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Fox News announces candidate line-up for GOP prime-time debate BLUE MOON MURDERS? Sheriff says killing of Florida family 'ritualistic' EMAIL EVIDENCE EPA, enviro groups appear to coordinate on plant rules PRESSURE MOUNTS FBI investigating security of Hillary's email server RUSSIAN LAND GRAB Moscow moves to claim oil and gas rich Arctic Planned Parenthood official: Abortion procedures, prices altered to meet demand - VIDEO: Fifth undercover Planned Parenthood video released Legionnaires' outbreak: 5 key facts to know Third Special Olympics athlete reported missing in LA Drone drops drugs in Ohio prison yard, spurring inmate fight 'One big monster': California wildfire bears down on popular vacation spot - Experts: Powerful El Niño could mean fewer Atlantic hurricanes Newborn baby found in stroller on Los Angeles street Experts say pieces of Flight MH370 could still be afloat Widow of late South Korean leader arrives in North Korea for four-day visit Big-game hunters say their fees aid conservation efforts - OPINION: On the day Cecil died... - VIDEO: 2nd American accused of illegally killing lion in Zimbabwe James Holmes trial: Victims' relatives speak during final sentencing phase Transcript of Tom Brady 'Deflategate' appeal hearing released Government watchdogs urge Congress to reverse crackdown by Obama administration Emails appear to show coordination between EPA, environmental groups on power plant rules - VIDEO: Republicans vow to fight Obama's new EPA regulations Feds under fire in Arizona for plan to round up wild horses - VIDEO: Horses help veterans overcome obstacles Authorities search for man who fired shots near Camp Shelby in Mississippi - Man arrested after report of shooting on National Mall TODD STARNES: City of Houston wants to bulldoze one Black church, condemn another At least 24 dead, more than 300 rescued after twin train derailments in India Shackling video sparks fierce debate on school discipline Two airmen killed during Florida parachute training exercise Spider car climbs anything Rousey is new Carl's Jr. girl Meet Matt’s brother Rooster Allen: We'll 'drill Hillary' Kelly: Latinos clean toilets Get to know Jamba Juice DIY remedies that work Buzz Aldrin’s $33 moon walk Khloe flaunts revenge body Tree survived Hiroshima blast Skarsgard turns up in drag See gorillas up close Name these bizarre foods Woman vows to return vet's ID


Debate Drama: Trump Fears Megyn Kelly

Worried that Megyn Kelly doesn't like him and wants to embarrass him at Thursday's presidential debate, Donald Trump is said to have employed his good friend Rudy Giuliani to lobby Fox News to tone her down.

Top Stories


Obama pitches Iran nuclear deal as support looks 'squishy'

White House criticized for not filling watchdog post at CIA

Russia submits Arctic claim to UN in move to seize oil and gas rights

Florida triple murder investigated as 'ritualistic killing', sheriff says

Listen to the Answer Donald Trump Gives When Bill O'Reilly Presses Him to Get Specific on Plan to Make Mexico Pay for Wall: 'So Simple'

'Mystery Guy'Voted the Democratic Candidate for Mississippi Governor. He's Spent No Money on Campaigning and Didn't Even Vote in the Primary.

Ann Coulter on Why Donald Trump Is Dominating Polls: 'Americans Want Less Immigration'

Ted Cruz: No Deal With Donald Trump Heading into Fox News Debate

Bloomberg: Democrats Pressured to Stay Quiet on Iran

Obama: Bombs Will Fall on Tel Aviv if Iran Deal Nixed

Pope to Clergy: Welcome Warmly Divorced Catholics Who Remarry


Special Report


See the 10 Republicans Who Qualified for the Fox News Primetime Debate

The ten candidates were chosen using an average of five major national polls: Bloomberg, CBS, Fox News, Monmouth University and Quinnipiac University.

Trump Turns the Tables on Gawker After Site Releases His Phone Number

Rush Limbaugh Brazenly Responds to John Boehner After He Went After That 'One Radio Talk Show Host'

The Fox News 'Nerve Factor' - Baier, Kelly and Wallace talk of sleepless nights prepping for the first GOP debate.

