Shut up, Fauci! We don’t need your permission to celebrate a holiday

It has happened over and over again. Some festive occasion is on the horizon and cable news brings on Dr. Anthony Fauci to ask him if we are allowed to celebrate, as if he is the secretary of holiday gathering. A week ago the great Oracle of COVID warned sternly that it was too soon to tell if we could have family bashes this fall and winter. He walked that back faster than he shut down the investigation into China.

Mind you, Fauci didn’t explain this reversal. No doubt there was much sciencing behind it, complicated stuff we would never understand. But don’t get too excited. Fauci and the feds have flashed a cautious green light on your family traditions, but only if you still wear a mask indoors.

For those of you confused about what you are and aren’t allowed to do in your own home with your own family, there is thankfully another option:

Ignore it. All of it.

Just turn off the TV when Fauci, currently the star of a sycophantic Netflix movie, starts opining about your freedoms. We don’t need Anthony Fauci to tell us if we can trick or treat.

Anyone who has traveled beyond the deep blue confines of progressive cities in the past year knows that in much of the rest of the country, life is pretty much back to normal. Every Saturday college football fans flock to stadiums without masks just like they used to. We were warned this would lead to massive outbreaks, and, of course, it hasn’t.

Deaths from COVID now are almost all among people who are older, have a pre-existing condition and have not been vaccinated. That was the whole point of vaccines. It’s far past time that people should be left to their own decisions.

Yet Fauci says it’s too early for people to gather maskless indoors, even if they are vaccinated.

Guess what: No one is listening. Been to a restaurant recently? Notice the massive concerts? Seen any Democratic politician when they think no one is looking?

Almost from the moment the coronavirus reached our shores, the public health officials have erred not so much on the side of caution as the side of fear-mongering. This is why polling shows that so many Americans have a wildly exaggerated idea of how dangerous COVID is. Instead of just telling us the truth, they tell us what they think will make us behave as they wish us to. Fauci didn’t change his mind on holiday gatherings because of science, he did so because he got called out on his baseless guidance.

Give away candy on Halloween, have a huge Thanksgiving dinner, pass the egg nog on Christmas Eve, and on New Year’s Eve, party like it’s 2019. And please, please, please keep Anthony Fauci off television.

Source: NY Post

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