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AirAsia captain left seat before jet lost control: sources Syria battle between al Qaeda and Western-backed group spreads Ukraine peace talks aborted as civilians die in east Aviation leaders seek new safety mandate after deadly 2014 Republican Romney opts out of 2016 run for president Islamic State attacks Kurdish outposts across Iraq Hezbollah: we don't want war with Israel but do not fear it Chevron's profit beats as chemical sales offset cheap oil Japan, Jordan seek news on fate of Islamic State captives Russian central bank makes surprise interest rate cut U.S. economy cools in fourth quarter, but consumer spending shines MasterCard profit beats expectations as customers spend more Argentina's Fernandez dents credibility by playing victim U.S. consumer sentiment rises to best since 2004 Xerox cuts profit forecast again as revenue slide continues U.S. drone strategy in trouble as Yemeni al Qaeda gathers support Egypt's Sisi cuts short Ethiopia visit after 30 killed in Sinai Oil rises, but set for record run of monthly falls Philippine leader vows justice for police but warns on anger South Africa's 'Prime Evil' apartheid killer freed on parole

Theories of sabotage surface in mysterious death of US contractor at Saudi hotel

Romney exit resets 2016 field, gives boost to Bush

Melissa Gilbert explains why she had her breast implants removed

'Biggest Loser' star calls show 'unhealthy' and 'fake,' others disagree

Amy Duggar reveals she was born out of wedlock

Report: Bruce Jenner to discuss transformation on television

Woman gets snake venom injection instead of Botox

Sex-trafficking survivor: The truth about Super Bowl and sex

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Drudge Report

MAG: Bruce Jenner 'Transitioning into a Woman'...


Rap Mogul Suge Knight Charged With Murder In Fatal Hit-And-Run...

WEEKEND: NFL officials will hold balls before Super Bowl...

Joe Montana Praises Brady...

Secret Service Monitoring Social Media Ahead of Game...

People keep pulling fire alarm at Patriots' hotel...

Katy Perry Says Halftime Show Will Include 'Lion And Sharks'...

Billboard campaign seeks acceptance for gay players...

NFL's Goodell seeks to look past 'tough year,' to future...

Tiger Woods shoots an 82, his worst round ever...

Senate to investigate nexus between IRS and White House...

Fake cop -- pulls over real cop...

SNAP: Man Bites Off Girlfriend's Ear...

Cops charge woman for crazed road rage incident caught in tape...

Muslim Bros. call for 'long, uncompromising jihad' after leaders meet with U.S. State Department...

BOOM: SoCal resort sells for $360 million; deal shatters state records...


Scientists look at DNA to tell how long you'll live...


Newspaper Row












FRED GEDRICH: Afghanistan's Taliban IS a terrorist organization

FINGERS MALLOY: No, there shouldn't be a law

HADLEY HEATH MANNING: Busting myths about school choice

WESLEY PRUDEN: Saudis' insult to Michelle Obama goes unchallenged by Obama

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe'

THOMAS DIBACCO: Eddie Slovik, World War II's only execution for desertion

SCOTT BLACKBURN: Dire predictions about Citizens United prove false

DONALD LAMBRO: Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and the Republican presidential field

JOSEPH MAROON AND JULIAN BAILES: Weighing the childhood risks of contact sports

GROVER NORQUIST: Reinforce email privacy laws

Hot Stuff

JLaw tells Kim she always keeps up: 'I love your show'

Vanessa Hudgens stuns as the new face of Bongo

Sean Penn: I'm 'surprised to be in love' at 54


Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao -- DEAL DONE ... Fight Set

Heidi Montag's Dad Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse and Incest

Michael Shannon -- Nailing Elvis ... on Compact Disc (TMZ TV)

Justin Bieber -- I Brake for Kings in Crosswalks

Val Kilmer Hospitalized For Throat Tumor

TMZpp -- Hilarious Parallel Parking Videos

Matt Damon -- Tom Brady's BETTER With Inflated Balls ... 'We Woulda Scored 200'

Steve Madden -- Iggy Azalea Lost Her Damn Mind ... But I ForgiveHer (VIDEO)

Roger Goodell to Marshawn Lynch -- QUIT YER BITCHIN' ... Media Day Is Part Of Your Job!

