Images show barbaric Afghanistan reality after Taliban seized control

Distressing images show the barbaric reality in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized control of the country, with women and children covered in blood from random attacks by militant thugs — despite the Taliban’s promise of a more peaceful regime.

In one image taken by the Los Angeles Times, a woman is seen apparently unconscious on the ground near Kabul Airport with blood over her head and hands, while a young boy is carried with his hair completely soaked in blood.

The child was completely limp, with his eyes rolling back in his head, the paper’s photojournalist, Marcus Yam, recalled.

Another shows a seemingly limp woman being picked up by two men outside the airport that has been the scene of desperate — and often fatal — attempts to flee the troubled nation.

They were among at least a dozen people injured Tuesday as “amped-up Taliban fighters” corralled hundreds of unarmed Afghans who were trying to reach the airport to flee the new regime, Yam wrote.

This is despite the Taliban vowing “safe passage” for everyone trying to leave the country.

Source: NY Post

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