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Trump's Gun Views in Spotlight Amid Accidental Shootings
The guns-in-schools debate isn't new. But as the argument heats up between Trump and Clinton, there have been a string of accidental shootings on school grounds.


Forensic expert: EgyptAir human remains suggest explosion

Sanders campaign requests Kentucky vote recanvass

Trump says he's asking donations _ but only after GOP asked

Cosby accuser says she was dizzy, felt 'like jelly'

Use obesity surgery more often for diabetes, guidelines urge

Greek police evacuate hundreds from Idomeni refugee camp

Obama pushes for better rights in Vietnam after arms deal

Goodbye, empty nest: Millennials staying longer with parents

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Reid vows to 'stop' Clinton from picking certain running mates

Wisconsin mom, 3 sons vanish 2 weeks ago, rental van returned 930 miles away

VA secretary facing bipartisan firestorm over Disney comments

Judge will rule whether Cosby will face criminal trial

The women who spoke out against Cosby

The evolution of an icon

GOP bill redefines 'sex' to kill Obama's bathroom rule

14-day suspension for fed worker accused of accessing child porn

Lawmaker: Let private companies help fix D.C.'s broken Metro

Obsessed Much? WaPo Now Up To 10 Different Reviews of Megyn Kelly Fox Special

Ken Starr Reportedly Being Fired by Baylor University for Mishandling Sex Scandal

Sanders 'Disturbed, but Not Surprised' by Hillary 'Insulting' Voters with Refusal to Debate

CNBC's Harwood Labels Clinton Friend/VA Gov. McAuliffe a Republican Under FBI Investigation

CNN's Bourdain In Vietnam: Obama's 'Chopstick Skills Are On Point'

NYT Correspondent Praises Hillary's New 'Stronger Together'Slogan

Hillary Clinton Abandons 'Woman Card' ' on Recommendation from Emily's List

Schweizer: McAuliffe Investigation 'Probably Part of a Broader Probe That's Looking Into the Clinton Foundation'

Exclusive ' Steve King: Remembering Iowa's Sarah Root, 21-Year-Old Killed By Illegal Alien

Head of TSA security operations removed from position

First 'Clinton Cash' Domino to Fall: FBI Investigating Hillary Bagman Terry McAuliffe

Greek parliament pushes through more austerity measures to unlock bailout cash

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Not a 'monarchy'...

Requests KY vote recanvass...

Women weary: 'I'm NOT with her'...

R.A.P.E.: Ad Features Juanita Broaddrick...




TSA boots head of security amid furor over long, Long, LONG lines...






ROSS SORKIN: GAWKER Founder Suspects Common Financer Behind Lawsuits...

Terrorist or pedophile?

HOUSE OF FILTH: Cockroach-infested rooms, urine-soaked floors, feces everywhere...

After mob of teens beat San Francisco man, two people stole his wallet!

Inside NYC polyamorous community...

Kenneth Starr, Who Tried to Bury Bill Clinton, Now Only Praises Him...

Simple dementia test to warn men they are at risk...

Hundreds of thousands of flies invade town...

Swarm of bats forces community to issue state of emergency...

DEAL: Ryan bails out Puerto Rico!

Hundreds Of Deceased Voters Somehow Casting Ballots -- Decades After Dying!


Stress, anxiety common among new refugees...

AZ Sheriff Warns Citizens of Cartel Assassins...

Residents Stunned by Military Drill; Explosions, Helicopters...

'Did We Go to War?'

UP IN SMOKE: Sanders Drops Tommy Chong From Rally...

Living with parents most common arrangement for ages 18 to 34...

Houston 'rage room' smash hit as economy struggles...

Price of corn flour in Venezuela soars 900%...

GOOGLE SEARCH: Paris HQ raided over tax case...

World's most handsome horse...

Meatless burger that bleeds...


Hostel Horrors: Human waste in pillowcases, mice in rooms...

Hundreds of dogs rescued from barbaric dog meat festival...

CIA Links Nazi Collaborator To ISIS Terror Bombing

VA Chief Compares Waits for Veteran Care to Disneyland: They Don't Measure and We Shouldn't Either

Why Texas Should Secede

Report: ICE Opening Facility for Transgender Illegal Immigrants

Greek Riot Police Begin Evacuating Troubled Refugee Camp

'Eating our bacon reduces chance of being suicide bomber by 100%' says Butcher's sign

Secrets Of The Psychotic Elite

Legislators Blast DOJ Double Standard: Rancher Finicum vs. Occupy Leftists

Price of Corn Flour in Venezuela Soars 900 Percent

McAuliffe Investigated: Clinton Campaign Corruption Deja Veux

TTIP, TISA Explained | Wikileaks | Jeremy Corbyn | Bernie Sanders | Julian assange

Anti-austerity Protesters Clash with Police in Belgium

Joel Skousen Reveals How To Survive The Apocalypse

Paul Craig Roberts On Russia, Turkey, NATO & Where It's All Heading!

CIA Links George Soros To Terrorist Bombing!

Armageddon Drones: Radiation-Detection UAVs to be Tested at Nevada Nuke Desert

A Bright Brexit Future -- Dan Hannan

POPE FRANCIS to RESIGN in 2016 ? Part of a Hidden Agenda?

When The Economy Collapses It Will Be Fast And Hard: V The Guerrilla Economist

Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday 5/23/16: Wayne Madsen

Head of TSA security operations removed from position

First 'Clinton Cash' Domino to Fall: FBI Investigating Hillary Bagman Terry McAuliffe

Greek parliament pushes through more austerity measures to unlock bailout cash

Trump: suicide of Bill Clinton's counsel Vince Foster 'very fishy'' as it happened

It almost became money: United States Notes versus Federal Reserve Notes

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Have You Ever Laughed at an Inappropriate Moment?