Suge Knight -- Beef Between Dr. Dre and Suge Sparked Fatal Hit and Run

Drew Brees -- Brad Pitt's My Homie ... I Love That Guy

T.I. -- Iggy Azalea Needs to Shut Up ... and Be More Like Tom Brady

Suge Knight -- Arrested for Murder in Hit and Run (UPDATE)

Suge Knight -- Victim's Relative Says IT WAS MURDER

Super Bowl XLIX -- Cowboys Rule ... Even Ones from Chicago (TMZ TV)

6 Tips To Make Your Second Marriage WAY Better Than The First

Yes, I Still Nurse My 3-Year-Old Son

9 Signs You're Spending WAY Too Much Time With Your Kids

5 Types Of Foreplay That REALLY Turn Us On (Guys, Take Notes!)

8 Things You Should Stop Judging Men For (Or Be Forever Alone)

Troopers: Trucker pulling his own tooth caused accident that congested I-20/59 near Tuscaloosa Monday

Shoplifting Suspect Calls 9-1-1 On Walmart Security Guards Following Him Around.

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop. A police impersonator tried to pull over an off-duty officer early Thursday morning, police said.

McDonald's Will Let You Pay for Your Meal by Taking a Selfie or Calling Your Mom.

Christian radio host: Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show will be ‘complete maximum evil’

No charges against George Zimmerman after aggravated assault arrest

Army expresses surprise about racism allegations over deleted tweet

Woman known for feeding bears found dead in N.C. woods

Suge Knight -- Arrested for Murder in Hit and Run

5th grader shot students with airsoft gun at NC bus stop

Man Fatally Shoots Friend while Acting Out Rap Lyrics

Zimbabwean jailed for nine years for eating python meat

German pizza delivery driver carries out contract killing for 500 euros, receives life sentence

Idaho professor tells Badger Club he believes Sasquatch may live

Bank employee bit by customers monkey

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More News


If you hear 'Hernandez,' walk out, judge says

Bush outmaneuvered Romney

Son relies on 'herd immunity' due to chemo

Bodies in streets as shelling rocks Ukraine city

Hostage tactic putting governments to the test

Juror questionnaires make clear how Boston feels

1 killed, 2 hurt on Scorsese movie set

Measles cases in California soar

The plague kills dozens

CNN host calls out Goodell

Fox News

'SUICIDE' MYSTERY: Sabotage theories surround death of US contractor

BOOST TO BUSH? Romney's exit from 2016 race resets GOP field

RELEASED TO DO WHAT? Senator: 1,000 'criminal aliens' broke law again

STEEL STALLION Chinese retiree designs rideable robot horse

'BAD DEAL'? Senators fume over former Gitmo inmate’s Taliban call

'Suge' Knight arrested in deadly L.A. hit-and-run - Timeline of Knight's legal, medical troubles - 'Let's Get Married' singer allegedly shoved ring down fiancee's throat

New species of long-necked ‘dragon’ dinosaur discovered in China


Hernandez Jurors Can Watch Super Bowl, With One Catch

Part Pit Bull, Part Dachshund, All Cute!

