Bill O’Reilly gives the missing context to his AIRPORT RANT

Bill O’Reilly admits he never should have used ‘bad language’ during his altercation with a JetBlue employee earlier this week after his flight was delayed 5 hours: ‘Whenever you do that, you lose.’ But he tells Glenn that his overall anger in response to the situation was still justified and ‘righteous.’ Why? Because it wasn’t just O’Reilly’s flight that had such difficulties taking off. Rather, he says, JetBlue cancelled or delayed 76 PERCENT of all flights that day thanks to pilot and staff shortages. Several other airlines are having similar difficulties, O'Reilly says, and Biden’s Department of Transportation isn’t doing ANYTHING to fix the issue. Even worse? The ‘corrupt corporate media,’ O’Reilly says, won’t cover the story either. In this clip, he explains why.

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