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Did Hillary Commit a Felony?

Federal criminal law makes it a felony when any custodian of official government records willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same. The crime is punishable by up to three years in prison. And interestingly, Congress felt strongly enough about the crime that it included the unusual provision that the perpetrator shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.


Justices sharply divided over health care law subsidies

House committee subpoenas Clinton emails in Benghazi probe

`It WAS him': Defense admits Tsarnaev bombed Boston Marathon

Latest on Boston bombing trial: Victim says she saw pal die

US ambassador to SKorea slashed on face and wrist in attack

Australia offers Indonesia prisoner swap to stop executions

Adam Kinzinger to Iraqis: Iran's Military Help Will Come With a Price

Russian Building Oversized Aircraft Carrier After 30 Year Lull

WSJ: Obamacare Challenge Puts Chief Justice Roberts in Spotlight

Ari Fleischer: 'I Guarantee You' Hillary's Emails Were Hacked




Popular Headlines

Hillary Clinton teases 'Don't you want to see a woman president?' at star-studded gala

Nobel Peace Prize chairman demoted, first time in 114-year history

Paralyzed woman uses just her thoughts to do things in breakthrough technology

South American coati finally captured after two months roaming countryside

US ambassador to South Korea injured in razor attack

Defense secretary takes issue with 3-year timeline in Obama’s ISIS plan

Bill Cosby accuser says he had her put oatmeal on her face, act like a queen

Here's why K-Cups' inventor doesn't use them

Tom Selleck returns on new ‘Jesse Stone’ movie

Carsickness led to $4.8M heist of gold bars, truck crew says

Special Report

It Is Her Fault She Was Gang Raped, Says Rapist From New Delhi Bus Incident

India Bans Incendiary Rape Documentary

Did Hillary Commit a Felony?

Woman files for divorce because her husband has a penis which is too big

Oldest person in the world celebrates 117th birthday

Judge Napolitano Faces Off With Former NSA Chief

Dog performs a choreographed dance with her owner

Hillary Clinton ran own computer system for her official emails

Over 100,000 Americans Sign Petition Opposing Mandatory Vaccinations

What if Hillary Bows Out?


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MAG: A Real Challenger for Hillary?

The NEW, NEW REPUBLIC: Clinton Not Ready For Primetime...

E-mail Revelations Cause Party Anxiety...

Office was warned...

House committee subpoenas personal account...

AP Threatens Legal Action...

Judicial Watch Sues for Huma's Egypt Emails...


FCC Commissioner: Internet rules based on 'ideological agenda'...

World's oldest person celebrates 117th birthday...

Life has 'seemed rather short'...

FERGUSON ON EDGE: Prosecutors consider criminal charges against Michael Brown family members...

ABCFAMILY 'THE FOSTERS' Airs Same-Sex Kiss Between Boys...

Bush asks donors NOT to give more than $1 million...

POLICE: Obama bullet ban not needed...

SKID ROW SCANDAL: Man shot by LAPD revealed to be French bank robber...

FACEBOOK posts griping about job land US contractor in Emirates jail...

Saudi executions now at 'unprecedented rate'...

10 more mystery drones over Paris...

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CHRISTOPHER HARPER: After 'net neutrality' win, FCC's power needs to be dialed back

ARIEL COHEN: Boris Nemtsov's murder — the tip of Vladimir Putin's iceberg

BOOK REVIEW: 'Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World's Worst Financial Crisis and Why i

CAL THOMAS: Taylor Swift's poor investment in New York City schools

SUZANNE FIELDS: Netanyahu's Bible lesson from Queen Esther

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Obama ignores constitutional limits of presidential power

MONICA CROWLEY: Obama world order favors Middle East adversaries over allies

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Obama's weakness on the Middle East

MORTON KLEIN AND DANIEL MANDEL: Cause of strain U.S./Israel relations: Obama’s hostile policies

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Su

Hot Stuff


Nick Gordon -- I'm Spilling Bobbi Kristina Secrets ... to Dr. Phil

Skid Row Attack -- 4 Cops Take Down Homeless Man ... For Destroying TV Camera

Kevin O'Leary -- I Won't Invest In Yao Ming's Wine ... 'Cause I'm Launching My Own!!

