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Dylan Expresses Awe over Nobel Prize, Alludes to Shakespeare Army Beats Navy 21-17 to End 14-year Losing Streak in Series Trump Takes to Play-Calling Booth During Army-Navy Game Brother Says Former US Sen. Kay Hagan Is in Intensive Care Lindsey Graham Bashes Russia: 'Trying to Break the Backs of Democracies' 2 Explosions Heard Near Istanbul Soccer Stadium; 20 Wounded Non-OPEC Oil Producers to Cut Output 558K Barrels a Day Non-OPEC Joins OPEC in First Global Oil Cuts in 15 Years Reid: 'New Hoover' FBI Head Comey Should Resign Over Russia Reports US Airstrike Killed Militant Linked to Charlie Hebdo Attack Trump Campaign Manager Conway to Lead Christmas Parade Orlando Shops Designate Themselves 'Safe Places' for Gays Islamic State Militants Re-enter Syria's Historic Palmyra Schwarzenegger: OK Trump Is Still 'Apprentice' Producer Former Major League Pitcher Becomes Police Officer Advocates Call Alabama Execution an 'Avoidable Disaster' Spicer: 'Zero' Proof Russia Tilted Election, Denies RNC Was Hacked John Kerry Urges Russia to Show 'Grace' to 'Save Lives' in Aleppo US Is Sending 200 More Troops to Syria to Battle ISIS Shutdown Averted, Senate Backs Stop-Gap Spending Bill

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The Latest: Trump's favorite for State an accomplished exec

Trump expected to tap Exxon's Tillerson to lead State Dept.

Trump team challenges intel on Russian election influence

Puzder Changes Tune on Immigration: 'I Will Fiercely Defend American Workers' Over Foreigners

Southern Poverty Law Center Calls Islamic and Black Lives Matter Attacks 'Radical-Right Terrorist Plots'

Tancredo: Fake U.S. Embassy in Africa Only Tip of the Iceberg in Visa Fiasco

Carbon Tax, Climate, Trade, Education Policy Concerns Arise with Trump's Likely Secretary of State Selection Tillerson

Colin Kaepernick's Parents Shocked at So Many Racists

Jill Stein Vows Appeal After Obama-Appointed Judge Shuts Down Recount

Reid: Russian Involvement In Election 'A Hanging Chad 1,000 Times Over,' Trump 'Lost the Election'

Report: Mitt Romney Fired; Trump Chooses Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

The fashion force is with her! Felicity Jones looks majestic in semi-sheer corset style gown at world premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Johnny Manziel appears at Heisman Trophy ceremony, congratulates Lamar Jackson

Firefighters respond to possible fire at Jared Leto's 50,000 square foot Hollywood Hills compound

Huge 3.5m shark spotted lurking just metres from surfers as drumlines catch FIVE other great whites

Stanford marching band temporarily suspended through spring quarter after repeated violations of school policies in 'systemic cultural problem'

Louis Tomlinson performs on X Factor days after mum Johannah's tragic death

Preparing for White House, Trump to attend Army-Navy game

Restaurant manager slams customer who left a note calling the Christmas music 'offensive'

Jimmy Fallon cries as he and Dwayne Johnson reunite a military family for Christmas

SantaCon pub crawl revelers fan out across New York City

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Kennedy takes Louisiana Senate race, cements GOP Senate majority

Heat Street editor: US should drop bombs over Russian hacks

Stephen King calls Trump nominees a 'motley crew of plunder-monkeys'

Graham on Reported Election Hacking: Russia's 'Trying to Undermine Democracies All Over the World'

Chris Wallace Asks Trump: Why Pick Business Exec. Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State?

Ivanka Trump's Stalker Arrested by Secret Service

The Media Aghast at an Unconventional President

Even Liberal Newspapers Not Sold on Gun-Grabbing 'Miss Sloane'

Washington Post's Sullivan Displays Bias As She Decries Perception Media Aren't Impartial

Army Snaps 14-Game Losing Streak to Navy, Wins 21-17

More US Troops in Syria Under Risk of Attack from Turkey

Coalition Airstrike Kills ISIL Leader in Syria

Carter: U.S. Will Deploy More Troops to Syria to Combat ISIL

After Aleppo Debacle, Obama Sends More US Troops To Syria, Lifts Weapon Embargo To Some Rebels

A Handful Of Protesters March Outside Stadium As Trump Attends Army-Navy Game

Campaign Records Show $1.2 Billion Bought Clinton A 2nd-Place Finish

VIDEO : Chris Wallace, 'Trump is Our Most Popular President-Elect EVER!'

