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Maryland woman found pushing dead 3-year-old son in swing
A Maryland woman was found pushing her dead 3-year-old son in a park swing Friday, and authorities say she may have been there for hours.

Fox News

'TAKING ADVANTAGE': Violent crime surges in Baltimore after Gray riots

MESS ON THE HILL Senate blocks House bill on surveillance programs

NOT PLAYING AROUND Mother found pushing dead son in swing at Md. park

EMOTIONAL REUNION High school grad reunites with vet who saved her life

VICTORY FOR OBAMA Senate approves 'fast track' trade bill; goes to House


Witness Steps in Path of Bizarre Slow-Speed Pursuit

Timeline: How Police Tracked Accused Mansion Killer

'Tragic': Mom Found Pushing Dead Son in Playground Swing

Cops Escort Girls Without Fathers to 'Daddy Daughter Dance'

Oil-Soaked Pelicans Found Dead Near California Spill


Will Waco violence repeat itself on holiday weekend?

171 mugshots of arrested bikers

Bulletin warns Texas police of potential new threats from bikers

42 gunmen, 1 cop die in shootout

Reports: Ireland voters back same-sex marriage

'19 Kids' off air over allegations

Senate blocks bills to extend NSA spy program

Both sides say Irish gay-marriage referedum wins resounding victory

Senate blocks House surveillance bill, 2-month extension

Syrian official: Islamic State militants in Palmyra's museum

'A Very Proud Day to Be Irish': The Ballots Aren't Counted, but Both Sides Say They Know the Outcome of the Gay Marriage Referendum

Senate Blocks House Surveillance Bill, Extension of Patriot Act

Matt Drudge Unleashes Against GOP in Rare Twitter Tirade: 'It's the Night of the Republican Suicide'

Krauthammer Sounds off on Hillary Email Dump, Explains Why He Thinks 'Whole Release Is a Farce'

Meet Muhammad Ali's 16-year-old football star grandson Biaggio who can run faster than NFL recruits and has colleges fighting over him already

'Mommy, mommy': Chilling last words of baby-faced boy, 14, executed at point blank range on New York street at 8.30am on his way to school 

Bristol Palin's hero marine Dakota Meyer's first marraige was mistake

Animal photobombs like this kangaroo who photobombs tourist's selfie

Senate to Reconsider Patriot Act Extension on Day It Expires

Both Sides Say Ireland Has Voted to Legalize Gay Marriage

Senate Trade Vote Highlights Rift Among Republicans

Report: US Not Ruling Out Airstrikes on Syria's Ancient Palmyra

Special Report

Judge Andrew Napolitano: 'We Now Have Proof' Collection of Bulk Phone Data Does Not Work
On "Your World" today, Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the recently released FBI report that admits no major terror cases were cracked by the NSA's surveillance program. 

Senate kills bill on NSA domestic surveillance reform

Rand Paul: 99% of the Time a Patriot Act Provision is Used in Domestic Crime

Senate passes free trade bill, House remains bigger hurdle

MATT DRUDGE Goes Off on Twitter Rampage: 'It's the Night of the Republican Suicide'

New Issue of ISIS Magazine: We Can Buy a Nuclear Weapon from Pakistan

Clinton Email Shows Amb. Stevens Was Worried About Libyan Security

Video: US-Backed Ukrainian Militants Hang Pregnant Woman

Isis claims it could buy its first nuclear weapon from Pakistan within 12 months

Protest vs Riot

40 Percent Honeybee Die Off In One Year

ISIS: Michelle Obama Is Worth $40

INSULTING: Hillary didn't even know Ambassador's NAME after he was MURDERED in Benghazi

Is the American dream really dying?

Is the world heading towards a post-human future?

This is Chinese navy, you go! China issues EIGHT warnings to U.S. surveillance planes to get away from disputed man-made islands


Clinton-Rubio Matchup Unnerves Many Dems...




NYPD Strikes Back, Arrests 7 Alleged Subway 'Conquestors'...

UPDATE: Military aircraft goes off runway in San Diego, into bay...

11-Year-Old Graduates With 3 Degrees, 4.0 GPA From College...

World's oldest person turns 116...

VIDEO: Students blame speaker Boehner for 'Deflategate'?

Iran enters Iraqi fight for key oil refinery...

Jay Z Ripped for Pulling Race Card in Colossal TIDAL Mess...


