Omicron and The Great Reset

It’s “Omicron” all the way down the news feed on Black Friday. We can assume more of the same will happen through the weekend and into next week. In fact, those who have been paying attention to the evolution of Pandemic Panic Theater likely realize we’re going to see Omicron fearmongering for as long as they can make it last.

Is this really an existential threat? As Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D., noted in his most recent article, viruses tend to mutate to be more transmittable but less deadly. Until we have more data we cannot say definitively that Omicron will be even less deadly than Delta, but trends seem to point in that direction.

Whether it’s more or less deadly, we’re going to hear about the “killer new variant” for some time. The architects of The Great Reset — also known as the globalist elites, Klaus Schwab’s army, or “The New World Order” — will take advantage of Omicron just as they took advantage of Covid-19 in the beginning, and just as they tried to do with Delta. Consider Delta a test-run in propping up fear. It worked for a bit, but as doctors started admitting that the disease was more contagious but less deadly, the fear quickly faded.

Those driving The Great Reset agenda won’t let Omicron slip past so easily. They’ve already ruffled feathers across the globe, ordering government, media, and business leaders to put on their best faces of concern and bewilderment. The stock market plummeted, all news coverage was focused on the new variant, and governments started issuing emergency orders and travel bans, just as they were told to do.

There will be a whole lot of false narratives to fight in the coming weeks. This, on top of dozens of false narratives we’re already fighting, will make our jobs as disseminators of truth much more challenging. But as the globalist elites continue their onslaught on our rights while they accumulate power, the need to spread the truth has never been greater.

Two key narratives must be addressed up front, especially as we see authoritarian government figures pushing this third wave of terror onto the people. The so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” have proven to be utter failures and Omicron demonstrates this even further, but in our post-truth society it will be corporate media echoing the false claims by Joe Biden et al that the unvaccinat

ed are the root cause of the new variant. We need to debunk this with everything we’ve got because Omicron will be the latest scare tactic used to coerce people to get jabbed. The other key narrative is already emerging. Despite the fact that vaccines take years to develop and test, there is already an Omicron vaccine in development. Even if we dismiss the obvious question of how they were able to get something developed so quickly even as news of Omicron is still considered breaking, we cannot help but look ahead to a future where the powers-that-be will push multiple vaccines and booster shots to cover multiple variants. If you thought the first round of jabs and the emerging round of boosters was bad, just wait until you see Omicron and its successors prompt entire cocktails of Covid variant jabs.

The Great Reset agenda requires compliance and obedience. Nothing in the modern era has been able to push the American people to be more docile and dependent than this pandemic, but even as the globalist elites make unprecedented moves against our freedoms, there are still millions of Americans who are standing or will stand up to tyranny. We’re not alone. Africa has been by far the most vaccine-hesitant continent on the globe. I wouldn’t go so far as to insinuate the Omicron variant is manufactured for effect (though it’s not all that far-fetched), but IF the architects of The Great Reset had their choice of continents for a “new and deadly variant” to pop up, it would be Africa.

There are plenty of compelling theories already circulating about Omicron, but there is also an abundance of bad information. Be careful what you read. We do as much research as possible on articles and topics before posting them, but the floodgates of Omicron stories are wide open. We are facing very devious adversaries and one of their favorite tactics is to use false conspiracy theories to both steer people away from accurate ones and to discredit conspiracy theories as a whole. Use discernment when doing your own research.

The game is changing. The good news is many have already recognized the duplicity within the new narratives. The bad news is the vast majority of people aren’t even looking. They’re just absorbing whatever corporate media feeds them. We need to spread the truth far and wide if we’re going to have a chance at preventing The Great Reset from coming to fruition.

Source: J.D. Rucker - The Liberty Daily

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