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GET A SET OF BALLS! Obama's Weak Response to Downed Jet Shows Just How Detached He's Become

President Obama has been pocketing pool balls, and cash, on fund-raising trips throughout U.S. while saying − and doing − little about downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

A kiss, a prayer: The last hours of MH17's victims

US pushes for truce as Gaza battle rages

MH17 victims' bodies leave Ukraine for Netherlands on transport plane

'MH17 was hit by mistake' by pro-Russian rebels, US officials say

Soldier's mother in rock attack may NEVER see again after doctors remove parts of brain

Fake applicants finding it easy to sign up for ObamaCare, investigators say

Who knew? Surprising celebrity facts

Businessman David Perdue defeats Rep. Jack Kingston in runoff to win Georgia GOP Senate nomination

Costco, Trader Joe's Peaches, Plums Recalled

Amid Flight Ban, Kerry Lands in Israel

Now Chrysler Has Its Own Ignition Switch Problem

McDonald's Fires Mom Who Let 9-Year-Old Play Alone




FAA suspends U.S. flights to Israel

Demonstrating a banned chokehold

Protesters interrupt Bill Clinton speech

Experts field #AskCNNTonight viewer questions

Sanders: 'In propaganda there's truth'

Who flew white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

Geraghty: Obama Is the 'Michael Jordan of Fundraising'

Ben Rhodes: Israel 'Can Do More' to Avoid Civilian Deaths

Krauthammer's Take: ACA Language is 'Not Ambiguous At All'

Three Martini Lunch: The Energizer Bunny

McCain: 'Vladimir Putin Is Literally Getting Away with Murder'

Rogan: Halbig Ruling Puts Obamacare's Problems 'Front and Center' Again Ahead of Midterms

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Is capital punishment on its death bed?

Is the US breeding terrorism? HRW thinks so

"Entrance for poor" infuriates NYC building residents

The Netherlands mourn victims of MH17 tragedy

Israel bombards Palestinian civilians trapped in Gaza

No evidence to directly link Russia with MH17 downing - US

Drudge Report

Court rules subsidies illegal...

UPDATE: Appeals court rejects...

'Potentially crippling blow'...

'Massive setback'...

Premiums poised to spike for millions...

Obama appointed judges to review...

PAPER: 'Wording glitch'...

LAW PROF: 'I wouldn't bet' on law's survival...



Flight bans could be Hamas' biggest success in latest clash...

Israel transport minister: 'They have given prize to terror'...

Netanyahu urges Kerry to restore...

European safety agency to recommend airlines avoid Tel Aviv...

IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives...


Saudi Stocks Soar as Kingdom Opens to Foreigners Next Year...

Chinese city sealed off after bubonic plague death...

L.A. Street Artist Blasts Obama for 'Scandalous' Fundraiser...

CALIFORNIA DREAMING: Obamas buying home in Rancho Mirage?

Groundwater level in California basin hits historic low...

'Water Cops' to Root Out Wasters...

USA INTEL: No evidence of direct Russian link to plane...


Rebels finally release train carrying bodies...

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David Letterman - Dave's Monologue - 7/22/14

David Letterman - Dave's VW and Ford Test Drive Giveaway

David Letterman - Eli Young Band: Dust

David Letterman - Ricky Gervais on Dave's Retirement

David Letterman - Taylor Schilling on "Orange Is The New Black"

David Letterman - Ricky Gervais and That Woman
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HOT MAMA! Jennifer Lopez defies age in skimpy bikini

Jessica Alba says key to happy home life is 'girls' night out

MEOW! Carmen Electra is fit and trim leopard print bikini


'Housewives' Kenya Moore's Runway Fail

Paris Hilton: Baby on Board!

Nev Schulman --Wear My Chest Hair!!!

Jason DeRulo Heads to 'Rehab'

Magic Mike Star Almost Pummeled at Muscle Beach!