Ohio Delays All 2015 Executions

Police Search For Man Who Set Girl's Hair On Fire

College Sends Fitness Email Only to Overweight Students

Married Ex-Cops Sentenced to 3 Years in Drug Case

Watch Firefighters Rescue Dog From Rain-Swollen River

California Woman Dies After 'Silicone Injection Party'

Washington Times

Abu Malik, Islamic State chemical weapons expert, killed in coalition airstrike

Oregon college: Saudi royal did not receive degree there

Braves deal RHP David Hale to Rockies in 4-player trade

Africans open new front in war on terror to fight Boko Haram

Dems still miffed about Israeli leader's address to Congress

Minister: 'No' role for FARC after Colombia peace deal

Ambassadors help Nordic skiers enjoy Grand Teton Park

Thai junta tries to curb dissent and keep good terms with US

Islamic State kills senior Kurdish general, 8 of his troops

Huffington Post

Obama Makes Some Progress In His Passage To India Before the Big Kowtow in Saudi

'The Scars Of Teen Drug Treatment' Reveals How Kids Were Once Abused

Friday Talking Points -- Sarah Palin, Under the Republican Bus

Greece's New Finance Minister: 'You Have To Be Prepared To Blow The Whole Thing Up'

Weekend Roundup: Greece Revolts!

Hagel: U.S. Ground Troops Could Be Needed In Iraq

Sheldon Silver Resigns New York Assembly

UVA Students Say Banning Sorority Members From Frat Parties Is 'Dangerous'


Jeb Bush: Yes, I Smoked Pot at Andover

Eric Cantor's New Gig: Harvard Fellow

Romney: I'm Not Running

John Kerry Fined for Failure to Shovel Snow

Romney to Say If He's Running at 11am

Veto No. 3? Senate Passes Keystone

McCain to Protesters: Get Out, 'Low-Life Scum'

'You're Not Eric Holder, Are You?'

After 2012 Loss, Romney Went on Real Estate Binge

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

AirAsia captain left seat before jet lost control: sources

U.S. ground troops could be needed in Iraq: Chuck Hagel

Iconic Les Paul ‘Black Beauty’guitar to hit auction block

Uber probed by U.S. judge on driver benefits

Exclusive: Sysco, US Foods offer to divest 11 facilities to win FTC deal approval

Honda says fatal crash involved Takata air bag inflator rupture

Mexico tests DNA of babies who survived blast in search for parents

ABC News

How Aaron Hernandez Will Be Spending Super Bowl Sunday

Defense Wants Vanderbilt Rape Verdict Thrown Out Over Juror

What the NFL Commissioner Said About 'Deflate-Gate'

Romney Not Running: Former GOP Nominee out of 2016 Race

Rap Music Mogul 'Suge' Knight Arrested in Fatal Hit-and-Run

Hagel Says White House Disagreed With His Caution in Gitmo Releases

Romney Not Running: What Other Potential Candidates Say

Aaron Hernandez Trial: Victim's Girlfriend Takes Stand

Weekly Standard

The Currency Conundrum

Making Miss Navajo

Kristol Podcast: Romney, Belichick, and Hillary

The End of Deflategate

Disappointing GDP

The Flag-Waving Greek Left

The Road Not Taken

Beyond Sanctions

American Sniper

The Hill

Romney's 'next generation'

What Romney really did today

Pataki vs. Perry?

Improving domestic security to combat today's terrorist threats

WATCH: McCain calls protesters 'low-life scum'

Senate votes to build Keystone, defying veto threat from Obama

Buzz builds around Walker

Brent Budowsky: The great GOP overreach

World Net Daily

Marijuana vending machines coming to Seattle

Small federal agency made oil paintings of 17 top staffers

Nothing off limits for new Christian prophecy show

Cruz grills Kerry on anti-Netanyahu spending

Boehner is Johnny-come-lately in court plea to stop amnesty

America dedicated to God from its 1st moments

America's newest 'Most-Wanted Terrorist'was 'refugee'

'No-go'zones 'fact of life'in Europe


Jeb's big test

How Romney got to 'no'

Obama cranks up trade pitch to Dems

Jeb 'put me through hell'

Romney not running

Romney's move makes life simpler for Hill Republicans

GOP chairmen to lead task force to develop Obamacare alternative

Israeli ambassador: It's not my fault


“Better Call Saul” humanizes the smooth-talking “Breaking Bad” sidekick in a surprisingly solid spin-off

Everybody’s rolling: MDMA hits the TV mainstream

Defense in horrific gang rape wants guilty verdict vacated because a juror was a victim of sexual assault

Millions of gallons of BP oil found resting on the Gulf floor

Stacey Dash on Fox News: Some campus rape victims are “bad girls” who “like to be naughty”

Real Clear Politics

How Will Hillary Clinton Not Disappoint?

