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Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges
Sen. Bob Menendez, D-New Jersey, was indicted today on federal corruption charges stemming from his interactions with a Florida eye doctor.

Menendez indictment: A look at senators charged with crimes - USA TODAY

California Imposes Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions -

Rebel forces push farther into key Yemeni port city of Aden - Washington Post

Arkansas governor backtracks on religious freedom bill - Fox News Latino

Atlanta schools cheating scandal: 11 of 12 defendants convicted - CNN


New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

California unveils historic water restrictions over drought crisis

April Fool's Day pranksters including Tom Brady, Google and Jennifer Lawrence

Woman dumps boyfriend for April Fools on WhatsApp and he AGREED

Richard Avedo Family Affairs photo exhibit to star Bushes, Kennedys and Rockefellers

Sen. John Thune: 'We Can Do Business With' Chuck Schumer

Iran Nuclear Talks Head Into Double Overtime

Harry Reid Relishes Romney Tax Lie: 'He Didn't Win, Did He?'

'Killing Jesus' Easter Weekend Air Times on Fox News

Could Scott Walker's Dog Allergy Take a Bite Out of His Presidential Hopes?

Judge Nap: Arkansas, Indiana Must Change Religious Freedom Laws to Avoid Flood of Lawsuits

White House: Obama Finds Religious Freedom Laws 'Unthinkable'

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges


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Underground electrical firecloses down London's west end...

Thousands evacuated to escape toxic fumes...


UPDATE: Video 'shows cabin chaos' in seconds before GERMANWINGS crash...

'EMPIRE' Star 'Blackmailed Over Nude Photos'...

World's largest sperm bank moves to Florida...


Web searches may predict disease risk among populations...


Tiny songbird can fly the Atlantic!

MADAME TUSSAUDS Hires Tissue Attendants for Distraught ONE DIRECTION Fans...

Michelle O 'healthy' lunches fed to pigs...

Five tons a week in New Mexico...


Mostly male teens...

'Homeland' to 'Resettle' Central Americans in USA...

The Young Turks


This Just In ...

Police: Men Who Beat Train Passenger for Mike Brown Not Charged with Hate Crime
Man involved in beating receives misdemeanor assault charge.















R. EMMETT TYRRELL: Political sexual scandals on the decline

CLIFFORD MAY: Iran lays plans for a new Persian empire

DONALD LAMBRO: Eliminate Export-Import Bank

BOOK REVIEW: 'H.L. Mencken: The Days Trilogy'

RICHARD VATZ: Andreas Lubitz's depression not cause of Germanwings crash

HADLEY MANNING: Corruption of Cover Oregon

JOE PISCOPO: Presidential candidates should support U.S. manufacturing

PETER MORICI: Ax the income tax

WESLEY PRUDEN: Democrats are ready for Hillary Clinton, but is Hillary ready?

ED FEULNER: Left restricts marketplace of ideas

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Newspaper Row

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Washington Post

The Fix: The White House should be careful on its religious-freedom high horse

Sen. Robert Menendez indicted

Hogan rejects Democratic request for ban on state-funded travel to Indiana

Senate hopeful Van Hollen raised more than $1 million in 1st quarter of 2015

The Fix: Democrats' bloodless succession is getting a little bloodier

The Fix: What all you presidential hopefuls should be wearing, according to Tim Gunn

The Fix: The one column you should read about Harry Reid's shady Romney-didn't-pay-taxes ploy

Clinton campaign finally ready for Ready for Hillary

Federal Eye: Justice Department will not seek contempt charges against Lois Lerner

Wall Street Journal

Sen. Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

Iran Nuclear Talks to Stretch Into Thursday

Arkansas Governor Seeks Changes to Religion Bill

Lerner Won't Be Prosecuted on Contempt Charges

Group Backing Bush Not Required to List Donors

Obama Unveils New Cyberattack Penalties

Indiana to Clarify Religious-Freedom Law

Obama Submits Greenhouse-Gas Cut Plan

House Panel Asks Hillary Clinton to Appear Over Email Use

Obama Veto Protects Labor Board Rule

Washington Times

New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

NEWS GUIDE: The gaps as Iran talks head into overtime

Iran says U.S. and allies lack 'political will' for final nuke deal

Super Typhoon Maysak 'commands respect' from Samantha Cristoforetti on International Space Station

Georgia editorial roundup

White House says Iran nuke talks still 'productive'

