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How Would President Reagan Have Responded to the ISIS?

Instead of merely criticizing President Obamas lack of an effective national security policy, it might be helpful to imagine the speech President Ronald Reagan might have given in response to the videotaped beheading of American journalist James Foley. There are many things a great power can do if it has leadership.


Pro-Russian rebels lower demands in peace talks

UN backs inquiry of IS group's alleged crimes

Iraqi prime minister pledges to root out militants

Surly 2014 electorate poised to 'keep the bums in'

'It's time to take back America': Barack Obama and Joe Biden use Labor Day to fire up Democrats ahead of November's elections

'The perfect ending to the miracle month of August': Man who inspired the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge celebrates becoming a new dad

Ian McEwan believes 900 pages is too long for a novel

'You are not up to this job': Parents of SEAL Team Six soldier killed in action call for President Obama's resignation

More Labor Day trouble on the way? New York prepares for thunderstorms one day after torrential downpours as the Midwest experiences hail and winds during the holiday

Bud Light’s takeover of Colorado town has residents hopping mad

Carrie Underwood announces she is pregnant with her first child

FBI, Apple begin inquiries into nude celebrity photo leaks

Obama on Labor Day touts economic gains under his leadership, is mum on pressing world concerns

All 25 aboard rescued after US helicopter crashes in Gulf of Aden

6 dead after speeding car slams into tree in Texas



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'I will take my life today around noon. It is time. Dementia is taking its toll and I have nearly lost myself': Great-grandmother's moving letter before taking her own life

An elderly woman suffering from dementia made the heartbreaking decision to take her own life before the crippling disease did.


Dr. Jim Willie: American Black Ops Team Captured In Ukraine

Which country relies most heavily on Russian gas?

David Smith: “The Worm Is Turning” on the Dollar

Der Spiegel: German Chancellor Merkel plans to resign

Power of Siberia: Russia, China launch construction of world's biggest gas pipeline


Most corrupt ‘teaching’ union ever: Democratic & Republican Parties unioned with corporate media

Olympic National Park Bans Drones

Police Investigating Drone Use Over Texas Stadium

Rick Perry Deletes Truthful Tweet Concerning Indictment Witch Hunt

Homeland Security Agent Harasses Dad For Taking Pictures of His Own Daughters

Colo. Town Prevents City Officials From Restricting Open Carry

Romney Blames Obama for ISIS

Obama Sued For Funding Terrorist Group Hamas


U.S. Government found responsible for Martin Luther King's assassination

You may be covered in animal fat and not even know it

How Corporate Capitalism could end balloons and much more

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Support rises dramatically ahead of vote...

Authorities investigate drone flown over University of Texas football game...

PAPER: Joan Rivers being brought out of medically induced coma...

Feds spent millions studying lesbian obesity?


California Sets Stage for First Groundwater Regulations...

TRUMP: Americans 'Embarrassed' by Obama's Lack of Leadership...


Call for Labor Day Highway Protest...

THE INTERVIEW: Shooting witness recalls budding friendship...

REPORT: Immigration 'off table through elections'...

Feds to run ads in border towns informing deported illegals -- they can return...


Angry driver tails Christie motorcade after cut off...

Radioactive wild boar roaming Germany...


Hollywood Stars Exposed in Massive Nude Photo Leak...

More expected...

FBI, APPLE Investigating...


Images Bouncing Around Social Media...


MAG: Where are hacked penis pics?

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Jon Hamm &Jimmy Fallon Palisades Park Pet Patrol (Extended Cut)

Worst I Ever Bombed – Seth Herzog

During Commercial Break: Josh Charles

David Letterman's "Top Ten Things I, Dave, Will Do Over Labor Day Weekend"

John Fullbright: "Happy" - David Letterman

Mike Myers' Canadian Postage Stamp - David Letterman
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Tucker, the tabby, Saddest cat ever needs new home

'Golden Bolt': Man, 103, challenges world's fastest runner Usain

Which star had the sexiest beach body of the summer?


New Nail Polish Detects Date-Rape Drugs

75% Of White People Have No Non-White Friends

“Game Of Thrones” Is Responsible For Popular Baby Names!

Alec Baldwin Gets Pissed Off

Wow, Billionaire Warren Buffett is Hanging Out With Floyd Mayweather!!

Who’s More American? Hulk Hogan Or Lincoln?

Lukas Haas: Leo’s Sidekick No More!

Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union To Their Wedding Guests - SHUT UP!

