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Jesus Never Existed?

Historical researcher Michael Paulkovich has claimed that Jesus of Nazareth was a mythical character and never existed. The controversial discovery was apparently made after he found no verifiable mention of Christ from 126 writers during the time of Jesus from the first to third centuries. He says he is a fictional character invented by followers of Christianity to create a figure to worship.


Secret Service Let Obama on Elevator With Armed Felon Romney Explains His 'Mistake' in 47% Remarks


Secret Service chief quits due to security lapses

Ebola-infected passenger was sent home from ER

US sharply criticizes new Israeli housing project

Hong Kong protesters threaten to occupy buildings

Recovering the fallen: German soldiers killed during bloody Second World War Brandenburg battle are discovered, still wearing their boots and helmets

Schoolchildren exposed in US Ebola scare as patient named as Thomas Eric Duncan

U.S. airlines in contact with government about Ebola concerns

Catholic school girl soccer player snaps selfie with President Obama

Disney creates animated wedding cake with magical stories projected onto the icing

Texas girl kidnapped 12 years ago rescued during secret mission in Mexico

Hidden bra camera shows woman how often breasts are ogled

Reporter claims she was told not to talkto crowd at Michelle Obama event

Secret Service director resigns after security failures

'Khorasan Group' is new name coined by Obama for old foe, critics claim

Guy discovers treasure, guards it by sleeping in car for 3 days


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It's Crass vs. Class in this Tale of Two Weddings!

One bride posed with her entourage looking like escaped strippers from the Hustler Club, while the others looked like they had just taken a break from filming Roman Holiday.


Ebola Patient 0: Sick Guy Told Hospital He Just Came from Liberia…So They Sent Him Home for 2 Days

The 9/11 Phone Calls: Disturbing Irregularities Uncovered in the Calls that Flashed around the World

Why Obama Missed ISIS

Why Obama Lost His War in Ukraine

Aerosolizing ONE DROP of EBOLA = 1/2 MILLION DEAD

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Enterovirus 68Kills Child In Rhode Island, First Publicly Announced Death In US!

Cops Distribute ‘Internet Safety Software’ That’s Actually Unsafe Spyware

9/11 Truth Activist Surrenders to UK Police for Espousing ‘Extremist’Ideologies

Local Law Enforcement Prepare as Extra Border Agents Depart

Tallahassee Cop Suspended After Caught on Video Tasering 62-year-old Woman in Back

When Ebola comes to the U.S., who stands to profit?

Eric Holder’s Near Total Lack Of Concern For Digital Rights

France to Send 3 More Jets, Warship to Gulf


DC’s ‘fitness tax’ adds extra costs to already expensive, obese city

Dallas hospital sent Ebola patient home despite exhibiting symptoms

Tensions apparent at Obama-Netanyahu meeting

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Told hospital on first visit was from LIBERIA -- then SENT HOME!


Up to 18 Exposed...

Airlines scramble to track down HUNDREDS who came in contact...

US Visas Held By 13,500 People In Three Ebola Countries...

WH: No Ebola travel restrictions...

TOP DOC: More will be infected...

'Preppers' stock up on supplies...

Pelosi: Republican Days Are Numbered...


CONFUSION: White House Stood 'Solidly Behind' Just Hours Before...

Jumper pleads not guilty...

COMCAST Security Chief Named Interim Director...

FACEBOOK Apologizes to Drag Queens For Name Policy...

Church pumpkin patch vandalized...


Police: Arab man enters Okla. school, asks 'suspicious' questions...


Linked to 4 deaths?

Immigration agent says authorities ignoring health warning over illegal immigrant relocations...

First Maine child tests positive for mystery virus...

Maine sees huge growth in Aslyum-seekers...

NYT Cuts 100 Jobs From Newsroom...

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Miles Teller Drums with The Roots

Miles Teller Is a Self-Taught Drummer

Tyler Perry Got Directing Tips on Gone Girl Set

Are Dave Letterman and Bill O'Reilly Compatible?