Ex-husband of Canadian diplomat says their son killed in US

Girl, 2, serves as county March of Dimes ambassador

Obama signs order creating new cyber sanctions program

LA Times

In rural Indiana, battling HIV, drugs and bleak times

Why Arkansas governor reversed his stand on religious freedom bill

Indiana pizzeria owner: Gay couples are OK, but he won't cater their weddings

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy takes on the U.S. government again

Seattle's Bullitt Center is flush with green features, including toilets

Atlanta schools cheating scandal: 11 educators convicted of racketeering

Sen. Robert Menendez, Florida doctor indicted on bribery, conspiracy charges

Boston Marathon defense team rests; verdict is likely next week

NY Times

McDonald's Raising Pay for Employees in 1,500 Stores

Iran Nuclear Talks Are Extended for Another Day

Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

Educators Convicted in School Cheating Scandal

Iran Nuke Talks Extended Once Again After Faltering

California Imposes First-Ever Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought

Arkansas Governor's Son Thrust Into Spotlight Over Religious Freedom Bill

Palestinians Join International Criminal Court, but Tread Cautiously at First

USA Today

Chinese flock to USA to give birth to U.S. citizens

Nigeria election marks new chapter in nation's history

Saint John Paul II cast as poster-boy for Polish unity

Iran nuclear talks: More wrangling ahead

World's oldest Person, Misao Okawa, dies at 117

Iran nuke talks extended to Thursday

'Silver porn' shows fifty shades of greying Japan

Battling Islamic State militants

NY Post

Durst lawyers want New Orleans bust tossed

Milla Jovovich welcomes baby girl Dashiel

Cop who berated Uber driver is stripped of badge and gun

Jean Paul Gaultier's 10 greatest celebritymoments

Olivia Palermo is designing handbags now

11 former teachers convicted in test-cheating scandal

Jesse Kornbluth says his book's threesome tale is just that

Lawyer who didn't own Maxim magazine busted trying to sell Maxim magazine for millions

NY Daily News

EasyJet flight sets down in Rome after flight attendant hit

Bikram yoga founder denies rape claims: 'Women loves me'

4 dead, 16 injured in Gulf of Mexico oil rig fire

Psych evaluations won't stop next Germanwings tragedy: pilot

WATCH: Singapore teen jailed over critical video

Istanbul police kill woman carrying bomb near police HQ

'Hottest math teacher in the world' is also a model

British couple wins million-dollar lottery ' again

Daily Mail

April Fool's Day pranksters including Tom Brady, Google and Jennifer Lawrence

Woman dumps boyfriend for April Fools on WhatsApp and he AGREED

Richard Avedo Family Affairs photo exhibit to star Bushes, Kennedys and Rockefellers

New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez indicted on 14 federal corruption charges including bribery and fraud

'Poor N****r Party:' Texas couple sues wedding photographer for 'printing racial slurs at the bottom of their event photos'

'None of it ever happened': Prosecutor accuses Navy SEAL who was branded a hero after shopping center of making it all up as trial begins

Book of songs used by U.S. Air Force contains horrifying lyrics about rape, pedophilia and homosexuality

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Damon Dash's Rap Ex -- Cops Called In Nasty Custody War

Lil Wayne -- Puts Bad Luck House on the Market

Darren Sharper -- College Teammate Outraged ... Boot Him from Our Hall of Fame!

Reggae Artist Mavado -- Screw Philippe Chow ... Follow Me to P.F. Chang's, Black People!

Mark Cuban -- Derek Jeter's Restaurant Move is Risky ... But He Can Pull It Off

Andrew Getty -- Serious Medical Condition Made Worse By Ex-Girlfriend

One Direction -- We're Still Talking to Zayn Malik ... But Planning for Foursome

Cynthia Lennon Dead -- John's First Wife Dies from Cancer

Dolph Lundgren -- Drago Would Crush Manny & Floyd ... 'They're Too Short'

Andrew Getty -- Stomach Issues May Have Triggered Death

Chrissy Teigen -- $87k for Mayweather Tix?! ... Too Rich for My Blood

Manny Pacquiao -- CELEB TRAIN KEEPS ROLLIN' ... Works Out w/ Mickey Rourke

Tara Reid -- Scars DJ for LIFE! (TMZ TV)

Karrueche Tran -- I'm Not Dating Klay Thompson ... 'I Don't Even Know Who That Is'

Tyga -- Sneaker Release Party RUINED By Sneaky Process Server (VIDEO)

