9 Dead Following Protest In India

Protests turned deadly in India when clashes between farmers and government officials drastically escalated. On Sunday, a car owned by a ruling party minister rammed through the crowd, in turn, killing four farmers participating in year-long protests against a farm reform bill.

Following the incident, the Indian government suspended internet and barred political leaders from entering the region where the protests are occurring. Members of the opposition party called the events a tragedy and said that all of India is ashamed of how far the violence has gone.

“So many farmers are not amongst us today, they were mowed down by a car,” said Vandana Singh, a Congress Party worker. “Today the whole country is ashamed of this. The country that praised its soldiers and farmers has today put its farmers in such a bad condition.”

The Indian minister who’s car was involved in the incident claimed he was not in the vehicle at the time. He also said that his driver along with three members of the ruling party were killed by the protestors.

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