JLo and Azalea Butt Up Against One Another

Penguin Gets Knighted!

Attention Fans of Huge Boobs and Gripping Netflix Programming!

Shmurda is Spreading!!!

Jimi Jamison Dead -- Survivor Lead Singer Dies at 63

Celebrity Nude Photo Leak -- The FBI Is on the Case!

50 Cent -- I Bought My 2-Year-Old a Mercedes Benz

Lil Wayne -- Chowing Down on Watermelon ... IN THE CLUB!!! (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed -- Drop Nearly a Grand at Toronto Sex Shop

Kate Upton -- Vows to Pursue Hackers in Celebrity Photo Leak

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert -- Take Your Million And Shove It ... Reject Huge Vegas Offer

Kim Kardashian -- Keep Rita Ora Away From Me!

Ryan Lochte -- Devours His Birthday Cake ... Shirtless (VIDEO)

Jay Z & Beyonce -- Snuggly Together at Made in America Festival

Chris Tucker -- Runs Up Additional $14 MILLION Tax Tab!!

Stars On The Clock -- Laboring Away!

Lindsay Lohan -- Cash For Crash In PCH Accident

Guess Who This Hungry Little Lady Turned Into!

'Sons of Guns' -- Will Hayden's Alleged Rape Victim Relocated to New Home

What Women Really Think … Of Men (Or Ladies) They ‘Poach’

Talking Too Much About Your Relationship Hurts More Than It Helps

Sit Still And Be Quiet--In Order to Connect with Spirit!

The Silent Killer: My Wife's Depression Almost Ended Our Marriage

Why Did Brangelina Get Married If They Were Already Committed?

Andrew Frey, Man 'High On Meth, Fights Off 15 Police Officers While Masturbating'

Colorado mom impaled through buttocks in texting-and-driving crash: ‘I’m a miracle’

Police: Boy’s Mother Arrested After Telling Teachers He Didn’t Remember His Last Bath

West Valley bandit fails to get any money in 2 robberies: "During the holdup, the employee asked the suspect to wait and walked to the back of the store. When the worker didn't return, the suspect became impatient and left."

Florida men arrested after starting bar fight, making threats to "kidnap an American and behead him"

Florida cops respond to home where three people inside were screaming that they had been taken hostage, but it turned out they were hallucinating on meth and spent hours throwing shit out the window at non-existent attackers.

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who served under George W. Bush, on Tuesday offered supported for President Obama to take executive action on immigration reform.

This Ice Bucket Challenge Nearly Turned Deadly

McClellan: Forgotten decimal point wipes out quilter's bank account

A woman whose husband was convicted of starting a fire that killed three of their children and badly burned her is accused of identity theft while she was recovering... She ordered flowers for herself from two different florists using names of at least five different people.

New York teen dies in Lamborghini test drive

Newborn baby found alive inside Illinois trash bin

Police: Utah suspect swallows stolen ring

A 52-year-old New Jersey man is suing Grindr after being arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old boy he met using the app. Claims it was Grindr's responsibility to verify the boy's age considering you have to be 18 to use the app

Man beaten after leaving kids in car at bar

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Transforming a Pink Floyd icon

Americans held in N. Korea: Help us

Girl dies in beach sand collapse

Rivers' daughter: 'Fingers crossed'

Joan Rivers' chilling death joke

Paul McCartney: Don't do it, Scotland

Plastic bags could be banned HERE

Man reunited with photos of late wife

Stewart wrecks in return to NASCAR

Firefighters' kind act for widow

Fox News

BIG BREW-HA-HA Beer company's takeover has town hopping mad

'NOT ASKING FOR THE MOON': Obama renews push for higher minimum wage

EXTREMISM 'SCOURGE' Cameron proposes tough anti-terrorism laws

I'LL 'BEAT 'EM ALL' Wounded Marine gets ready for London games

All 25 aboard rescued after US helicopter crashes

Five dead in Colorado small plane crash

#MARINEHELDINMEXICO: Mother of jailed Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi makes plea to Obama - Full Coverage: #MARINEHELDINMEXICO

