Vaccinated Italians Burn their Covid-19 Vaccine Passports in Solidarity with the Unvaccinated

In Italy, vaccine passports – known as “green passes” were recently introduced on the 6th August and are needed for citizens to gain entry to indoor dining, gyms, theatres, as well as to attend large events such as conferences and sports games.

The green pass shows whether an individual has received at least one vaccine dose, tested negative for Covid-19 within the past 48 hours, or has natural immunity to the virus.

Italian prime minister Mario Draghi said that the idea of the pass is “to keep economic activity open”, and for Italians to get back to normal life “with the assurance they won’t be next to contagious people.”

Essentially, this pass will create a two-tier society as the unvaccinated will be discriminated against and segregated from the rest of the population.

According to the mainstream media, around 40 million people in Italy have downloaded a “green pass.” However, video footage taken from an anti-vaccine passport protest seems to show that many vaccinated individuals disagree with this medical apartheid and are standing in solidarity with the unvaccinated by burning their passes.

Vaccine passports have been implemented in other countries including France, Greece, Chile, and many other EU member states. In the UK, vaccine passports are yet to be fully implemented as the government has faced backlash for the proposals. However, it has been confirmed that the NHS Covid Pass will be used domestically for British citizens to gain entry to nightclubs and other large-scale events such as festivals.

We wonder whether the British people would do follow in the steps of the brave Italians who refuse to accept this tyranny, or whether they will continue to allow our freedoms to be ripped away.

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