Cruz: No Deal With Trump Heading into Fox News Debate

Trump on GOP Field: 'I Have Certain Abilities That They Do Not Have'

See the 10 Republicans Who Qualified for the Fox News Primetime Debate

Fox's Big Debate Night

Who Will Make the Top 10 for Thursday's Fox News-Facebook GOP Debate?

Walker Rips Hillary: 'She'd Be a Pretty Good Deceiver-in-Chief'

Can Sarah Palin sell Donald Trump to 'Joe Six-Pack'?



Outside the Box


Is Our Universe FAKE?

The year is 2050 and super-intelligent robots have taken over the planet. Except you have no idea, because you're living in a computer simulation, depicting what life was like in 2015. Everything you see and touch right now has been created by robotic overlords who are using humanity as playthings in their virtual game. That's the radical theory put forward by a number of scientists over the years, who claim there is a possibility that our world as we know it is fake.

Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood And The Demonic Population Control Agenda Of The New World Order

Brainwashed CNN host asks Planned Parenthood video maker if he's a 'violent extremist'

They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy

UK Kicks Out US Journalist Investigating Former PM's Alleged Pedophilia

8 Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Great Financial Crisis Is Imminent

Pennsylvania to Become First State to Use 'Precrime' Statistics in Criminal Sentencing

Nusra captures five more U.S.-trained rebels

Marines Fired On Near Jade Helm Training Site

Hospitals must work together to prevent superbug spread, CDC says

Saudi Arabia on track to beat annual record of 192 executions

NY State Senator Working On Legislation For Metal Detectors At Theaters, Stadiums And Malls

Ronda Rousey's Trans Twitter Bout

Is Our Universe FAKE?

We are not alone, says Vatican

My Wife Signed-Up For a One-Way Mission to Mars



Drudge Report




Huma controversy hovers over campaign...

BIDEN V. CLINTON: Battle for Hollywood Begins With Dueling Fundraisers...



Amazing Earth beamed back from new weather satellite...


WIKILEAKS: BOEING drones to hack computers from sky...

Marijuana start-up plans drone delivery...

Droid crashes into high-rise, breaks glass, falls onto building garage...

UPDATE: LEXUS releases hoverboard video...

Nearly half of students don't speak English at GA elementary school...

Fifth PLANNED PARENTHOOD video turns to 'intact' fetuses...

'I AM CAIT' Loses Half of Audience in Week 2...

'Homeland' admits cybersecurity bill could 'sweep away' privacy...

Obama to evoke ghosts of Iraq, Soviet Union in Iran plea...

Netanyahu: Nuke Deal 'Will Bring War'...

Tehran accuses USA of breaking deal -- already?

New 'gig' economy spells end to lifetime careers...

DETAILS: Clinton mega-donors funding Jeb...


HURT: Mr. Universe takes on The Nine Dwarves...

MAG: But Will It Be Walker?

Lester Holt Gives NBC 'NIGHTLY NEWS' Its Best July in 10 Years...

86 cases of Legionnaires' disease confirmed in South Bronx...



Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Republican debate: What establishment candidates must accomplish Thursday night
One thing has become clear: Americans are dissatisfied.












The Five

Greta - On the Record

The O'Reilly Factor

The Kelly File



Savage Nation


Networks Censor Release of Fifth Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Video; Continue Lion Coverage

Eureka! Trump Is Tops among Latino Republicans, Univision Reports

Bozell Graham Column: Mark Levin Worries About the Young

NBC Hypes Hillary 'Firing Back' at Jeb Bush over 'Women's Health' Comments; 'She's Got an Issue' Now

Chris Matthews Not Amused, Seems Oddly Offended, by Cruz's 'Machine Gun Bacon'Video

Slate Makes Great Case in Favor of Right to Bear Arms

Liberal Rush Caller: Planned Parenthood 'Does a Lot of Good Things' Besides 'Baby Killing'

