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Ottawa Under Siege

A Canadian soldier was shot dead and a suspect killed in a brazen attack on the Canadian Parliament complex in Ottawa Wednesday morning that left the nation's capital on lockdown


Canada's PM says shooting rampage was terrorism

US to track everyone coming from Ebola nations

10 Things to Know for Thursday

Probe: UNC academic fraud was 'shadow curriculum'

Teens' travel renews concerns about terror appeal

Social Security benefits get another tiny increase

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau: Canadian Parliament gunman who shot dead a solider

Twerking boob model says she was 'bored and uninspired' when she made the video but is shocked that it has now received 26 million page views

Another jumper breaches White House fence and kicks a Secret Service dog before being subdued

Funeral director to scatter his father's ashes with a fireworks display

‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county

Canadian officials identify shooter in brazen attack on Parliament complex

Man apprehended after scaling White House fence in latest security breach

Neanderthals and humans first mated 50,000 years ago, DNA reveals

Autopsy, toxicology report on Michael Brown reportedly reveal marijuana, cast doubt on witness claims he was running away

Georgia Dems face backlash over flier urging vote to ‘prevent another Ferguson’

World’s 10 worst airports

Dumped woman spends a week in KFC to get over ex




Hot Stories

Jesse Ventura Blasts Obama, Bush, Cheney and America's War Machine

Jesse Ventura uncensored: The crisis against ISIS / see the video

'It's like a luxury fortress': J.Lo buys magnificent 6,250-square-foot Manhattan penthouse for $22M

Husband, 100, dies 28 HOURS after his wife of 73 years... and the last thing he did was whisper 'call me home' 

Bachmann Gets Security Detail After ISIS Threat Paralyzed Man Walks Again, Thanks to His Nose

Gunman Panics Canadian Capital, Killing Soldier in Rampage - New York Times

White House intruder scales fence, caught by K-9 units - New York Daily News

Mexican Official Links a Mayor to Missing College Students - New York Times

UNC Investigation Reveals Athletes Took Fake Classes - New York Times

US to check 'Ebola-risk' travellers for three weeks - Irish Independent

North Korean Detainee Jeffrey Fowle Reunited With Family in Ohio - Wall Street Journal

Evidence supports officer's account of shooting in Ferguson - Washington Post

Can happiness really alter your looks, a la Zellweger? - USA TODAY

Judicial Watch's Farrell: Obama 'Orchestrated' Border Crisis

Forget a good crunch - this apple has a built-in FIZZ: Experts create sparkling fruit that bubbles when it's bitten into

Ferguson shooting autopsy report released as panicking Dems race-bait

Washington’s Worst Waste: $25B for Political Perks

Irish senate agrees to recognise Palestine as an independent state

Video - SWAT Officers Wrongfully Detain This Man For Filming in Public, Then it Gets Really Infuratiating

Doctor Assaulted by Police at Dying Son’s Birthday, Tasered so Many Times He Had a Heart Attack

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Drudge Report

Fence Jumper Caught Outside White House...

Kicks and body-slams Secret Service K-9...



Soldier killed...


REPORT: Suspect recently converted to Islam...

Radical Muslim fervor...


PROBE: Athletes took fake classes at University of North Carolina...

Easy A's and B's...

WSJ: An Affair to Remember...

WEATHER CHANNEL Co-Founder: 'Climate change' proved to be 'nothing but lie'...

Woman barricades house from wi-fi, mobile phone signals...

Man Distraught Over Missing Drone... ?

DJANGO CHAINED: LAPD Sgt. Faces Firing for Leaking Actress' Arrest Tape...


PAPER: Obama plans to open immigration floodgates...

Top lawyer at ICE resigns weeks before implementation...

Media grills White House on plan to print 34 million immigrant ID's...

PAPER: The United States of Emergency...

New breed of 'sparkling' apple fizzes when you bite...

Driverless buses on the way...

Denmark's central bank to stop producing money...

Don't say 'Navy SEALS' at silencer trial...

Will Michelle O go into politics next?


CO VOTE FRAUD: 'If someone throws out ballot, if you want to fill it out you should do it'...



850?NYC voters over 164-years-old...

Illegals discovered on N Carolina Voting Rolls...

Lawyer Army Ready...

World Series Ratings Off to Worst Start on Record...


REPORT: Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did Not Have Hands Up When Shot...