Bleachers: "Rollercoaster" - David Letterman

John Oliver Explains English Soccer to David Letterman
Hot Stuff

'Gone Girl' actress sizzles on the cover of Cosmopolitan

George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin first wedding photos revealed

Diddy says Jennifer Lopezs Booty is a work of art


GoPro CEO's Favorite GoPro Video

Jason Derulo Did Not Want to Marry Jordin Sparks

Dax Chat LIVE - 100114

Kendall Jenner Vying for Gisele’s Modeling Crown!

Justin Bieber: Drama In Paris

Celebrity Paparazzi With David Koechner

Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez -- Well, This Is Awkward

Sugar Bear is spending his single life riding a mechanical bull with a 21-year-old hot chick!

Joshua Bell -- Oh, This Old Thing? It's Just My $15 Million Violin!!!

Jason Aldean – Charged Onstage by Crazed Fan!

Bear Grylls Proposed With A Ring In His Butt?!

George Clooney’s Wedding – Big Brother is Watching!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher -- Dude, Here's Our Baby!

Reche Caldwell -- Ex-NFL Player Pleads GUILTY To Mailing Molly

Donald Sterling -- Busted at Home With V. Stiviano ... Shelly Calls Cops

Adam Levine Blasted -- Bloody Stalking Isn't Sexy

Tracy Morgan Still Wheelchair Bound ... Walking is Now Questionable (VIDEO)

Aries Spears -- Cracks Michael Sam Gay Joke on ESPN ... 'I Probably Won't Be Back'

'Big Brother' Star -- I Wish Evel Dick Stayed In Game ... After HIV Diagnosis

Tommy Lee -- Dennis Rodman Could Never Hang ... When It Came to Partying

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Porsha Williams -- Demoted for Being a Pain in the Ass

Stephanie Seymour's Socialite Son -- Arrested for Living the High Life

Shia LaBeouf -- Repeat Intruder Blocked for 3 Years

Kansas City Police Dept. -- CRIME DOWN ... During Royals Playoff Game

'TMZ Hollywood Sports' -- Brett Favre Manscapes ... Michael Strahan Strips

Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez -- Well, This Is Awkward (PHOTO)

'Law & Order: SVU' -- Sports Scandal Mashup ... Darren Sharper Meets Ray Rice

How To Turn 'Let's Go Out Sometime'Into An Actual Date

How Your Partner's Personality Affects Your Success At Work

10 Awesome (And Not-So-Awesome) Reasons You're Single

Why This Guy Thinks You Should Say 'No'To Sex On The First Date

Dear Stay-At-Home Moms, Shut The Eff Up

I want a sex change... again: Transsexual who had £10,000 surgery on NHS wants to become a man again

Fox host to CDC director: Obama lied about ‘things’ so maybe you’re lying about Ebola

His wife was calling him expletives and yelling at him that he was “not a Christian” as she beat him.

Naked Man Running Through Neighborhood Arrested After Numerous 911 Calls

A 26-year-old man caught on security camera stealing said security camera admitted to officers it was a "dumbass thing to do"

Lawsuit: Wrong sperm delivered to lesbian couple

Iraq Pilots Mistakenly Drop Supplies, Not Bombs, On Isis

Iraqi Air Force Accidentally Delivers Food And Ammunition To ISIS Militants

City Councilman entertains new friends in his hotel room. When one makes off with his city-owned iPad, he dials 911 to report the crime, and waits patiently with his meth pipe for help to arrive.

Mom chokes boy, 6, for drinking chocolate milk without permission

Woman uses huge teddy bear as passenger in carpool lane

Suspected Burglar Calls 911 on Self After Fearing Bite from K9

Wu-Tang Clan to release new album on boombox speaker

Girl's parents named her Isis. Now there's an international terror organization with the same name. This is unfair.

Calgary man hunting coyotes accidentally shoots himself instead

More News


Dad did double-take at suspect's pic

Prince dazzles with 2 new albums

Officials: Mayor shot, killed by wife

920 chickens beaten to death

35,000 walruses crowd one beach

Huge lake dries up to almost nothing

The link between cancer and obesity

Morgan: Walmart blames me?

