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Trump would '100 percent' accept election result if it's fair: son
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will "100 percent" accept the results of the U.S. election if it is fair, his son Eric Trump said on Sunday.

Rockwell Collins buys B/E Aerospace for $62 per share
(Reuters) - Aircraft component maker Rockwell Collins Inc has struck a deal to buy aircraft interior maker B/E Aerospace Inc for $62 per share in cash and stock, the companies said on Sunday.

California freeway crash involving tour bus and semi-truck leaves at least 7 dead
The crash happened at around 5.20am on Sunday along I-10 at Indian Canyon in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Gable Tostee wrote a defence just months after Warriena Wright's death
Gable Totsee wrote a bizarre 2,300-word defence just months after his Tinder date Warriena Wright plunged to her death from his 14th floor Gold Coast balcony.

Trump team says 'we are behind' but can still win the race
Donald Trump's campaign bluntly acknowledged Sunday that the real estate mogul is trailing Hillary Clinton as the presidential race hurtles toward a close.

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Hacked: Veterans group felt left out of White House Afghanistan talks

WATCH: Obama jams to Drake's 'Hotline Bling'

Clinton tries to turn Trump into the GOP's albatross

Chris Wallace: Asking About Accusers with Melania and Bill in Debate Hall Was Awkward

Evan McMullin: Pro-Trump GOPers 'Putting Power Over the Interests of Their Own Country'

How to Watch Seahawks-Cardinals NFL Sunday Night Football Live Stream Online

Saturday Night Funny Video: Trump Zings Pro-Clinton Media Outlets

On CNN, Handler: 'Loser'Pence 'Should Be Locked Up''In a Little Barn'

NPR Anchor Honors Al Gore as a Graceful Loser in 2000

EXCLUSIVE ' Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Told State Trooper I Could 'Suck A Tennis Ball Through A Garden Hose'

Robby Mook 'Not Aware' of Whether Clinton Campaign Has Spoken with Trump Accusers

David Axelrod: Hillary Doesn't Have a Core Message

Bob Woodward on the Clinton Foundation: 'It's Corrupt'

Peggy Noonan: Hillary 'Has No Argument to Make' Against Pay-to-Play Accusations

F-35 Jet Will Likely Change How America Fights Wars


Carter Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister, Addresses Troops in Baghdad

Military Strikes Target ISIL Terrorists in Iraq, Syria

Time for Resurgence Of The Tea Party Movement

Pollster Tells America To Be Ready For A Shock On Election Day

Texas Democrat Enraged Over Leaked Emails Denounces Wikipedia

Last Week Hillary ONCE AGAIN LIED Under Oath About Her EMAILS

BREAKING : 296 Refugees in Minnesota Diagnosed with ACTIVE TB

WIKILEAKS : Hillary Campaign Admits 'Things were Broken While She was Sec State and she did not do Enough to fix it'

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Faces Regulatory Cloud With Election Looming...

More and more media industry consolidation...

Reinvention of Web...


The Rich Vote Republican? Maybe Not This Election....

GOLDMAN CEO Blankfein 'Supportive' of Clinton...

Silicon Valley all-in...

WIRE: On Nov. 9, Let's Forget Trump Happened...

Billboard Encourages Illegals To 'Get A Sugar Daddy'...

UN plan for unlimited migration...

Soros accused of violating election law...

US warns citizens of 'attack, kidnapping risk' in Istanbul...

Cuban officials and Communist Party members can now get America remittances and more...

In escalation of crisis, Venezuela congress to put Maduro on trial...

Hungary's Orban rejects 'Sovietization' by Brussels, defends nation state...

Thai junta says GOOGLE removing content with royal insults...



VIDEO: Hillary breaks into bizarre laughter over her 'stamina'...

IT BEGINS: Kaine opens door to Clinton pushing TPP...



Obama Blames 'Far-Right Media' for 'Pumping Out Crazy Toxic Stuff'...


Number of killers hunting cops nationwide has risen...

'Kill All Police' Graffiti Jolts Detroit...

