No Surprise: Biden Blames Trump for His Afghanistan Fiasco

Biden, the Blamer-In-Chief, is doing exactly what we thought he’d do in his speech on Afghanistan and is blaming Trump, suggesting his hands were tied from the previous agreements made under Trump:

He claims he only had two decisions, either to pull out based on Trump’s agreements or to fight the Taliban. I think that’s a strawman argument of false choices. He didn’t have to pull out the way he did and let the country go to hell, putting our own people’s lives in jeopardy. He didn’t have to ignore his own intelligence agencies telling him this would happen if he pulled out.

When Biden saw the first city fall to the Taliban, he could have reversed course and helped support the Afghan government to fight back against the Taliban. Yeah, it would have meant we’d still be there, but clearly that’d be better than what’s happened now.

No, this was Biden’s decision to unconditionally pull out and allow the Taliban to take over the entire country. This is on him and no amount of blaming Trump will change that.

And as was blatantly obvious, he didn’t take a single question because he knew that would completely unravel the strawman arguments he’d just made.

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