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Two NYPD Cops Assassinated in Revenge Killing for Eric Garner and Michael Brown

China condemns cyberattacks, but does not mention North Korea Saudi Arabia says won't cut oil output Police officers' slaying raises pressure on New York mayor Obama says Sony hack not an act of war Obama to name Sally Yates as pick for deputy attorney general Iraqi Kurds, Yazidis fight Islamic State for strategic town of Sinjar Essebsi declares win in Tunisia election, rival contests Police officers' slaying raises pressure on New York mayor Obama to name Sally Yates as pick for deputy attorney general Obama says Sony hack not an act of war Saudi Arabia says won't cut oil output U.S. gas prices fall to lowest since May 2009: Lundberg survey U.S.-led forces launch 13 air strikes in Iraq, three in Syria Exclusive: Southwest's oil swap trade waiver raises CFTC questions Greek PM offers 2015 election once bailout talks complete Lawmaker calls for strong U.S. response to Sony hack, including sanctions Four militants hanged in Pakistan as execution campaign widens Obama does not consider Sony hack an act of war: CNN interview Obama vows 'do everything I can' to close Guantanamo: CNN interview Yazidis cheer Kurds on Iraqi mountain for breaking Islamic State siege

Latest News

COLD BLUE WALL: NYPD members shun NYC mayor at hospital where two cops died as officers turn backs to embattled mayor, union heads say he was 'blood' on his hands



A Widening Rift Between de Blasio and the Police Is Savagely Ripped Open - New York Times

North Korea denies Sony hack but warns US: Worse is coming - CNN

Police: Fugitive killed Florida officer -

Pharmacy Deal Heralds Changed Landscape for Hepatitis Drugs - New York Times

Man who helped subdue gunman among Carnegie Heroes - Washington Post

Snow expected for Christmas Eve in McHenry County, meteorologists say - Northwest Herald

NFL ticker: Did QB Tony Romo break the December curse? - Detroit Free Press

Seattle Seahawks Beat Arizona Cardinals For Lead In NFC West - The Sports Quotient

Patriots just get bye - Boston Herald

Kings drop Lakers to snap five-game losing streak - USA TODAY

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Drudge Report

Tensions between police and mayor boil over...

Sharpton scrambles after cops killed...

Civil rights leaders fear backlash...

'President should declare national day of Support for Police'...

Vandals Knock Down, Deface Sign Honoring Slain In CA...

Officer shot, killed in FL...

Warnings Issued To Cops: Be on guard...


FAA drone approvals bedeviled by warnings, conflict, internal emails show...

Thousands of Protesters Storm Mall of America...

Woman Attempts To Trademark 'I Can't Breathe'...


Hillary Clinton's Kennedy curse strikes again?

SONY hack fuels speculation about studio's possible sale...

'Anonymous' Says Hackers Aren't Korean...


Man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' drives into crowd in France, injuring 11...


Congressman warns of 'Christmas Day surprise' on Obamacare...

Flu outbreak spreading rapidly in USA...


Newspaper Row

Radio Row






TV Row












ROBERT KNIGHT: Two more chances to overturn Obamacare

FINGERS MALLOY: Left gets it wrong: Charles and David Koch bad, Fidel and Raul Castro good

ROBERT CHARLES: What is right about America

STEPHEN MOORE: The coming pension meltdown

TAMMY BRUCE: Hillary Clinton empathizes with terrorists

BOOK REVIEW: 'Common Ground on Common Core'

PETER MORICI: Obama could stifle North Korea’s shakedown of Sony

AL CARDENAS: Giving away the store to the Castros

REP. MARK MEADOWS: Obamacare's Christmas surprise

ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN: Obama's futile overtures to Cuba

Hot Stuff

'French Kim K.' accused of stabbing beau is out of jail

Do leaked Madonna songs from 'Rebel Heart' cut the mustard?

J.WHOA! Lopez dons plunging beige jumpsuit


Jamies Winston -- Did NOT Break the Student Code ... In Alleged Rape Case

'Top Chef' Winner -- I Trash Talked Rob Gronkowski ... And He Still Liked My Sausage

Where is Richard Simmons?

Benihana vs. Benny Hunna -- Shrimp Flipper Battles Hip Hopper in Epic Name War

Joanna Krupa -- Brandi Glanville, 'You're Trailer Trash, Bitch'

Sony Hacking Scandal -- Dr. Evil Says ... GOP is Giving Villains a Bad Name

Rick Ross -- Mine's Bigger Than Wiz Khalifa's

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman -- R.I.P. ... But Only After You Pay Up

Steven Spielberg: Good Genes or Good Docs?

