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Prison Escapees Planned to Flee to Mexico

'Shawshank' escapees originally planned to flee to MEXICO: David Sweat upgraded to serious

David Sweat's condition was upgraded from critical to serious on Monday following the dramatic conclusion of his Shawshank-style prison break on Sunday - when a roving State Trooper shot him twice two miles from the Canadian border.

Top Stories

Zombie-themed walking dead cruise setting sail in January
Who wouldn't want to be stuck on a ship with a bunch of brain eating zombies.

Fox News

HITCHING A RIDE? US Navy weighs putting Marines on foreign warships

PLAN WENT SOUTH Killers' escape to Mexico doomed from start

ABORTION RULING Supreme Court blocks Texas clinic restrictions

NBC SEVERS TIES Donald dumped over immigration comments

Benghazi night call between Clinton and Obama withheld, documents show - READ: Email on Obama-Clinton phone call on night of Benghazi attack - VIDEO: Clinton reportedly failed to turn over Benghazi emails


Drone Knocks Woman Unconscious at Seattle Pride Parade

Homes Destroyed in Washington Wildfire

One in Three Americans Owns a Gun, Study Finds

Reward Doubled in Cases of Dead or Missing Ohio Women

Meet V. Bozeman: Empire's Soul Starlet


Escapees had to improvise after getaway scheme fell apart

Another convicted killer escapes

Quick succession of terrorist attacks has officials worried

Video shows Tunisia horror

Officials: N.J. man had ISIS plan

Wildfire leads to ammonia leak

1 dead after blast at water park

Stocks tumble on Greece and Puerto Rico debt woes

Supreme Court allows Texas abortion clinics to remain open

Ted Cruz: Justices 'rewrote the Constitution'

Life through the eyes of a newborn baby revealed through experiment

You're fired! NBC ends relationship with Donald Trump after Hispanic groups pressured network to dump him

Martin O'Malley is a no-show at sheriffs' convention – in BALTIMORE

State Dept. Redacts Nearly Everything in Email Outlining Obama-Clinton Call on Night of Benghazi Attack

That Awesome J.J. Watt Video You're Seeing Everywhere Is Probably Staged ' but Still Fun to Watch

Man Finds Rolled-Up Note Inside Coca-Cola Bottle Along Australia Beach That Could 'Change'His Life

Gene Cernan Talks Fears for US Space Program: 'We Need to Get America Back in Space'

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Was It Legal for NY Cop to Shoot Unarmed Prison Escapee?

WATCH: Fox News Hosts Explain Why They're Proud Americans

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Texas Abortion Law

Trump: NBC 'Weak and Foolish' For Severing Ties

White House: No Federal Bailout for Puerto Rico

Special Report

1st Look at Hideout Hints at How Escapees Survived
Matt and Sweat may have used pepper shakers to throw dogs off their scents.

Donald Trump reveals he will ditch his infamous hair style if elected president

Donald Trump promises to get a new hair style if America makes him President

Moment Tunisian 'hero hotel worker' came within 10 yards of ISIS gunman

Hero tour guide reveals the moment he threw an ashtray at the Tunisia gunman after he had slaughtered 38

Could Cyberwar Cause a Library of Alexandria Event?

Cops livid over proposed 'police reform' measures

ISIS Promised a Day Of Bloodshed'And It Has Arrived

Cop Resigns after Being Arrested on Battery Charges for Pepper-Spraying an Infant Girl

States With Ties to Drug Implicated in Flawed Executions

Phoenix police arrest fellow officer on charges of sexual assault, kidnapping

Award-Winning Comedian: Politically Correct Left Has Killed Comedy

New WikiLeaks Documents Reveal NSA Spied On Top French Companies

Weaponizing History One False Flag At A time

Obama Signs Bill Giving Himself Fast-track Powers for Trade Deals

Education Department's Support for Gay Marriage Sparks Outrage

Sick: 'Intolerable Levels' of Monsanto's Glyphosate Found in Breast Milk

Islamist Extremists Linked To Al Qaeda Launch Offensive In Southern Mali

Donald Trump Bump Terrifies GOP

Paris Hilton screams, cries, prays for her life as she falls victim to fake plane crash on Egyptian prank show


Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Tolerance vs. Pride? Spat on by parade-goers, Catholic priest has this message
It's a modern-day parable ' those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant of all.