Judge blocks enforcement of Louisiana abortion law


How Safe Is Your Cloud? What to Know About Alleged Celeb Hack

Did Handcuffed Man Kill Himself? Family Demands Probe

Alleged Nude Photo Hack Triggers #IfMyPhoneGotHacked

Lucky Charm: Double Rainbow Shines Over Marine One

'They Say No': Obama Zings Congress in Labor Day Speech

Oops: Rick Perry Deletes 'Unauthorized' Tweet

Miracle at Sea: 25 Survive Navy Chopper Crash

Biden to Union Workers: Time to Take Back America

Washington Times

Obama inaction on Russia invasions of Ukraine could impede nuclear disarmament

COFFEY: Frustrated by Greece, Macedonia proves itself worthy of NATO

Leaders leaders seek manufacturing revival

Pro-Russian rebels lower demands in peace talks

2016ers jockey even before congressional elections

Complaint prods shift in how US, Conn. flags flown

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

Obama seeks to reassure jittery NATO members after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Conservatives raise call to strip jihadists of U.S. citizenship, as Ted Cruz pushes exile

Huffington Post

Instead of Bombing Syria to Fight the Islamic State, Let Syria and Others Battle Islamic Radicals

Faux War

Back to College -- The Only Gateway to the Middle Class

Vladimir Putin, BRICS Bank and Eclipse of South American Idealism

Dispatch From Liberia: An Epidemic of Fear

House Republicans Don't Expect a Shutdown

FBI Addressing Leak Of Nude Celebrity Photos

Fleeing Quarakosh: The Last Christians in Iraq


Feinstein Dings Obama as 'Too Cautious' With ISIS

Judge Halts Texas Abortion Law Targeting Clinics

Chelsea Clinton Quits NBC News

Nation's Drug Czar Is Recovering Alcoholic

Poll: Rob Ford Could Actually Get Re-Elected

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on Ferguson

Gillibrand: Colleagues Called Me 'Fat,' 'Porky,' 'Chubby'

Obama May Skirt Congress on Global Climate Deal

Bobby Jindal Sues White House Over Common Core

CBS News

Obama: “I just want a good deal for American workers”

Rick Perry deletes tweet about "drunk" district attorney

Obama's midterm strategy: Do no harm

At Labor Day Event, Obama pushes GOP to raise minimum wage

Obama's delay on ISIS strategy leads to strange bedfellows

Republicans warn Putin could threaten more European nations

Is it too risky to bomb ISIS inside Syria right now?

Lawmakers, advocates scramble as Obama slows immigration timeline

One America News

China diners test McDonald’s, Yum says food scare hurts KFC, Pizza Hut sales

Bank of America ordered to pay $1.27 billion for Countrywide fraud

Detroit drops post-bankruptcy monitor from exit plan

Time almost up for Argentina to avoid debt default

U.S. home prices down in May, but consumer confidence strong

A mixed quarter for bets on U.S. stock volatility

U.S. homeownership rate falls to 19-year low in second quarter

ABC News

FBI Is 'Addressing' Massive Celebrity Photo Hack

ISIS Turning Old Enemies into Awkward Allies

After Nude Photo Hack, Should Cloud Users Be Worried?

4chan, the Site at Heart of Celebrity Photo Scandal

Western Governments Step Up Efforts to Block ISIS Recruits

UK: Passports Could Be Seized to Fight Terrorism

Will Traffic Deaths Rise as States Legalize Pot?

6 Dead After Speeding Car Slams Into Tree in Texas

Weekly Standard

CNN to Islamist Cleric: 'I Respect That You Try to Get Your Message Out However You Can'

Supporter to Obama: 'Announce a State of Emergency'To Get Around GOP Congress

Video: Libyan Rebels Swim, Belly-Flop in U.S. Embassy Pool in Tripoli?

Obama: Bush-Cheney 'Security Apparatus'Makes Us 'Pretty Safe'

Obama: ISIS 'Doesn’t Immediately Threaten the Homeland'

What If There’s No There There?

Annals of Spin

Jewel in the Crown

‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’

The Hill

NLRB goes rogue against small business

Clinton's Ferguson comments come too late

Why the US swaps prisoners but doesn't pay ransom

Transfer students are losing time and money

Hillary's summer: Five takeaways

Obama is ‘either in denial or overwhelmed,’ Sen. McCain says

Rubio's new tune on immigration

Gutiérrez: Obama’s legacy on the line with immigration action

World Net Daily

Women reject government programs to 'save'them

MSNBC warns: Obama scandal to return with 'vengeance'

Holy Shemitah! Bible cycle unlocks U.S. future

How U.S. weapons made it to ISIS

Snow on Labor Day blankets Wyoming

'Bill Clinton would have fired Hillary'

Famous Republican: Obama clueless about border

New broadcast face takes over at ABC


Year of the Woman Governor hits a snag

Perry deletes 'drunk' DA tweet

Hating on Harry Reid

Rating teachers not as easy as 1, 2, 3

W.H. strife stalls immigration plans

Obama: GOP 'says no to everything'

Why Ferguson might prompt change

Muir resurrects 'World News Tonight'


Jennifer Lawrence requests nude pics investigation

Forget about rainbow parties, sex bracelets and sexting: Today’s kids have not gone wild

Mike Mills: “I discovered Big Star the same way I discovered much of the music I love ­— by listening to Peter Buck’s record collection”

My sex supplement problem

Pop culture’s newest apocalypse: Visions of a smartphone dystopia

Black America’s tragic challenge: How do you explain racism to your son?

