Startling data reveals how many people have fled NYC during COVID pandemic

The Big Apple’s population has been hollowed out during the COVID-19 pandemic — with Manhattan suffering the biggest population decline among all US counties, according to grim census data released Thursday.

New York County saw its population plunge by 110,958 or 6.9% between July 2020 and July 2021 — coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic.

New York City accounted for four of the top US counties with population losses.

Hudson County in neighboring New Jersey also landed in the top 10, which means the NY metropolitan region accounted for five of the top 10 counties with population losses.

Brooklyn’s population declined by 86,341 residents or 3.5%, the sixth worst percentage in the nation.

The number of residents in “the boogie down” Bronx sunk by 41,490 or 3.2% — the eighth highest percentage drop.

Queens County followed in ninth place with a 3.1% decrease, or 64,648 population loss.

Only Staten Island, Richmond County, escaped the top ten list.

Meanwhile 20,192 people fled Hudson County, or 3.1%. During the 12-month period, the city’s population as a whole plummeted by 3.5 percent or 305,665 people.

Gotham’s one-year population loss erased nearly half of the 629,057population increase it gained the previous decade, noted E.J. McMahon, an analyst for the Empire Center for Public Policy.

Los Angeles County, the nation’s largest county with 9.8 million residents, had the largest numerical loss of people, 159,620.