Surprising reason for hidden cam

The great American freakout

Fox News

NEW LEADER 'REQUIRED' Secret Service director resigns amid scandal

SECRET MISSION Girl kidnapped 12 years ago recovered in Mexico

THEY DON'T BITE Quirky ad campaign says Republicans 'people too'

#MarineHeldinMexico Mom pleads with pols for 'despondent' son's freedom

'Khorasan Group' is new name coined by Obama for old foe, critics claim

Official says 5 kids had contact with Ebola patient - Facts about Ebola virus - Ebola worries could keep some Dallas students home - VIDEO: Can Ebola in US be 'stopped in its tracks'?

Teacher at elite New York school faces sex charges

Feds spend $2 million to get elderly to join choirs


Shooting Death of Bell Gardens Mayor Stuns Friends

Texas Ebola Patient Had Contact With Kids, Perry Says

Mr. Fix-It: Interim Secret Service Chief Brings Bona Fides

U.S. Ebola Patient Fell Ill After Helping Woman: Report

Officials Are Monitoring Children Linked to Dallas Ebola Patient

Is Enterovirus D-68 to Blame for Kids' Paralysis in Colorado?

Why Dr. Fauci Says Ebola Will Be 'Contained' in the U.S.

Embattled Secret Service Chief Resigns After Security Lapses

Washington Times

Russia ends student exchange program with U.S.

AP News in Brief at 5:58 p.m. EDT

W.Va. high court to let GOP fill House ballot slot

Poland's new prime minister calls for more U.S. troops in country

UN says Syria vaccine deaths was an NGO 'mistake'

Ebola patient in Texas came to U.S. via Brussels: report

Netanyahu presses Obama on nuclear Iran

U.K. drops terror case against ex-Guantanamo inmate who traveled to Syria

Alcoholics paid 3 bottles of beer a day to clean up German city

Huffington Post

Democrats Cheer Kansas Ruling

ACLU Challenges New Alabama Abortion Law

HUFFPOST HILL - Secret Security Director Out, Ebola Still In

McConnell, Grimes Both Get Public Pay To Campaign

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About College Debt?

Uber Publishes 'Tone-Deaf' Blog Post For Teacher Appreciation

Texas GOP Lawmaker Compares 'Spiritual Battle' Against Religion To Holocaust

Medical Marijuana in California: A Successful Treatment for a Wide Range of Patients


Secret Service Chief Resigns

Boston Herald Sorry for Obama 'Watermelon' Joke

Arrogant Secret Service Needs Outsider's Overhaul

Larry Craig's 'Wide Stance' Just Cost Him $242K

US Blew Millions Shipping Military Trucks: Report

Papers: Kissinger Made Plan to 'Smash' Cuba

Romney Explains His 'Mistake' in 47% Remarks

Secret Service: White House Front Doors Now Lock Automatically

Obama, Now Is the Time to Move on India

CBS News

Sen. Rand Paul sounds Ebola alarm

Appeals court suspends part of new North Carolina voting law

White House: New leadership "required" at Secret Service

Obama welcomes Kansas City soccer champions to White House

Obama will let Central American kids apply for refugee status: report

Court: Tom DeLay's money-laundering convictions won't be reinstated

Obama, Netanyahu meet as Iran nuclear deadline approaches

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson steps down

One America News

Strong sterling could mask UK price pressures -Bank of England’s Forbes

LA officials give final approval to pay increase at large hotels

Pennsylvania deer hunt curtailed as police search for ambush suspect

Pimco Total Return Fund posts record $23.5 billion net outflow in Sept.