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Savage Nation



VERONIQUE DE RUGY: Shut down the Export-Import Bank

BOOK REVIEW: 'Days of Rage'

TAMMY BRUCE: Hillary Clinton's campaign going nowhere

ORRIN HATCH: Medicinal marijuana for epileptic children

STEPHEN MOORE: Gas-tax hike is unnecessary

BOOK REVIEW: 'The China Dream: Great Power Thinking and Strategic Posture in the Post-American Era'


ROBERT KNIGHT: Supreme Court: Housing lawsuits charging discrimination no longer need proof

PETER MORICI: The sooner Greece defaults and dumps the Euro the better

JED BABBIN: The high cost of cyber-espionage

WESLEY PRUDEN: Ethnic cleansing of the American South

DONALD LAMBRO: Obama's contracting economy

THOMAS DIBACCO: The United Nations' 70-year struggle to defuse war

NEWT GINGRICH, PAT NOLAN: How to fix the federal prison system

RICK BERMAN: Language as a weapon

Good Humor is bringing back its ice cream trucks this summer after almost 40 years. So I guess that makes two things Chris Christie will be running for this summer.

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

CNN's Cuomo Likens LGBT Marriage Foes to Segregationists

HBO's John Oliver: History Will Not be Kind to Those Opposed to Transgender Rights

NBC: Nuns Refuse to Sell Convent to 'Deeply Religious' Katy Perry

Univisión trata con desdén a una defensora de la seguridad fronteriza

Honesty! NY Times Reporter Admits 'I Live in a Bubble'

State Department Throws Free Beacon Reporter Out of Iran Nuke Talks Briefing

AP Writer Dodges Own Question About the State of China's Slowing Economy

NYT's Kantor Sees GOP in 'Tough Spot' and 'Terrible Position'

Media Matters staff: Fox's Geraldo Rivera: "Hip-Hop Has Done More Damage To Young African-Americans Than Racism In Recent Years"

Cristina Lopez: Hannity Defends Donald Trump's Incendiary Comments After NBC Announces Intentions To Sever Business Ties

Carlos Maza: Asking Hate Groups About Marriage Equality Isn't Balance, It's Bad Journalism

Timothy Johnson: Conservative Media Argue Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Creates Constitutional Right To Carry A Gun In Public

Media Matters staff: Limbaugh Claims Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Decision Will Lead To Polygamy

Media Matters staff: Estratega Queda Corregido Tras Comentario Sobre La Postura Republicana Ante La Igualdad Matrimonial

Oliver Willis: Feud: Fox's Karl Rove Said Ted Cruz Was Lying, Then Cruz Released This Email

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Newspaper Row

Choi's fairway eagle leads to NW Arkansas Championship win
Choi's late fairway eagle leads to dramatic NW Arkansas Championship victory

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Washington Post

No longer a GOP favorite, Chris Christie prepares for a tough climb

Jeb Bush, in South Carolina, calls Confederate flag 'racist'

Supreme Court temporarily blocks Texas abortion law

Obama and Brazilian President Rousseff do some sightseeing

Top Romney bundler and Adelson ally Phil Rosen backs Rubio for president

How Marco Rubio turned political star power into a soaring personal income

The Fix: Hillary Clinton wants to sell you this 'Grillary Clinton' apron. But not just for that $30.

The Fix: Let's all just accept the fact that Donald Trump is trying to undermine the GOP

Brother, can you spare a dollar? Clinton asking for $1 donations as deadline nears

Wall Street Journal

Iran Wish List Led to U.S. Talks

Puerto Rico Has No Easy Path Out of Crisis

Celebrating, or Grappling With, a New Reality

Fast-Track Green Card Program Swells With New Interest

Washington State Reaches Budget Accord

Will He Run? Biden Speculation Mounts

Boys State Is Proving Ground for GOP Candidates

Author Warns U.S. Military to Focus on China

Supreme Court Term to End With 3 Rulings

DOJ Girds for Strict Scrutiny of Any Health-Insurer Mergers

Washington Times

The Latest: Hundreds in London rally for unity with Greece

McConnell: New trade deal triumph despite partisan divide

For world, limited options if Iran talks fall apart

Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Puerto Rico governor, says island can't pay its $72 billion public debt

