Rittenhouse lawyer slams Biden for calling teen 'white supremacist'

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richard slammed President Biden for calling the now jury-cleared 18-year-old a “white supremacist” and saying things “so incorrect and untrue” about his client on the campaign trail.

“I’ve never had a case, I don’t think I ever will, where within two days or three days of one another, you know, the President and the presidential candidate comment on it. And both of them had such different beliefs,” Richard said.

“President Biden said some things, I think are so incorrect and untrue — he is not a white supremacist. I’m glad that he at least respects the jury verdict.

Biden while saying “I stand by what the jury has concluded,” also said he is “angry and concerned” by the not guilty verdict on all counts tied to Rittenhouse shooting two men and injuring a third at a protest last year.

Source: NY Post

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