PayPal spawn have advanced where PayPal stood still

Hyundai Motor’s South Korean workers narrowly approve wage deal

ECB to flesh out asset-purchase plan it hopes will buoy euro zone

ABC News

Texas Ebola Patient Prayed With Family on Phone

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Resigns

Arrest in Missing UVA Student Has Va. Cops Checking Cold Cases

Ebola Patient Released From Hospital Despite Saying He Had Been in Africa

Why the CDC Won't Release the Ebola Patient's Flight Itinerary

Wet, Wild Monsoon Season Ends in Southwest

Prosecutor to Seek Death Penalty in Beheading

White House Fence Jumper Enters Not Guilty Plea

Weekly Standard

Secret Service Requires Female Agents to Meet Lower Physical Strength Standards Than Male Agents

Does Eric Holder’s Successor Face a Momentum Shift on Dope?

Barnes Podcast: Harry Reid is Desperate

Secret Service Director Resigns

Braley Voted Against Funding Combat Operations in Iraq

Beyond Obama

Nothing’s the Matter with Kansas

Obama Takes Manhattan

Back on Track

The Hill

The social costs of energy transitions

ISIS and Ebola — Two sides of the same coin

The problem with the administration's 'good intentions' in education

Democrats should embrace ACA successes

Tea Party revolt imperils Kansas

Reid, Daschle feud erupts

NRA strikes back at Bloomberg

Dem on Secret Service director: 'I think this lady has to go'

World Net Daily

Teacher arrested, another investigated for 'sex with same boy'

Secret Service director to resign

Boehner hasn't talked to Ted Cruz for 2 years

Elderly diner beaten in F-word dispute

Chris Matthews vs. Ezekiel Emanuel on Ebola

Girl, 10, dies from mystery virus

Texas school kids in contact with Ebola patient

Ebola unstoppable without total quarantine


Speculation narrows on Holder replacement

Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigns

Obama and Netanyahu, best buds (for now)

D.C. mystery: Bezos' plan for The Washington Post

Court rebuffs Kansas GOP on Senate race

North Carolina voting changes blocked


“The Blue Room”: French star Mathieu Amalric in a crafty remix of “Gone Girl”

Our Gchats, ourselves: How the G-transcript became the closest chronicle of modern life

No one eats a banana like that: The phenomenon of SFW porn

Conservative hero Ben Carson: New AP U.S. History course would make students “ready to go sign up for ISIS”

Gun nuts’ tragic confusion: Why “open carry” groups don’t get police brutality

North Dakota high school eliminates dangerous threat to male students: Yoga pants

“Why should we believe you?”: The worst politicizations of the Ebola crisis

Scott Walker’s shameless cynicism: What a new interview inadvertently reveals about the White House hopeful

Real Clear Politics

Are Liberals Fund-Raising Hypocrites?

Post-Shutdown, a Year of Obstruction

My Aggravating Year With Obamacare

In Holder's Exit, a Vacuum

Google's Climate Name-Calling

Good News, Democrats, You're Going to Lose!

Third-Party Candidates Could Be Spoilers

Secret Service Isn't What's Wrong With the WH

Free Republic

Police Locate Subject Of Unauthorized Entry At Moore HS

Louisiana VA hospital lacks pajamas and sheets, but spends millions on new furniture, TVs and solar

Pic: 1st Ebola patient on American soil. Perry reveals children from 4 different schools exposed

Netanyahu’s Truth in a Den of Lies

CAIR attacks the Center for Security Policy and Frank Gaffney

Another Colombine Averted - Pine Tree (Longview, TX) senior arrested after threat of shooting

Audit Finds Thousands Stolen, Secretary Likely to Blame

White House: No, We Don't Think We Should Ban Flights From Ebola Countries


Secret Service Director Resigns over Security Breaches: Official

In Gorakhpur Hospital, Victims of Train Collision Fight for Their Lives

PM Modi's Other 'Sweeping' Victory? Big Campaign Launches Today

Major Ceasefire Violation by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir: Reports

BCCI Should Appoint Kohli as Test Captain: Azharuddin

Blast in Durga Puja Pandal in Imphal, 12 Injured

Delhi: Mob Attack on African Students at Metro, No Arrests Yet

Hurt That BJP Raised Issues About My Age: Sena's Aditya Thackeray

Asian Games 2014 Day 12 Highlights



Priebus Predicts 95% of GOP Will Agree with New 'American Renewal' Principles

Obama Blasted for 'Shameless, Reprehensible Buck-Passing' by... Piers Morgan?

