FULL SHOW: BREAKING: CDC Changes Definition Of Vaccine Confirming Covid Jab Does Not Protect You

The corruption in the allied forces of Big Pharma, mainstream media, and politicians continues as the bureaucracies are doing everything they can to cover their criminal tracks, the mainstream media is assisting, and the Democrats continue with their illegal mandates. This is an attempted takeover of America, the world, and your body. The forces of good, however, are beginning to rise up as the protests against mandates continue nationwide and now members of the European parliament are also standing strong against medical fascism. Dan Lyman joins to cover that. Owen Shroyer also gives an update on the Kyle Rittenhouse case which is really a case for all American’s right to self defense.

Watch Here: https://www.brighteon.com/f93c54f9-ae65-4a98-9d33-8f2dba269f98

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