The crisis of “bad feminism” is worse than you think

How this politician could help save the planet

Real Clear Politics

5 Dates That Might Be 2014's Turning Point

The Magical President Doesn't Exist

2014's Todd Akin: Where Do Dems Stand?

A New Term for Reform of Schools

When a President Should Stay Silent

Man Arrested While Picking Up His Kids

Why Are Dems Sliming Rand Paul?

Atheist Call to Abort Disabled Is Doomed

Free Republic

Pompano Beach man faces murder charge after bloody stabbing of roommate

FReeper Canteen ~ Road Trip: Pope Field, North Carolina ~ 02 SEPT 2014

Benghazi coming back with a vengeance in September

Watch 1000 Years of European Borders Change In 3 Minutes

Obama's Midterm Strategy: Do No Harm

POLL: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed (is sanity returning?)

U.S. Military Conducts Operation In Somalia

Congress Hates Military-Base Closings, but Can Chuck Hagel Do It Without Their Approval? [From 3-'14


I Will Neither Resign, Nor Go On Leave: Nawaz Sharif

Guntur, Vijaywada or Somewhere in Between? Andhra Cabinet Discusses New Capital

Am Gujarati, Money is In My Blood, Says PM in Tokyo

Pakistan's Premier Challenged by Raging Protests

Six 'High Risk' Ebola Passengers From West Africa Quarantined at Delhi Airport

England Have Batted Like Chumps vs India: Boycott

My Family Has Not Committed Any Impropriety, Says Justice Sathasivam

Britain Unveils Powers to Strip Suspected Islamist Fighters of Passports

Ukraine Defence Chief Warns of 'Great War' With Russia



FBI Joins Investigation of Nude Celebrity Photo Leaks

Ferguson Police Begin Wearing Cameras

86-Year-Old WWII Veteran Mugged in Hospital Parking Lot

Video: Libyan Militia Parties, Swims at Seized U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

Michael Sam Fails to Secure Spot on Rams' Practice Squad

Russia, China Begin Joint Construction of Massive Energy Pipeline

What Jessica Valenti Gets Wrong About the Jennifer Lawrence Hacking

Report: Philadelphia Police Confiscating Thousands of Families Homes


Inquiries Begin Into Nude Celebrity Photo Leaks

The U.S. Should Not Wage War Against ISIS Like Afghanistan and Iraq

Here’s a ‘Lost’ Chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Is It Safe For You To Use the Cloud After Celebrity Hack?

Russia’s Zero-G Sex Geckos Died Before Returning to Earth

Obesity Is A Big Contributor To Diabetes Boom

For Weight Loss, Low-Carb Diet Beats Low-Fat

Where Are All the Hacked Pics of Men?

Daily Beast

Ricky Gervais 'Jokes' That Naked Hacked Actors Have Themselves To Blame

Five Weird, Unpredictable Senate Races

Lars von Trier Breaks His Vow of Silence

American Ninja Warrior Woman

'The Quiet Kennedy' on Vietnam vs. Iraq

Anti-Vaxxers’ New Quack Hero

Has Football Jumped the Shark?

How Gorillas Are Outsmarting Ebola

The Blaze

U.S. Military Conducts Operation Against Al Qaeda-Linked Group in Somalia

Watch a Mantis Shrimp Obliterate a Crab in Super-Slow Motion: ‘Whoa…That Is One Crazy, Awesome Animal’

Americans Detained in North Korea Call for U.S. Help

NATO Plans High-Readiness Force to Counter Russia

Conservative Group Didn’t Take Labor Day Off. They Chose to Do Something Else on the Holiday Instead.

