A Shameless Andrew Cuomo’s Ridiculous Second Non-Apology

The real victim here? Andrew Cuomo’s pride.

He dramatically fought back tears. He’s learned his lesson. He was “embarrassed — and that’s hard for me to say.”

Cry us a river!

Gov. Cuomo’s second chance at a mea culpa fell as flat as his first, “I was just joking” defense. He again turned to the “If they were offended by it, I apologize” statement, which basically blames victims for their discomfort.

He repeated, twice, that “I never touched anyone inappropriately” even though there’s a photo of him grabbing a woman by the face, about to give her a kiss. Oh, I do that to everyone! Cuomo said, men, women, kids. Then he even threw Mario Cuomo under the bus, saying “my dad did the same thing.”Resign? No, no. I serve the people of New York. Well only 38 percent of them approve of Cuomo now, compared to 71 percent last year.

Is he too distracted to work on the budget? No! If he could do a budget under COVID, he can do a budget now, ignoring the fact that the former was handling the business of management, the latter is his own personal behavior.

“We haven’t gotten the facts,” he repeated. But what more facts are going to come out from Attorney General Letitia James’ report? It’s obvious that to Cuomo the facts as we know them are not enough to warrant any “punishment” spare his own unease.

Gov. Cuomo says he feels shame. Hard to believe, because he continues to be shameless.

Source: NY Post