Conservative Women's Leader to CNN: Drop Planned Parenthood Consultant

Media Matters staff: Fox's Megyn Kelly Pushes Flawed Comparison Between Hillary Clinton And David Petraeus

Media Matters staff: Fox's Eric Bolling On Amy Schumer's Gun Safety Push: "She's A Comedian So I Wish She'd Stay With The Comedy"

Alexandrea Boguhn Rachel Calvert: 4 More Deceptive Edits In The Fifth Video Attempting To Smear Planned Parenthood

Kevin Kalhoefer Denise Robbins: The Right-Wing Media's Most Unhinged Reactions To EPA's Historic Climate Plan

Media Matters staff: Rush Limbaugh: "You Can Draw A Comparison" Between Abortion Clinics And "Death Camps All Over World History"

Denise Robbins Andrew Seifter: Conservatives Baselessly Scaring People About What The Clean Power Plan Will Do To Their Electricity Bills

Media Matters staff: Sean Hannity Calls For Republicans To Shut Down The Government


Newspaper Row


Landmark New York hotel can't get bike-sharing rack removed
New York hotel loses bid to remove bike-sharing rack it called advertising-laden eyesore

Washington Post

Here#8217;s what not to do at the GOP debate (Video)

Jimmy Fallon#8217;s own debate: Whether to watch the GOP candidates

Your candidate made the debate? Congrats. He might be on TV for five minutes.

The Daily 202: Jeb, in damage control mode, highlights risk of GOP#8217;s war on Planned Parenthood

Political data gurus wrote off Trump. Here#8217;s how they#8217;re defending that.

How does Ted Cruz, college debate champion, prepare for a presidential debate?

What changed since Ferguson? Americans are far more worried about black rights.

New OPM chief Beth Cobert takes aim at gender gap in federal salaries

Harry Reid#8217;s incorrect claim that 30 percent of women rely on Planned Parenthood for health care

Wall Street Journal

How Jeb Bush Spent His Years on Wall Street

Fox News Announces Prime-Time GOP Debate Lineup; Rick Perry Out

Republicans Step Up Calls to Defund Planned Parenthood After New Video

Democratic Dilemma: Head vs. Heart

Obama to Press His Case on Iran Deal

Iranian-Americans Split on Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu Urges American Jews to Reject Iranian Nuclear Deal

Unhappy Voters Shake Up Presidential Race

GOP Leaders Back Vote to Disapprove of Iran Deal

GOP Candidates Keep It Civil at Forum

Washington Times

Obama: Iran vote most important intl. debate since Iraq war

India trains derail; at least 24 killed, 300 survive

Turkey says 'extensive' fight against IS to start soon

Egypt to unveil Suez Canal extension in hope of a new era

Historian Robert Conquest, Soviet regime expert, dies at 98

Natalia Molchanova, world-class freediver, feared dead

Slavery concerns rise over Trans-Pacific Partnership

MICHAEL HAYDEN: Hillary Clinton's classified email denial incoherent

Thousands of California convicts to regain voting rights

LA Times

Obama to make his case on Iran, drawing on lessons from the Cold War

Archdiocese of Milwaukee reaches $21-million settlement with sexual abuse victims

Silent movie buffs search the screen for clues to origins of 'Mostly Lost' films

Next step for Obama's climate rules: A court debate over wording 'glitch'

Sandra Bland's family cites 'plethora of questions,' files suit over her death in Texas jail

Bush says he misspoke about funding for women's healthcare

Marine working for Rep. Duncan Hunter arrested after gun found

White House boosts startup companies headed by women, minorities

NY Times

Kerry Urges Beijing to Halt 'Problematic Actions' in South China Sea

First Draft: Today in Politics: Commotion Over Ad-Libbed Remarks Fills Divide Between Two Jebs

Your Wednesday Briefing

City Room: New York Today: Sinking In

Zimbabwean Trial of Guide in Cecil Killing Is Postponed

Trains Derail at Flooded River Crossing in India, Killing Dozens

Well: Choosing the Right Running Shoes

Wing Part May Shed Light on the Last Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