Sauce Twinz -- We Got Steve Francis' Chain Back!

Karrueche Tran -- Chris Dropped Baby Bomb On Me ... I Had No Clue

Nick Cannon -- Buying Dem Babies 3 MIL Worth Of Crawl Space

Lil Boosie -- Fan Learns the Hard Way ... Don't Try to Jump on the Stage! (VIDEO)

Steelers William Gay -- 1-Man Shirtless Dance Party (video)

Scott Eastwood -- No Shirt, No Shoes ... No Problem AT ALL (PHOTOS)

Hillary Clinton -- Finally, We Can Talk Emails! And Generation Gaps

Prince -- Basketball Career Plagued by Height and Turnovers

Chris Brown -- Baby Mama Partied with Karrueche Tran

Steve Francis -- 'The Chain Is In Our Possession'

Scott Disick Facing Lawsuit For Mailing In U.K. Appearance

Ronda Rousey -- Bikini Fight Workout ... During S.I. Swimsuit Shoot (Video)

Feeling Heartbroken? 3 Ways To FINALLY Get Over Your Ex

10 Tell-Tale Signs He's Cheating On You

5 Ways You Ruined Your First Date (Without Even Knowing) [VIDEO]

So You Hate Your Husband — 6 Ways To Find The Love (Again)

Why The First Lap Dance I Ever Got Ended Up Being My Last

NYPD commissioner blames legal marijuana in Colorado for increase in New York shootings

Proposed California law would require execution of gays "by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method"

Ohio fugitive’s tearful arrest photo after bragging on Sheriff’s Facebook

Ohio man admits son is not that bright for taunting Butler Co. Sheriff's Office with Facebook post before being arrested

Fight over handicapped spot at Walmart sends 71-year-old woman to the hospital

Welcome sign error gives Miami Beach visitors wrong message

Las Vegas hospital accidentally sends miscarried fetuses to laundry

Sacramento sees another bizarre find of multilated animals

Metro Transit hiring 'bathroom czar' to solve potty problem

Texan arrested with sword in cane, tried to visit jailed son

Court: Man burned by fajitas while praying can't sue eatery

An Ohio man is in custody after apparently commenting under his own online wanted photos on the Sheriff's Facebook page

'Microsoft tech support' scammer recorded threatening to kill B.C. man

Suspect in autistic teen beating accused of peeing on cellmate

Suspect in custody after chatting with deputies on Facebook. An Ohio man is in custody after apparently commenting under his own online wanted photos.

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More News


Ambassador attacked with knife in Seoul

1 Ferguson employee fired

Ben Carson apologizes for 'hurtful' words

'Seinfeld' actor dies

Feds: Va. teen an ISIS recruiter

'Jihadi John': 9/11 'wrong'

Anybody-but-Hillary Dems energized

Case could kill Obamacare

Paul Allen: I found a battleship

Jet airliner skids off runway

Fox News

BLOODY ATTACK: US ambassador to S. Korea slashed by razor-wielding man

BENGHAZI PROBE Clinton emails subpoenaed by House committee

AT ODDS WITH OBAMA New Defense Sec. takes issue with ISIS strategy

GRAND CANYON SHOOT? Hunters seek to regulate growing bison herd


DOJ will not prosecute former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson - OPINION: Why Justice reports on Wilson, police matter to us all

Carsickness led to $4.8M heist of gold bars, truck crew says


Ferguson Mayor: One Police Employee Fired after DOJ Report

Holder Slams Ferguson Cops for Racist, Money-Grubbing Practices

Ferguson Police Fire One, Suspend Two for Racist Emails

This Retired Nurse Uses Her Pension to Feed Thousands

Ferguson Cop Fired, Two Investigated for Racist Emails

St. Louis Prosecutor: DOJ Report Confirms We Did The Right Thing

Stunning Start: Tsarnaev's Lawyer Says 'It Was Him'