U.S. Ebola Patient Flew Part of Trip from Liberia to Texas on United Airlines

Ben Affleck Says His Penis Looks 'Better in 3-D!'

Surgeon General's October Message: September is Veggies Month!

Ingraham: 'Core Ties' to 'African Continent' Why Obama Hasn't Declared Travel Ban to Ebola Countries

TX Lt Gov: I Want to 'Shut Down the Whole Border'

Collateral damage isn't so bad when it comes from a Democrat President


Sen. Gillibrand Speaks Out on Secret Service Director

Doctor Zhivago Is Heading to Broadway This Spring

Hong Kong Stands Up

Poor, Disconnected and Living in the Cloud

Michael Phelps Had Blood Alcohol Nearly Double Legal Limit

I Don’t Want to Marry a Man Who Will Feed Our Kid McDonald’s

Dull Derek Jeter’s New Site Could Actually Be Cool

D.A.: Body-Cam Video Justifies Utah Officer Shooting of Unarmed Man

Daily Beast

Exclusive Look at ‘Birdman’

Rich Russian Regrets Firing Staff ‘Tips’

Drag Queens Make Facebook Say Uncle

The Gays Are Taking Over TV

Viral Vid: Great White Shark Deathmatch

The Oligarch's Guide To Firing Your Maid

The First Political Sex Scandal Casualty

CDC Was Wrong About How to Stop Ebola

The Blaze

Rescuers Attempt to Save an Injured, Homeless Dog — and Get Three Get Three More Beautiful Surprises

Mexico Federal Officials: Alleged Cartel Boss Captured

CNN White House Correspondent Reveals What He Thinks Was ‘Part of the Reason’ Secret Service Director Resigned

Pickpocket Took a Wallet From Behind a Woman’s Back, Stole Its Contents and Put It Back Without Her Noticing

Major League Baseball Announced It Will Begin Testing These Six New Rules — and Some Fans Aren’t Too Happy

Left-Leaning Former CNN Host Pens Surprisingly Scathing Op-Ed on How ‘Obama Committed Professional Suicide’This Week

Hot Air

FCC: We’ll look into whether “Redskins” is indecent for broadcast

Fox News primetime hits record high ratings, MSNBC falls to record lows

Marquette poll: Walker now leads outside the margin of error, tops 50 percent support

The new New Math: Byzantine subtraction in Common Core

Wow: WH says it learned about the Secret Service’s security breach in the CDC elevator … yesterday

Paul Ryan: I’m not running for president if Mitt Romney runs

Breaking: Pierson resigns

WH to reporters: Don’t talk to people attending Mary Burke rally


Yahoo! Style Outraged By Walmart's 'Sexist'Batman T-Shirt

Schultz Accuses Republicans of Putting President Obama and Family 'In Danger'With Hateful Rhetoric

Wash Post Admits Dems 'Near Panic,'But Downplayed Midterm Struggles

Dim Public Radio Employee Attacks GOP Congressman (and Iraq Vet) Who 'Lives Off'Taxpayer Money

Your Tax Dollars at Work Pushing DACA on Univision's Airwaves

On Fox, Police Widow Blasts College For Honoring Her Husband's Killer

Charlie Rose to Bill Clinton: You are the 'Best Political Animal That's Ever Been'

Smoking Gun

Cops: Teachers Had Threesome With Student, 16

Elderly Florida Diner Beaten In Cursing Dispute

Motivated Cops Chase Down Oregon Man Who Stole Pastry-Packed Donut Land Delivery Van