USA Today

Typhoon takes aim at Taiwan, China

Zimbabwe guide: Cecil case 'frivolous, wrong'

Reunion Island has A Lot of debris, not all is MH370's

Women weren't just Riveters

Flight 370 search: Investigators to analyze 777 wing flap

At least 24 killed, 300 survive after trains derail in India

In speech, Obama to compare Iran deal to Iraq War vote

At least two dead after boats collide on Kenyan lake

NY Post

Motorist gets a tan with traffic brought to standstill

'Second Avenue Sinatra'has been missing since last week

Financier's 'narcissist'claims against beauty-queen wife undone by video tribute

Netanyahu: Iran more interested in nuking US than Israel

Sisters can contest dad's rules for $20M inheritance

Ex-cop in Louima case loses lawsuit over Con Edison firing

Unorthodox formula the Yankees hope carries them to playoffs

Man swipes $1K worth of ice-cream from trucks

NY Daily News

Canadian TV host Chris Hyndman found dead in alley

Israel arrests grandson of Brooklyn-born extremist rabbi

Trial postponed for hunting guide in Cecil the lion killing

Netanyahu slams Iran nuclear deal to American Jewish leaders

Osama bin Laden's family was 'incinerated' in plane crash

Obama wants world to 'step up' in climate change fight

Pittsburgh doctor, trophy hunter defends lion hunt as legal

Twitter rolls out News Tab, iPhone 6 Plus landscape mode

Daily Mail

Sunshine Coast photographer Melissa Jean Wilbraham's Instagram account disabled

Fish are EVOLVING to swim faster to escape trawler nets

Egypt set to unveil giant expansion to Suez Canal tomorrow as the country turns the corner after years of turmoil with $8.5billion expansion to world famous shipping route 

Parents reveal their babies with full heads of hair

Sandra Lee rushed to hospital following emergency related to double mastectomy 

Teen cannabis use 'NOT linked to depression or lung cancer in later life'

Old dog, new tricks: Hungry pet shocks its owner by SPEAKING the word 'mama' in a bid to be fed instead of baby


The Lighter Side


Happy birthday to Tom Brady, who turned 38 years old today. He had a great party, but it got weird when someone caught him letting air out of the balloons.

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez




Halle Berry -- I'm Not Divorcing ... I Just Lost My Damn Ring!

Blake Shelton Threatens Magazine Over Affair Allegation ... I Never Touched That Woman

Chanel West Cost -- Arrested for 'Ricidulousness' Fight At Nightclub (PHOTO)

'Rowdy' Roddy Piper -- Family Calls for Worldwide Moment of Silence During Funeral

Blake Griffin -- I Still Roll with Meek Mill ... I Think (VIDEO)

Louis Gossett Jr. -- Recapturing My Youth Hurts Like a Bitch (PHOTOS)

Gary in 'The Last American Virgin': 'Memba Him?!

Steph Curry's Daughter -- Welcomes Baby Sister With A Kiss (PHOTO)

Ray Rice -- Some People Will NEVER Forgive Me ... and Now I Know Why (VIDEO)

Hero Cop -- Pulls Driver Out Of Car Before Train Hits

James Harden Nike -- No Knee-Jerk Reactions to Adidas Offer

DeMarcus Cousins -- NBA Peace Summit ... Coach Was A Snake, But Now We're Cool (PHOTO)

Elon Musk -- Third Time's a Charm ... Pulls Plug on Divorce Again!

'Despicable' Movie Promo -- Giant Minion Attacks Drivers

Pierce Brosnan -- Stopped by TSA ... Tried to Board Plane With a Knife

If You Always Fall For Mr. Wrong, You NEED To Do These 2 Things ASAP

Are You Dating A Speed Demon Or A Heel-Dragger?

