Trump Attorney Rips Off Mic After Questioning on CBSN

Donald Trump's animated defense attorney Michael van der Veen angrily stormed out of his interview with a CBS News reporter on Saturday after he put on a voice to mimic her and claimed she 'didn't understand the case.'

Van der Veen prematurely ended his interview by ripping off his microphone and dropping it on the floor after suggesting CBSN anchor Lana Zak was making light of Democrats presenting 'doctored' evidence.

During the fifth and final day of the impeachment trial on Saturday, where Trump was ultimately acquitted, van der Veen remained defensive of his client.

'I'm speaking about the House manager's failure to prove their case. That's what I'm talking about, they weren't able to prove their case,' van der Veen asserted toward the end of a 10-minute tense interview.

'You have won the acquittal of your client,' Zak said.'

Van der Veen interjected, with his arms crossed: 'Yes I did.'

'And if you would like to continue to talk about this conversation we can continue to do that,' she said. 'But for me to ask a question to clarify for our viewers what you're talking about is a fair question.'

'A slanted question that was set up to say, 'It's OK for them to cheat.' That was your question, 'Isn't it OK for them to cheat. It's just a little bit.' You said, 'To be fair, it was only a check on the Twitter.' That's what you said,' van der Veen said, snarling on his face and using a more high-pitched, sing-songy voice to mimic the anchor.

'You gotta live by your words,' he said. 'That's the problem – the media has to start living by the truth. And not try to create a narrative.'

'Alright Michael van der Veen,' Zak said, in starting to wrap up the interview.

'I do appreciate –' she said, as van der Veen took off his own microphone and said, 'yup,' again.

'Ok, I see you taking off your microphone now,' Zak said as van der Veen is seen dropping the microphone onto the floor accompanied by the sound of it making impact. 'That was President Trump's defense attorney.'

Source: Daily Mail

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