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Hot Stuff

The French Objection: Miss Bum Bum busted at Eiffel Tower

OOPS! Mariah almost flashes panties while on stage

Selfie-brate Kim Kardashian's birthday with 34 of her hottest photos

Teresa Giudice Will Serve Her Time At 'Orange Is The New Black' Prison

'La Bamba' Star Elizabeth Pena -- Died from Alcohol Abuse

Adrian Peterson Judge -- I Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Britney Spears -- I Got A New Vegas Deal ... I Make Celine Money Now!

Perri 'Pebbles' Reid -- TLC Movie Is Full Of Lies ... and RUINED Me!

NHL -- Ottawa Game Canceled Following Deadly Shooting

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer -- I'm Raising My Kid with the Baby Mama

Dwyane Wade -- Plays 1-On-1 With 90-Year-Old ... Makes Us All Cry

NHL Star Slava Voynov -- I DIDN'T BEAT MY GF ... Says Cops Misunderstood

Mark Wahlberg's Wife -- Ripped by 'Cancer' Patient in Parking Spot War (VIDEO)

Donald Trump -- Oscar Pistorius Sentence is RIDICULOUS

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer -- I'm Havin' a Baby

Blake Griffin -- ALLEGEDLY BITCH-SLAPPED CLUBGOER ... Cops Investigating

Kevin Durant -- MEN'S UNDERWEAR BATTLE ... With Russell Westbrook

Rose McGowan -- BLASTS RAY RICE COSTUME ... 'Those People Are Repulsive'

Why I'm Soooo Glad I'm Not a Serial Monogamist

I Volunteered At The Food Pantry For Years, But Now? I Eat There

5 Celeb Inspired Drink Recipes That'll Spice Up Your Night

When Sexy Turns Scary: 10 Things That Spook Guys In Bed

Cold Feet? 3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Walking Down The Aisle

Man Fakes Coma For Two Years To Escape Theft Charge

University student jailed after slapping woman with his penis while she slept

NJ Man Arrested for Selling 'Ebola'-Brand Heroin

Convicted murderer sues state over prison porn ban

Macedonia police: Man robs graves for gold teeth

Swiss Company Apologizes for Creamer Featuring Hitler's Face

Man arrested in Martinsburg after dispute over using too much nacho cheese

Woman Attacks Boyfriend In Fight Over Blanket

Deputies: Woman wielded hole-punch in office attack

World's Biggest Idiot Invents The Boiling Water Challenge

Conservative talk radio host Michael Savage said last week that veterans with PTSD are a bunch of crybabies who should act like men and stop complaining because they’re bringing the entire country down.

Jenny McCarthy: I feel like a transgender person

Is Obama secretly planning an immigrant amnesty by ordering 34 million work permits and green cards?

Georgia woman's condo sold over $95 tax bill she never received

Banksy proves arrest rumor wrong with new graffiti art – which is vandalized right away

Readers Corner
More News


Report: Brown shot at close range

Serena suffers worst loss in 16 years

Actress, boyfriend face charges

Former Harlem Globetrotter missing

Nazi U-boat wreck found off N.C.

U.S. tycoon's $1B racing plan

102 snakes found in home

Inside search for suspected cop killer

The 5 biggest breakfast myths

Man to Obama: 'Don't touch my' girl

Fox News

Canadian Parliament shooter believed to be Islam convert from Quebec

'DECEPTIVE' MAILER? Dems slammed for election flier invoking Ferguson

EARLY MATING Femur reveals when humans and Neanderthals interbred

ANOTHER JUMPER Man apprehended after scaling White House fence

AIRDROP ERROR? ISIS claims intercept of US weapons to Kurds

Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings

Reports of new ISIS advance against Yazidis worry US - Report: US working closely with Kurds to save Kobani - Computers searched for clues why 3 girls fled to possibly join ISIS

Murdered Mass. teacher's family speaks out


Can the Military Help Cops Boost Their People Skills?

Cops Keep Mistaking Man for Alleged Killer Frein

Canadian MP Describes Chaos in Ottawa

Ashoka Mukpo: Thanks a Lot Doc!