For The Millionth Time: No, It's Not OK To Sleep With Your BFF's Mom

8 Theories Why Gwen and Gavin Are Calling It Quits

7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship ' Even When Life Gets Busy



More News


Fox News

Fox News announces candidate line-up for GOP prime-time debate

BLUE MOON MURDERS? Sheriff says killing of Florida family 'ritualistic'

EMAIL EVIDENCE EPA, enviro groups appear to coordinate on plant rules

PRESSURE MOUNTS FBI investigating security of Hillary's email server

RUSSIAN LAND GRAB Moscow moves to claim oil and gas rich Arctic


Wildfire Forces Entire Washington Town to Evacuate

Four Children Dead After Missouri Condo Fire

Alabama Dump Dispute a Modern Civil Rights Struggle

Two Special Ops Airmen Killed During Free-Fall Training

Horrors of Hiroshima: Nuke Bomb 'Should Never Be Used Again'


Expect a candidate who's not there to take the most bashing

2 airmen die in freefall accident

Trump: Mexico will pay for wall because I say so

Drone drops drugs into prison

Al Qaeda branch: Attack U.S.

MH370 answers may come soon

Anti-gay attack picks wrong men

Right Scoop

So'Jeb Bush is NOT going to like this clip. But Donald Trump will LOVE IT!

FBI looking into Hillary's email

'If you LIKE TRUMP SO MUCH, why don't you GET OUT OF THE RACE?!''Megyn Kelly to Ted Cruz

Al-Qaeda releases video PRAISING Chattanooga terrorist, calls for MORE ATTACKS on U.S.

'I'm getting calls from the BIGGEST PEOPLE in the WORLD''Trump talks GOP Debate with O'Reilly


One America News

Fed not yet decided whether to hike rates in September: Powell

Greek PM Tsipras says deal with lenders is close

Video streaming, Batman drive Time Warner's profit beat

China says has stopped reclamation work in South China Sea

Discovery profit misses Street on weak ad sales, strong dollar

Greek bank shares plunge for third day, drag down broader market

President-elect says Poland should be part of Ukraine peace talks: PAP

ABC News

Who's In and Who's Out of the First GOP Debate

Zimbabwean Trial of Guide in Cecil Killing Is Postponed

Drone Dropping Drugs Over Prison Yard Sparks Brawl

7 People Dead After Legionnaire's Outbreak Infects 86 in NYC

Search Crews Face Difficult Terrain, Gunfire in Manhunt

At Least 24 Killed, 300 Rescued After Trains Derail in India

Why Some Lawmakers Want to Keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 Bill

Toxic Algae Blooming in Warm Water From California to Alaska

Weekly Standard

Hillary Won't Share Videos of Granddaughter Because of 'Security'

Biden Considered Resigning Vice Presidency to Help Dying Son

Robert Conquest, 1917-2015

Bernie Sanders in 'Statistical Tie'With Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

Media Calls Planned Parenthood Videos 'Highly Edited'But Won't Explain Why Editing is Bad

Rocket Science

Demand the Documents

Defender of Fidel

How to Shrink the Economy

The Hill

Obama's climate legacy rests in our hands

The REINS Act will keep regulations and their costs in check

Congress holds hearing on Palestinian-led movement, without Palestinians

Crude oil exports and the price of gasoline

Bush drops 40 pounds on Paleo diet

Trump: Harvard students 'fraudsters and liars'

Juan Williams: GOP's anger turns in upon itself

Trump widens lead in new poll

World Net Daily

Left-leaning TV talker: Trump looks more 'leader'than Obama

Military families on alert as FBI warns of odd men

Illegal accused of rape, murder had prior arrests

FBI kicks off investigation of Hillary's email

Shots fired near U.S. soldiers at Camp Shelby

86 cases of Legionnaires'disease in NYC

Allen West report: Kerry's cozy link to Islamists

Shaky markets now a fact of life


What do they stand for? Good luck finding out

For Iran vote, Obama seeks GOP ally

The Fox News 'Nerve Factor'

What if Trump wins?