11 Signs Your Personality Is Offensive (And You Don't Know It)

4 Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate More Often

What It's REALLY Like To Have A Surrogate Sex Partner

4 Scary-But-Very-Necessary Requirements For Finding True Love

Bullsh*t Alert! America Is 'Land Of The Free''Unless You're GAY

News of the Stupid

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Marijuana Facts You Probably Don't Know

The Try Guys' Naked Sushi Prank

This Girl Snapchatted Her Boyfriend Sleep Talking For Six Months

Americans Watch India's Times Now For The First Time

Comedians Tell Origin Stories Of 2-In-1 Inventions

Four Girls Go Drag Racing

11 Photos That Show Japan Is Wonderfully Weird

The Ultimate Whataburger Taste Test

Women Try Pinterest Hair Tutorials

13 Easter Photos That Will Creep You Out

This Is How Much The Cast Of “How I Met Your Mother” Has Changed

7 Tricks For A #Flawless Selfie

PewDiePie was not arrested, this was a stunt/prank. Anyone else who shares an article about it will be banned

Indiana Pizzeria Takes Brave Stand of Denying Gays Pizza for Weddings

40 children by 20 mothers: the feckless father who insists 'God says go forth and multiply'

Cops: Woman Pooped Inside Box At Kmart

Texas couple both dead after argument over $500 lottery ticket win

Police charge man reportedly waving genitals at traffic

Police: Mother leaves daughter to sleep in Dallas trash bin

Mike Pence Surrounded By Bigots When He Signed SB101 Into Law

Arizona Doctors must tell patients that abortions are reversible despite outcry from Physicians using actual science.

Sign Asks Joggers to "Stop Pooping"Along Trail...the act is done by a human and not an animal because the culprit adorns it with toilet paper and leaves the same footprints.

Woman 'stabbed her boyfriend' after he ate all the salsa

Prehistoric Owl Successfully Cloned In Brazil – Plucks Out Scientists Eyeballs In Attack

Brian Fischer, Neil Patrick Harris, and other proponents of Big Gay, talks about new ad campaign

Man calls 911 twelve times to report he was overcharged on his bar tab

Whoever pays Jay Z's bills for him may want to inform him that water is not actually free.

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More News


For first time, Californians ordered to cut water

California's historic drought

Are you using too much water?

U.S. senator indicted

11 educators guilty in school cheating scandal

Ark. governor sends back religious freedom bill

Terrorists out of Tikrit; now liberators are feared

7 missing in avalanche

Germanwings crash witness: I'll never fly again

Co-pilot's depression known

Fox News

A PITCH FOR 'THE MASK' Baseball's highest paid will wear unique face protector

ISIS STOPPED DEAD Fighting rages in Tikrit, but Iraq claims control

TERMITE 'SUPERSWARM' Destructive species could take a huge bite out of Fla.

Reports claim cell phone video exists

YOSEMITE SLAM Heading to national parks? Get ready to pay more $$

Ark. gov sends religious freedom bill back for fixes - VIDEO: Are 'religious freedom' laws a done deal?

US senators urge FIFA to block Russia from hosting 2018 World Cup


Sen. Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

California Orders Unprecedented Water Restrictions Amid Drought

Missing Teen Believed to Be With Escaped Inmate

Cop in Tirade Video Transferred, Blasted by Commissioner

Family Cherishes Baby Born Without Nose

'Seize the Moment': Nuke Talks Extended Another Day

Andrew Getty's Death Brings More Family Grief

Atlanta Educators Found Guilty in Cheating Scandal

Right Scoop

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

Pemex oil platform fire in Gulf of Mexico kills four, 300 evacuated

Morgan Stanley boosts CEO pay to $16 million in 2014: filing

Allegiant Air pilots to strike Thursday, could impact over 250 flights

New Jersey Senator Menendez indicted on federal corruption charges: AP

Ford executive indicates desire for level playing field on labor costs

Kendrick Lamar's 'Butterfly'keeps afloat at top of Billboard 200

Bank of America at center stage in U.S. top court bankruptcy case

ABC News

Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

Indiana Pizzeria Says It Wouldn't Cater a Gay Wedding

See the Triplet Sisters Who Tied the Knot Together

Oil Rig Explosion Kills 4 in Gulf of Mexico

Avalanche in French Alps Kills at Least 3

Arkansas Governor Seeks Change to 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Walmart Picks Sides in Religious Freedom Bill Debate

Germanwings Crash: Video May Show Plane's Final Moments

Weekly Standard

Tikrit Liberated?