Justin Bieber House Party -- Guest List ... Two Cops, and A Lot Of Booty

Lakers Big Man Ed Davis -- I'm Too HUGE For a Fly Lambo

Isaiah Austin -- NBA Offered Me a Job ... AFTER I Finish My Degree

Charles Barkley -- CUSSES OUT GOLF BALL ... After Turrible Shot

Lindsay Lohan Wins A Huge Award In Italy!

Greg 'The Kraken' Hardy's Rap Show Debacle ... Days After Domestic Violence Conviction

John Stamos -- The Beach Boys NEVER Play Their Charles Manson Song

Ray J -- Accused of Grabbing Boob, Not Ass

Paul Hogan Divorce -- I'm Done With You ... But I'm Keeping 'Crocodile Dundee'

NFL Star Jacoby Jones -- Competes In Drag Show ... Loses

Mykelti Williamson -- Bubba's Got Beef with Bubba Gump Shrimp

Leonardo DiCaprio -- Kick-Ass Times On a Yacht

Hot Playboy Model -- MASTER OF NUNCHUCKS

White House Confirms -- Obama Called Off Kimmel Appearance

Lauryn Hill -- Shows Up LATE for Concert Then Lectures Fan on Respect! (VIDEO)

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson -- Don't Ask Hercules How Much He Benches! That's Sooo High School

Guess Who This Trouble Making Toddler Turned Into!

Selena Gomez -- Cara Delevinge Floats Her Boat ... for Birthday Bash

Dick Parsons -- Clippers Coach, Players May Quit ... If Donald Sterling Stays As Owner

Sarah Palin -- Ticketed for Speeding ... 'I Wasn't Speeding, I Was Qualifying'

Coolio -- Comeback Begins with Porntastic Voyage

Adrian Peterson -- YES, I GOT MARRIED!!!

Michael Sam, Please Don't Regret Coming Out!

My Boyfriend Was Ashamed Of Me Because I'm Black

The #1 Way For Lesbians To Get Their Groove Back Online

Apply To Be Christian Grey's New Sex Goddess (Er, Intern)

It's Science: Arguing Is Actually Good For Your Marriage

News of the Stupid

15 Lies You Hear On A First Date

9 Celebrity Couples You Won't Believe Existed

If Guys Acted On First Dates Like They Act On Tinder

17 Photos That Were A Big Mistake

11 Honest Autocorrects To Your Best Friend

10 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Ikea

Boyfriend Casting Call

Problems Only Sweaty People Will Understand

Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks (Part 2)

If Men Were Women

Google Tricks You Need To Try

15 Facts That Will Make Your Day Better

Ken Ham: NASA Is Pointless Because Aliens Are Going to Hell Anyway

Woman destroys Cadillac Escalade during repo

Husband and wife both arrested for DUI on the same night

Woman tries to tear up marijuana plants on her porch before police arrive

God Told Woman That YOU Should Pay For Her Law Degree-"Also, after much prayer and wise counsel, I have decided to let you in on this part of my life so that you will know what God is doing in and through me."

This man dug his own grave LITERALLY!

Driver thought her car was on fire because she heard Adele's "Fire"playing on the radio.

Real estate heir charged for urinating on candy

California high school teacher’s nude photos hacked, emailed to 300 students, staffers: police

Creationist Ken Ham calls to end space program because aliens are going to hell anyway

Dermer: IDF deserves Nobel Peace Prize for 'unimaginable restraint'

AL man accidentally kills girlfriend while playing with gun on trampoline with infant

Maybe news of the gross instead? Mildly nsfw.

Tony Blair sees his millions as modest – only in the world of the super rich

Woman arrested after posting selfie of shoplifted dress

More News


NFLers call cops on ex-Beyonce backup

New 'Star Wars': Check out the X-wing

'Star Wars' director's 'nerd porn'

Strippers sue San Diego cops

Who switched Brooklyn Bridge flags?