Solar Impulse plane en route to Hawaii from Japan

Washington wildfire destroys structures, forces evacuations

Pensioners in Greece queue outside banks on 1st day of capital control

Tunisia struggles to find balanced response to terror

Iran human rights abuses of women, children worsen amid Obama nuclear talks

LA Times

Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion law from taking effect

California officials praise Supreme Court ruling on independent redistricting commissions

Supreme Court blocks air pollution rules for power plants

For one Mississippi gay couple, Friday's heartache turns into Monday's joy

Same-sex marriage takes hold in conservative South despite pockets of confusion

Puerto Rico staggers under $72 billion in debt, could throw investors into tailspin

Supreme Court to decide on college affirmative action case

Lack of clear front-runner in huge 2016 field highlights fractures within GOP

NY Times

Your Evening Briefing

Your Monday Evening Briefing

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to Remain Open

Supreme Court Will Reconsider Affirmative Action Case

European Leaders Insist Greek Deal Is Still Possible

Escaped Convicts Had Planned to Go to Mexico, Cuomo Says

Southern States Fall in Line With Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Amy Winehouse Documentary Lets Nobody Off the Hook

USA Today

More than 500 injured in fire at Taiwan water park

Puerto Rico facing historic default on its $72 billion debt

Army kills controversial social science program

U.S. market has biggest drop in two years on Greek default fears

Obama, Brazilian president visit King Memorial

Solar-powered plane finally leaves Japan for Hawaii

Negotiators push deadline on Iran nuclear talks

Obama signs trade bills; extols bipartisanship

NY Post

Quietly, Curtis Granderson has put the Mets on his back

St. John's D'Angelo Harrison to get his NBA shot at 'home'

Egypt's top prosecutor assassinated in car bombing

Shark experts explain recent string of bloody attacks

FBI probing escaped killers'prison for drug-smuggling ring

The Game charged with punching off-duty cop

California lawmakers pass country's strictest vaccine bill

The day in photos

NY Daily News

Woman with amnesia found by firefighters in California

Discovery secures European Olympic TV rights through 2024

Visual history of how the iPhone evolved since 2007

NJ man arrested in ISIS conspiracy: federal court documents

Bus carrying British children crashes in Belgium; 1 dead 

2 Uber managers detained in France over low-cost service

Tunisia arrests suspects associated with beach hotel gunman

Northern Ireland girl, 6, finds human nail in Big Mac

Daily Mail

Life through the eyes of a newborn baby revealed through experiment

You're fired! NBC ends relationship with Donald Trump after Hispanic groups pressured network to dump him

Martin O'Malley is a no-show at sheriffs' convention – in BALTIMORE

Israeli military stop flotilla of foreign activists reaching Gaza

Tunisian gunman Seifeddine Rezgui was inspired by terror fanatic in London

Students create working miniature version of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

He must’ve really liked it here! American tourist last seen heading to the beach six years ago is found by police and admits he staged his disappearance… and now faces deportation 

Hot Stuff

Caitlyn Jenner Bonds With Fellow Trans Women At Post-Pride NYC Dinner
Life seems so much more fun now that she's a woman and not married to Kris Jenner! Caitlyn Jenner was the star of NYC Pride this past weekend, and the reality...

Hot Pics of the Day

Warren Sapp -- What, Me Worry? ... Hits Fishing Tourney After Dom. Violence Charges

Stan Lee -- Not Feeling Too Fantastic ... Calls 911

'Celebrity Apprentice' -- Minority Host Likely to Replace Trump

Donald Trump -- NBC is 'Weak' ... Threatens Lawsuit

Ty Lawson -- My Dad Never Confronted Coaches ... 'Cause I Didn't Suck

The Game -- From Champagne Frenzy to Court in 5 Hours (VIDEO)

Jahlil Okafor -- Viral Sex Story Is B.S. ... 'Considering Legal Action'

NBC to Donald Trump -- You're Fired!!!