Cincinnati braces for racially charged shooting trial...

J-pop and sci-fi: Outlandish shows at Tokyo Fashion Week...

Iraq parliament in surprise vote to ban alcohol...

After summer bonanza, Spain worries about tourism future...

Pregnant women in Miami go extra mile to avoid Zika...

Pentagon orders soldiers to repay enlistment bonuses -- decade after going to war!

China plan to organize society relies on data to rate everyone...

Inflation 'ticking time bomb'...

Oil price down cycle 'nearing end': Saudi minister...


UPDATE: STDs surge across USA...


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Afghanistan Opium Production Up 43% 'UN Drugs Watchdog

Foster Mother Discovers '12-year-old Afghan refugee orphan' she Cared for was a 21-year-old Jihadi

Video: Hillary's Violent Operatives Unmasked On Video At Scene Of The Crime

Banks Poised to Relocate Out of UK over Brexit, BBA Warns

#Podesta16: WikiLeaks Releases Fresh Batch of Emails from Clinton Campaign Chair

Thousands of California Soldiers Forced to Repay Enlistment Bonuses a Decade after Going to War

Bombshell Will Soon Destroy DNC

'CNN Sucks!': Crowd of Trump Supporters Express Contempt for Mainstream Media

Watch: Clinton Campaign Spokesman Squirms, Stumbles addressing Wikileaks Pay-for-Play Evidence

Scientists Have Develop a Tattoo to Monitor Your Alcohol Levels

Assange Financial crisis is rising any moment

U.S. ELECTION WARNING - If Hillary Loses She Will Blame Russian Hackers



Bilderberg exposes the NWO! The truth about the US DOLLAR 2016 after elections

KEISER REPORT - J is for Junk Economics

Trump Is Leading Hillary In New Polls And New Wikileaks - The Kelly File (FULL SHOW 10/21/2016)

John Rubino Govt Panicked No Escape from Debt Collapse

DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT! U.S. Election is Rigged Has Been For Years!

MUST LISTEN David Icke SPECIAL LECTURE 2016 The Archons October 22, 2016




Hillary's Supporters Are The 'Best'!

Just what DOES the Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Division DO Anymore?


The Dangers of Hillary Clinton

On Nov. 9, Let's Forget Donald Trump Happened

Trump Will Go Away, But Not the Anger He's Stirred Up

On the Ground in Mosul

Inside the Russian Bear

How Mega-Donors Helped Raise $1B for Clinton

Donna Brazile's Deception a Symbol for the Big Media Lie

Trump's Dangerous Nonsense

Why Hillary Gets a Different Legal Standard Than You Me

Polls: More Americans Want Hillary in Prison than in the White House

Wikileaks: Clinton's Political Director Pushed for Hillary to Bust Out a 'Yo Mama'at Black College

Wikileaks: Trump Accusing Attorney Gloria Allred Helped Write Propaganda for Hillary Campaign

The battle for the Senate has narrowed to these 6 states

In the Land of Raw Firepower, a Feeling That Trump Is Out of Ammo

Trump message clashes with GOP's most-endangered governor

Obama endorses all the way down ballot

Poll: Trump Leads by 3 in Texas, Clinton by 3 in Fla.

Race in GOP-Friendly Missouri Could Determine Senate Control

West Virginia Candidate for Governor Owes Millions in Taxes

ABC Poll: Clinton Surges to Double Digits Over Trump

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Mariah Carey -- I Still Got Tricks Up My Sleeve (PHOTO GALLERY)

Khloe and Lamar -- Divorce Settlement a Done Deal

Scottie Pippen -- Worst 'Take Me to the Ball Game' EVER!!! (HILARIOUS VIDEO!)