Muhammad Ali -- Pneumonia Lands Champ in Hospital

UTEP -- We're #1... In New Mexico Bowl

Sony Pictures Caves to More Hacker Demands ... Wipes 'Interview' From Social Media

LL Cool J -- Squashes LEGENDARY Rap Feud With Canibus

CNN -- Cosby Lawyer Claims Network is Manipulating Interviews to Smear Him

I Went To School To Learn How To Orgasm Better

Why Saying 'No'To Your Kids Is The Best Thing To Do For Them

Egg Yolk Cures Acne? I Debunk 8 Beauty Myths By Trying 'Em Myself

26 Things I Still Haven't Figured Out About Life And That's OK

I Asked 6 Dating Experts To Tell Me Why I'm Still Single (GULP.)

Gamer pleads guilty to making emergency call to report Grand Theft Auto shooting

Mum becomes suicidal before Christmas every year because she can't accept Santa isn't real

This guy can't think of any other way to express his love for his new Jordans... So he licks them.

"Celebrated author, filmmaker, and education ambassador"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar can't spell Ronald Reagan's name correctly, but he feels qualified to lecture us about life, the universe, and everything.

Clearwater woman assaults grandmother over Facebook friend request

Heather Cagle, Teacher, Fired For Taking Kids On Ride In Car Trunk

Cleveland men's argument over sexuality ends in sword attack

Confessions of a Modern Witch: Fake News

Man found on fire inside porta potty in north St. Louis

Thieves struck by lightning after robbing a church

Passed Out In Elf Costume, Man Charged With DWI

'I'm absolutely not physically or sexually attracted to children'

The Day Einstein Feared Has Arrived

Pot-smoking perp plasters poop on cell walls

Gold tooth lands in Missouri Salvation Army kettle

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More News


Mom charged in deaths of 8 kids

20 arrested at megamall

Infant can't bear to be touched

Muhammad Ali hospitalized

Elton John gets married

Ray Rice, fiancée nuzzled after punch?

New video: Elevator fight aftermath

See turbulence force plane landing

Lost ancient village rediscovered

Jail's camera rollswhile clients ...

Fox News

PLAY DELAYED MLB waits for full US-Cuba thaw to get top talent

CHILLING DECLARATION NYPD killer to passers-by: Watch what I'm going to do

CHRISTMAS WEEK CLASH Satanic Temple, Christians mount dueling displays

'CHIEF CHEERLEADER' Rubio criticizes Obama's Cuba approach, slams Paul

Response too slow? GOP hammers Obama for handling of Sony hacking

Republicans will face difficult fight to hold Senate majority in 2016

Golfer, 103, becomes oldest person to record hole-in-one


Messy Mix: Winter Storms Loom Over Holiday Travel

'I Can't Die Like This': The Shooting That Began Rampage

Gun-Toting Canadian Shot by U.S. Agents at Border

Family of Slain NYPD Officer: City and Cops Must Mend Ties

'Blow Up Those Citadels': North Korea Threatens U.S.

Steinbrenner Foundation to Pay for Slain Cop's Kids' School

Protesters Hold 'Blackout March' in Philadelphia

'Caged Rat': Man Shoots, Kills, Runs Over Florida Cop

Washington Times

US mulls putting NKorea on terrorism sponsor list

'Allahu Akbar' shouted by 2 French men in separate attacks

Christie to Obama: Demand Cuba return cop killer

Agents wound armed Canadian on Ambassador Bridge

2014 frustrates U.S. hopes for Israeli-Palestinian peace

AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EST

Protesters: 'It's not the time' for more Cuba ties

Latest developments on the US-Cuba story

Obama releases four detainees from Guantanamo Bay; men sent to Afghanistan

Huffington Post

Egypt Refers 26 Men Arrested At Gay Bath House To Trial

Obama to Blame for Hurricanes, Disease -- and Everything Else

Terrorism's Tour de Farce: Sony and Cheney

Obama To Nominate Sally Yates To Be Deputy Attorney General

My Take on Ferguson

Chris Christie Wants Obama To Demand That Cuba Return Cop Killer To U.S.

