Tuesday's Elections EXPOSED - Organ Harvesting, AZ Audit, Employment for Freedom!

One of those winning school board candidates is Matt Cross. He’s now a school board member in Rockingham County, Virginia. He’d never run for any kind of office before, but he went out and campaigned relentlessly, focusing on opposing CRT and the transgender indoctrination going on in our schools. Matt Cross joins us.

The biggest victims of the this traffic in human flesh are members of the Chinese religious group Falun Gong. Falun Gong is banned in China, its members are imprisoned if they are discovered, and some of them, of course, are getting their bodies strip mined for organs. Mitchell Nicholas Gerber joins us.

Red Balloon Consulting is a service tailor-made for the dark moment we live in. Their slogan is "Free to Work" and they mean it. Their purpose is to connect employees with employers who wont foist unconstitutional vaccine mandates on them. Of course, the Left has launched a full-scale deranged attack on them, and we're helping them fight back.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the Arizona Audits and her continued fight against the STOLEN 2020 Election . Was Karen Fann's recent announcement of retirement an admission of guilt to the allegations of a "Back Room Deal" She made? Big talk, Deliver Nothing. That might be the slogan of the Arizona GOP and AG Brnovich. State Senator Wendy Rogers hasn't given up on her fight to fix the 2020 election, though. Senator Rogers Joins us!

This week’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey were more than just referendums on Joe Biden’s Presidency, they were new chapters in the ongoing cancer of election fraud. Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall delves into the mysterious flipping of votes after midnight, and the actions being taken in Florida to stop cheating in 2022.

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