Another Man Jumps White House Fence

Bungled Air Bag Alerts Leave Car Owners Scrambling

'Strength Coming Back': NBC News Freelancer Speaks Out

Nurse Amber Vinson's Blood Tests Negative for Ebola

Washington Times

Inside the Ring: B-52s buzz over Europe, and Swedes hunt for Russian sub

Obama: Terrorism may be cause of Canadian attacks

Sweden prepared to use 'armed force, if necessary' on suspected Russian submarine

Albania PM seeks to ease tensions with Serbia

Canadian military advised not to wear uniform in public amid attacks

Baby killed, 8 wounded in terror attack at Jerusalem train stop

NY judge postpones trial over '98 embassy bombings

Bomb outside Cairo University leaves 10 wounded

Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings

Huffington Post

Tom Cotton's Consultant Who 'May Not Exist' Actually Does

Ron Wyden Blasts CIA For Censoring Torture Report

Canada Prime Minister Harper: Ottawa Attacks Are Terrorism

Senate Election Overview -- Democrats Hanging On?

Man Tackled By Secret Service Dogs After Jumping White House Fence

George H.W. Bush Endorses Paul LePage In Maine Governor's Race

Obama Administration Clarifies Anti-Bullying Protections For Students With Disabilities

We Count, So Count Us: Three Reasons It's Important to Collect Census Data on LGBTQ People


Pentagon: ISIS Did Seize Bundle of US Weapons

Social Security Checks Will Be 1.7% Bigger Next Year

Malala Gave Obama Advice About Guns

RNC Co-Chair: Wisconsin Voters Not That Sharp

McConnell Pays Expenses if You Show Up, Cheer

Guy Jokes to Obama: 'Don't Touch My Girlfriend'

US' Latest Diplomatic Brouhaha: Hungary

Putin Closing Russian McDonald's for 'Safety' Reasons

Bachmann Gets Security Detail After ISIS Threat

CBS News

White House on lockdown after latest fence jumper

Obama "cautiously more optimistic" on U.S. Ebola response

Obama: U.S. stands "side by side" with Canada after shootings

Obama "cautiously more optimistic" about U.S. Ebola response

Rep. Don Young offends Alaska students with talk about suicide, gays

New Ebola "czar" Ron Klain heads to work

Why we need more Ben Bradlees now

Man warns President Obama: "Don't touch my girlfriend"

One America News

Asian shares hit by Wall St. fall, China PMI in focus

Reporter quits Chicago newspaper, says governor candidate influenced paper

Alibaba looking to expand Hollywood content offering: Bloomberg

U2 album stumbles in Billboard chart after free iTunes debut

Private capital gets more bang in China as economic reforms step up

Man jumps White House fence, causes lockdown

A Minute With: Shailene Woodley on teen sex, violence and Marvel

ABC News

Soldier, Suspect Dead In Canadian Parliament Shooting

Meet the Hero Who Killed Gunman in Canada Shooting

Woman Discovers Trove of Letters From Husband After His Death

Cameraman Ebola-Free, Says He Owes Hospital 'Debt He Can Never Repay'

Ebola Czar Ron Klain Starts His Job - Quietly

Feds: Our Bad, Millions More Airbags Could Be Dangerous

Snowplow Driver Convicted of Luring, Killing Teacher

Pregnant 22-Year-Old Found Dead in Ohio, Boyfriend Charged

Weekly Standard

Biden: 'I Like Guys Because Of Their Moms'

Dems: 'Dire Situation'in Connecticut

Is Turkey an Ally?

Colorado Senate Race Now Leans Republican

Podcast: The GOP's 'Good News/Bad News'States in 2014

Six Reasons to Panic

High-Tech Chutzpah

The Blame-Deflection Game

The Inner Light

The Hill

Lower gas prices will save us all

Federalizing sex

Is the CFPB committing regulatory overreach?

Lessons from Ebola patient zero

Obama: Dem candidates avoiding me 'have supported my agenda'

US to reroute passengers from Ebola areas

WH to red-state Dems: Don't blame Obama

Jarrett returning to work after surgery

World Net Daily

Former Secret Service agent on gun mess: I knew it!

Obama puts Ebola-nation travelers on honor system

Researchers: Can't stop Ebola without travel ban

Obama v. Holder: Who's right about voter ID?

White House fence jumper kicks Secret Service dog

Obama brings in 1,900 people from another Ebola nation

Substitute has sex with student on 1st day

Is new Ebola czar's biggest fear ... overpopulation?


The GOP's 2016 tech deficit

A Facebook scoreboard for the midterms

George P. Bush looks to his future — and his dad's

'Charisma and courage'

Remembering 'a true newspaper man'

CDC steps up Ebola monitoring


Feminists can twerk too: What Annie Lennox misunderstands about Beyoncé

Vox on Amazon: Way off-base, not entirely wrong

My strip club bullying nightmare

The student I couldn’t reach

Lena Dunham: “We want change, we are change, so we have to vote”

Elizabeth Warren may have just opened the door to a White House run

South Miami is so fed up with climate inaction, it just voted to secede from Florida

Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!

