How crazy do things have to get before we reach the tipping point?

Doesn't it seem that our world finally has reached the tipping point?

Euthanasia facilities in Germany now won't help you kill yourself unless you're vaccinated. Let that sink in. It's apparently wrong to die without being properly vaccinated — even in the view of people who think you have an absolute right to die when you want to.

We've passed through several degrees of lunacy to get here. For centuries, eons even, it was considered wrong to take one's own life. But in our time, self-murder has been bestowed a new dignity. Indeed, that's the most common argument for it: you deserve dignity in death. Apparently, nothing says "I'm dignified" like intentionally ending the gift of life God bestowed upon you.

In a frenzied flurry, a new morality rewrote the biblical admonition that "man knows not his time" to arrive at the new meme: "You and you alone will decide when you die."

But even that was not enough. Now self-murder solicits willing accomplices. Mercy-killing is elevated by law as proper and good in numerous states of our Union and increasing numbers of nations around the world.

Beware of what you legalize. As if intent on proving their critics to be correct, we already have seen multiple cases of this alleged willful act of self-destruction expanded to the point that the accomplices decide for the unconscious and the mentally impaired and children too young to have an informed opinion as to when and how they shall be put to death. Why would anyone ever have doubted that legalizing murder would lead to tyranny?

But even that was not enough. Now medical tyrants have taken a cue from the tyrants of assisted suicide. We have doubled down on absurdities. Germans (and soon everyone else?) who are in favor of such "mercy killing" have added COVID shots to the hurdles for you to clear before they will murder you.

To these new arbiters of right and wrong, it apparently makes perfect sense that you should protect yourself from catching the virus that has less than a 1% chance of killing you before you are allowed to kill yourself. Otherwise, they refuse to help.

Isn't it time to fly out of this cuckoo's nest?

Yours truly recently experienced a parallel of sorts — nothing as serious as life and death, but it was perhaps a revealing metaphor for how the world has lost its way and become numb to the obvious.

In bed late last night, I noticed that only one of my slippers was on the floor by the dresser. I tossed back the blankets and searched the floor, under the bed, in the corner, all around. No slipper. I climbed back into bed to read a little before falling asleep.

Then I noticed that I was having trouble under the covers, which were tangled around my foot. I discovered to my surprise where my other slipper was. It was on my foot.

I prefer to believe the least embarrassing explanation. I haven't grown senile. But my feet are almost always almost completely numb, to the point that stubbing my toe provokes a reflexive outcry until I realize that it actually didn't hurt but should have. Add to that the thick socks I wear to bed to keep my numb feet warm, and it's understandable that I wouldn't notice I was all along wearing the slipper I had searched for in vain.

Hasn't the world gone numb? How else have we moved so rapidly into totalitarian rule over every aspect of our everyday lives?

How else have we submitted to self-proclaimed experts, who, without authority to do so, first ordered us to hide away in our homes, then to hide our faces, smiles and all, behind paper masks that even the experts told us provide zero protection? How else have we passively consented to being injected with unproven experimental gene-altering drugs that have horrendous side-effects including strokes, heart attacks, and death, and now are shown not even to prevent catching or passing on the virus we were promised they would? Who willingly signs on to such insanity?

How else have we consented to allowing a tiny minority to dictate to us that a man can become a woman simply by saying so? And woe to any who disagree. How else have we allowed the slander that the freest nation on Earth is racist by nature and that white people are inherently so, despite that nation and those people abolishing slavery a century and a half ago at great cost in lives and having since chosen blacks to be president and every other electable office?

How else can we have justified in a land that officially recognizes the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that the most vulnerable people of all, babies in their mothers' wombs, where they should be most safe, can legally be put to a horrific death by literally tearing them limb from limb?

How else can we pretend to be led by a doddering old man who campaigned from the solitude of his basement, viciously lashed into the rare voter allowed to confront him on the campaign trail, and now reads robotically from a teleprompter because he dare not be allowed to speak extemporaneously?

If all this isn't a prima facie case that our land has reached the tipping point, what would be?

Last question: What are you going to do about it?

Source: Mark Landsbaum - American Thinker

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