VIDEO : Dr. Gorka Explains Why it's Good For Some Countries to Fear Trump

VIDEO : Rudy Giuliani Joined the Trump Campaign to Save the Country From Socialism

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Snow sets stage for Polar Vortex icy return...

Extreme cold breaks electricity records in Canada...

Sundance to Open with Al Gore 'INCONVENIENT' Sequel...

Catholic Priests Expected to Preach 'Global Warming'...




NYC elite at war over nonstop Christmas music...

MICROSOFT Holiday Ad Celebrates Left-Wing Causes...

Black Lives Matter, Syrian Refugees, Trans Activism...


Losing campaign cost record $1.2B...

Obama rushing to Trump-proof White House...


Superbugs 'killing more people than breast cancer'...


Quietly marks 10 years of drug war...


Cubans stream to USA before Trump decides what to do...

Non-OPEC to Join in First Global Cut in 15 Years...



EXXON Chief Expected to Be Named Secretary of State...

'Homeland Security' Says Georgia Voting Hack May Have Been Rogue Employee...

WASH POST FAKE NEWS? CIA says Russia intervened in election...

Trump trashes...



FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland?

New STAR WARS On Course For Massive Global Opening: $350M!

But DISNEY's ESPN shedding viewers in record numbers...

'ROGUE ONE' Premiere Targeted by Pro-Trump Street Artist...



STANFORD UNIVERSITY band suspended after accused of 'systemic cultural problem'...



Former Major League pitcher becomes police officer...

Venezuela orders stores to get into the Christmas spirit...

Seizes 4M Toys, Will Give Them to Poor Kids...

STUDY: Half of people 'remember' events that never happened...


2016: The year in pictures...



Andrew Garfield Joins Best Actor Race -- But for Which Performance?

Gender-Fluid Performer Eligible in Male and Female Oscar Categories...

'LA LA LAND' expected to lead Golden Globe nominations...

Voters Told to Return Gift of Tom Ford Fragrance...


Washington Statesman Matt Shea Announces Congressional Run

Suspected Car Bomb Wounds around 20 Outside Istanbul Soccer Stadium

Stanford University Band Suspended after being Accused of 'systemic cultural problem'

Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Bureaucratic Waste

Wells Fargo Scandal Hits Prudential as Whistle-Blowers Sue

MSM Caught in Massive 'Fake News'Smear Against Alex Jones

Trump to name Exxon CEO Tillerson secretary of state: NBC NEWS

Trump Labels CNN 'Fake News'

Breaking! Congress Admits CIA Moving To Ban Free Speech In America

Pentagon Sends Hundreds More U.S. Special Operations Forces into Syria

Obama decision to arm terrorists in Syria is both disturbing and puzzling - Jim Jatras

Alert: BEN CARSON exposes the NEW WORLD ORDER! All American people need to see this

The Truth About Fake News | Russia Hacked U.S. Election For Donald Trump?



Anonymous - Message to Corrupt Media and the World

They'll Do ANYTHING To Keep This Hidden! The Biggest Operation EVER REVEALED!

Donald Trump Destroys CNN FAKE NEWS!!!

You Can Change The World !

Nigel Farage: The EU is dying before our very eyes

Putin BOMBSHELL to West: 'I saw your instructions to NGOs to destabilize Russia

Trump blasts CNN for 'fake news' over Celebrity Apprentice executive producer report

Samsung's Note7 kill-switch is deeply disturbing, whether you own one or not

FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister

Donald Trump names Australian millionaire the head of US manufacturing council to 'bring the industry back to America'


Inside Democrats' Plan to Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game

Trump Is Turning the GOP Into the Workers' Party

Trump and Pruitt Will Make America Gasp Again

As Al Gore Told Donald Trump . . .