Real Clear Politics

Would Strong Parties Mean Less Polarization?

Dem Advantage With Women Collapses

Liberals Should Cheer Kasich Contradiction

The Opening for Republicans to Replace Obamacare

Dem Officials Start Lashing Out at White House

Why Voters Are So Totally Checked Out

James O'Keefe Strikes Again

IA Dems Try War on Women Against a Woman

Free Republic

URGENT: Leak Shows NAACP Is Planning Mass Fraud on Election Day [DETAILS]

We, Conservatives, Must Come out & Vote on 11/04/14

Almost All Mass Shootings Have This in Common… And It Has Nothing to Do With Guns

Some Revere parents upset over Islam in curriculum

Chuck Norris Gives Texas Voters a Kick, Boosts GOP Candidate

This Muslim Woman Tried to Wear Her Veil in Public…But She Wasn’t Expecting This to Happen

Independent Candidate Victories Could Shake Up Senate

O Canada at Penguins-Flyers (Tribute to our northern neighbors)


Gunmen Terrorize Canadian Capital, Two Dead Near Parliament

Inbox is an Invite Only Email Service That's Gmail Meets Google Now

Attack on Canadian Parliament "Extremely Disturbing": PM Modi

A Packed Schedule for PM Narendra Modi's Diwali Visit to Srinagar Today

Gunmen Terrorize Canadian Capital, One Soldier Shot Near Parliament

PM Narendra Modi's Second Round of 'Mann ki Baat' on Radio on November 2

A Cafe Next to This Famous Mausoleum is Helping Acid Attack Survivors Live with Dignity

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Human Treasure Chest Worth 41.5 Million Pounds a Year

Shots Fired at Three Places in Canada, One Soldier Injured: Police



Good Guy with a Gun Ended Terror Attack on Canadian Parliament

Watch: New GOP Ad on Obama's 'Bottom Line'

Forensics Expert: Autopsy Shows Mike Brown’s Hands Not Raised

Jeanne Shaheen Campaign Kicks Breitbart News Reporter out of New Hampshire Event

Watch: WH Jumper Kicks-Dog After Scaling Fence

Progressives Lament Another Terror Attack with a Possible Connection to Islam

Dear Jihadists, America has a steel spine

Nurse Vinson's Mom Says Daughter Cleared of Ebola


Mayor, Wife Tied to Disappearance of 43 Students in Mexico

Here’s What Would Happen if Ebola Was Stolen From a Lab

Amber Vinson’s Family Says She’s Ebola Free

Marvel Releases Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Early After Leak

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Renew Vows Amid Divorce Rumors

South Korea Dismantles ‘Propaganda’ Christmas Tree Tower

Mark Zuckerberg Gives Q&A in Chinese

Obama ‘Cautiously More Optimistic’ About Ebola

Daily Beast

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Leaks

NBC’s Dr. Nancy Keeps Her Job

Border-Obsessed GOP Silent on Canada

How ISIS’s Colorado Girls Were Caught

Ben Bradlee, JFK, and the Master Spy

Terrorist Ends Canada’s Innocence

The Women in the World Texas Forum

The Hoverboard is (Finally Almost) Real

The Blaze

After an Islamic Veil Is Spotted on an Audience Member, Opera Cast Issues an Ultimatum That May Surprise You

TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch and Van Jones Face Off on CNN Over…Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Claims

Police Develop Gun Range That Does Something Pretty Cool With Fired Bullets

Intense Video: Another Man Jumps White House Fence, Violently Attacks Secret Service K-9

Here’s Everything We Know About Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Gunman Identified in the Canada Shooting

Think You’ve Never Seen a Miracle? ‘Life-Changing’Pastor Says ‘Hold on a Minute…’

Hot Air

Twitter blocks petition supporting Houston pastors

Breaking: New White House fence-jumper taken down by K9s, apprehended

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Barack who?

What election? Network news gives up on covering midterms

Could Oregon’s First Lady sink the Governor next month?