World's biggest hotel to open in Mecca...

Dark side of meditation and mindfulness: Treatment can trigger 'mania, depression and psychosis'...

Mystery of 9 brains found on street...

Americans vastly overestimate size of LGBT population, poll finds...

EMAILS: Interview becomes 'awkward' when reporter repeatedly touches Hillary's knee...

MONICA II: 'Can I ride in your lap to the White House?'

Redacted words cause more trouble...

MAG: Demise of Democratic Party...


Boys Are Lost In Their Own World
Retreating into an online world means our boys are not learning the basic social skills of interacting with the opposite sex.













ANNE HENDERSHOTT: Are embryos persons or property?

BRIAN WALSH, VIRGINIA SLOAN: Misdemeanor defendants denied counsel, plead guilty

WESLEY PRUDEN: Flying as close to the flame as Hillary dares

RICK BERMAN: New rules help union's bid for members and money

DANIEL PIPES: ISIS attacks on the West

A salute to homefront heroes

What caregivers need: A plea from one hidden hero

How America is rallying around the 'hidden heroes' who care for our wounded warriors

BOOK REVIEW: 'Head of State'

STEVE MILLOY: A double standard for climate change alarmists

DONALD LAMBRO: Under Obama, world more dangerous place

CHRISTOPHER HARPER: Clinton donation isn't first ethical misstep for George Stephanopoulos

BOOK REVIEW: 'So Anyway ...'

MICHAEL HOUGH: Mandatory minimum sentence reform in Maryland

KRISTIN TATE: How Republicans can capture the millennial vote

Hostess's Revival: What Can Happen When You're Allowed to Start Fresh

Telemundo Ignores Conservative Immigration Initiative

Rendell: 'Tough Cookie'Hillary Will Put Republicans In 'Short Pants'

State Department Email Reveals Bizarre Touchy Feely WSJ Reporter Interview With Hillary

Doble rasero de Univisión para Jeb Bush y Marco Rubio

CNN: New Clinton E-Mails 'Dispute'GOP's Benghazi 'Narrative'

NBC's Richard Engel Continues Tearing Into Obama's 'Confused' and 'Self-Contradictory' ISIS Strategy

HuffPost: George Stephanopoulos Should Get 'Nothing Less'Than Brian Williams'Verdict

Brian Powell: "War On Cops": Fox News Abandons Its Catchphrase When Bike Gangs Threaten Police

Hannah Groch-Begley: Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, And The College Mental Health Crisis Media Coverage Ignores

Alexandrea Boguhn: AP's Own Report Undermines Claims Of "Ethics Concerns" Around Nonprofit Exemptions

Media Matters staff: Watch This Atlanta TV Station Expose ALEC's Influence On Local Legislators

Media Matters staff: Fox's Geraldo Rivera: The Freddie Gray Case Will Mark "The Decline Into Irrelevancy Of The Modern Civil Rights Movement"

Media Matters staff: On MSNBC's All In , Former George W. Bush Advisor Disputes Bill Kristol's Op-Ed Blaming Obama For Iraq Disintegration

Media Matters staff: MSNBC's Politics Nation Calls Out GOP For Pushing Fox News' Food Stamp Surfer Myth In Congressional Hearing

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Newspaper Row

CANNES WATCH: Toni Garrn sparkles in silver on red carpet
CANNES WATCH: Toni Garrn sparkles in silver at 'The Little Prince' premiere

Washington Post

Senate rejects compromise bill on surveillance

Obama wins trade victory in the Senate

The Fix: Republicans' Josh Duggar problem

The Fix: Where Washington's Jewish elite worship

Clinton says she's not running for a 'third term' of her husband or Obama

Hillary Clinton: 'No role whatsoever for American soldiers on the ground' in Iraq

What Hillary Clinton's e-mails tell us about her management style

The Fix: Rick Santorum's got a point: Nothing helps poll numbers like winning

Obama: Israel's government should live up to the nation's founding ideals

Wall Street Journal

Emails Warned Clinton on Benghazi

Obama Presses Currency Compromise in Trade Pact

U.S. Strategy Against Islamic State Under Scrutiny

Quality Now Trumps Quantity in Stats on Uninsured

Yellen: Fed on Track to Raise Rates This Year

U.S.-Cuba Talks End Without Deal to Reopen Embassies

Senate Debate Over NSA Has Patriot Act in the Balance

Drive to Boost Gun Rights on Campus Falters

California Approves Farmers' Plan to Cut Water Use

Pipeline in California Oil Spill Ordered Shut Down, Tested

Washington Times

Senate clears White House-backed trade bill

US rejects nuclear disarmament document over Israel concerns

Senate amendment would change who polices public risk pools

Obama tells people of Israel: America has your back

A Doolittle Raider offers some long-distance healing

Governor asks business leaders to be economic 'ambassadors'