Trump's Military-Heavy Picks for Top Posts Stir Debate

Trump Is FDR With the Fireside Tweet

Mr. President-Elect, Ease Off Twitter

Harry Reid Is Right: Democrats Shouldn't Panic

The Spoils of the Republican State Conquest

In Weekly Address Obama Brags About Obamacare=>Delete Your Account

AWESOME! TRUMP Holds interview During Army-Navy Game 'Crowd Chants 'Make America Great Again!'(VIDEO)


Intel world struggles to crack the code of an untrusting Trump

Lawmakers alarmed Exxon chief could empower Putin

What It Really Means to Be a 'Friend of Putin'

Trump likely to tap Tillerson for secretary of state

Green Groups Slam Tillerson: A 'Top Fossil-Fuel Tycoon'

Report: Trump to Nominate Democrat Heidi Heitkamp to Agriculture Secretary

Trump on Tillerson: 'He's a World-Class Player'

Bill Kristol: Trump May Push Dems to Be 'Hawkish' on Putin

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First Look At Kylie Jenner With Dream Kardashian (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Attends Army v. Navy Game (VIDEO)

Fire Trucks Race to Jared Leto's Hollywood Hills Home (PHOTOS)

Kristin Chenoweth's Boobs Were Under Control During 'Hairspray Live' (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Insists He'll Spend 'Zero Time' Producing 'Apprentice' (VIDEO)

DeAndre Jordan In Emotional Custody War Over Son

Ivanka Trump's Accused Stalker Nabbed by Secret Service Near Trump Tower

Kirk Douglas Celebrates 100th Birthday (PHOTO GALLERY)

The Cleveland Cavaliers Rickroll 20k Fans! (VIDEO)

Madonna Brags About Surviving Prince, Bowie, and Whitney in Acceptance Speech (VIDEO)

Marriage Won't Help Blac Chyna Trademark Kardashian Name

Hugh Hefner Tweets to Kill Death Rumors (PHOTO)

Fetty Wap Baby Mama Masika Have A Date Night (VIDEO)

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

'Harry Potter' Star -- Hogwarts Hunk Gettin' Hitched ... No Love Potion Needed!! (PHOTO)

When Your Mom Is A Bully

It's Not Only OK to Get Lazy ' It's Doctors'Orders!

8 Tricks To Make Your Hickey Disappear As FAST As Humanly Possible

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Relationship Survives The Holidays

7 Signs You're Suffering From Chronic Loneliness

15 Alicia Keys Quotes On Being Confident LOVING Your Body

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Washington Post

Louisiana Republican wins final unsettled U.S. Senate race

Schumer calls for full investigation by Congress of Russian interference in U.S. elections

Trump says blacks who stayed home were 'almost as good'as those who voted for him

Trump surveys rallygoers on whether Time magazine's 'Person of the Year'is too PC

Rudy Giuliani no longer a candidate for secretary of state

Wall Street Journal

The Senate's Shutdown Follies

Trump's Military 'Junta'

Free Speech on the Quad

The Spoils of the Republican State Conquest

As Al Gore Told Donald Trump . . .

How Trump's Schools Chief Helped Turn Around Detroit

What's in a Name? For Trump's Businesses, Everything

What Trump Got That Romney Didn't

Washington Times

Mexico's drug war marks a decade amid doubts, changes

Activist objects to bath mats with image of Hindu deity

Hillary Clinton breaks President Obama's 2012 spending record with $1.2 billion campaign

Donald Trump to pick Rex Tillerson for secretary of state: report

Donald Trump meets with secretary of state prospect Rex Tillerson

Trump team dismisses Russian hacking reports, bashes CIA assessment

What the 114th Congress did and didn't do

LA Times

Republican wins U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana, giving GOP 52-48 edge in the chamber

Wisdom, the world's oldest known seabird, is expecting ... again

Man convicted of shooting two officers during Ferguson protest

Obama creates 'resilience area'to protect waters off Alaskan coast

Alabama inmate put to death after coughing and heaving 13 minutes into execution

Second Georgia officer dies, day after being shot; suspect appears to have killed himself at home

Florida woman charged with threatening Sandy Hook parent over hoax conspiracy theory

NY Times

Trump, Mocking Claim That Russia Hacked Election, at Odds with G.O.P.