FBI investigates security of Clinton emails

At home-state fundraiser, Christie targets Obama

Gawker presses on Philippe Reines emails

Dems demand amendments to cyber bill


Sarah Palin's red-state socialism: Why the right is more pinko than you think

'A really disturbing turning point': Why Bush v. Gore began a devastating new era for American civil rights

The austerity crisis America ignores: Puerto Rico is having its Greek moment'but nobody seems care

The hideous truth about Donald Trump: Why the 'Trump Surge' is here to stay ' even if his campaign isn't

Jon Stewart's real threat to Fox News: You don't get to define patriotism!

Real Clear Politics

The Wages of Racial Discord

Obama Didn't Kill Coal, the Market Did

The Trouble With the Latest Global Warming Plan

My Question for the Republican Debate

Democrats Need a Scott Walker

Biden Won't Defeat Clinton--She Can Do That Herself

Why Is Rubio Sliding in the Polls?

If Bush Wants to Win, He Should Play Chess

Hot Air

Video: Tapper asks Press Sec why nobody at White House has watched PP videos

Quotes of the day

Obama to head out on vacation as planned, not bother wooing Dems on Iran deal

Video: Visitors leaving National Archives struggle with the First Amendment

Bidenmania hides a deeper problem: the Democratic bench

Liberal defenders of the poor still fascinated with Scott Walker's credit card debt

Here we go: Senate Dems falling into line to support Obama's disastrous Iran deal

Spoiler alert: Jeb Bush's campaign apparatus is PACked with cash


Networks Censor Release of Fifth Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Video; Continue Lion Coverage

Eureka! Trump Is Tops among Latino Republicans, Univision Reports

Bozell Graham Column: Mark Levin Worries About the Young

NBC Hypes Hillary 'Firing Back' at Jeb Bush over 'Women's Health' Comments; 'She's Got an Issue' Now

Chris Matthews Not Amused, Seems Oddly Offended, by Cruz's 'Machine Gun Bacon'Video

Slate Makes Great Case in Favor of Right to Bear Arms

Liberal Rush Caller: Planned Parenthood 'Does a Lot of Good Things' Besides 'Baby Killing'

Smoking Gun

DMV Instructor Busted For Illicit Sex Proposal

Carjacker Tries To Steal Unmarked Cop Car

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Vandal Defaces Civil War Memorial With "Confed Lives Don't Matter"Graffiti

Florida Coppers Collar Babyface Floyd On Felony Raps

Cops: DJ In Priest Garb Assaults Transgender

Naked Connecticut Man, 81, Arrested For Illegally Communing With Nature

Meth Trafficker Walter White Wants Stuff Back

Canada Free Press

Australian wine has fallen out of fashion

CCRKBA To Congress: 'Time To Reopen Fast amp; Furious Probe'

How the Fantastic Four Got Their Powers(video)

The 'Untouchables'

International Experts Warn Sri Lanka against dangerous Ambassadorial Appointments

Obama's Final Carbon Rule Combines Fake Carrots and a Big Stick

The Islamic Republic of Iran­­'State sponsor of Terrorism

Planned Parenthood Video 5: Who's up for selling 'intact cadavers'?

Radiation Hormesis Gets Another Look

The Ulsterman Report

He Did It AGAIN 'Donald Trump Turns Liberal Media's Face Red (VIDEO)

D.W. Ulsterman's Review Of Showtime's, 'RAY DONOVAN'

It's Official 'Top Gear's Clarkson, May, and Hammond Have New Show With Amazon

Race-Ragers Prepare For Yet Another Onslaught Following University Officer Indictment (VIDEO)

John Kerry Just Hinted Obama White House Prepared To Break The Law To Keep Iran Deal

Media Declares Trump Campaign 'DOOMED''What Say You?


Voters Cheer As Donald Trump Decimates Far Left Reporter (VIDEO)


News flash for Obama: With or without a nuclear deal, Hizballah's Iranian missiles threaten Tel Aviv

First Jewish suspect of violent attack detained without trial

Obama: Without nuclear deal, rockets will rain on Tel Aviv

Shots fired at US military camp in Mississippi

Saudi and UAE armored brigades and commando forces land in Aden as Houthi insurgents fall back

Lavrov: US air strikes in Syria violate international law

The late Rabbi Kahane's far-right grandson detained


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