Roger Stone Tests DeSantis, School Commies Secretly Test Kids, Sheriff Calls out Cops and MORE!

The Stew Peters Show: October 28, 2021

Former Trump Campaign Senior Advisor, Roger Stone, appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" with a powerful message, calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to audit the 2020 election in the Sunshine State.

Our children have become science experiments and medical test subjects for the sick and deranged tyrannical sociopaths in government. Karen Kingston reported to "The Stew Peters Show" that her ASYMPTOMATIC son was tested for COVID, but the story gets even more alarming.

The sheriff is the ultimate authority in your county, and Sheriff Mack has an urgent message to ALL AMERICANS: Demand your sheriff uphold the Constitution and enforce the LAW!

The Stew Peters Show will continue to bring the TRUTH to America, despite the "media" lies, propaganda and fake fact-checkers attempting to continue a decades-long brainwashing program to lull Americans to sleep. Paul Romero owns a gym in Hawaii, and joined Peters to reveal an uprising that has been ignored by the propagandists calling themselves "journalists".

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