Iggy Azalea -- I Don't Have to Suck Britney's A**hole -- She's Why Our Song Bombed

Floyd Mayweather to Cops -- Go Ahead, Ticket Me ... 'It's Not Like I Can't Afford It'

WNBA's Glory Johnson -- I'M HAVING TWINS ... With or Without Brittney

Kourtney Kardashian -- Sorry Scottie Pippen ... I Don't Wanna Party with You

Michael B. Jordan -- DENIED at Diddy BET After-Party (VIDEO)

Rich Homie Quan -- Bails on BET Performance After Stage Demotion

Carmelo Anthony -- 'I Really Love' Porzingis ... Meeting with Him Today

Bromance Alert! 9 Male Celebs Who Admit To Crushes on Other Guys

4 CRUCIAL Ways To Keep Feelings Out Of Your Divorce Negotiations

Love In Numbers ' Science Takes On Ben And Jennifer's Breakup Rumors

A Mother's 3 Step Guide To Happiness

An Open Poem To My Mother In Heaven

More News

Right Scoop

Trump RIPS NBC: 'They will stand behind lying Brian Williams''

LOL! A LOT of Ed Schultz viewers AGREE with Donald Trump on illegal immigration!!

So Rick Perry just released this animated video'

[VIDEO] Donald Trump NOT BACKING DOWN from immigration comments even after NBC dumps him

This Chris Christie presidential announcement video is VERY GOOD

New Jersey bus driver DENIES Marine Veteran a ride because of his service dog

One America News

Burundi votes in boycott-hit poll; blasts, gunfire heard

NYPD revamps efforts to hire black, Muslim officers: commissioner

Microsoft hands display ads to AOL, maps to Uber

U.S. top court rules against Obama administration over air pollution rule

U.S. Office of Personnel Management to suspend IT system after hack

ATT, DirecTv extend 'termination date'for second time

Shot during capture, New York inmate in serious condition

ABC News

1st Look at Hideout Hints at How Escapees Survived

See the Contrite Letter Whitey Bulger Sent to Teens

Father 'Saw a Fireball' as Plane Crashed Into His Home

How Greeks Are Dealing With the Economic Meltdown

NBC to Donald Trump: You're Fired

Supreme Court Rules Texas Abortion Clinics Can Remain Open

US Supreme Court Gives 'Choose Life' License Plates New Life

Prison Escapees Were Originally Headed to Mexico

Weekly Standard

Roberts Voted With Us, After He Voted Against Us

Café Central and a Coffee with Viennese Ghosts: Intellectuals, Dictators, and Zionists

Justice Kagan in 2009: 'There Is No Federal Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage'

Clinton Campaign Uses 'Chillary'

The Sentence That Could Doom the Iran Deal

The East Wing

A Teachable Moment

Fighting Siblings

China's Foreign Aid Offensive

The Hill

Jindal, Roberts and Scalia bring an unexpected shift

Is there a booby trap in Roberts's ObamaCare decision?

Trade jubilation in Washington

The EPA's big land grab

Trump: 'We look like we're beggars' in Iran nuclear talks

The dozen rebels targeted by GOP leaders

Cruz: Rulings among the 'darkest 24 hours in our nation's history'

Fiorina: Marriage is 'grounded in spirituality'

World Net Daily

Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion-clinic rules

Jeb Bush: Confederate flag a 'racist'symbol

NBC dumps Donald Trump

State Dept. kicks out reporter, threatens arrest

Supreme Court to rehear affirmative-action case

Mystery object lights up Georgia sky

Al Gore: 'Too early'to pick Hillary

Supremes overturn EPA's power-plant rules


Supreme Court deals blow to Obama's green agenda

What Washington really knows about the Internet of Things

Christie's nothing-left-to-lose campaign

From doubles tennis to Internet porn: My year as a Supreme Court clerk

KKK chapter to hold rally on South Carolina Statehouse grounds

Sparse bipartisan crowd watches Obama sign trade bill into law

Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion law ruling

Clinton confidant Blumenthal influenced early Daily Beast


Supreme Court deals big blow to Texas anti-choicers: Justices allow abortion clinics to remain open