Texas Firefighter Arrested After Posting Photo of Dead Dogs Online

Washington Times

Libya makes urgent appeal to UN to lift embargo on weapons

Mark Lippert, U.S. ambassador to South Korea, attacked

Benghazi panel to issue subpoenas for more Clinton emails

Al-Qaida, others attack Syrian intelligence office in Aleppo

Israeli maritime commandos raid ship, seize dozens of advanced rockets allegedly from Iran

US-Polish live-fire army exercise begins

A sampling of editorials from around New York

U.S., China, South Korea should prepare for North Korea's collapse, former top negotiator says

Russian bombers force passenger jet to change course in Irish-controlled airspace

Huffington Post

Mr. President, It's Our Moment of Truth

'Dismal' Doesn't Even Begin To Describe LA's Voter Turnout

Another Failure of All-or-Nothingism

Ben Carson Apologizes For Saying Prisons Prove Being Gay Is A Choice

Barbara Boxer Offers New Iran Bill As Democrats Flee GOP Proposal

Ferguson Employee Fired, 2 Other On Leave Over Emails Released In Scathing DOJ Report

California Man Charged With Trying To Join Islamic State

Here Are Some Of The Worst Parts In The DOJ Ferguson Report


Ben Carson: Sorry About My Comments on Gays

House Benghazi Panel to Subpoena Clinton's Emails

Obama's 'First Significant' Veto Holds

Graham Jabs at Pelosi's 'Surgeries,' Is Sorry

ObamaCare Case: Kennedy, Roberts Tough to Read

Ben Carson: Being Gay Is a Choice, and Prison Proves It

Clinton Also Used Her Own Email Server

No Plan B If Court Rules Against ObamaCare: WH

Alabama Supreme Court Defiantly Halts Gay Marriage

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

China lowers annual growth target, pledges more reform

Arizona jury in Jodi Arias case to keep deliberating Thursday

China premier says will fight pollution, corruption

Asia stocks slip, euro languishes at 11-yr low before ECB

Cate Blanchett on being evil in ‘Cinderella’

Judge tells Atlantic City’s Revel Casino to seek higher bid

Cuba, EU renew talks on relations; will discuss human rights

ABC News

Knife-wielding Man Attacks US Ambassador in South Korea

Benghazi House Committee Subpoenas Hillary ClintonEmails

K-Cup Inventor Regrets Creating Coffee Pods

Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect???s Defense Admits ???It Was Him???

DOJ Will Not Charge Darren Wilson

Senate Fails to Override Obama's Veto of Pipeline Bill

Passengers Evacuate Flight in Denver as Smoke Fills Cabin

Reading the Supreme Court Tea Leaves on Obamacare

Weekly Standard

Kennedy's Constitutional Concerns, Then and Now

Will Hillary Need a Pardon From Obama?

Derek Harvey on the Osama Bin Laden Documents

Justice Confirms: Physical Evidence in Ferguson Shooting Corroborated Officer's Story

Promethean America

Must Reading

Poe’s Shadow

Implausible Deniability

Netanyahu’s Moment

The Hill

What if it's Boehner who can't govern?

Administration's privacy proposal is next step in regulating Internet

Ben Carson's comments insult humanity

Giving the president a break on Middle East policy

Pelosi 'near tears'at Bibi 'insult'

WHIP LIST: 56 Democrats to skip Netanyahu speech to Congress

Deal or not, Dems expect Boehner to cave

Bibi boycott grows prior to speech

World Net Daily

Chicago police 'black site'evokes shady history

Will Obamacare flatline? All sides on edge

Benham brothers: 'We are right where we need to be'

Another Clinton scandal brings demand for contempt citation

Firing back: Shootout over ammo ban gets serious

Obama's bullet grab sparks rebellion

Arab paper: Obama only one not to understand Mideast

Ice cream a bribe to eat Michelle O's lunch


Obamacare saved? Not so fast

How Boehner might rethink his speakership

Hillary Clinton's awkward Wall St. gala

Tomorrow's weather: More Hillary storms

Holder slams Ferguson police force: 'Collection agency'

