DEATH BY LOT NUMBER: Vials Sent to Specific States - Mike Lindell LIVE: Lawsuit Goes to SCOTUS


MyPillow Inventor and CEO, Mike Lindell, appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" to announce a lawsuit vs The United States of America, which will hit the nation's High Court. The lawsuit framework will force the Court's Justices to align with or betray the will of the American People. Mike also announced that he will be hosting a 5-day LIVE event revealing specific state fraud, and emphasized his endorsement of Kandiss Taylor for GA Governor.

Mastriano Chief of Staff, Tony DeGusipe, joined Stew Peters to reveal how the Deep State Establishment GOP RINO Republicans are INTENTIONALLY derailing the efforts to fix 2020.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) collects information that the CDC is supposed to use to determine the safety of vaccines that have been released for the public. That system has revealed some extremely SHOCKING information about specific lot numbers that seem to be causing more damage and death than others. Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters to discuss.

"Stew Peters Show" Investigative Reporter, Edward Szall, revealed the horrific reality facing military personnel, highlighting personal stories about cadets being medically raped at West Point.

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