‘Creepy’ butt taps of 16-year-old Sara Bejlek prompt US Open outrage

A teenage tennis player’s Grand Slam debut at the 2022 US Open is being overshadowed by lewd chatter on social media.

Sara Bejlek, a 16-year-old athlete who hails from Czechia, made headlines after a close greeting with her father and coach went viral following a qualifying match victory.

After she defeated Heather Watson of the UK on Friday, the Twitterverse lost its collective mind over footage of Bejlek celebrating with her father, Jaroslav Bejlek, and her coach, Jakub Kahoun, in which the athlete’s backside appeared to be patted repeatedly.

“There’s absolutely no reason to touch a 16 yo girl on her butt like that. It’s beyond inappropriate,” one person tweeted, per Daily Mail. “As the video progressed it got worse and worse.”

Another person reportedly wrote that the men were acting “creepy” with the teenage athlete.

“The WTA needs to look into these especially since these young girls are traveling w men from a very young age. Also y’all can say its the dad or wtv, but does your dad touch your bum like that,” one person tweeted.

Source: NY Post

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