Hannity Refuses to Accept Hunter Biden Laptop With ‘Crazy Sex Stuff’

Sean Hannity announced on his Fox News show Wednesday that his lawyers are stopping him from obtaining a copy of the laptop reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden. “I have been offered the laptop, my lawyers won’t let me accept it. The reason, I’m told, is because of what is believed to be on it,” Hannity said.

“I have three individual and separate sources that have told me that there are pictures on this laptop, probably the very things that alerted John Paul Mac, the computer repairman, to alert the FBI,” Hannity added.

Lucky for us, others do have the laptop and continue to release material. Below is the latest in a string of foul videos found on the laptop from hell, released by the Daily Mail yesterday. This one reportedly shows Hunter naked in bed talking to a prostitute about Russian drug dealers who stole his laptop.


Source: Red Voice Media

Source: Daily Mail

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