Kate Major -- In Major Trouble Again ... Arrested for Cop Attack

Taylor Swift -- Owns 'This is What You Came For' During Concert (VIDEO)

DJ Khaled -- Records Birth ... What's Poppin' Baby' (VIDEO)

YesJulz -- Straps One on in Miami (PHOTO GALLERY)

Obama -- Jams Out to 'Hotline Bling' -- What Happened to Kendrick?!! (VIDEO)

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

Russell Crowe Azealia Banks -- Cops Hit Wall with Surveillance Video

Ryan Lochte -- Rio Judge Rejects Bid to Dismiss Case

Marcela Zavala -- Mercy, Mercy Me ... This Water's Cold!! (PHOTO GALLERY)

STL Cardinals Outfielder -- I CAN SAVE YOUR BEER ... With Brilliant Invention! (VIDEO)

Ice Cube -- RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE ... Even In Vegas?? (VIDEO)

'Honey Boo Boo' Star -- My Extra Thumb Went Thump (PHOTOS)

EXACTLY What Your Week Will Be Like, According To Your Sign

How To Lose Weight When You're Afraid You'll Lose Your Husband

The SUPER Kinky Sex Act That Actually Saves Marriages

The 10 Best Sex Toys ' According To A Guy Who KNOWS How To Play

I Tried Using Sex Lube As A Beauty Product And It Was A Giant FAIL

6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

More News

Washington Post

Donald Trump's campaign manager admits: 'We are behind'

'No evidence'to suggest Democrats tried to incite violence at Trump rallies, Clinton campaign manager says

Clinton, Kaine criticize Trump's Gettysburg pledge to sue his accusers

Donald Trump jokes that it's okay for his supporters to commit voter fraud

In Pittsburgh, Clinton turns focus to down-ballot races, slams GOP Sen. Pat Toomey

Wall Street Journal

Post-ObamaCare Preview in Colorado

Iranian Ransom Consequences

New York Tries to Kill Airbnb

Inside Paul Ryan's Congress Rescue Mission

NFL Problem---or TV Problem?

Remember When Art Was Supposed to Be Beautiful?

Florida's Political Chameleon Is Back---Probably for Good

Imagine a Sane Donald Trump

Washington Times

Border mass aims to bring attention to immigrants

2 aides settle whistleblower suit against Michigan House

Big-city money, hunters clash over gun background checks

TPP by another name? Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton open to Asian trade deal

South Dakota voters have choices to reshape state government

Younger, diverse voters are reshaping California politics

Evan McMullin, independent candidate, condemns Donald Trump, Republican Party

LA Times

Grace Kelly's childhood home in Philadelphia is purchased by Prince Albert

Men accused of plotting attack on Somalis in Kansas were preparing for 'social upheaval,'attorney says

Nearly 28,000 register to vote in Virginia after deadline is extended

Toddler dies in Washington state house fire, his dog huddled at his side

No discipline for Minneapolis officers in black man's slaying

As son was dying in hot car, Georgia man sent sexual texts to teenager, jury is told

Spill at Kansas chemical plant causes noxious cloud, evacuations

NY Times

Hillary Clinton Presses Her Advantage Over a Struggling Donald Trump

Obama Assists 150 State Candidates, Targeting G.O.P.'s Grip on Legislatures

A Democrat Deft With a Firearm Tightens the Race for the Senate

Donald Trump Pledges to 'Heal Divisions'(and Sue His Accusers)

Donald Trump Gets First Major Endorsement in Las Vegas

No Easy Mold to Fill to Become a Latino Texas Politician

Race/Related: Declaring 'That's Me,'and Empowering Latinas

USA Today

AP: Polls show Clinton in commanding position in battle for 270

Police search for teen who may have fallen down storm drain in N.H.

