Most Dangerous Man in America

George Soros is the most dangerous man in America. The investor is intent on remaking the country to his liberal image, from our foreign policy priorities to undermining our criminal-justice system.

If the philosophy of progressive policing as advertised really worked, that shifting attention away from lesser offenses would decrease more serious crimes, we wouldn’t have seen the national crime wave that began in 2020 and has continued to this day, and it wouldn’t be especially pronounced in the exact cities following this philosophy.

Soros has spent millions backing these extreme criminal-justice philosophies, but neither he — nor the prosecutors he has backed — have any regrets about the increases in property crime, disorder or even murder.

The number of young men, particularly black and Hispanic young men, who have been murdered in places like Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore in the years since “defund the police,” “no bail” and “raise the age” laws went into effect have skyrocketed. Have they no shame?

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