February Poll: Majority Support Religious Right to Refuse Gay-Wedding Services

A Palestinian State: Why Not?

Gleanings and Observations

Yehudah Avner's The Prime Ministers

Chuck Bednarik (1925-2015)

A Nuclear Iran?

The Jungle Books

My Life As a Woman

The Hill

Wake up, Democrats ' Koch empire targets 2016 Hispanic vote

The toughness of Harry Reid

Skilled migrants welcome ' April Fools'!

Forecast the Facts, merchants of smear

IRS chief to GOP: You can't abolish us

Obama faces enormous stakes as Iran talks go down to wire

Kevin Spacey: Bill Clinton backs accuracy of 'House of Cards'

Autofill mistake exposes Obama's passport data

World Net Daily

California orders 1st mandatory water restrictions

CNN slams basketball legend over Indiana silence

Indiana pizza parlor refuses to cater 'gay'weddings

Scientists: New study a 'death blow'to climate hysteria

Monica Lewinsky to host 'The View'?

VA makes vet prove leg amputation with X-ray

Surprise: Obama restores military aid to Egypt

Tom Cotton: Socialist France tougher on Iran than Obama


The week Mike Pence's 2016 dreams crumbled

The price of Obama's Iran muddle

How smartphones will change the 2016 presidential race

DOJ: No contempt charges for former IRS official Lerner

Draft of Indiana's new 'religious freedom' bill won't completely dismantle law

Ready for Hillary staff join Clinton campaign

New U.S. sanctions treat hackers like terrorists

Pols celebrate April Fools' Day with terrible, terrible jokes


'It's making a strong statement': Cop charges four teens with felony child pornography … to teach them a lesson

Mice are tiny, quiet singers, according to science

Here's the life-sized chocolate sculpture of Benedict Cumberbatch you never, ever asked for

Sen. Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

Scientists: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is airborne, capable of 'traveling for long distances'

Real Clear Politics

A World Remade by Fracking

How Conservatives Hijacked Religious Freedom

No, Tolerance Isn't the Goal of the Left

The Middle Eastern Balance of Power Matures

Mixed Grades for 114th Congress at the 3-Month Mark

Clinton's Private "Spy Network"

How Obama Made the Old Daily Show Obsolete

Mr. Noah and the Flood

Free Republic

Are You A Fool?

Liberal High School Coach Tweets That Christian Business Should be Burned Down

Present Day Fifth Columnists Attempt to Undermine Free Countries

Poll: Nearly Half of Russians Believe Stalin’s Terror Was Justified

DOJ: No contempt charges for former IRS official Lois Lerner

Watch Bill Maher’s Rant on ‘Fake Outrage’ That May Be a Wake-Up Moment for Liberal Activism

Educators Convicted in School Cheating Scandal [GA]

PPP Poll: Ted Cruz enters top tier of GOP hopefuls


2000 Evacuated After Major Fire in Central London

International Cricket Council Run by a 'Debatable Character', Mustafa Kamal Slams N. Srinivasan

In Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party Legislator Blames Women for Rape

'Sunil Narine Needs to Appear for Another Bowling Action Test Before IPL 2015'

Whistleblower IAS Officer Ashok Khemka Transferred Again by Haryana Government

After Dramatic Night Rescue From Yemen, 350 Indians on Way Home

Sourav Ganguly Rates Ranji Trophy Title on Debut as Best Moment of his Career

After Racist Remark, Minister Giriraj Singh Warned Not to Embarrass the Government

Amaravati Chosen as New Andhra Pradesh Capital


Daily Caller

MSNBC's Ratings Are Terrific (If You Don't Like MSNBC)

Robert Menendez Indicted On Fourteen Counts, Including Conspiracy And Fraud

Emergency War Fund As Worthless As Monopoly Money, Expert Says

Relitigating Medal Of Honor Recipients Is A Terrible Idea

Even Howard Dean Thinks Obama Should Walk Away From Iran Negotiations [VIDEO]

'This Is Not An April Fools Joke': Limbaugh BLASTS Iran Talks After Obama Red Line Ignored [AUDIO]

Noose Found Hanging At Duke University

Glenn Beck Compares Lying Harry Reid To Satan: 'This Is Straight-Up Evil' [VIDEO]