The truth about CNN's epic 'dildo flag' mix-up: Why it represents everything insane about modern media

Finally, a sequel we're actually excited for: The '90s indie gem we can't wait to see revived

Big polluters shouldn't celebrate just yet: SCOTUS's disappointing decision won't prevent meaningful reform

'True Detective's' drink: A comprehensive list of all the booze consumed on season 2

Real Clear Politics

Conservatives Need to Get Real About the Court

A Good Week for America

Supreme Court's White Lie on Obamacare

Sanders Is the Perfect Foil for Clinton

IRS Scandal: It's Time for a Special Prosecutor

Greece Over the Brink

Jurassic World the Shift Against Big Business

No Labels Stakes Out a National Agenda

Hot Air

Friendly reminder: We have the ability to MOP up Iran's nuclear facilities

Who's ready for a bailout of ' Puerto Rico?

With the export ban still in place, the North Dakota oil boom goes bust

Video: Jesse Jackson gets the cold shoulder from Obama entourage

Video: The freaky deaky Paris Hilton plane crash 'prank'

NBC dumps Trump for 'derogatory' comments about immigrants; Update: Trump issues statement

Video: IDF intercepts Gaza-bound flotilla ' and suggests they sail to Syria next time

Judge orders Brady Center to pay legal fees of ammo company after nuisance suit


CNN's Cuomo Likens LGBT Marriage Foes to Segregationists

HBO's John Oliver: History Will Not be Kind to Those Opposed to Transgender Rights

NBC: Nuns Refuse to Sell Convent to 'Deeply Religious' Katy Perry

Univisión trata con desdén a una defensora de la seguridad fronteriza

Honesty! NY Times Reporter Admits 'I Live in a Bubble'

State Department Throws Free Beacon Reporter Out of Iran Nuke Talks Briefing

AP Writer Dodges Own Question About the State of China's Slowing Economy

Smoking Gun

Cops: Mom Hit Daughter Who Flushed Her Pot

Girl, 13, Arrested For Vicious Videotaped Attack On Classmate, Young Boy

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Cops: Man Struck Girlfriend During Argument Over His Inability To Get An Erection

N.C. Man Corners Market On Confederate Flag

Cops: Man Tried To Smuggle Oxycodone Hidden Inside McDonald's Double Cheeseburger To Jailed Wife

Toad Licker Is Locked Up On Trespass Charge

Cops: Dissatisfied Customer, 90, Pulled Gun On Post Office Clerk, Threatened To "Blow His Head Off"

Canada Free Press

Pro-Life Teachers, Parents, Students to Picket NEA Teacher Convention in Orlando July 1

The Marxist agenda behind the rainbow

Bailouts, Bail-ins, and the Greeks'Trojan Horse

Pope Francis: 'Defender of the Pagan Gaia Faith'

Catholic Betrayal

A detailed explanation of why Christians don't accept gay marriage

Hillary withheld emails on Benghazi amp; Libyan oil -altered others to downplay sharia

Under weight of massive welfare state, Greece about to default on IMF loans

Who Do They Think They Are?

The Ulsterman Report

American Citizens Happily Sign Petition To Abolish American Flag In Favor Of 'New World Order'Flag

BREAKING: America's Fifty-First State Goes Broke'

When A President Blatantly Lies About A Deceased Man's Legacy'

MONEY $AVER!!! Save 50% By Getting RACE WARS: Seasons 1 2

Defiant Trump Refuses To Apologize: 'I'm Fighting For The United States, NOT Mexico!'

Someone Please Explain To The President That Health Insurance Is NOT Health Care

Despite Potential Far-Left Backlash, Governor Scott Walker Expands Wisconsin Gun Rights

In Defense Of The Confederate Flag And A State's Right To Choose Its Own Representation'


New evidence suggests two gunmen in Tunisia terror attack

Egyptian state prosecutor assassinated

On eve of Iran deal, US retreats on inspections of nuclear past, speeds up sanctions relief

British death toll from Tunisian terror attack rises to thirty

Palestinian woman knifes Israeli female soldier at Rachel's Tomb

Israeli soldiers board Swedish boat trying to breach Gaza siege

Two Israeli soldiers critically injured in air force base fire


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