The Republican Congress Meets Reality

A Silver Lining in Washington

Why Spending Is Back in Season

The Scandals at Justice

Boehner's Netanyahu Blunder

Obama's Israel Problem

Does Political Correctness Work?

Free Republic

‘We hold each other up’: NCTC softball team returns after tragedy [lst game since 4 players killed]

Nebraska grandma wakes from coma four hours before family planned to end life support

No charges for George Zimmerman in new domestic violence case

Birth certificates ask parents if ‘woman giving birth’ is female [NY City's TransWorldAirHeads]

Entire talk from Unite IE (Political Comedy and commentary at Unite IE's gathering in Riverside.)

Rand Paul slams Bush 'hypocrisy' on pot

White House grapples with fraught terrorism language

McCain: Palin would ‘do great’ as presidential candidate


11-Year-Old Girl, Allegedly Set Her On Fire by Indore Policeman, Dies

Upset With Anti-Kejriwal Ads, BJP Shifts to Positive Campaign: Sources

10 Workers Killed in Wall Collapse at Industrial Plant in Tamil Nadu

'Kiran Bedi a Bit Unconventional, But Delhi Needs a Leader Like Her': Arun Jaitley

PM Modi to Address Election Rally in Delhi Today as BJP Steps Up Poll Campaign

Agni 5, India's Longest Range Ballistic Missile, Successfully Test-Fired

A Speck of Interstellar Dust Disrupts a Big Bang Theory

Kiran Bedi Missing From Posters as BJP's Big Guns Campaign for Delhi Polls

Kolhapur Mayor Caught Allegedly Accepting Rs 16,000 Bribe


Daily Caller

UVA Rape Activist Is STILL On Terry McAuliffe’s Rape Task Force…Nobody Expressed Concern About Rolling Stone Debacle

Rick Perry Praises ‘Experienced’ Governors, Dismisses Senators With 2016 On Horizon

Leaked Audio: Wasserman Schultz Slams MSNBC For Anti-Israel Bias, Offers Other Candid Remarks [AUDIO]

Colorado Legislators Try To Stop Welfare Recipients Using Benefits For Weed

EMERGENCY: Get Donald Trump The Key To The City

Rand Paul Takes Shot At Pro-Amnesty Presidential Opponents…Despite Being Pro-Immigration Reform

.38 Special Wadcutters At 100 Yards [VIDEO]

The 7 Most Egregious Examples Of Civil Asset Forfeiture


This Question Can Predict Whether You Will Be Alive and Happy at Age 80

Bruce Jenner Is ‘Transitioning Into a Woman’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Colleges Need to Stop Protecting Sexual Predators

So This Saudi Prince Didn’t Actually Graduate From Lewis & Clark College

Now There’s a Day in Texas Celebrating American Sniper Chris Kyle

Every Teenager Should Be Required to Work a Grubby Job

A Festive Super Bowl Menu Fit for Patriots Fans

Wrestler Kicked Out of Eating Contest For Hiding Chicken Wings in Fanny Pack

Daily Beast

Dre’s A Mogul & Suge Can’t Afford Teeth

U.S. Takes Out ISIS Chemical Weaponeer

New White House Hostage Rescue Plan MIA

Walker Pushing Drug War Testing Scheme

The Biggest Royal Lotharios

New ‘Game of Thrones’ Trailer Leaked

Matt and Ben Take Rap for 'Deflate-Gate'

Is This Stripper Wearing Harry’s Undies?

