Now Chris Cuomo Must Go Too

One down. One to go.

Now that Andrew Cuomo has resigned, his brother, Chris, must be next.

They are, after all, both guilty of gross ethics violations.

Before his “long-planned vacation” this week, it has been positively Orwellian to watch, night after night, CNN’s highest-rated primetime host blatantly ignore this huge, developing bombshell of a story, simply because he’d rather not — while informing upper management that he would continue to advise his brother, who also faces criminal charges and civil lawsuits.

I highly doubt Andrew’s resignation will impact Chris’ advisory status. His brother, after all, is still in crisis.

Chris “promised not to discuss Andrew Cuomo’s strategic response to the scandal with any government official besides the governor himself,” the New York Times reported.

What integrity. Think about this: Chris Cuomo, who curiously still derives power and status from his disgraced and deposed brother, still gets to make his own rules. What a farce. What a display of arrogance and entitlement. Not a shred of mortification or humility.

But hey, that’s the Cuomo brothers for you.

Not since the Kennedys has America been treated to such callous disregard by such a Democratic dynasty — to say nothing of the appalling treatment and dismissal of victimized women.

Chris Cuomo, as we learned in the AG’s report, gave his brother advice at the height of his sexual harassment scandal. He was also given confidential information he had no business having, and secretly made decisions that directly impacted state employees — yet has been held to no account.

He helped draft one of his brother’s denials. It’s all there in email form.

What does this say about Chris Cuomo’s view of women?

In the meantime, if there’s anyone at CNN with more common sense — let alone a commitment to actual journalism or saving the brand — let Chris make this easy on you. “I don’t like what I do professionally,” Chris said on his XM radio show last April, an epiphany he had — of course — post-COVID. “I don’t think it’s worth my time.”

Someone, anyone — help a brother out.

Source: NY Post

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