State Department sued for Hillary Clinton e-mails with Mohamed Morsi's wife

U.S. ambassador slashed in razor-blade attack

Obama holds off-the-record session with columnists


“American Crime”: Oscar winner John Ridley’s new prestige drama clinches ABC’s spot as America’s best network

“Buzzard” is the new “Office Space”: An unhinged slacker comedy for the dead-end temp economy

Nobody cares about your book: Why that “Things I Can Say About MFAs” essay struck such a nerve with writers

The case against private education: Why we put our kids in public school

That controversial Bill Clinton portrait was thrown in storage (but not for the reasons you’d think)

Real Clear Politics

Justices Split on Health Law Challenge

Does 'Joy of Cooking'Explain Burwell?

The End of Obamacare?

How Obamacare Fails the Poor & Middle Class

Netanyahu's Zero-Sum Game

A Quintessentially Clinton Scandal

Voters Not Likely to Care About Email Furor

Pro-Growth, Pro-Family Tax Reform

Free Republic

Mormon church backs Utah LGBT anti-discrimination bill

Walker says he'll sign 20-week abortion ban

Judicial Watch Sues for Hillary and Huma’s Egypt Emails

FReeper Canteen ~ Remembering Our Troops!! ~ 05 March 2015

Is Violence a Core Teaching in Islam?

Ten Migrants Killed, Over 1,100 Rescued from Mediterranean Within 24 Hours

Boehner escapes jam on DHS vote, but more GOP battles loom

Ben Carson: You know what, I’m done talking about gay rights from now on


US Ambassador to South Korea Slashed in the Face by an Armed Man

Australia Break India's Record, Hit Highest World Cup Score in History

Clean Chit on Rights Violations to Policeman Who Shot Michael Brown

Dilip Shanghvi Overtakes Mukesh Ambani as Richest Indian: Forbes

Anil Ambani-Led Reliance Infrastructure Acquires Pipavav for up to Rs 2,082 Crore

PM Modi Economical With Truth on UPA Schemes, Claims Congress

Opinion: 'India's Daughter Banned?' It Should be Compulsory Viewing

Opinion: Dear Government, We Don't Need a Nanny

NDTV Wins Best Media App in India


Daily Caller

‘Stop Rush’ Activists Target Rush Limbaugh’s Staff

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Still In Coma On 22nd Birthday

Abu Dhabi Jails American For Facebook Post Made In Florida

Halperin Grills Media Matters Founder: Should America ‘Blindly Trust’ Hillary Clinton? [VIDEO]

Rampant Fraud Pervades Rooftop Solar Industry

Wanted Man Mocks Police On Facebook But Cops Have The Last Laugh

Republican Senators Go After Federal Labor Board

The Great, Amazing, Incomparable Stan Evans Is Dead


Bruce Willis to Make Broadway Debut in Stephen King’s Misery

House Passes Amtrak Bill That Could Boost Northeast Service

Superbug Found at Second L.A. Hospital

Ferguson Police Official Fired Over Racist Emails, 2 Others on Leave

More Kids Are Eating Fruit at School, Study Finds

U.S. Envoy to South Korea Injured in Blade Attack

PEEPS-Flavored Milk Is a Real Thing You Can Put Into Your Body

Statins May Seriously Increase Diabetes Risk

Daily Beast

Australia Is Mass Murdering Koalas Again

The 6 Most Racist Ferguson Police Emails

France’s Littlest Drug Mules

Scott Walker’s Got Email Drama, Too

Turkey’s Thought Police

The Pope’s Homeless Guests Are Moving In

When a Teen Family Band Grows Up

Pentagon Chief: Everybody STFU

The Blaze

Country Artist’s Conservative Anthem Takes Internet by Storm: ‘The Most Controversial Song of the Year’

CNN Confronts Elizabeth Warren With Question on Clinton Emails — Here’s How She Responded

