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ALIEN HUNTING GROUND' Newly-discovered planets may house ET life

JUSTICE DENIED' USS Cole captain slams Gitmo release of Al Qaeda member tied to attack

'PRAYER' PUT-DOWN Cruz, Trump battle over Christian votes in Indiana

Cruz makes his case as Indiana votes

Indiana primary: 5 things

Candidates champion dubious workers

The Hill's 12:30 Report

Michigan gov to meet with Obama in Flint

Pelosi: Mexico should not worry about Trump

Trump slams 'unhinged' Cruz for 'ridiculous outburst'

Obama: Trump not 'equipped' to be president

D.C. sees record tourism in 2015

Glenn Beck Smears Cheetos All Over His Face During Mental Breakdown

Are aliens living just 40 light-years away'

Elvis May Be Alive

ISIS fighters 'are filming themselves raping sex slaves' in Iraq 

Trump says he'll keep droning terrorists, hold more press conferences, tell jokes to roast his rivals and spice up the 'boring' GOP convention ' and promises not to tear up Michelle Obama's garden to practice his golf swing


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BLAZE OF GLORY: Choose Between Good and Evil...


We Have Almighty God on Our Side...

A Divine Intervention...

DRUDGE headlines a sign 'we are done'...

POLL: Fiorina Flop...



Trump pops to 56% nationally...

Kristol Reconsidering #NeverTrump'



Man Hijacks DC Metrobus; Driver Injured, Pedestrian Killed...


Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Deepens as Govt Misses Payment...

The 'Border Keepers'...


Panama prepares to transfer 3,000 US-bound Cuban migrants to Mexico...

Cuban dissident arrested for waving U.S. flag as cruise ship arrived...

Airlines report record profits even as customer complaints soar...

World's most expensive ticket: $38,000 each way!

Loyal dogs refuse to leave side of dying baby girl...

Pope receives abuse after rare tweet about Jesus...

Italian court rules food theft by hungry poor 'not crime'...

Move over, wearables. Swallowable computing has arrived...

Trump Blasts 'Disgraceful''Destruction Of America'Comments By Cruz's Father

Does Treating Addiction Require A 'Higher Power''

Party Elites Push To Rig Constitution

SELL IN MAY: DOW Posts Triple-digit Drop as Global Growth Fears Resurface

HSBC Profit Falls 14% Amid Volatility and Weak Trading Conditions

How Anarchy Will Be Used To Wipe Out America

Watch What This Black Man Says About Donald Trump

Libertarian Priorities

The Super Rich Were the First to Bail During the Financial Crisis

Why Russia Resents Us

Donald Trump Warns of Massive Economic Collapse 2016

Criticism: The Untruth About Donald Trump | #NeverTrump Stumped!

Has NASA Discovered An Alien Civilization'

Economic Whisper Signalling The Crash Of The System Is Approaching

CIA Director: 28 Page 9/11 Report Is Hearsay

Gerald Celente - AI The 2016 Financial Meltdown

US involved in Brazil's Coup D'etat

Bank of England Prepares for BREXIT!

If Trump wins in Indiana he will be The Nominee -- Mike Rivero

Ted Cruz debates with Trump supporter in Indiana

Clinton Again Refuses To Release Wall St Speech Transcripts, Laughs At Sanders Claim To Still Be Contesting Nomination

Don't Sleep Through the Revolution: A Graduation Message for a Dark Age

Coal Worker Confronts Hillary Clinton On Putting Coal 'Out Of Business,' Asks How She Can Act Like A Friend Now

As the economic collapse accelerates, home invasions for FOOD start appearing in the press... hungry people raiding homes incite NJ chaos

How Moqtada al-Sadr Could Take Down Iraq's Government

The Truth Shall Set You Free



Seeing a Decisive Win at Hand, Trump Gears Up for Clinton

The Hole In Sanders' Strategy For Winning Nomination

Cruz's Image Plummets, Trump's Improves Among GOP

Trump's Nomination and the Decaying Republican Party

#NeverTrump Crowd is Running Out of Steam -- and Time

How Bernie Changed Hillary

David Brooks Should Stay in His Little Bourgeois Strata

The Republican Party Gets What It Deserves

Like Obama, Clinton Will Only Have 2 Years to Govern

Ceiling Alert! Donald Trump Up to 56% Nationally

TED CRUZ to Indiana Voters: Help 'Pull Us Back from the Cliff'(VIDEO)