Baby Jesus' new head is a bit shocking

Nearly 70 years between stays, a bride returns to historic hotel

Hundreds of Secret Service agents maxed out on overtime

People are freaking out about 2017 solar eclipse

Take flight: USA TODAY Network debuts VR show

NY Post

Matt LeBlanc back in prime time after 10 years

Tracey Ullman could 'get away with anything'as Judi Dench

Tragedy unknowingly turned this teen into fashion's most in-demand model

How an FDNY boat that rescued 9/11 survivors lives on

De Blasio 'neutered'new commissioner: police union boss

Tenured teachers get slap on the wrist for 'disturbing'actions

Mexican model found unharmed at hospital after going missing

NY Daily News

SNL channels final debate as 'entire planet'laughs at Trump

Okla. woman dies after jumping from car to escape abusive husband

Dodgers pitcher claims Cubs fans threw beers at family section

Porn star Jessica Drake claims Donald Trump offered $10G for sex

NYPD test says cops 'may shoot'disturbed man with bat: source

Passengers gain 'unauthorized access'to American Airlines plane

EXCLUSIVE: Cops accused of corruption set detective on witness

Naked Trump statue sells at auction for $22G

Daily Mail

California freeway crash involving tour bus and semi-truck leaves at least 7 dead

Gable Tostee wrote a defence just months after Warriena Wright's death

Trump team says 'we are behind' but can still win the race

Rolling Stone writer: 'Startled' when woman backed off story

Michael Moore comes under fire for calling ALL Donald Trump supporters 'legal terrorists' - and comparing him to a 'pedophile'  

Right Scoop

How that leaked Trump video SHOULD have ended'

Evan McMullin admits he just wants to prevent Trump from winning

Ted Cruz rips into 'SPOILED RICH'Colin Kaepernick'AGAIN!

This election should have been a SLAM DUNK for the GOP 'Frank Luntz decries Trump disorder

'He's carried the WEIGHT of this country for 18 months''Eric Trump

Hillary campaign manager can't say if they organized Trump accusers'so they probably did

New ABC poll: Sexual harassment charges PROPEL Hillary to YUGE LEAD!

One America News

Trump would '100 percent'accept election result if it's fair: son

Rockwell Collins buys B/E Aerospace for $62 per share

At least 13 killed in California tour bus crash -report

AT&T-Time Warner deal sparks calls for scrutiny in Washington

Iraqi Kurds claim capture of town in advance on Mosul

Venezuela congress presses for Maduro trial in rowdy session

Fate of child migrants uncertain before France demolishes Jungle camp

Asian sailors freed by Somali pirates arrive in Kenya for flights home

ABC News

Eric Trump on Father's Threat to Sue Accusers: 'My Father's a Fighter'

The Note: Clinton Vaults to Double-Digit Lead in New ABC News Poll

Clinton Strategist Refutes Claim Democrats Are Responsible for Violence at Trump Rallies

Evan McMullin Says GOP Leaders are 'Putting Party Over Principle'

'This Week' Transcript: Eric Trump, Joel Benenson, and Evan McMullin

No Joke: 40 Percent of Americans Say Neither Trump nor Clinton is Funny

Clinton Vaults to a Double-Digit Lead

Weekly Standard

ABC Poll: Clinton Tops Trump By Double Digits

Eric Trump: Donald Has 'Carried The Weight of This Country for The Last 18 Months'

Clarence Thomas Marks 25 Years On the Court

The NFL Is in Decline

Trump Has Given Up

Confab: The Epic Battle for the Senate

Prufrock: The Gay Invention, the Odd Appeal of Shirley Jackson, and More

Parody: Julian Assange Gets His Internet Back

The Hill

Breitbart escalates war on Paul Ryan

Adult film star latest to accuse Trump

Al Smith Dinner I attended was different than one I read about

Julian Assange's partisanship will bring down WikiLeaks with him

Salma Hayek: Trump planted story about my height after I denied him a date

Reuters projects Clinton to win with 326 electoral votes

Is Georgia turning blue?

