From Virginia to Seattle, voters chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in Biden-snubbing election

Ten months into the Biden Era, the American electorate has spoken up, and it sounds a lot like a rowdy, fired-up crowd at a college football game:

“Let’s Go Brandon!!!”

The catchphrase of the year — a sanitized way of saying “F–k Joe Biden” that amounts to a dual-warhead cruise missile raining down equal contempt on both our blundering president and the media who shamelessly cover for him — is a three-word encapsulation of everything the voters had to say to Democrats Tuesday, from Puget Sound to Long Island Sound. The word “reeling” appeared in so many press accounts in descriptions of Democrats Wednesday morning that the political news looked like an issue of Field & Stream.

In Virginia, after Joe Biden won the state last November by 10 points, the Republican Party appeared to have as much life in it as your local Sears. Tuesday, Republicans flipped the statewide offices and the House of Delegates from blue to red. Virginia voters were flipping the bird to Terry McAuliffe and his buddy Joe Biden.

In Seattle, where Donald Trump got 8 percent of the vote in 2020, a Republican won as city attorney, the first of his party to win a city office in 30 years.

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