The Blaze

Person Detained by San Francisco Police in Connection With Suitcase Found Stuffed With Body Parts

10 Super Bowl Ads That Everyone Will Be Talking About

Months After Taylor Swift Video Shoot, Mansion Rumored to be Haunted Damaged by Mysterious Fire

Comedian Bill Maher Says Obama Has Been ‘Perhaps the Worst President’in Vital Category

He Was Shot by an Officer While Admittedly ‘Menacing’ with 18-Inch Machete — and the City Just Paid Him

‘American Sniper’Just Smashed Through Its Biggest, Most Significant Record Yet

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Video: Remy’s “I Need a Hashtag”

ISIS, on the run, attacks Kurdish stronghold city of Kirkuk

What a twist: Washington decides to back Iranian proxy rebels in Yemen

Poll: Group most likely to say vaccinating children should be optional is … young adults

Watch as Josh Earnest is forced to admit that Obama misled the public

A brokered GOP convention is even more likely than you think — thanks to Mitt Romney

The Romney-Christie axis unites against Jeb Bush


AP Double Standard: Atlanta Chief's Firing Over Religious Views Is National News, But His Lawsuit Challenge Isn't

Networks Yawn at Possible Terrorist Attack on Americans in Saudi Arabia

For Once, AP Is Somewhat Skeptical of Dems'Over-the-Top Claims About the Economy

Ashley Judd Goes 'Cuckoo'for Hillary, the 'Most Overqualified Candidate We've Had Since Thomas Jefferson'

Ed Schultz Compares Eminent Domain for Keystone to Colonial-Era Plunder by George III

NYT to GOP: Submit to Univision or Face Doom

Obama Tells Fellow Dems: 'Get Informed, Not by Reading the Huffington Post'

Smoking Gun

Crazed North Carolina Woman Faces Assortment Of Charges For Road Rage Incident Caught On Tape

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Woman, 19, Arrested For Filming X-Rated Webcam Performance Inside Oregon State University Library

Sharpton Group Reports Deficits, Tax Debt Plan

Police: Naked Driver Sat Atop Whisky Bottle

Police: Patron Relieved Himself Onto Waitress

No, You Should Never Brag On Facebook About Your 16 Outstanding Arrest Warrants

Cops: Woman Drowned Puppy In Airport Toilet After Not Being Allowed To Board Plane With Animal

Canada Free Press

Obama’s Executive Overreach at It Again: This Time, It’s ANWR

FOUND! Obama’s boots on the ground in Israel, Canada and Egypt

Obama’s team in Israel to defeat Netanyahu

Taxes, Taxes, Everywhere

FOX News military analyst joins team of National Defense Consultants

Washington Times’Bombshell Tapes Confirm Citizen Commission’s Findings on Benghazi

Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party

Bloomberg’s Everytown Eats Crow; Apology Not Enough

Will Magnanimous Gesture by Mitt Romney Cause Other RINOs to Follow Suit?

The Ulsterman Report

Seahawks To Win Super Bowl XLIX: 27-17

Tiger Woods Considering Retirement In 2015?

MUST WATCH: “Obama’s…Enemies of the State”

D.W. Ulsterman’s Reading List: January 30th, 2015

Obama Meets W/Terrorists Who Then Declare War…

Obama White House: We LOVE The Taliban!

D.C. Whispers: Bill Clinton Literally Hangs Up On Obama W.H.

Tom Waits: “Let the bullet go back into the barrel…”


Nasrallah to Israel: Face war or accept “the mix of Lebanese and Iranian blood on Syrian soil in Quneitra”

ISIS is now attacking the big Iraqi oil city of Kirkuk

Gunfire on his vehicle injured an American in E. Saudi Arabia

Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016

New anti-Iran sanctions in Congress could survive Obama’s veto

Iran’s running assault on Israel won’t succeed – Netanyahu

Israeli Defense Ministry official on ISIS attacks in Egypt

Washington Post

Murder trial begins in the case of Etan Patz, boy who disappeared 35 years ago

Federal Eye: GOP senator proposes barring bonuses for tax-delinquent federal employees

Mitt Romney bows out of GOP presidential race over potential for political injury