Queen's horse fails drugs test

Billionaire fugitive in ferry case is dead

What if you only worked 3 days?

'XL Love': Fat is affecting our sex lives

Arrest mom for leaving girl, 9, at park?

Fox News

SAFE LANDING Kerry defies FAA, flies to Tel Aviv in cease-fire push

OBAMACARE FAKES False applicants reportedly getting covered easily

ROYAL NIGHT-MARE Racehorse owned by Queen Elizabeth fails drug test

WHO TOOK OLD GLORY? Group seen on Brooklyn Bridge before flag switch

First bodies of Ukraine plane crash victims bound for the Netherlands

Former CEO defeats congressman in runoff for Georgia GOP Senate nomination - Former congressman Barr defeated in House runoff

Arrest reportedly linked to gun used to kill MIT police officer during Boston bombing manhunt

IRS tech experts say Lois Lerner's hard drive only 'scratched,' not completely destroyed - VIDEO: Criminal probe into IRS scandal


Astronauts Visit the White House on Apollo 11 Anniversary

Families Lose Everything in Washington Wildfire

Not Quite 'Ocean's Eleven': Casino Robbers Grab $180K

Grocery Workers Call for Boycott to Support Fired CEO

StubHub Ticket Reseller: We're Victim of Cyber Fraud

Bloomberg: I'll Prove It's Safe to Fly to Israel

Bloomberg: It's Safe to Fly to Israel and I'll Prove It

Washington Firefighter's Home Burns Down, Again

Washington Times

California city rejects child immigrant shelter

Contrasting judgments on Obama's health care hours apart; appeals court calls subsidies unlawful

Lafayette County repeals gun ordinance

House, Senate chart separate courses on border

Palm Beach County jail to ignore ICE detainers

Huffington Post

Cuomo's Office Hobbled State Ethics Inquiries

Jon Stewart Wants You To Help Him Buy CNN

John Kerry Flies To Israel Despite FAA Ban

Sarah Palin Ticketed For Speeding, Cracks A NASCAR Joke

Why I Am a Zionist

Can You Hear the Death Rattle of Capital Punishment in California?

PLO Backs Hamas Truce Demands

Georgia Senate Runoff: David Perdue Bests Jack Kingston For Republican Nomination


Ex-Reebok CEO Wins GOP Senate Primary

Obama Backs DC Home Rule

Perry Deploying 1K Guardsmen to Border: Reports

Obama to Putin, Rebels: What Are You Hiding?

Kerry: Plane Crash Probe 'Grotesque,' 'Compromised'

Obama to Sign Orders Protecting Gay Workers

Why Left and Right Need Elizabeth Warren to Run

McCain: 'Hell to Pay' If Russia Is Linked to Crash

Tea Party Pol Mistakes YMCA Campers for Immigrants

CBS News

With focus on Ukraine and Gaza, Washington watches other crises simmer

Dueling rulings on critical part of Obamacare

Perdue defeats Kingston in Georgia Senate runoff

What U.S. intelligence knows about Flight 17 shoot-down

Congress far apart on border crisis plan as summer recess looms

VA nominee Robert McDonald pledges to "transform" embattled agency

VA chief pledges end to whistleblower retaliation

Obama scraps Jimmy Kimmel visit amid "more serious matters"