Mom Busted For Hosting Underage Beer Pong Party In Her New York Home

Murder Charge Filed In Oklahoma Work Beheading

Police Bust College Student, 21, On Jogging While Intoxicated Charge

Bang Bangs, Red Rums, And Other Types Of Perps

UPS Employee Swapped Stolen Diamond For Pot

Canada Free Press

Art news: British artists shortlisted for international art prize

School Board Tells Homeschool Family Their Curriculum Must Be ‘Guided’by Common Core St

Julia Pierson resigns as Secret Service director

WyLiberty Arguments End Political Inquisition in Texas

Court Sides With SAF On Key Points In Challenge of Chicago Gun Range Law

Media hyped walrus climate scare stories debunked –Claims recycled year-after-year

It’s no secret any longer

A T-shirt that monitors your heart

A $10,000 childcare deduction is the least-worst way to do income splitting

The Ulsterman Report

D.C. Whispers: Harry Reid Hangs Up On Valerie Jarrett

Slain Border Agent’s Sister: Eric Holder’s Resignation “No Accident”

Hispanic Voters Tell Obama “No Gracias”As Support Crumbles…

The Lighter Side: “Momma, Don’t Let Your Dipsh*ts Grow Up To Be Cowboys”

Obama Staff On Oklahoma Beheading: “We Just Can’t Catch A Break Around Here.”

REPORT: Barack Obama Literally Running Out Of Weapons To Fight ISIS

Some Of The Most Mind-Numbingly Stupid 1:39 Of Television EVER…(VIDEO)

Obama Declares: You’re All Better Off Because Of ME-ME-ME (Video)


DEBKAfile will be closed temporarily for maintenance work

DEBKAfile will be closed temporarily for maintenance work

Netanyahu: Israel threatened by Iran’s ability to jump quickly to nuke

Uganda foils major terrorist attack linked to al-Shabab

IDF Northern Command warns Hizballah plans invasion in next clash

Kerry says he is encouraged by pledges of military assistance against IS

Australia to send 600 troops to fight ISIS

Washington Post

Names on the post-Holder shortlist

Federal Eye: Meet Joseph Clancy, the new acting Secret Service chief

Monkey Cage: The birth and perhaps death of anxiety about failed states

In the Loop: Heading to the shortlist to replace Attorney General Eric Holder

The Fix: The 6 things we knew — but forgot — about Mitch McConnell

GovBeat: Hotel industry group plans to fight Los Angeles hotelminimum wage ordinance

Julia Pierson resigns as Secret Service director

Obama determined ‘new leadership’ was required at the Secret Service

Poll: In Wisconsin, Walker holds slight lead over Burke

Wall Street Journal

Senate Hopeful's Primary Opponent: the Fed

Court Blocks Parts of North Carolina Voting Law Delays Web Host Switch

Islamic State Fighting Strains Pentagon Budget

Many Senate Candidates Dress for Battle---Literally

Secret Service Director Pierson Resigns

What It's Really Like in the Secret Service

Brooklyn Congressional Debate Turns into Ruckus

Court Upholds Ruling Overturning DeLay Conviction

Washington Times

Russia ends student exchange program with U.S.

AP News in Brief at 5:58 p.m. EDT

W.Va. high court to let GOP fill House ballot slot

Poland's new prime minister calls for more U.S. troops in country

UN says Syria vaccine deaths was an NGO 'mistake'

