Lady Gaga Offers 500K Reward For Kidnapped Dogs

A gun-toting crook shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker late Wednesday in Los Angeles, making off with two of the pop megastar’s beloved French bulldogs — prompting the music icon to offer a $500,000 reward for their return.

The dog walker, identified by TMZ as Ryan Fischer, was strolling along North Sierra Bonita Avenue with Gaga’s dogs — Gustav, Koji and Miss Asia — around 9:40 p.m., when a four-door sedan pulled up and two men attacked, according to police.

When Fischer put up a fight, one of the dognappers shot him one time with a semiautomatic handgun, and the duo sped off with Gustav and Koji.

The distraught Gaga, who was in Italy at the time of the robbery, is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of the dogs — no questions asked — and has set up the email address for information.

As Fischer lay writhing on the sidewalk, he clung to Miss Asia, video captured at the scene by local outlet KABC shows.

Fischer “is thankfully recovering well” at a local hospital, a source familiar with the incident told The Post.

Miss Asia was later picked up from police custody by Gaga’s bodyguard.

Initial police scanner audio indicated that a white vehicle, possibly a Nissan, Mercedes or BMW, was seen fleeing the scene, but an LAPD spokesperson could only confirm the color, not the make.

Detailed descriptions of the crooks weren’t immediately available.

Police said that wasn’t immediately clear if the crooks knew that the dogs belonged to Gaga, or targeted the pooches simply because French bulldogs are in high-demand, including on the black market.

Source: NY Post