Message from wil paranormal: "YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE ALL YOU LIKE - THE GOAL OF 50,000 WAS ALREADY REACHED AND HIGHER UP TO 50,011. The ones Unsubscribing now are the losers in this group that I am talking about in this video. These are the assholes that were only here to cause trouble and disrupt my message. As I tell you all towards the end of this video, I don't always show or tell you the absolute TRUTH in certain videos and by doing it this way, I'm hoping many of you will begin to do some research yourself. DO NOT USE GOOGLE. They are suppressing the TRUTH. We all know that the video here of Kamala Harris was doctored by someone to change the meaning of what she said and we all know that Kamala is a LIAR, so we'll go with the doctored version to hear what she actually meant to say. Over the past few years, I have been showing you the TRUTH on over 800 videos. I have reached the plateau of my final goal of 50,000 Subscribers. I have done my part in this War every single day for the past 2 years of this Plandemic trying to wake up the sheep and save as many as I can. Thanks to all for participating in this journey. All I ask is that you Stand Up For Freedom and Do Not Comply to this Tyranny. sparrow1947@protonmail.com" Thanks, Wil for all you work, you were entertaining and different.... Mirrored - wil paranormal

Watch Here: https://www.brighteon.com/048a50d6-0d43-4307-99b3-7e3b11bf15de

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