CNN Lemon & Cuomo Want You BANISHED From Society Unless You Get The Jab

CNN anchor Don Lemon told his colleague Chris Cuomo that he thinks unvaccinated people should not be allowed to shop for food or have jobs, among other limitations.

Endorsing a scenario that would leave millions of Americans homeless and starving, Lemon said, “Don’t get the vaccine? You can’t go to the supermarket.”

“Don’t have the vaccine? Can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have the vaccine? Can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine? Can’t come here, no shirt, no shoes, no service,” the CNN host said.

Lemon mocked Americans who don’t want to get the experimental shot, saying, “They just keep going back and saying, ‘Well, it’s my freedom, it’s whatever, I’m free.’ Well, your kid’s not free to give other kids meningitis in schools. You got to take a vaccine to do that. You got to take vaccines in order to be employed, so what’s the big deal?”

Newsflash Don! Mandating vaccinations at schools and in the workplace is unAmerican and should be illegal as well.

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