‘That’s My Wife, How Dare You!’: Video Captures Discipline Man Faced After Paying at Women-Only Cash Register in Saudi Arabia

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Hensarling: It’s time to end the Ex-Im Bank

Got room for one more crisis? In Pakistan, protesters threaten government’s stability

Engel: Military officials “apoplectic” over Obama’s “no-strategy” comment

The Democratic revolt continues: Key senator calls for Obama to arm Ukraine

Nearly two years after Benghazi, American embassy in Libya’s capital falls to Islamists

“We need a national conversation…”

Quotes of the day


Star Gets Testy When 'Obvious Child'Is Billed an 'Abortion Rom-Com'

Ed Schultz Quickly Backpedals After Slamming Obama's Cluelessness on ISIS

Feminist Rages Against 'Sex-Obsessed Christian Group'Spreading 'Myth'Of an Oversexed Pop Culture

Latest 'World News'Anchor David Muir Loves 'Cool Kid Obama,'Mocked Romney

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman: Joan Rivers Emergency Underlines Importance of Hospital Admitting Privileges

Al Franken Claims Republicans 'Don't Want Certain Americans to Vote'on Hmong TV

Dimwit! 17-Year-Old Actress Denounces Her Colleagues Who Won't Call Themselves Feminists

Smoking Gun

Presenting This Week's Mug Shot Freak Show

Customer Reached Into Drive-Thru Window And Groped Taco Bell Worker, Cops Charge

"Dark Lord"Cops To Urinating On, Burning Bible

BREAKING: Thong-Wearing Woman Survives Camel Tow Accident

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

L.A. Lawyer Recently Linked To Minnie Mouse Is Busted In Heroin Trafficking Case

Stripper Who Hung Up On Cop Trying To Find Her Missing Child Explained, "I Have To Get On Stage"

Cops: Duo Took "Selfie"With Pal Who Died Of OD

Canada Free Press

Why the Abortion Rate Is Declining

British Islamist Justifies Murder of “Mr. Beheaded Infidel”Foley, States: ISIS Lenient

VP Biden: Time to Take Back America!

Cultivating the Beard Garden

Democrats Use Corpse of Michael Brown to Troll for Votes!

Bulb-noshing Squirrels, Tulip Origins, Spinach Power

Rights group criticizes UN resolution for giving free pass to Baghdad abuses

The Vacant Presidency

How do you define a “More Sedate”“Black Mass”, Oklahoma?

The Ulsterman Report

D.C. WHISPERS: American Military Seething/Outraged Over “24/7 Obama Lies”

Islamic Militants Take American Embassy In Tripoli (VIDEO)

D.C. Whispers: A Glimpse Into The Daily Chaos That Is The Obama White House

Americans fighting for ISIS not banned from coming home…

Michelle Obama Begs “I NEED YOU”


U.S. Economy MUCH Slower Than Obama White House Promised Just Last Month…

John Boehner’s Monkey (VIDEO)


Egyptian troops hunt Hamas, Islamic Jihad rocket gangs loose in Sinai. Palestinians stall on truce talks

The US urges Israel to reverse new West Bank land appropriation

Putin proposes “statehood” for separatist Ukraine regions

Mortar explodes on Israeli Golan from heavy fighting on Syrian side

Israel downed a drone over Golan after it was identified as a Hizballah Ababil 2

Al Qaeda-Sinai claims four more beheadings

Israeli Patriot downs drone over Golan town of Quneitra

Washington Post

8 questions — and answers — about the midterm elections

Leaks of nude celebrity photos raise concerns about security of the cloud

At 40, High Times branches out into partnerships and even a private equity fund

National Digest: Sept. 1, 2014

Monkey Cage: How minor parties help address climate change

With eye on midterms, Obama tries to rally the labor troops

On Obama’s Labor Day visit, politics still loom large

Monkey Cage: Pundits panicking about Ebola hurt cause they mean to help

The Fix: Rick Perry makes a Twitter ‘oops’

Wall Street Journal

GOP Eyes Agenda for Senate

House Republicans Don't Expect a Shutdown

Obama Appeals to Supporters for November Votes

How 2016 GOP Wannabes Spent the Summer

U.S. Believes Closed Embassy in Libya Is Secure

Obama to Reassure Baltic States

North Korea's U.S. Detainees Ask for Help

NSA Phone-Data Program Set for Legal Test

Food-Stamp Use Starting to Fall

Judge Blocks Enforcement of Louisiana Abortion Law

Washington Times

Obama inaction on Russia invasions of Ukraine could impede nuclear disarmament

COFFEY: Frustrated by Greece, Macedonia proves itself worthy of NATO

Leaders leaders seek manufacturing revival

Pro-Russian rebels lower demands in peace talks

2016ers jockey even before congressional elections

Complaint prods shift in how US, Conn. flags flown

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

Obama seeks to reassure jittery NATO members after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Conservatives raise call to strip jihadists of U.S. citizenship, as Ted Cruz pushes exile

LA Times

For some parents, legalization complicates how to talk about pot

On immigration, will Obama shape his legacy or the next election?

