Hey Elon, Don’t Stop Now

By Derek Hunter,

Imagine a social media platform where people can say whatever the hell it is they want to say; where the only limitation is whether or not what you post is legal or illegal. It’s a pretty simple concept – threats, calls for violence, child pornography, etc., are banned, everything else is fair game. Want to make a joke about Rachel Levine being “Man of the Year,” go for it. That social media platform would be…well, what the current crop claim to be, just without the fascistic obsession with making sure “marginalized” whatever aren’t ever upset. It’d be like what adulthood used to be.

One man might be making moves to bring that reality back to reality – Elon Musk.

Twitter would be the obvious choice to target for takeover. Facebook is worth way too much, plus it doesn’t really drive the news conversation the way Twitter does. Instagram is owned by Facebook and is more about narcissism than anything else. TikTok is owned by China and they have no incentive to sell, they’re too busy mining personal information from their idiot users and their phones. And YouTube is owned by Google, which has more money than God and no reason to sell.

This makes sense – someone like Elon Musk, who hasn’t really been censored himself, has seen case after case of the left-wing mob silencing any and all opposition.

And while Jeff Bezos is out gallivanting around the world with his former mistress, there really isn’t anyone in the “billionaire who can buy a company on principle” class who seems to give a damn about free speech or general civil rights like Musk does. You think Bill Gates is going to take time away from being a liberated sexual deviant hell-bent on seeding the clouds with ash to reflect sunlight or force everyone to eat bugs to care about conservatives being silenced online?

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