One America News

Watch what markets don’t do as world politics turns nasty

EU readies capital, tech sanctions on Russia, but not yet

Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data

U.S. appeals court throws out IRS rule on Obamacare subsidies

Exclusive –India’s Lupin, U.S. firms weigh bids for GSK’s mature drugs: sources

Strong wireless subscriber additions boost Verizon

Wave of migrant children threatens to swamp U.S. immigration courts

ABC News

The Slow, Sad Journey Home for MH17 Victims

Trial Begins in 'Porch Shooting' of Unarmed Woman

Baby Who Can’t Open Mouth Celebrates First Birthday

Inside the Gaza Tunnels That Israel Is Trying to Destroy

Kerry Cites Progress in Gaza Cease-Fire Talks

US Pushes for Truce as Gaza Battle Rages

A Kiss, a Prayer: The Last Hours of MH17's Victims

NYPD to Retrain Every Officer After 'Chokehold' Death

Weekly Standard

Mike Bloomberg to Fly to Tel Aviv

It’s How They Rule

Podcast: The Obamacare Subsidy Court Battle

On North Carolina and the State of the Midterm Battle

Federal Court Rules Obamacare Subsidies Are Legal

A Glimpse of Our Health Care Future

Obama, Edited

Unsentimental Journey

In Tibet to Stay

The Hill

Changing the tone

Cut people or change how they're paid

Israel's just war in Gaza

Collateral damage: US spy scandals endanger the world's largest trade deal

WH not worried about Ginsburg chatter

Feinstein calls on Putin to 'man up'

Palin: 'I don't need lectures from Eric Holder'

Internet rules stir passionate debate

World Net Daily

Will classic Joe Biden remark haunt him?

Iran pledges to help Hamas hide missiles

Parental rights in bull's-eye of Senate fight

Ulterior motive for ban on flights to Israel?

Top lawmakers: 'Beginning of end'for Obamacare

Shots across border draw yawn from Washington

'Phone-sex blackmail': Clinton adultery not private matter

530 Fatties Facebook page targets obese


Can Dems take back Georgia in 2014?

Perdue wins Georgia Senate runoff

What if McConnell loses?

How Obama's court strategy may help save Obamacare

Dems haven't learned ACA lesson

Schultz part of 'reloading' W.H. team

Wild day for Obamacare in court

House GOP makes digital push


Shaming the poor, 2014 edition: Behold this horrifying Great Depression remnant

My double life as a mommy blogger

Propaganda ministers, all of them: Our pathetic, spoon-fed media pushes half-truths, again

From coquette to cold-eyed killer: How Scarlett Johansson became the face of female horror

Wallace Shawn: I wish people knew me as a radical playwright instead for “The Princess Bride”

“It was an out-of-body experience”: Stephan Eirik Clark on his novel getting the “Colbert bump”

Offshore wind farms are helping seals find food

Long-forgotten Bob Dylan recordings found after left untouched for over 40 years

Real Clear Politics

New Questions on Health Law After Rulings

Reining in Obamacare -- and the President

D.C. Circuit Was Wrong to Eviscerate Obamacare

North Carolina and the State of the Midterm Battle

Rick Perry's Kid-Size Standoff

See No Obama, Hear No Obama, Quote No Obama

The Evolution of Joe Biden

Obamacare Takes a Body Blow

Free Republic

Clash over campus cards

...Libertarian Confuses Florida Gov Race, Quinnipiac...Finds; Voters Don't Trust Scott Or Crist


Reproductive ‘Justice’ [Of course, abortion is part of it; but there’s much, much more]

Mark Levin reacts to Jon Stewart's response on Israel

‘Hurricane Tax’ On Insurance Policies To End 18 Months Early

Baath in Iraq declares war on ISIS

Cuomo’s Office Hobbled N.Y. State Ethics Inquiries


'Didn't Know he Was Muslim, We Attend Iftaars': Sena MP Vichare Defends Himself

14-Year-Old Driver in Ahmedabad Allegedly Killed Two

TCS Market Value Tops Rs 5 Lakh Crore for First Time

Mobilio's Launch Forces Maruti to Offer Big Discounts on Ertiga: Report

Shiv Sena's Force-Feeding Controversy: Who Said What

Shiv Sena MP Force-Feeds Man Who Was Fasting for Ramzan

Mumbai: Leopard Seen at IIT Campus, Area Cordoned Off Indefinitely

A Kiss, A Prayer: The Last Hours of MH17's Victims

In Rape of Bangalore Six-Year-Old, a New Arrest Today



The Kurds Are Our Best Shot Against ISIS: We Should Stop Messing Them Around

An Independent Scotland Won't Be Economically Viable

#No Class: Haters Attack Tony Dungy's Late Son

'Kill the Jews': European Ministers Denounce Anti-Semitic Demonstrations and Attacks

Meet the Climate Alarmists' Latest Fluffy White Poster Child...