Oh my: Cory Gardner 46, Mark Udall 39 in Colorado Senate race

Conservative Jeb Hensarling: The GOP agenda next year should include a “vibrant” guest-worker program for low-skilled workers

Meanwhile in Israel, Hamas claims responsibility for attack in Jerusalem


FBN's Dobbs Cites MRC Study on Media's 2014 Midterm Election Bias

Uh-Oh: American Women Less Than Thrilled With New Cast of 'The View'

Press Cover For Crist's Tired Excuses For Fla.'s Jobs Freefall on His Watch

CNN, HLN Dumped From Dish Network, Replaced With MSNBC Programs

WaPo's Eugene Robinson: Taking Down Nixon 'Not an Easy Thing'for Ben Bradlee, Tore Him Up

MSNBC Falsely Insists 'Django'Actress Arrested for Kissing Boyfriend

Telemundo Parrots Erroneous Take on Texas Voter ID Law

Smoking Gun

Police Nab Woman, 18, For Embarrassing Shoplifting Spree At Mall Store

Lawsuit: Clowns With Sex Toys Attacked Family

Teacher Calls Cops To Report That Student, 5, Again "Groped Her In The Vagina"

Air Force Member Arrested After Giving Minnesota Cop A "Wet Willy"

Viral NYPD Racial Profiling Video Was Staged

Snapchat Sinks Teacher Having Sex With Student

Cops: Losers Of Beer Pong Match Opened Fire On Fellow Texas Partygoers

Bloody Clowns And Other Shady Characters

Canada Free Press

SAF Sues Illinois Over Restrictive CCW Residency Requirements

Greens Licking Their Lips Over Carbon Tax Revenues

Are forced Ebola vaccines coming to a town near you?

Terrorists Thrive on Deaths -Anybody’s Except Fellow Islamists

Amnesty for 34 Million Illegal Aliens

Shooting in Canada’s Parliament building

John Kerry Regurgitates Falsehood to Revive His Failed Peace Talks

No Ebola Panic Despite Media Hysteria

The UN’s got the money, the UN’s got the water

The Ulsterman Report

Canada Parliament Attacker Identified

“A Heart On The Run Keeps A Hand On The Gun, It Can’t Trust Anyone…”

BREAKING: Canadian Parliament Sergeant At Arms Deals Swift Justice To Terrorist

BREAKING: Video Footage Of Gun Battle Inside Canadian Parliament Building

DNC Chair Dumps Obama On Live TV…(VIDEO)

Soldier Teaches Respect To Laughing Idiots At Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier (Video)

ISIS-Linked Radical Attacks Canadian Soldiers Near Montreal

Federal Workers Paid $700 Million To Not Work And Stay At Home


DEBKAfile will be closed temporarily


Netanyahu: Israel threatened by Iran’s ability to jump quickly to nuke

Uganda foils major terrorist attack linked to al-Shabab

IDF Northern Command warns Hizballah plans invasion in next clash

Kerry says he is encouraged by pledges of military assistance against IS

Australia to send 600 troops to fight ISIS

Washington Post

National digest: Oct. 23, 2014

Evidence supports officer’s account of shooting in Ferguson

The Fix: 7 things you didn’t read today (but should have)

Obama ‘cautiously more optimistic’ on Ebola

The Fix: Vote for me, because puppies (Video)

The Fix: Another poll shows Cory Gardner ahead in Colorado. Is the seat slipping away from Democrats?

The Fix: Chris Christie versus Rand Paul, part 19: Ebola

FBI investigating South Dakota EB-5 program, a potential blow to Senate GOP

Federal Eye: In its lesser-known role, immigration agency returns stolen artifacts

Wall Street Journal

South Dakota Senate Race Gets Spirited

Party Preparations: Senate Maneuvering Begins

Air Bag Recalls Trigger New Scrutiny

FBI Revamping Whistleblower Rules

Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in Iraq Shooting Deaths

Judges Question Use of Conspiracy Charges for Terror Suspects

GOP Works to Improve Targeting of Voters

U.S. Goals Shift in Fight for Kobani

Louisiana's Mary Landrieu Battles Red Tide

2014 Poll Tracker --- Senate, Governors, Other Races

Washington Times

Inside the Ring: B-52s buzz over Europe, and Swedes hunt for Russian sub

Obama: Terrorism may be cause of Canadian attacks

Sweden prepared to use 'armed force, if necessary' on suspected Russian submarine