Biden discusses Asia-Pacific region at Navy graduation

Obama urges U.S. Jews to accept nuke deal with Iran

Islamic State student loans: Minneapolis men allegedly used aid in efforts to join terror group

LA Times

Senate passes fast-track trade authority for Obama, but House fight looms

Grieving fans pay respects to blues legend B.B. King in Las Vegas

Sliver of Clinton's emails released as part of Benghazi inquiry

Senate fails to resolve standoff over Patriot Act

Echoes of Iraq war sound in 2016 presidential race

2 demonstrators arrested after officer-involved shooting in Washington

Suspect arraigned in 'act of evil' Washington, D.C., mansion killings

Obama vows no bad deal with Iran: 'This deal will have my name on it'

NY Times

In Early Vote Count, Ireland Appears Headed Toward Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

Senate Blocks Bill on N.S.A. Collection of Phone Records

Rangers 5, Lightning 1: Same Characters, Improved Script as Rangers Crush Lightning

Senate Vote Is a Victory for Obama on Trade, but a Tougher Test Awaits

Honor Comes Late to Óscar Romero, a Martyr for the Poor

Marques Haynes, 89, Dies; Dribbled as a Globetrotter and Dazzled Worldwide

U.S. Flies Over a Chinese Project at Sea, and Beijing Objects

Obama Stresses Support for Israel, but Refuses to 'Paper Over' Discord

USA Today

Gay marriage may get 'Yes' vote in Ireland

Most 'luminous' galaxy in the universe discovered

Palmyra may be off limits to U.S. airstrikes

Libyan diplomat: Violence likely if peace talks fail

Islamic State loyalists claim Saudi mosque attack

Campaigner: Irish gay marriage vote may pave way for abortion rights

The week in pictures

Australia making debut in Eurovision Song Contest

NY Post

Jemima Kirke's sister Domino is a singing doula

How do horror directors scare kid actors?

Put your paws up for history's 4 most heroic dogs

This week's couple: Age inappropriate

Hungry guy wants a woman so sweet he can pass on dessert

Three-hour gun battle leaves 43 dead in Mexican cartel territory

'A second wind:'St. Louis exhales after snapping playoff goal slump

Pressure has shifted from Henrik Lundqvist to Ben Bishop

NY Daily News

ISIS atrocities seen in overrun Syrian town

Dozens dead in Mexico shootout

Two men arrested in Calif. for trying to aid terrorism

Screamin' Sasquatch Bi-Plane Takes Flight

Ireland poised to approve gay marriage; Church is opposed

Clinton Foundation reveals failure to disclose speech money

Israeli pizza maker puts synthetic pot on pie for cops

Saudi Arabia plans bid to be head of UN Human Rights Council

Daily Mail

Meet Muhammad Ali's 16-year-old football star grandson Biaggio who can run faster than NFL recruits and has colleges fighting over him already

'Mommy, mommy': Chilling last words of baby-faced boy, 14, executed at point blank range on New York street at 8.30am on his way to school 

Bristol Palin's hero marine Dakota Meyer's first marraige was mistake

Animal photobombs like this kangaroo who photobombs tourist's selfie

Amal Clooney and how scary skinny is the new hallmark of success 

Savopouloses died from blunt force trauma while as son burned to death

From Harry Potter and Forrest Gump to Batman: Film buffs travel the world to place iPad movie stills in the locations where they were shot

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS - Khloe Kardashian Has A Late Night Date With Rick Fox!
And when we say late night, we mean into the wee hours of Friday morning! Khloe Kardashian, 30, and former NBA star Rick Fox, 45, met up at Casa Vega in...


'19 Kids and Counting' -- Josh Duggar on the Chopping Block

Bobby Flay -- Low Divorce Blow Over Breasts

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

WWE Diva Sunny -- I Wanna Get Slammed Between The Sheets ... Not The Ropes

Ex 'Real Housewife' Joyce Giraud -- Live Streams Burglary ... At Her Home!!