Hirsi Ali: Beware of Michiganistan

Try to Be Happy For the Couple Who Just Won the Lottery For the Second Time

How to Use Miles to Get a Seat Upgrade

New Jersey Senator Faces Corruption Charges

5 Creative Ways to Cook With Soy Sauce

McDonald's to Raise U.S. Workers' Hourly Wage to $10 By End of 2016

These U.S. Senators Are the Only Ones to Ever Get Indicted

Facebook's New Video App Wants You to Start the Next Ice Bucket Challenge Phenomenon

Daily Beast

Why Jersey Politicians Are All Crooks

Trevor Noah and the Toxicity of Twitter

Indiana Pizzeria: No Pie for Gay Wedding

Inside Joni Mitchell's Mystery Illness

Iggy Azalea's Awkward Boob Job Interview

Arkansas Surprise Is Still Not Enough

Kenya's Secret LGBTI Activist

April Fools Jokes That Actually Work

The Blaze

White House: Obama Finds Religious Freedom Laws 'Unthinkable'

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

Comedian Jim Norton : 'Trevor Noah Isn't the Problem. You Are.'

France, China and Russia Leaving Iran Negotiations Is Not a Sign of Disunity, White House Says

Man Who Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Reveals the Secret to How He Did It

Police: Man Destroyed Gravestones to Do the Dead a 'Favor'Before Easter Sunday

Hot Air

Don't stop believin': Kerry staying 'at least' another day in Switzerland to keep Iran talks going

Video: ISIS floating truce while Iraq Iran takes back Tikrit

Neil deGrasse Tyson insults your intelligence… again

Video: Obama issues sanctions against hackers, calls cyberwar a 'national emergency'

Arkansas's Republican governor: I want some changes to this RFRA bill before I sign it

Crisis in Indiana: Random small-town pizzeria says it won't cater gay weddings; Update: Might not re-open?

Democratic Rep: Sure, Hillary probably sent classified info over her unsecured email

Scott Walker disqualified for presidency due to dog allergy


CNN's Toobin Rips Arkansas Governor's 'Double-Speak'on Religious Liberty

Stars Joke About Bieber Abortion, 'Dodging a Coat Hanger' in Womb

Rachel Maddow Hails 'Political Juggernaut' Elizabeth Warren

MSNBC Features Activist to Slam Pence: He 'Packaged Hate'in a 'Box'

Networks Rush to Defend New Daily Show Host Accused of Anti-Semitism

Nets Use New Arkansas Religious Freedom Law to Further Attack Indiana

Slam Dunk! Soros Funds 3 Out of 4 Final Four Schools

Smoking Gun

Police: Woman, 26, Removed Bikini Top in Café, Fondled Breasts, Tugged On Her Nipple Ring

Cops: Woman Pooped Inside Box At Kmart

Cops: Man Threw Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle

Woman, 38, Flashes Google Street View Camera, Crosses Off Item On Her Bucket List

Cops: Ohio Woman, 50, Stabbed Boyfriend, 61, Because He Ate All Of Their Salsa

One Direction

Probationer Busted For Trying To Pass Off Gatorade As Urine During Court-Ordered Test

Cops: Thieves Stole Cash From Girl Scouts

Canada Free Press

Drop him like a hot rock

Deadline passes in Iran talks; Kerry refuses to give up on crap deal

US Republicans Warn World That Obama's UN Climate Pledge Could Be Undone

Lutheran Pastor Calls for Christian Unity with Bakers, Florists, Caterers, Wedding Boutiques

Ontario's Tax on Flights Rises on April Fools'Day

UN Watch statement on today's urgent session on Boko Haram

Obama's Surrender to Iran Postponed

Obama's Virtual War on Israel

Nat Geo's 'Killing Jesus'a Flawed Excursion into Serious Error

The Ulsterman Report

Comedy Central's THE DAILY SHOW Is DEAD…

D.C. WHISPERS: Iran Running P.R. Campaign Out Of Obama/Jarrett White House

Breaking: Hillary Clinton's Rogue Off The Books Intel Campaign Revealed

Barack Obama Embraces Extremism And Sets The World On Fire…

D.C. Whispers: Hillary Clinton's Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

Barack Obama Ordering Drinks By '9:26 a.m.'

All New CBS Poll Shows Americans Don't Want Hillary

Why My Facebook Page Works To Help Soldiers With PTSD


David's Sling defense system ready to face Hizballah's missiles

Fighting closes Jordan's only working crossing to Syria

Netanyahu in last call for a better deal in Lausanne

Anger at Islamist terror propels general to Nigeria's presidency

US House Leader Boehner to call on PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem

US releases suspended military aid to Egypt

Nuclear talks wind down in confusion


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