Ebola patient in Texas came to U.S. via Brussels: report

Netanyahu presses Obama on nuclear Iran

U.K. drops terror case against ex-Guantanamo inmate who traveled to Syria

Alcoholics paid 3 bottles of beer a day to clean up German city

LA Times

Secret Service chief resigns amid security breakdowns

Dallas Ebola patient flew United, airline says 'zero risk' of infection

Could an Africa-sized Ebola outbreak happen in U.S.? Officials say no

Court blocks parts of N.C. law that ended same-day voter registration

Sabrina Allen, Texas girl kidnapped 12 years ago, found in Mexico

Area known as 'Ellis Island of Dallas' at the center of Ebola scare

In blow to GOP, Kansas judges refuse to force Democrat onto Senate ballot

Midterm madness: The politics of snowmobiles and chickens

NY Times

Joshua Wong Emerges as Unlikely Teenage Leader in Hong Kong Protests

A Study Bolsters a Call to Use Long-Acting Contraceptives

In Japan, Fear and Panic as a Revered Peak Explodes

In Third Day on Job, Afghan President Digs Into Bank Fraud Case

Revel Casino in Atlantic City Is Sold to Real Estate Company

Bits Blog: Facebook Agrees to Ease Rules on Real Names

Florida Man Convicted of Murder in Dispute Over Rap Music

Secret Service Director Resigns in Scandal Over Security Lapses

USA Today

At least 10 dead as shells hit Ukraine school, bus stop

Man slept in car to guard discovered treasure (Newser)

A look at Hong Kong's umbrella revolution

In China, Hong Kong protests out of sight, out of mind

India celebrates good over evil at popular Hindu festival

The day in pictures

Raw: British carry out first airstrike in Iraq

Extreme piercing for purity in Thai vegetarian festival

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

NYC commercial real estate industry is having strong year

Obama, Netanyahu press each other on Middle East's challenges

Norway is the best place to grow old

ISIS beheads three women, puts heads of Kurdish fighters on display

SEE IT: Man kayaks down street during severe rainstorm

35,000 walruses flock to Alaskan shore over shortage of ice

Ebola outbreak very unlikely in the U.S.: expert

SEE IT: Bull charges Australian newlyweds during photo shoot

The Times of India

US, China air differences over Hong Kong protests

Iraqi pilots supply food, arms to rebels by mistake

Ebola death toll passes 3,300: WHO

US Secret Service director resigns over security breaches

US Secret Service director resigns over security breaches

Ukraine rebels close in on Donetsk airport

School bombing kills 30 children in Syria

UK drops charges against ex-Guantanamo inmate

The Guardian

Tribal courts' role in US justice grows murky after Montana ruling

Detroit bankruptcy manager cites 'slow emails' in bid to stave off creditors

Chicago fire puts focus on FAA's reliance on third-party contractors

Ebola accelerates in west Africa as aid workers plead for help

Rugby great Serevi does the Harlem shuffle and dummy, sidestep and pass | Martin Pengelly

Nuclear weapons: Obama is leading the way on warhead cuts | Editorial

The Independent

Sabrina Allen disappearance: US girl who went missing at age of four is found in Mexico

Sandy Hook Elementary School evacuated over bomb scare

Julia Pierson resigns: US Secret Service director makes 'painful' decision to quit over security failures

US midterm elections: Curtain-raiser in North Carolina is 'ground zero' for Republican attempts to retake the Senate

A record 35,000 walruses huddle for safety in Alaska as sea ice melts

Ebola in US: Children came in contact with patient suffering from deadly virus

Ebola virus in the US: Calls for calm after America’s first Ebola case

World’s oldest clown Floyd ‘Creeky’ Creekmore dies aged 98

The Telegraph

Obama and Netanyahu barely conceal tension in discussions over the middle east

Canada identifies long lost British explorer ship

Fashion companies enlarge pockets to hold iPhone 6 Plus

US Ebola case: Texas governor confirms schoolchildren had contact with Ebola patient

Hong Kong protests: students threaten to occupy key government buildings

Hong Kong protests: students vow stronger protests if leader stays

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests - watch live

Marine Le Pen's Bengal cat 'savaged by father's Doberman dog'

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

Rolling Stone

America's Gun Violence Epidemic: Readers Share Their Stories

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

The Intercept

Authorities Think About Telling You If You’re Watchlisted from Warrantless Spying

The Government Wants Guantanamo Force-Feeding Hearing Kept Secret

Majority Say Brennan Violated Checks and Balances, and Must Go

UK Drops Charges Against the War Critic It Jailed for Seven Months

New Intel Doc: Do Not Be ‘Led Astray’By ‘Commonly Understood Definitions’

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan Authorizes Most NSA Spying

The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria

Insane Traffic Stop Tests ‘Show Me YourPapers’Law

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