What do u recommend that we all try?

What is Your Favorite Thing Ever?

Celine Dions performance at the 2016 Billboard awards.

Bentonite clay... ever use it?

Late night, unannounced military exercise in my town tonight.

The TSA lines: a manufactured crisis?

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder a Human Trafficker!

Mexican and S. American Airlines Offering Free Flights for Immigrants to Get to U.S. Border

What Are They Really Hiding While We Bicker?

Drinking the Golden Calf; Exodus 32

Christ: The devil is already in control, but The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (NWO)

Proof that logically God cannot be omnipotent..

Our Father and Hail Mary - My Transliterated Correction

If reincarnation is not true, then Elijah did not return before the Christ as prophesized

Pyramid shaped UfO

Taking on UFOs, out-of-the-box

Life Long Alien Abduction Family #2 The Mother Speaks

Did a UFO Down Turkish Airways Flight?

Dealing with Other Interstellar Civilizations: From Science Fiction to Reality

Trivia Time


Hillary Still Can't Explain Why She Should Be President

Donald Trump, the Welfare King

Why Trump Might Win

Panicked About Trump Winning? Don't Be

Why 'Crooked Hillary' Is Likely to Stick

Remembering Vietnam's Lessons

Turning President Obama Loose in Asia

Clinton Should Stop Trying to Muscle Sanders Out

A Response to My Conservative #NeverTrump Friends

RNC Announces Trump Victory Leadership Team to Coordinate Support for Nominee Donald Trump

BREAKING=>Egyptian Forensics Official Says Explosion Took Down Flight MS804

Top HIllary Economic Adviser Praised Chavez Venezuelan Socialism

GOP: Clinton could cost Democrats in battle for Senate

Bernie's not-so-secret-weapon

Is Rush Limbaugh in Trouble?

Trump opponents scramble to get on board

Sam Clovis: Clinton Scandals, Hillary's Role 'Different Set of Issues'

Mary Matalin Endorses Libertarian Austin Petersen for President

Sanders: Democratic Convention Could Be 'Messy'

Kenneth Starr Calls Bill Clinton a 'Gifted Politician'

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Prince Crushed Madonna's Music Video Dreams ... According to His Ex-GF (VIDEO)

UCLA Football -- QB Calls BS On $280 Million Deal ... 'We're Still Amateurs Though'

Shaq -- Goes Bonkers Over Hippy Rapper ... I'm Your Mentor Now! (VIDEO)

Kelly Rohrbach -- Lets It ALL Hang Out on the Beach ... Bae Watching Begins (PHOTOS)

Nyquist -- Pulled from Belmont ... Medical Complications

Blac Chyna -- I've Got Womb for the Next Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Chris Brown -- ATV Defiant ... What Neighbors? (PHOTOS)

Bill Cosby -- Admits Sexual Relations with Teens ... Agent Paid Hush Money

Aaron Rodgers' Brother -- Blasted By 'Bachelorette' Rival ... You're a 'Failed Football Player!'

Neymar -- Check Out My Clone ... I'm Frickin' Beautiful! (PHOTOS)

NBA's Damian Lillard -- Rap Career BOOMIN' ... Major Labels Interested

Johnny Manziel -- Friends Concerned ... 'He's Gonna Die'

David Foster -- I'll Take Care of Yolanda ... For Now

Sebastian Bach -- Nanny Jacked Our $16k Chanel Watch!

Morgan Freeman -- Yes, I Know the First Lady ... But I Don't KNOW Her (VIDEO)

6 Super Bizarre Things That Happened On 'The Bachelorette'Premiere

The REAL Reason You Broke Up With Your Ex, Per His Zodiac Sign

Telling Boys To 'Look Away' From Girls' Bodies Is Dangerous TRASH

Penis Lipsticks Are OFFICIALLY A Thing Because This World Is Weird

Staying FAT For My Wife Is ESSENTIAL To A Successful Marriage

9 Reasons Women Who LOVE Romance Novels Make The BEST Wives

More News

Canada Free Press

Watch as 2008 Hillary Clinton rips 2016 HIllary Clinton's refusal to debate Bernie ahead of the Cali

El Niño Ends: Pacific Ocean Temps Dropping Fast

Hillary supplants Barney Frank as 'Banking Queen'

After Cruz I Needed A Break

Obama's Pro-Marijuana Legacy Claims More Victims

Consumers of Music May Pay More if DOJ Plays Favorites

The Sons of Libertine; Why the Transvestite Bathroom Issue is a Battle for the Soul of America

Parliament's Real Chance to Speak for Life in Euthanasia Quagmire

Glenn Beck: Fooled by Facebook?

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman's 'THE WRITER'Is Now Available To Those Who Nominated

D.W. Ulsterman On, 'Hold The Door!'

'Mom, Was That You?'

Real Men Sing To Their Ladies In The Car: Keith Urban &Nicole Kidman: The Fighter

D.W. Ulsterman On Brad Thor's Troubling Support Of Hillary Clinton

'THE WRITER'UPDATE: For Those Who Nominated 'Your Free Copy Is On Its Way Soon!

D.W. Ulsterman On The Rise Of America's Prepper Nation (Mac Walker &Race Wars Related)

D.W. Ulsterman On What A Trump GOP Nomination Means For America'


EgyptAir crash: Forensics chief denies explosion claim

Iran's Soleimani leads US-backed attack on Fallujah

EgyptAir flight was downed by internal explosion: Egyptian medical sources

Female terrorist shot, subdued after attempting to stab border policeman

Blasts near Russian military bases in Latakia province, 150 killed

Suicide bombers hit army induction center in Yemen; over 45 dead

US still unsure that Taliban leader was killed in airstrike


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