A Sign from Heaven' Big Empty Room Greets Ted Cruz at Final Indy Rally

'Stop Trump' to Cruz: Win Indiana, or else

Who's winning Indiana' It's anybody's guess

How Ted Cruz Got Indiana Wrong

Trump closes out Indiana by looking past it

Trump Links Cruz's Dad to Lee Harvey Oswald

Poll: Cruz Picking Fiorina Not Helping His Chances

Cruz Slams Trump as 'Pathological Liar, Amoral, Bully'

New Study: Men Not Affected By Anti-Trump Ads

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Madonna French Montana -- Met Gala Turn Up ... In Ya Mouth! (VIDEO)

TMZ Live: Hillary Clinton: No Fly List!

Dana Stubblefield's Lawyer -- Accuser Is Not Mentally Disabled ... We Can Prove It

Floyd Mayweather -- Talkin' Trash to Jim Jones (VIDEO)

50 Cent -- Autistic Airport Worker Lawyers Up ... Wants $1 Million For Bullying

Prince -- Emergency Call to Home Over Cocaine Use

Caitlyn Jenner -- I'm So Racy in My New Whip (PHOTOS)

Beyonce -- Rita Ora Cleared from the 'Becky' List (PHOTOS)

Future Ciara -- Play Dress Up At Met Gala ... Without Russell Wilson (PHOTOS)

Talladega Superspeedway -- 2 Dead Bodies Found After Race

Tupac's Mom Afeni Shakur -- Dead at 69

Met Gala -- Lots of Pics of Super Hot Chicks (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner -- Met Gala Made Me Bleed (PHOTOS)

Paralympic Swimming Legend -- Disqualified Over Olympic Rings Tattoo

Dana Stubblefield -- I Didn't Rape That Woman ... Sex Was Consensual

6 Confidence-Boosting Dating Tips Every Introvert NEEDS To Memorize

5 Ways Highly Confident, Strong People Handle Rejection With Grace

We Can't Stop Rape Until We Start Talking To Our Sons

I Tried Orgasmic Yoga And I Swear Rainbows Shot Out Of My Vagina

11 F*cks Every Grown-Ass Woman Should STOP Giving

There's A Special Place In HELL For Mistresses Who F*ck Married Men

More News / Trivia

Canada Free Press

Invictus Games:nbsp; More military heroes, less publicity hound world leaders needed

Holocaust Remembrance

The Bundy Affair '#11 ''Violence Begets Non-Violence'

After promising to destroy the coal industry, Hillary faces an unemployed coal worker

The one, big, honkin'problem with all those polls showing Hillary winning in November

It is the ethic that promotes intolerance

Governments in Canada spent more than $25 billion on childcare in 2015

Bowl Cut Jr. bans weddings and funerals for some reason

Obama's onerous new rules will hurt both business and workers

The Ulsterman Report

Senator Cruz, You Fought Hard. It's Now Time You Bow Out &Help Unify The Country'

D.W. Ulsterman Offers A Bit Of Help With Those Monday Blues'Dean Brody's 'Friday'

Conor McGregor Fights For His Own Freedom &Self-Determination

D.W. Ulsterman: 'It Is Now Time For The Republican Party To Unite Behind Donald Trump'

D.W. Ulsterman Answers Question On What His Favorite Prince Song Is'

D.W. ULSTERMAN On The Launch Of Game Of Thrones: Season 6

'THE WRITER'Publication Update



Three Israelis soldiers injured, one seriously, in vehicular attack

Situation in Gaza border area #39;very quiet#39; as Netanyahu visits

US soldier killed during operation against ISIS near Irbil, Pentagon says

US Gen. Scaparrotti assumes the helm at European Command, NATO

Israeli wounded in knife attack in Jerusalem#39;s Old City

IHS Jane#39;s: 2,150 people killed by ISIS in first three months of 2016

Tehran to bestow nationality on kin of foreigners who died fighting for Iran



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