expires.

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