Former ‘Meet the Press’Host David Gregory Tries, Fails to Keep This Speech ‘Off the Record’

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert Injured After Being Attacked By Man Wielding Razor Blade

When a ‘Raging Alcoholic’Turned His Life Over to God, Hundreds of Lives Were Saved

Trey Gowdy Subpoenas Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails

Hot Air

Abandon the fantasy. Hillary isn’t going anywhere

Ben Carson: You know what, I’m done talking about gay rights from now on

Smelling blood in the water, Biden’s 2016 juggernaut seizes on Clinton’s woes

Walker: I’ll sign a ban on late-term abortions

McConnell urges states to ignore Obama administration’s orders… no, the other ones

Great news: Hillary’s e-mail server had a “misconfigured encryption system”

WaPo, Dennis Ross: Obama has to answer Netanyahu’s “strong case” on Iran deal

New York Times staffers behaving badly


On CNN, Liberal GOP Guest Blasts 'Untethered to Reality'Carson on Marriage

Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'

ABC's Karl Tries to Deflect From Hillary Email Scandal By Hitting GOP Rep

MSNBC's Defense of Hillary Begins: Schultz Sees 'Benghazi Witch Hunt 2'

Nets Refuse to Report Latest IRS Scandal News, ABC Hasn’t Touched in 10 Months

LGBT Activist in CNN Anchor's Clothing Cuomo Hounds Carson on Marriage

New York Times Lets Feminists Compare Abortion Lobbyist to...Moses

Smoking Gun

Prosecutors Mull Charges In Brown Family Attack

Hillary Clinton's Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny

Motorist, 21, Arrested After Cops Find His Marijuana Stash Inside Sour Cream Container Labeled "Not Weed"

Repeat Drunk Driver, 66, Arrested Wearing Remarkably Stupid Message T-Shirt

Another Satisfied Walmart Patron Gets Arrested

Indiana Cops Hunt Moran (Or Morans) Who Defaced Covered Bridge With Graffiti

Yuck: Fred Durst Is Dripping In Baby Oil

Florida Police Arrest Woman For Domestic Nut Punching Incident

Canada Free Press

Pelosi “nearly crying”while America “nearly dying”

Hillary’s Spam

Obama Presides over the Stupefying of America

SAF Authorizes Court Action If .223 Ammo Ban Is Implemented

How Liberals Are Trying to Intimidate Roberts Court in King v. Burwell Case

Pardon me, Say again

The amnesty cave: A consequence of weakness, but also of the corruption of language

Dear Hillary, Trey Gowdy would like to have a word with you about those private emails

PM Stephen Harper Announces Legislation To Keep Canada’s Most Heinous Criminals Behind Bars Fo

The Ulsterman Report

WINTER IS COMING –AGAIN: Game of Thrones Season 5 Looms…

D.W. Ulsterman’s Reading List: March 4th, 2015

Who Is Benjamin Netanyahu And Why Is He So Much Cooler Than Barack Obama?

Texas -vs- Barack Obama: The Battle Begins…

Anti-Hillary Push Back Building Within Her Own Party?

Bibi Welcomed With “Thunderous Applause”By Republicans (VIDEO)

APPALLING: Obama State Dept. Tweets Radical Cleric’s Anti-Jewish “Teachings”

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Obama’s Iranian-nuclear strategy brings dividend: Rev Guards lead military assault on Tikrit

Kerry travels to Riyadh to reassure Gulf on Iran nuclear deal

Netanyahu arrives home, bucked by response to his speech

More mystery drones over Paris

Netanyahu’s political opponents rubbish his performance

Obama says Netanyahu offered no better plan

In his US Congress speech, Netanyahu did not urge scrapping nuclear accord – only making it a lot tougher for Iran

Washington Post

White House says Clinton did not heed e-mail policy

Clinton teases about a woman president at Emily’s List gala

Amid Clinton controversies, Democrats yearn for an alternative

White House counts on Sen. Wyden to deliver on a trade deal

As House panel issues subpoenas, questions mount over Clinton e-mails

Same-sex marriages halt again in Alabama

Supreme Court justices split in key challenge to Obamacare subsidies

Insurgent bloc of House conservatives proving to be a thorn in Boehner’s side

In the Loop: Ed Gillespie: Can he get by with a little help from his wealthy friends?

