COVID Not Isolated, Cannot Be Located, Does Not EXIST!

BREAKING! International FOIA Requests are producing responses that confirm what we have ALL suspected for many months!

COVID-19 may be the biggest HOAX ever perpetuated on global citizens, cannot be located, has not been isolated, and may not EXIST!

Full Show:

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby, who provides official FOIA links, government website documentation and reports from around the world showing that the COVID-19 'virus' is a complete HOAX!

The "Mama Bears" of Iowa joined Stew to reveal a tyrannical school board member offering $100 for each student that gets jabbed, and guess who's money is being used? YOURS!

DeAnna Lorraine exposes CDC documents highlighting the government's plan to throw you into a 'concentration camp' in the name of health and safety.

Meat Loaf dies aged 74: Singer passes away with his wife Deborah by his side