Gang Member Wanted for Murder Killed in Border Shootout with Texas Police

Hamas Spokesman Compares Netanyahu to Hitler

Laura Ingraham at Rally for Joe Carr: Lamar Alexander is Old, Out of Touch


The Immigrant Soldiers Dying for Israel in Gaza

Meet the Man Behind Hot Dog University

Think Your Flight Delays Are Bad? Try China, Where the Military Hogs Most of the Skies

Cop in ‘Chokehold’ Death Had Civil Suits Filed Against Him

“Bullets Over Broadway” to Shut Down Next Month

Gaza’s Ghastly Calculus: 650 Palestinian Dead (77% Civilians), 30 Israeli Dead (Almost All Soldiers)

Whale Collisions Spark Calls for Ship Speed Limits in Australia

Clippers CEO: Doc Rivers Will Quit as Coach if Sterling Stays

Daily Beast

The Unsinkable Lee Grant

The Problem With Weird Al

Congress’s Dysfunction Snares Veterans

Bill de Blasio’s Roman Holiday

Brooklynite Goes Off Her Meds—for Art

Ukraine Asked U.S. for Anti-Missile Tech

Is Organic Vodka Good for You?

Rand Paul, Compassionate Conservative

The Blaze

Tree Aimed at Honoring Former Beatles Band Member Killed in What May Be the Most Ironic Way Possible

White House ‘Ultimately Elected’ Not to Have Obama Appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ for This Reason

Here’s a Tool That Lets You Get Hands-On with Government Foul-Ups

Mark Levin in Fiery ‘Hannity’ Appearance: ‘I Would Like to Educate Jon Stewart & His Clapping Seal Audience’

Wild Road Rage Incident Caught on Video Brings Out the Worst in Drivers: ‘I Got You on Video B**ch!’

Overstock CEO Shares the ‘Real Story of This Country’

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Sally Kohn: How can Israel supporters argue the IDF’s violence is justified, but Hamas’ isn’t?

Most transparent administration ever closes Apollo 11 anniversary event to press

Chuck Schumer: What say we have fully open primaries from now on?

Univision anchor: No government should be in the business of deporting children

Florida dad who beat son’s alleged molester to a pulp: I went to get a butcher knife to finish him off

ISIS Update: Sophisticated strategic advance puts Baghdad in the crosshairs

Ways and Means Committee: We’ve learned that Lois Lerner’s hard drive was scratched — but data was recoverable


Aww: Politico’s Glenn Thrush Doesn’t Like ‘Abortion Barbie’ Nickname For Wendy Davis

MSNBC's Matthews Invokes Bush v. Gore During Freak-out Over Federal Court's Blow to ObamaCare

Bozell & Graham Column: Hillary's Bullying the Media

Daily Kos: For the GOP, Reagan Is Now Mostly a Cute Marketing Gimmick

CBS News Relegates Latest In IRS Scandal To Its Website

MSNBC's Matthews Slams 'Stupid'Iowa Republican Voters Who Might Back Perry

CBS, NBC Ignore Conflicting Court Rulings On Future Of ObamaCare Subsidies

Smoking Gun

Brooklyn Bridge Flag Stunt Was, At Least, A Two-Person Operation Launched After 3 AM

Kroger Worker Arrested For In-Store "Upskirt"

Why Can't All Armed Robbers Be As Polite As The Guy Who Just Held Up A South Carolina Bank?