Rex Tillerson, Exxon Chief, Is Expected to Be Pick for Secretary of State

An Alt-Right Makeover Shrouds the Swastikas

Democrats Hone a New Message: It's the Economy First

Trump Spent Far Less Than Clinton, but Paid His Companies Well

Climate Change Conversations Are Targeted in Questionnaire to Energy Department

Transition Briefing: Exxon C.E.O. Said to Be Top Contender for Secretary of State; Giuliani Is Out

USA Today

At 66, the world's oldest known seabird is expecting

In chilling video, Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof laughs, confesses to murders

Weekend snow sets stage for Polar Vortex's icy return

GOP candidate wins Senate race runoff in Louisiana

Where does your state rank? The best- and worst-run states

Record airstrike hits over 100 ISIL oil trucks gathered in Syria

More than 2 dozen killed in blasts near stadium in Turkey

Right Scoop

Megyn Kelly says she fears reprisals for covering Trump, Breitbart News and the Alt-Right

'Tantamount to TREASON''former Congressman Joe Walsh TURNS on TRUMP?!?

In 2011, Trump ACCUSED Exxon Mobil of fixing oil prices with OPEC, worse than CHINA

Trump says Exxon Mobil CEO's MASSIVE DEALS with Russia make him MORE qualified for State Sec

Clinton camp angry at Obama for not revealing Russian interference before election day

TERROR BOMBINGS in Istanbul target police, 29 people DEAD, 116 WOUNDED'[updated]

Arnold Schwarzenegger says HE KNEW Trump was staying on 'The Apprentice'

One America News

Russia intervened to help Trump win election: intelligence officials

Twin bombing outside Istanbul soccer stadium kills 29, wounds 166

Republican wins Senate runoff in Louisiana, giving party 52 seats

Islamic State militants enter Palmyra after heavy fighting: monitor

Prudential investigating Wells Fargo partnership after scandal

Ho, ho, ho! SantaCon is coming to town

Republican leads in Senate runoff in Louisiana, as party seeks 52 seats

'I had to do it,'accused gunman says of South Carolina church attack

ABC News

Trump Team Pushes Back on Reports Russian Hackers Sought to Sway Election

ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson Has Emerged as Trump's Likely Pick for Secretary of State

Trump: I'll Spend 'Zero Time' On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Louisiana to Vote on Final US Senate Seat Today

Trump Team Asking for DOE Staff Who Worked on Climate Change: Document

Trump Announces Andrew Liveris to Head Up Manufacturing Council

Gingrich: 'Weird' Trump Still 'Celebrity Apprentice' EP

Weekly Standard

Confab: Mistakes? What Mistakes?!

Trump the Caudillo

Prufrock: The World's Oldest Piano, Escaping East Berlin, and More

Congress Saved Software in 1980, and It Should Do It Again Today

The Recipe for Church Growth

Barnes: Trump Still Wants Mitt As Secretary of State

More Than 1,000 Russian Athletes Implicated in Doping Scandal, Report Says

White Supremacist and Radical Islamist Terror Against American Jews and Israelis

The Hill

Clinton blasts 'epidemic'of fake news

Emanuel flips the bird when asked about 2020

What Trump's Cabinet picks reveal

Trump to pick Rep. McMorris Rodgers for Interior secretary

White House orders intelligence report of election cyberattacks

Trump's EPA pick will make Obama regret his environmental overreach

Report: Megyn Kelly in talks with ABC

Judge refuses to end Wisconsin recount: report

World Net Daily

Dem congressman: Electoral College has 'right'to weigh hacking

FBI, CIA don't see eye-to-eye on 'Russian hack'

Hacked emails: Erdogan's son-in-law imported ISIS oil

School that lost free speech fight now defending prof who won

Stunner! Divine signs appearing in Israel

Winning 'gay'battles may come at incredible cost ' the Supreme Court

Resistance to Trump is rooted in Bay Area

McCain: Trump pick's ties to Putin a 'matter of concern'