Federal judge suspends enforcement of new Louisiana abortion law

More energy-efficient TV boxes saved about $168 million, industry says

Federal judge strikes down key part of restrictive Texas abortion law

Missouri residents sue police over use of force in Ferguson protests

Fundraising Web pages for Ferguson cop still closed; it's unclear why

Obama tries to rekindle hope in Labor Day speech

NY Times

Djokovic and Williams Advance at U.S. Open; Bouchard Loses

Brainy, Yes, but Far From Handy

ABC’s Bet on David Muir of ‘World News Tonight’

A Call for a Low-Carb Diet

Obama Calls for Minimum Wage Rise and Equal Pay as Elections Approach

NATO Weighs Response Force for East Flank

2 Sides Cite Discrimination as Battle on Texas Voting Law Heads to Court

Yves Carcelle, 66, Empire Builder at Louis Vuitton, Dies

USA Today

Richardson: N. Korea seeks talks through U.S. prisoners

The day in pictures

Pro-Russian rebels lower demands in peace talks

Political tension rising in Pakistan

Raw: Iraq forces battle militants

Cameron asks for new powers to fight terror

Marine Corps helicopter crashes; all 25 aboard rescued

Ukraine talks begin; Russia seeks 'peaceful settlement'

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Help vets at home rather than fight more wars

53 metric tons of rotting, dead fish being removed from Mexican lake

Soccer stars play Pope Francis-backed charity match

NATO plans high-readiness force to combat Russian aggression in Europe

UK may seize passports of citizens who join ISIS

North Korea threatens British government over TV series

U.S. diplomat hates lamb

Man trying to walk around the world blocked from Russia

The Times of India

Iran aiming for nuclear accord: Foreign minister

Ukraine military withdraws from Luhansk airport

Britain unveils new steps to fight terror

Both sides guilty of atrocities in Iraq: UN

UK PM wants tough laws to combat threat posed by radicalized Britons

Military action leaves Lesotho in power vacuum

Ukraine accuses Russia of 'open aggression'

Hong Kong protests as China rules out democracy

The Guardian

Fast food workers plan biggest US strike to date over minimum wage

UN to send investigators to Iraq over Islamic State 'atrocities'

US calls for North Korea to free three detained Americans

Marijuana effect on drivers and deaths still hazy, researchers say

Louisiana's restrictive abortion law blocked by federal judge

Tony Stewart makes Nascar return but crashes out on difficult night

Americans detained in North Korea call on Washington to secure their release

Australias Iraqi ambassador warns on weapons supply to Kurds

The Independent

The fate of Detroit in his hands: Judge reviews plan to write off $7bn of debt and rescue city from bankruptcy

Scott Rogers: Baton Rouge TV host was due to face a grand trial before he was allegedly shot by son-in-law and lover

US ambassador to Britain gets roasting from chefs after banning lamb and potatoes

Watch: Couple have terrifying escape from mammoth hammerhead shark

Ecuadoran volcano called 'Throat of Fire' in local language starts spewing ash 28,000ft into air

Mexican woman becomes world’s 'oldest person' at 127

Nucla, Colorado: The US town where you have to own a gun by law

The US town with a gun in every household

The Telegraph

Ashya King's brother: 'We're afraid for his health'

Barack Obama: America deserves a raise

I can take Kiev in two weeks, Vladimir Putin warns European leaders

Israel faces international criticism for land grab revenge for murder of teenagers

FBI leads hunt for hacker behind Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures

Is anyone actually investigating the Jennifer Lawrence naked pictures leak?

No sign of life from missing Nicaragua miners

Poor response to Ebola outbreak causing needless deaths, says World Bank head

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

Rolling Stone

America's Gun Violence Epidemic: Readers Share Their Stories

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

The Intercept

How the NSA Helped Turkey Kill Kurdish Rebels

Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu

The Fun of Empire: Fighting on All Sides of a War in Syria

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google

“How Can You All Fix This?”Painful Questions in Ferguson After Another Police Shooting

Letter From the Border: New Crisis is the Old Crisis

One Apology in Ferguson

Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Executives be the Arbiters of What We See and Read?


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