Sandy, Randy Duo In Lewd Beach Romp Bust

Arrestees, Express Thyselves

Cops: Woman Tried To Shoplift Vibrator By Hiding Device Behind Her Child In Stroller

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Police: Pizza Prank Pulled From Jail Cell

Canada Free Press

Home Sweet Home in Freight Shipping Containers

Calgary: Pro-Palestinian protesters aren’t the problem, the cops are

Trudeau’s Support for Israel Undermined by Liberal Nominee Kang at Calgary Anti-Israel Hate Ra

Obama Misusing FAA to Pressure & Punish Israel?

Obama to the rescue –of Hamas

Are There “Mulligans”in Climate Policy?

Cuba:  Two years awaiting truth and justice for Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero

United States Government: Dysfunction as Proper Function of Government‏

Congratulations, EPA, you’re a C-list celeb in the Kim Kardashian iPhone game!

The Ulsterman Report

“Obama Recovery”You Say? Check Out This Chart And Then Shut The Hell Up…

BREAKING: IRS Claims Yet MORE Computer Crashes Took Place

You Got To Be Kidding Me…There’s a Place Called “Hawaii”In Kenya????

Oh My –Federal Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Subsidies Illegal.

Breaking: Benghazi Safety Measures Refused –“Would Upset The Neighbors”(VIDEO)

City Moves To Implement $500 Fine For Kids Playing With Toy Guns

HOW THE FIX WAS IN: Barack Obama’s Manufactured Border Crisis

John Kerry Hot Mic Moment Captures Seething Resentment Against Israel (VIDEO)


Kerry arrives in Israel to promote Gaza ceasefire

IDF Commanders: Time for decisive war move after IDF victories in Shejaiya, E. Rafah and Khan Younes

Kerry turns down PM’s request re FAA ban on flights to Israel

Michael Bloomberg buys an El Al ticket in solidarity with Israel

Two Israeli officers killed in Gaza Tuesday night

The missing Israeli sergeant’s uncertain fate. His family denies his death. Hamas claims his capture

US and European airlines suspend flights to Israel

Washington Post

The Fix: The Democrats’ Obama problem, in perspective

She The People: South Carolina mom goes to jail, loses job, for taking daughter to park while at work

GovBeat: California tackles full-contact football in schools

Federal Eye: Wait, Lois Lerner’s missing e-mails may still be available?

Fact Checker: Exemptions for congressional staff in ‘Obamacare,’ or hyprocisy?

Wall Street Journal

Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on Health-Law Subsidies

Cities Offer Shelter to Migrant Minors

Senate Democrats Ready $2.7 Billion Border Plan

VA Nominee Gets Warm Reception at Confirmation Hearing

Relief as Retirees Back Detroit Plan

Washington Times

California city rejects child immigrant shelter

Contrasting judgments on Obama's health care hours apart; appeals court calls subsidies unlawful

Lafayette County repeals gun ordinance

House, Senate chart separate courses on border

Palm Beach County jail to ignore ICE detainers

LA Times

Federal appeals courts issue conflicting rulings on Obamacare

Federal monitor ordered for Newark police for civil rights violations

Maine port city's ban on crude exports prompts oil industry threats

Brooklyn Bridge flag swap remains a mystery for now

White House working on new birth control insurance rule

Andre Birotte Jr. confirmed for L.A. federal judgeship

Georgians choose millionaire newcomer Perdue in GOP Senate runoff

World worries follow Obama on Western fundraising trip

NY Times

City Room: New York Today: Dispatch From Italy

In a Grim Game of Numbers, Israel and Palestinians Vie for Advantage

Kerry Arrives in Israel in Effort to Broker a Gaza Cease-Fire

Dutch Plane Carrying Malaysia Airlines Jet Victims Leaves Ukraine

DealBook: The Unbanked: Offering Small Fees, Banks Cater to Low-Income Customers

Midterm Calculus: Why Democrats Now Have a Shot in Georgia

Lens Blog: Windows Without Prison Bars

Costa Concordia Begins Journey to Italian Port

USA Today

China braces for 2nd typhoon; Taiwan drenched

First Malaysia jet victims' bodies leave Ukraine

John Kerry arrives in Tel Aviv to broker cease-fire

The day in pictures

Tel Aviv flight ban cuts off Israelis

Russian spy widow 'pleased' about public inquiry

Time lapse of Costa Concordia

'No loud Americans' sign outrages visitors at Ireland cafe

Daily Mirror

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

Train carrying MH17 bodies reaches government-held Ukrainian city

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in further clashes in the east

Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials

Exclusive: U.S. says government lab workers possibly exposed to anthrax

Ukraine rebels speak of heavy losses in battle against government troops

Obama sends U.S. military advisers to Iraq as battle rages over refinery

NY Daily News

Nigerian President meets escaped Boko Haram victims, parents

Bodies from downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 to leave Ukraine

Stasi: Putin is acting like a thug, lying like a spy

U.S., European airlines cancel flights to Israel

Bloomberg: Israel airline ban 'victory' for Hamas

Study: U.S. still vulnerable to terror attacks

Lupica: President Obama needs to 'man up' over MH17

De Blasio family turn Italy visit into vacation

The Times of India

Possibility of war crimes in Gaza: UN

13 militants die in Pakistan air strikes

MH17 has strong echoes of 1983 Korean tragedy

In international flight, volatile conflicts abound

UN agencies call for actions against polio in Syria

Boko Haram moves unopposed in Nigerian town

No link to Russian govt in plane downing: US

Chinese city sealed after plague death

The Guardian

Apple faces class action lawsuit over employment practices

Holy midnight deadlines! Here's Rupert Murdoch's latest newspaper launch

Gannett's profits increase 84% as Newsquest's circulation revenue rises

International flights to and from Israel suspended over security concerns

US supreme court rules Arizona execution can go ahead

MH17: US intelligence says Russia 'created conditions' for plane disaster

US and Germany hold restorative talks after series of spy scandals

Nominee for VA secretary commits to reform embattled agency

The Independent

Mystery of white flags on Brooklyn Bridge baffles police and New Yorkers alike

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Russia 'created the conditions' that led to the disaster in Ukraine, US claims

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: US claims Russia 'created the conditions' that led to the disaster in Ukraine

From the White House to...? President Obama considers change of address as eight-year term nears its end

Israel-Gaza conflict: US Airlines and Delta Air Lines cancel flights to Israel after rocket strike lands near Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Israel-Gaza conflict: US Airlines and Delta Air Lines cancel flights to Israel after rocket strike near Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv

Low-slung trousers banned in Ocala, Florida

A bonsai tree has been launched into space

The Telegraph

MH17 plane crash: latest news

Pictures of the day: 23 July 2014

Search for MH370 will not be affected by MH17 disaster, says Australia

Bill Clinton calls for tough response on MH17 and pays tribute to lost HIV researchers

Watch live: Costa Concordia towed to Genoa on final voyage

Inside China's Ethiopian shoe factory

Costa Concordia: cruise ship embarks on final voyage

Sarah Palin fined for speeding

Financial Times

US says Russia still arming Ukraine rebels

US and Russia engage in information war

Airlines halt Israel flights after attack

Gaza ceasefire talks make little progress

Subianto to challenge Indonesia poll win

US warned of more company tax relocations

Debt deal is impossible, says Argentina

US court clash over healthcare subsidies

UK to hold inquiry into Litvinenko death

UK borrowing higher than expected

Rolling Stone

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

Eric Cantor: Burned at the Steakhouse

Decades After Birth Control Became Legal, It's Still Controversial

The Intercept

Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original

NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet

For the Record: Yes, the Government Really Did Trash-Talk Our FISA Story

Newly Obtained Emails Contradict Administration Claims on Guardian Laptop Destruction

Civil Rights Organizations Demand Answers From White House on Surveillance of Muslim Leaders

VIDEO: Bahamians React to NSA Surveillance

Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On

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