Intel world struggles to crack the code of an untrusting Trump

Lawmakers alarmed Exxon chief could empower Putin

What It Really Means to Be a 'Friend of Putin'

Trump likely to tap Tillerson for secretary of state

Kennedy keeps Louisiana Senate seat in GOP hands

Trump's derision dismays intelligence specialists

McCain: Tillerson relationship with Putin a 'matter of concern'

Trump breaks with Obama, intel agencies on election hacking


Stop saying you're 'from the 'hood': Guys who are really from the 'hood never say this

Clinton's inaugural address: What Hillary should say right before Donald Trump takes the stage

Nada Surf rocks: Why the indie band, with a new live record, is one of life's great pleasures

Trump expected to tap Exxon's Tillerson for State Dept. post

The cold comforts of 'Designated Survivor'and 'Madam Secretary'

Real Clear Politics

Inside Democrats'Plan to Beat Donald Trump at His Own Game

Trump Is Turning the GOP Into the Workers'Party

Trump and Pruitt Will Make America Gasp Again

As Al Gore Told Donald Trump . . .

Trump's Military-Heavy Picks for Top Posts Stir Debate

Trump Is FDR With the Fireside Tweet

Mr. President-Elect, Ease Off Twitter

Harry Reid Is Right: Democrats Shouldn't Panic

Hot Air

That time the White House invented an entirely new ethnic minority group

Harry Reid: Comey is 'the new J. Edgar Hoover' and should resign

White House: We're probably not going to empty out Gitmo before January 20th

Congress should hold hearings on Russia's interference in the election

Report: We (might) have a Secretary of State pick and it's not who you thought

Super. Transportation Department to consider letting everyone make phone calls on planes

Venezuela orders store owners to create a Merry Christmas even if it breaks them

I guess we should have seen this Senate 'Dreamers' bill coming, huh?


The Media Aghast at an Unconventional President

Even Liberal Newspapers Not Sold on Gun-Grabbing 'Miss Sloane'

Washington Post's Sullivan Displays Bias As She Decries Perception Media Aren't Impartial

WashPost Film Critic Mourns Camelot Myth Led to Reality-TV President

Gun-Grabbing 'Miss Sloane' Hijacks Hillary's 'Nasty Woman' Meme

Departing NY Daily News Editor Unleashes Unhinged Anti-Trump Tweetstorm

New York Magazine Pundit: Trump's Win Validates Liberals' Analysis of the Tea Party

Anti-Trump 'Silicon Valley'Star Arrested for Political/Physical Assault

Smoking Gun

Cops: Students Charged For Vile Classroom Act

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Florida Couple Busted For Sex In Public

Chrome-Domed Criminal Imprisoned For Role In Rogaine Theft Ring

Walmart Greeter Gets Tased By Theft Suspect

Landlord Caught Having Sex In Tenants's Bed

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Accused Dealer Arrested In Perfect T-Shirt

Canada Free Press

Just who the hell is this person? This so-called 'President'whom they call 'Obama?'

How to ensure the safety of cosmetics

Biomass heating could get a 'green'boost with the help of fungi

The Myth of Israel's Demographic Doomsday

Mimicking bug eyes could brighten reflective signs and clothes

Vapors from some flavored e-liquids contain high levels of aldehydes

Obama's Soros-funded Pro-Dope Policy in Peril

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman On The Last Remaining Survivors of Pearl Harbor

D.W. Ulsterman On Colin Kaepernick's Soldier's Field Humiliation

D.W. Ulsterman Discusses His San Juan Islands Mystery Series'

D.W. Ulsterman Reviews Netflix's 'The Crown'

This One's Fer The Layyydeees''GALWAY GIRL'

DARK WATERS Is Now Available!!!

D.W. Ulsterman Newsletter: November, 2016


Two car bombs explode outside stadium in Istanbul; at least 13 dead

Eyeing Raqqa offensive, US to deploy 200 more troops to Syria

At least 50 Yemeni soldiers killed by car bomb in city of Aden

France to maintain state-of-emergency powers for another seven months

Obama orders probe of Russian cyberattacks on US election systems

Giuliani bows out, Romney favored in US secretary of state sweepstakes

ISIS terrorist with loaded AK-47 apprehended in Holland


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