Atlanta Hawks Organist -- I Got Hired Off Craigslist ... And Now I'm Cool With 2 Chainz

TMZ's Beachin' Baby Photo Contest -- Makin' Waves!

Golden State Warriors -- Please, Lil B ... Don't Curse Us!

Mike Tyson Reporting: Cops Nailed Flavor Flav ... They Found Some Other S**t Too

'Basketball Wives' Star Gloria Govan -- I Never Banged Colin Kaepernick ... No Clue on Matt Barnes Feud

'19 Kids and Counting' TLC Yanks Show From TV Schedule

Casey Kasem's Widow Jean Will NOT Be Prosecuted for Elder Abuse

Al Sharpton -- Lose Weight, Tubby! Fat-Shames Kenan Thompson

Michael Sam -- Montreal Pride Parade ... 'Be Our Guest Of Honor'

Kobe Bryant -- One More Ride ... Done with Lakers After Next Season

10 Outdoorsy Date Ideas For NYC Couples

The Sick, Ironic Reason Why The Duggar Family's 'Apology' Is B.S.

10 Of The Most F*cked Up Parts Of The Josh Duggar Scandal (So Far)

7 Sh*tty Double Standards That REALLY Hurt Men (And Women, Too!)

Movie Star Ministers?! 10 Celebrity Wedding Officiants

More News

Right Scoop

The one guy who predicted the Duggar sexual abuse downfall months ago'

Dan Savage admits the LEFT is taking a 'GROSS'DELIGHT over molestation of underage girls

Mark Levin responds to Rand Paul's filibuster

Watch these hilarious reactions to Tesla's 'INSANE'button in slo-mo and try not to smile!

Mark Levin has a wake up call for Republicans who think emails are going to defeat Hillary

Hillary CHANGES her STORY after email release PROVES she received sensitive info on her email accnt

One America News

Bank of England confirms EU exit research after email misfire

Russia to adopt tough position if Ukraine defaults: PM Medvedev

ECB's Draghi urges euro zone to unite for economic reform

Islamic State raises flag over citadel in Syria's Palmyra: supporters

Ireland backs gay marriage in historic vote, ministers say

Shi'ite militia approach Islamic State-held areas from base near Ramadi

Mexico gunfight kills 43 as government hits gang hard

ABC News

More Than 1 Person 'Required' in Mansion Murders: Affidavit

Mike Huckabee Defends Josh Duggar

Should You Be Drinking Milk?

Senate Blocks House Surveillance Bill, 2-Month Extension

FBI Arrests 2 Who Allegedly Wanted to Join ISIS

State Dept. Releases Hundreds of Clinton's Benghazi E-Mails

Senate Passes Trade Promotion Authority, But Uncertainty Looms in House

German Woman, 65, Gives Birth to Quadruplets

Weekly Standard

Combatting Inequality the Right Way

Obama Thankful Trade Deal Passes Senate

Boehner Praises Trade Bill Passage

State Dept. Makes Curious Redaction in Hillary Email

Hillary on Request From Chris Stevens Dad Not To Politicize Benghazi: 'Very Nice'

Lessons from a Non-Candidacy

Fall of Ramadi

Isn't It Romantic

Slow Release

The Hill

Obama, Twitter and racism

Back to the drawing board on Ukraine?

A poster child for income inequality

With Morsi's sentence, an end to second Egyptian revolution

Report: Obama lied about bin Laden raid

Michelle Obama speaks of emotional toll of being first black first lady

Bin Laden report 'full of lies,'says former SEAL

Dems to GOP: We're ready to fix ObamaCare, why aren't you?

World Net Daily

FBI: No major cases cracked with Patriot Act powers

Ban on militarized gear for police to mean little

Adult dating site hack exposes sex secrets of millions

Democrats call for 'flood'of Muslims to U.S.

