Harris Raises Eyebrows as She Fields Presidential Calls With World Leaders

Critics of President Joe Biden took aim at him as a mere placeholder to get President Donald Trump out of the White House – a self-described "transition candidate."

Now, some will see reinforcement of that notion as the commander in waiting, Vice President Kamala Harris, is taking charge of a key presidential task.

Harris has taken on the customary presidential role of calling heads of state, The Epoch Times reported Tuesday.

Harris spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, according to a White House readout that did not mention President Biden, per the report.

Although Biden, 78, did speak with Macron on Jan. 24, it is rare for a president to step aside for vice presidents to make the calls with world leaders.

"Vice President Kamala Harris has begun to take calls on behalf of President Joe Biden, raising questions about his ability to do the job of president," The National Pulse reported. "It is bizarre for a vice president to be making contact with key world leaders just weeks into a new administration."

Source: Newsmax

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