Wall Street Journal

High Court Divided at Health-Law Argument

U.S. Won't Charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson

Iran Talks Closer on Key Western Demand

Clinton's Emails Trouble Some Democrats

Health Law Backers and Opponents Are Both Cautiously Optimistic

California Man Charged With Attempting to Support ISIS

Alabama Counties Stop Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Ferguson Report Unlikely to Help Many in Civil Suits

N.J. Pension Overhaul Hits Snag

Override of Keystone Veto Fails in Senate

Washington Times

Libya makes urgent appeal to UN to lift embargo on weapons

Mark Lippert, U.S. ambassador to South Korea, attacked

Benghazi panel to issue subpoenas for more Clinton emails

Al-Qaida, others attack Syrian intelligence office in Aleppo

Israeli maritime commandos raid ship, seize dozens of advanced rockets allegedly from Iran

US-Polish live-fire army exercise begins

A sampling of editorials from around New York

U.S., China, South Korea should prepare for North Korea's collapse, former top negotiator says

Russian bombers force passenger jet to change course in Irish-controlled airspace

LA Times

Supreme Court appears split in challenge to Affordable Care Act

Justice Department won't charge officer, calls for Ferguson police reform

Federal report largely backs Darren Wilson in Ferguson police shooting case

Defense lawyers say Boston Marathon bomber was swayed by older brother

Lawmakers subpoena Hillary Clinton's private emails on Benghazi attack

California lawmaker's pet inspires rare bipartisan compromise

Senate fails to override Obama's veto of Keystone XL pipeline

Three killed in small-plane crash in Virginia

NY Times

Justices Appear Sharply Split In Case on Health Care Law

McDonald’s Moving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chickens

U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Hospitalized After Attack

Justice Department Calls On Ferguson to Overhaul Its Criminal Justice System

Fate of Obama’s Trade Agenda May Rest on Oregon Senator

ArtsBeat: Bruce Willis to Make Broadway Debut in ‘Misery’

New York City Adds 2 Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar

Seeking Drugs and Weapons, Rikers Officials Lock Down 6,800 Inmates for 34 Hours

USA Today

More than 200 skeletons found below Paris store

U.S. ambassador slashed in South Korea

The day in pictures

Putin condemns Nemtsov killing; seeks curb on protests

24 dead, more missing after Ukraine coal mine blast

The 5 best cities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Why Australia is killing koalas

Raw: Tourists visit rare grey whales in Mexico

Daily Mirror

Modi to address SL parliament

Thousand public locations to get free Wi-Fi

Electoral reforms before polls: President

Maldives’ road: Report on frauds exposed soon - Ranil

Video: JVP hands over files to special corruption unit

Video: Port City project may not proceed: Kabir Hashim

It was urgent humanitarian aid: Palestine on SL donation

UPFA wants electoral reforms with executive powers pruned

NY Daily News

Miss BumBum back in the hospital with infected butt implant

U.S. ambassador to South Korea injured in attack

Incredible new video of jet landing at St. Martin

Al Qaeda operative Abid Naseer found guilty in bomb plot

Egyptian video goes viral of wedding ISIS 'attack'

Virginia teen charged with helping man join ISIS: report

Newlywed seeks to annul marriage over husband's huge penis

Australian government euthanizes nearly 700 koalas

The Times of India

US ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippert injured in attack

Chad president tells Boko Haram leader to surrender or face death

Pakistani man convicted in US court for al-Qaida plot

Concern grows for civilians as Iraq tightens noose on Tikrit

33 miners feared dead after pit blast in east Ukraine

Kids to suggest Bapu's message to modern India

US faults Ferguson cops for race bias

China hiked military spending by 10% as Japan moves towards militarization