Scandals pile up, but Clinton still appears inevitable

Country music legend: Islamists always provoked

FOIA suits vs. feds costing taxpayers big bucks

Motion seeks removal of Arpaio-case judge


McConnell's floor strategy backfires

PATRIOT Act on life support after Paul stymies renewal efforts

The 15 Benghazi emails you need to read

On policy, Clinton plays it safe

'Fast track' trade fight moves to House

Loretta Sanchez trade gaffe draws party ire

The one fight Harry Reid surrendered

Hillary Clinton received now-classified material through personal email


'Perilously close to propaganda': How Fox News shilled for Iraq War, and Jon Stewart returned sanity

Don Draper goes to summer camp, Joan hits the road: The 8 'Mad Men' cast projects we're most excited to see

7 nauseating ways Josh Duggar fans are defending his admitted sexual 'sins'

Taylor Swift is not an 'underdog': The real story about her 1 percent upbringing that the New York Times won't tell you

My daughter dressed like Elsa from 'Frozen' for 23 days ' and it was amazing

Real Clear Politics

Why Bill & Hillary Clinton May Want to Throttle Me

A Win for Progressives in Philadelphia

The United States Was Right to Fight in Iraq

Time to Ignore DC Foreign Policy Establishment

Will Ireland Say "Yes"to Gay Marriage?

Heads LGBTs Win, Tails Christians Lose

A Rundown of the 2016 GOP Primary Schedule

Hillary Clinton Keeps It Boring

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Obama at synagogue: I've been called the first Jewish president, you know

We sure spent a lot on those awful TSA naked body scanners

This Central Florida food bank is conducting a worthy anti-poverty experiment

The 'trigger-happy generation' a passive-aggressive stalking horse for thought police

E-mails: Hillary knew that State Department asked YouTube to block anti-Muslim movie overseas; Update: Creepy reporter transcript added

Mike Huckabee: Leave Josh Duggar alone

Video: When Her Majesty attacks


Hostess's Revival: What Can Happen When You're Allowed to Start Fresh

Telemundo Ignores Conservative Immigration Initiative

Rendell: 'Tough Cookie'Hillary Will Put Republicans In 'Short Pants'

State Department Email Reveals Bizarre Touchy Feely WSJ Reporter Interview With Hillary

Doble rasero de Univisión para Jeb Bush y Marco Rubio

CNN: New Clinton E-Mails 'Dispute'GOP's Benghazi 'Narrative'

NBC's Richard Engel Continues Tearing Into Obama's 'Confused' and 'Self-Contradictory' ISIS Strategy

Smoking Gun

Ex-Con Arrested, Jailed For Listerine Battery On Her 70-Year-Old Father

Grand Jury Rejects Drug Trafficking Charge Against Kentucky Woman Arrested Wearing "I Heart Crystal Meth"T-Shirt

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Cops: Teacher Gave Students Pot Brownies

Michigan Woman Who Bit Off Part Of Boyfriend's Ear Cops Plea, Avoids Jail Time

NYPD Identifies Suspect In Brutal Eatery Attack

Cops: Man Battered Female Relative Over "The Way She Was Cooking Hard Boiled Eggs"

Cops: Florida Landscaper Deliberately Drove Riding Mower Over Large Group Of Ducklings

Canada Free Press

Obama's Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed

Wolf Trap -Act I -Habeas Corpus

Republicans lose faith in Party Leadership

The Jefferson Davis 'Memorial Day'Funeral Train

De-Islamization is the Only Way to Fight ISIS

End this Tyranny

Shavou'ot (Pentecost) highlights US-Israel relations

Camp Lone Star -Nor Shall Private Property be Taken'

Obama Establishes New Cabinet-Level Position: Appoints Mitch McConnell

The Ulsterman Report


Ferguson Thug Life Memorialized By City Gone Wrong'

American Soldier Wakes To Find 'F*CK THE MILITARY'Painted On Her Home

No National Anthem? Southern Sports Fans Say NOT SO FAST'

Some Dogs REALLY Don't Want To Be Reminded Of How Old They Are'

REPORT: 'Republican Party Strongest It's Been In Years'

Don't Worry 'Obama White House Assures Us Everything Is Fine In The Middle East'

D.W. Ulsterman's Reading List Deals: May 18th, 2015


Hassan calls for full Hizballah mobilization for Syria

US and Hizballah coordinate spy drone flights over Qalamoun, share US combat intelligence

UN Sec Council strongly condemns barbaric terrorist acts in Syria

US thwarts anti-Israel vote on ME nuclear weapons ban

President Obama addresses Washington synagogue

Iran unofficially aids bid to recover Baiji refinery from ISIS

ISIS seizes last Syria-Iraq border crossing


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