Clinton holds huge ground game advantage over Team Trump

World Net Daily

Dems 'in their own words'confess 'voter fraud'

Here's what voter fraud looks like in 23 states

N.Y. Times: Rich vote Republican? Maybe not now

Curt Schilling joining Breitbart

Hillary: 'I don't even think about responding'to Trump anymore

Charges against Sheriff Joe 'Orwellian beyond imagination,'says author

Legal team blasts Obama abortion-funding scheme

Columbine story 'antidote'to 'Natural Born Killers'


The battle for the Senate has narrowed to these 6 states

In the Land of Raw Firepower, a Feeling That Trump Is Out of Ammo

Trump message clashes with GOP's most-endangered governor

Obama endorses all the way down ballot

Michelle Obama to rally with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

Priebus: Trump 'not willing to not concede'

Mook: Trump accusers not in contact with Clinton campaign

Kaine wary of ATT-Time Warner merger


Secrets of the Ghent Altarpiece: Everything you thought you knew about this work of art might be wrong

Fear and desperation at a Donald Trump rally

'It feels like we're watching misery porn': Salon's 'The Walking Dead'experts break down the show's issues with race and representation

WATCH: Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump loses it in 'SNL'debate sketch: 'They are ripping babies out of vaginas!'

From Richard Nixon to Donald Trump: How right-wing myths about Tricky Dick fueled today's nightmare

Real Clear Politics

The Dangers of Hillary Clinton

On Nov. 9, Let's Forget Donald Trump Happened

Trump Will Go Away, But Not the Anger He's Stirred Up

On the Ground in Mosul

Inside the Russian Bear

How Mega-Donors Helped Raise $1B for Clinton

Donna Brazile's Deception a Symbol for the Big Media Lie

Trump's Dangerous Nonsense

Hot Air

Austrian court overturns Iraqi refugee's conviction for raping 10-year-old due to question about ' consent

The story of that '11th Trump accuser' leaves something to be desired

NFL Week 7 open thread

Sunday reflection: Luke 18:9'14

Rolling Stone reporter recalls moment when the 'Jackie' story fell apart

NY Governor signs anti-Airbnb bill as favor to unions

Sunday morning talking heads

Now we're suing veterans for improperly paid reenlistment bonuses?


Saturday Night Funny Video: Trump Zings Pro-Clinton Media Outlets

On CNN, Handler: 'Loser'Pence 'Should Be Locked Up''In a Little Barn'

NPR Anchor Honors Al Gore as a Graceful Loser in 2000

Vanity Fair Editor Fran Lebowitz Wants 'Retroactive Abortions'for Pence, Pro-Lifers

UN Climate Conference Bans Skeptical Journalists

Slideshow: Feminists Embrace #NastyWoman As New Rallying Cry

Why Michael Moore's Anti-Trump Film Will Fail

PBS Star Ken Burns: Trump Playbook from 'National Socialist Party in Germany'

Smoking Gun

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Man Nabbed In Police Sting Arranged To Pay Hooker With McDonald's Quarter Pounder And Fries

Donald Trump And The Porn Superstar

Clinton Flayed By A Former Security Agent

Photos Appear To Show Late Bipedal Bear

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Bill Clinton's "Secret Son"Has Own Secrets

Man Wearing Donald Trump Mask Is Punched In Face By Minnesota Assailant

Canada Free Press

Day 16: Setting Patriotism Free from its Bonds

How protein fragments associated with Alzheimer's could trigger Parkinson's

Shadows reveal how insects walk on water (video)

Tiny gold particles could be the key to developing a treatment for pancreatic cancer

Biomass heating could get a 'green'boost with the help of fungi

Demystifying Election 2016

The First Media Sellout Traitor'but by no means the Last Media Traitor

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman Reviews, 'Two By Two'by Nicholas Sparks

New Novel Update!

Arnold Palmer's Final Message To Golfers &Fans

D.W. Ulsterman On The Charlotte Riots

'I was young. I was foolish. I was angry. I was vain''

'I've started out, for God knows where. I guess I'll know, when I get there''(VIDEO)

Fascinating Interview With Golfing Great, Ben Hogan


Ash Carter fails to sell Turkish role in Mosul operation to Iraq, Kurds

ISIS sidetracks Mosul operation to fronts around the city

Israeli Defense Minister: Next Gaza war will be the last

Moscow alleges US air strikes killed dozens of Iraqi civilians

Trump lays out his first 100 days if elected

Oct. 21 cyberattack: rehearsal for US Election?

ISIS' Kirkuk raid spreads. US air force in action


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