Fox News Host Says It: Jill Biden 'Failed the Country' by Not Stopping 'Mentally Frail' Joe From Running for President

How many of us have thought it? From the beginning?

How many of us have said it, for at least two years, to all who would listen? And now, even worse — far worse — how many of us, on both sides of the political aisle, have seen it in action during a real crisis?

How can I put this “tactfully”?

The 46th president of the United States is clearly mentally unfit to lead America. It’s not even close.

Joe Biden is confused. Dare I say — hell yeah, I do — delusional? He appears to be incapable of understanding the disastrous reality of the debacle in Afghanistan for which he alone is responsible. I mean, the guy said, just a few days ago, “The buck stops here.” And then he blamed Donald Trump, the Afghan government, and disgracefully, the Afghan Military.

He has bizarrely laughed at inappropriate times — as was the case after he was asked about a recent disastrous poll on his handling of the disgraceful mess he’s gotten us into. And he has flat-out lied.

Or perhaps the social media gods would prefer that I say he repeatedly “directly contradicts facts” presented by members of his own administration — several of whom have been forced to scurry behind him with a pooper scooper to clean up his wrong and often incoherent crap.

And again, today, he abruptly turned heel and walked away from reporters, answering zero questions.

But here’s the thing. We’re “forgetting” someone.

Someone who has been there from the very beginning. Someone who has known this guy — intimately so, I presume — far better and far longer than any of us. Need a hint? She’s a “doctor.” [ROFL emoji].

Not a medical doctor, of course. Hell, she’s not even a Ph.D. Nope, “Dr.” Jill Biden is an EdD. Her doctorate is in education. Don’t misunderstand me; I am not ridiculing nor minimizing either doctorate. But, Jill Biden insisting on being called “Dr.” Jill Biden? Yeah, “maybe” I am ridiculing her for doing so. Anyway…

How many of us said — during the 2020 presidential campaign — that Jill Biden, solely out of love and concern for her husband — should have done everything in her power to convince him to stop it?

Just. Stop. It.

For Joe’s health, and the good of the country. She had to know that the “not Trump” vote would carry more weight with TDS-riddled Democrat voters than the “for Joe” vote. And that, as a result, there was a good chance her addled husband — who thinks Corn Pop was a bad dude and every American citizen has a right to “badakathcare” — might actually win. So why did she “let him” run?

I won’t use terms like “attention whore,” of course, but, yeah — it was obvious from the very beginning that “Dr.” Jill was lovin’ the spotlight as much as the spotlight has ever been loved. It was like a drug to her. So she jumped on Joe’s crazy train and never looked back. Hell, how many times did she call him, we — as if both of them were running for president? She could no doubt finally taste it — after all those years.

And now, as the Afghanistan debacle continues to get worsen — often by the hour —the question has again been asked by the major media — by Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, that is, who slammed Jill Biden over the weekend. And by refusing to stop him, Campos-Duffy said, she “failed the country.”

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