Jan 6 FBI Informant CONFRONTED, Durham Probe Shifts to Clintons, Child Vaxx Begins Ages 5-11 and MORE!

THE STEW PETERS SHOW (November 5, 2021)

Until last month, Medline industries was America's largest family-owned medical supplies distributor. A Cabal of private equity firms, including Blackstone, Carlyle Group, and Hellman and Friedman bought up Medline and immediately the mass purge of the unvaccinated began. Finance is deliberately engineering a crisis at one of our biggest medical supply companies. Former Medline employee, James Duckworth Joins the Stew Peter Show to sound the alarm on the incoming manufactured medical supply crisis.

There's an evil downright demonic ideology that is trying to take control of this planet right now. It's the satanic cult that teaches us that men can become women, that abortion is sacrament, that countries and borders are illegitimate, global finance must reign supreme, that criminals should roam free, and that humans need to eat bugs and live in pods for the sake of the "Climate." This is the cult of the Great Resent, Clay Clark joins the Stew Peters Show to sound the alarm.

Ray Epps went everywhere he could on the night of January 5th, and then the following morning, telling everyone that protesting and chanting weren't enough. If they wanted change, he said, they had to go and storm the Capitol. Trump supporters called out Ray Epps as a fed at the time, but now it seems that it turns out to be actually true. Initially the FBI put Ray Epps on their Most Wanted List, But then in July, they quickly took him down in a panic after he had been identified. Greyson Arnold from Pure Politics had close encounters with Ray Epps on the night of January 5th, and confronted him on his ranch in a recently viral video. Greyson Arnold joins us.

There has been a seismic development in John Durham's investigation with the arrest of a Clinton-connected operative named Igor Danchenko. Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall zeroes in on the newly revealed co-conspirators, including Hillary's campaign lawyer Chuck Dolan, who we now know played a key role in the multi-year coup against President Trump's administration.

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