Cuomo Aides Confess They Cooked the Books on COVID Deaths

We know that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an order that caused the deaths of thousands of senior citizens in the Empire State. It’s not hard. You don’t need to be a medical expert. Forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients was a death sentence. These are facilities where the most vulnerable and infirmed reside. Of course, if you flood these buildings with people infected with a contagious disease, bad things will happen. Deaths will happen. Cuomo is a grim reaper.

Cortney has followed the Cuomo fiasco and noted that the New York Attorney General’s Office reported that the actual death count from nursing homes during COVID was underreported by as much as 50 percent. What happened? Why was the data way off? What is going on in Albany? I think many of you already had an idea. Now, with Biden as president, these Cuomo officials can be open and honest: they hid the data. They were afraid the Trump Department of Justice would come after them. I guess that’s rational. This is a gross act of government incompetency. A top Cuomo aide apologized to state Democratic lawmakers today

It’s a cover-up. Draft the articles of impeachment right now. this is ridiculous. We all knew Cuomo was a disaster in handling COVID. The infection and death rates were absurdly high. This nursing home order, the prevarication in giving solid data on the death rates, and now the failed COVID vaccine rollout all point to this office being abject failures and thinking a mere apology could smooth things over. How dense are these people?

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Source: Town Hall

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