Clinton backers dismiss impact of Romney exit: Bush will still get bruised, they say

DSCC is $20 million in debt

The Fix: Sarah Palin does Hillary Clinton a solid, helps raise $25,000 for her run

The Fix: 6 things you didn’t read today (but should have)

Scott Walker is in Washington but not of Washington, says Scott Walker

The Fix: One number that explains why Mitt Romney didn’t run for president again

Wall Street Journal

Romney's Exit Spurs Scramble for Donors

GOP Lawmakers Weigh Divisive Tactic to Undo Health Law

Congress Moves to Bolster VA's Mental-Health Services

Obama Announces Genetic-Mapping Plan

Debate Heightens Over Measuring Health-Care Quality

Christie to Be in U.K. as New Jersey GOP Gathers

Obama Orders Stricter Flood Standards for Federally Funded Infrastructure

Obama Seeks 7% Rise in Spending Above Caps

GOP's Walker, Gearing Up for 2016, Emphasizes His Faith

Senate Passes Keystone XL Bill

Washington Times

Abu Malik, Islamic State chemical weapons expert, killed in coalition airstrike

Oregon college: Saudi royal did not receive degree there

Braves deal RHP David Hale to Rockies in 4-player trade

Africans open new front in war on terror to fight Boko Haram

Dems still miffed about Israeli leader's address to Congress

Minister: 'No' role for FARC after Colombia peace deal

Ambassadors help Nordic skiers enjoy Grand Teton Park

Thai junta tries to curb dissent and keep good terms with US

Islamic State kills senior Kurdish general, 8 of his troops

LA Times

Mitt Romney's exit opens up Republican presidential primary race

Florida drops charges against George Zimmerman after ex-girlfriend recants

House Democrats get pep talk from President Obama at strategy retreat

Obama bid to end 'sequestration' spending limits divides Republicans

First woman commander of Alaska National Guard: 'no old boys network'

Facts in Denver police shooting of teenager are in question, chief says

Keystone pipeline wins Senate vote in victory for GOP, Mitch McConnell

New York City-funded law firm involved in video calling for police to be killed

NY Times

News Analysis: A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu Rift Grew Over Years

Goodell Acknowledges ‘Tough Year’ but Says He Won’t Resign

Support Waning, Romney Decides Against 2016 Bid

Buyers of Used Cars Are Left to Find Recalls on Their Own

Bernice Gordon, Who Toyed With Words, Dies at 101

Newcomers Buy Ad Time at the Super Bowl

Speck of Interstellar Dust Obscures Glimpse of Big Bang

Oil Prices Surge 8% After Long Slide Down

USA Today

Ukraine to ask U.N. to call Russia a terrorism sponsor

Children in Damascus stage mock funeral

S. Africa apartheid assassin 'Prime Evil' granted parole

Day of mourning in the Philippines for 44 dead commandos

Ball Pit for adults opens in London

The day in pictures

Balloon crew makes history crossing Pacific Ocean

Bomb blast at Shiite Muslim mosque in Pakistan kills 56

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Fates of journalist, pilot held by ISIS unknown

Flight attendant says she lied for ex-Korean Air exec

Mummified monk breathes new life into ‘incorruptible body'

Teen arrested in killing of former Miss Venezuela, husband

British teen causes $8K worth of damage to cars

U.S. EPA chief meeting at the Vatican over climate change

Horrified English man finds chicken claw in Domino's pizza

NY doctor who survived Ebola reveals moment of realization

The Times of India

AirAsia captain left seat before jet lost control: Sources

Canada to criminalize public terror threats

Kerry to travel to Ukraine amid escalating violence

US ground troops could be needed in Iraq: Chuck Hagel

Obama proposes 'precision medicine' to end one-size-fits-all

Air strike kills IS 'chemical weapons expert': US

Obama, Dalai Lama set to attend National Prayer Breakfast

3 Chad soldiers, 123 Boko Haram militants killed in Cameroon: Chad military


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