Liz Cheney Rips Trump for Speaking at CPAC

Kevin McCarthy had just finished saying that Trump should absolutely be speaking at CPAC this weekend, and then Cheney says the exact opposite and takes it way too far:

Here’s the transcript from Rumble:

Reporter: “Do you believe President Trump should be speaking — or former President Trump should be speaking at CPAC this weekend?”

Kevin McCarthy: “Yes, he should.”

Reporter: “Congresswoman Cheney?”

Cheney: “That’s up to CPAC. I’ve been clear in my views about President Trump and the extent to which following January 6. I don’t believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country.”

McCarthy: “On that high note, thank you very much.”

Mark Levin said tonight, via his producer on Parler, that “Liz Cheney is Mitt Romney in a dress.” He’s right, that’s exactly what she’s become.

Seriously, Trump had his problems while he was president and we all saw it and even criticized him for it. But he was also quite effective as a Republican president – far better than many thought he’d be in 2016 – and that’s the real reason the left hates him so much and continually tries to destroy him. They know he will accomplish so much more of the conservative agenda if he wins again in 2024 and they must keep fighting him, even after he’s gone.

I’d hope that someone like Liz Cheney could see that, but she’s bought into this ‘destroy Trump’ idea just like the Democrats, just like Romney. This impeachment attitude will likely be what ends her long before Trump even begins his next run for office.

Source: Right Scoop