Albania PM seeks to ease tensions with Serbia

Canadian military advised not to wear uniform in public amid attacks

Baby killed, 8 wounded in terror attack at Jerusalem train stop

NY judge postpones trial over '98 embassy bombings

Bomb outside Cairo University leaves 10 wounded

Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings

LA Times

U.S. jury convicts four Blackwater guards in 2007 Iraq killings

U.S. takes more steps to guard against new Ebola cases

Denver Somalis fear fallout from trio's apparent bid to join militants

Justice Department condemns Ferguson leaks as effort to influence opinion

Lesbian Navy veteran allowed to inter wife at Idaho cemetery

Details emerge of Colorado girls' possible bid to aid Islamic radicals

Mary Landrieu, Republicans gear up for two-part Louisiana Senate fight

2 Senate Democrats explore how to protect coal jobs and the environment

NY Times

Oscar de la Renta Was Household Name for New York’s Elite

After Shooting, Fear and Anxiety Take Over Ottawa

First Draft: Another Fence-Jumper at the White House

Gunman Panics Canadian Capital, Killing Soldier in Rampage

Mexican Official Links a Mayor to Missing College Students

U.N.C. Says Athletes Took Fake Classes

U.S. Plans 21-Day Watch of Travelers From Ebola-Hit Nations

Despite Earlier Confession, Suspect in Indiana Killings Refuses to Speak in Court

USA Today

Despite gunfire, Korea's DMZ surprisingly nice place

Chaos in Canada: Gunfire erupts at Parliament

Ottawa shooting

4 ex-Blackwater guards guilty of deadly Iraq shooting

A look at terrorist attacks in Canada

Rural Africa can't stem spread of Ebola

White House extends condolences after Canadian shooting

The day in pictures

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Gunman dead after soldier killed at Ottawa war memorial

Police make arrest in Winnipeg dead babies case

Film tracks whistleblower Edward Snowden's journey

Teacher fired for starring in 1970s porn may return to school

SEE IT: Diver explores subfreezing water through power of breathing

Canadian teacher loses job over erotic film career

Switzerland seen as the best place for expats: poll

SEE IT: Mormon video dispels 'magic underwear' myth

The Times of India

Pakistan clerical panel endorses polygamy

Air strikes kills around 25 IS fighters in Iraq

Bomb outside Cairo varsity wounds 9

Cleric calls off Pakistan parliament protest

US journalist to head home after Ebola recovery

Hunt for 43 students highlights Mexico's missing

HK protest talks show gap between students, govt

High in Pakistan's mountains, women break taboos

The Guardian

Colorado teachers stage mass sick-out to protest US history curriculum changes

The war on high-school history classes is a whole new level of dumb | Jeb Lund

Congress pushes nuclear expansion despite accidents at weapons lab

US 'little rebels' protest against changes to history curriculum

The Independent

Terrorist threat means it's time to give guns to British police, says top US Congressman

Ottawa shooting: Terror strikes Canada’s capital as attacks leave one soldier and one suspect dead

Ottawa shooting: Slain soldier named as Nathan Cirillo while suspect identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Blackwater trial: Four American mercenaries found guilty over 2007 civilian shootings in Baghdad that killed 14 people

Ottawa shooting: Kevin Vickers labelled a 'hero' after taking down gunman in Canadian Parliament

Extradited mother Eileen Clark will plead guilty in return for freedom

Ben Bradlee dead: He was a ‘true newspaperman’ – President Obama pays tribute to Watergate editor

Toys 'R Us removes Breaking Bad figures from its shelves following Florida mother's petition

The Telegraph

White House in lockdown after intruder scales fence

'Mayor ordered police attack on missing students' in Mexico, according to attorney general

Nathan Cirillo: Soldier killed in Canada terror attack

Kevin Vickers: a Canadian hero

Dewani case ballistics expert admits he may have misled trial

Canadian killer had been identified as a terror risk before rampage at parliament

Ottawa shooting: Police confirm death of Canadian soldier shot on duty at war memorial

US military admits cache of weapons dropped into Syria landed in Islamic State hands

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

Rolling Stone

America's Gun Violence Epidemic: Readers Share Their Stories

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

The Intercept

A Story About Ben Bradlee That’s Not Fucking Charming

Blackwater Founder Remains Free and Rich While His Former Employees Go Down on Murder Charges

Canada, At War For 13 Years, Shocked That ‘A Terrorist’Attacked Its Soldiers

Surprise: U.S. Drug War In Afghanistan Not Going Well

Ebola Fears Turn Into an Epidemic of Racism and Hysteria

How the UAE Tried to Silence a Popular Arab Spring Activist

Remembering Rick Piltz, Who Fought Government Suppression of Science

Top NSA Official Has a Lucrative Side-Business

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