North Korea Threatens To Attack U.S. If Obama Retaliates Over Sony Hacking

Homeless Persons Memorial Day Honors Dignity, Worth Of People Without Shelter Whom We've Lost


John McCain: No, Obama, Sony Hack Was 'Warfare'

Obama: Hack Was 'Cyber Vandalism,' Not 'Act of War'

NASA Wasted $349M on 'Ghost Tower'

Obama: Sony 'Made a Mistake'

Radio Caller: 'This Is Barack Obama, Formerly of Somerville'

After 30 Years, Lawmakers Are No Longer Roomies

Family Rains Cash on Dems, Immigration Breaks Ensue

5 Years Later, Alan Gross Is on US Soil

What New US-Cuba Relations Look Like

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

American Apparel adopts new stockholder rights plan

Mexico competition watchdog signs off on AT&T’s Iusacell buy

South Africa’s Zuma says in ‘perfect’health after post-election fatigue

U.S. gas prices fall to lowest since May 2009: Lundberg survey

Final ‘Hobbit’film draws holiday season crowds at box office

Economic issues whip up Israelis in chocolate pudding election

Uzbeks vote in elections expected to reinforce Karimov’s grip on power

ABC News

Cop-Killer Told Bystanders 'Watch What I'm Going to Do'

Slain Cop's Family Calls for 'Peaceful Coexistence'

Athletes Support Cops After Killing of NYPD Officers

Watch the Moment When NYPD Officers Turn Their Backs on the Mayor

Former NYPD Commissioner: Slain Officers 'Brought Back Horrible Memories'

NYC Mayor de Blasio Criticized After Cop Killings

In Hawaii, Obama Responds To NYPD Shooting

7 Hurt When Lightning Strikes Near Tampa Bay Game

Weekly Standard

Two Con Ed Utility Workers Witnessed Cop Killings, Then Chased Murderer

B&A Podcast: Stormin'Norman, Into the Valley, and the Mistress of Murder

Obama: Sony Hack Not an 'Act of War'

Obama: Putin Hasn't Rolled Me or America

NYPD Chief: 'Some People Get Caught Up'in 'Anti-Police'Movement

Exodus, Stage Left

A Model Senator

Sentences We Didn’t Finish

Red Whitewash

The Hill

Goodbye Bono, hello Kissinger

Obama's new diplomacy — Who doesn't want Cuban cigars?

What will happen to interest rates?

We need to solve the real climate problem

Republicans eye obscure budget tool to repeal ObamaCare

Watch 'The Interview'scene depicting Kim Jong Un's death

IRS officials warn: We're nearly crippled

Will Jeb stumble in Iowa?

World Net Daily

White House petition seeks release of all JFK files

Paul Harvey's posthumous retort to 'hands-up'hysteria

Fox News dropped by major TV network

The shocking truth about ISIS

Dump Boehner movement: 425,000 letters in 5 days

Homeschoolers sue cops for traumatic raid

Former NYPD cop blames race 'hustlers'for slaying

Serious new problemat U.S. Border Patrol


Why single payer died in Vermont

Obama's Republican ally on Cuba

Scenes from Putin's Economic Meltdown

Hollywood's fickle friend

Giuliani condemns anti-police 'propaganda' he says Obama started

Obama: 'No justification' for killing of NYC police officers

Cecil won't manage Clinton 2016 campaign

Don't Let North Korea Win


I fought (and lost) the battle against Christmas

Valerie Plame: Most female spies in pop culture are gun-wielding eye candy

That’s rich! Why so many wealthy Americans think they’re middle class

Zoella’s fall from grace: Why we demand so much authenticity from our YouTube stars

From “I Want to Marry Harry” to the entire Lifetime network: The worst TV of 2014

Real Clear Politics

The Duck That Roared

Obama's Still in Charge & Also Still Failing

Will Pelosi, Dems Become "Party of No"in '15?

Pursuing Justice for All

Will Bill de Blasio Be Forced to Resign?

Time to Bring Back the Truman Democrats

An Ambush & a Tragedy in Brooklyn

Sick Cheers for Cop Killer in Brooklyn

Free Republic

Jeb Bush’s Ties to Donors Put Rivals in a Bind [Vacuums Away Big Donors!]

UK: Muslim abducts, rapes woman: “You white women are good at it”

Christie calls on Obama to demand Cuba return cop killer Joanne Chesimard

French Official: Russia plotting to start war on Israel

Retired Cops Discuss Ways to Stop de Blasio From Attending Funerals of Slain Officers

Gun Control PSA Encourages Minor Delinquency (UNBELIEVABLE!)

Time to Bring Back the Truman Democrats

Anatomy of a New York Times Hatchet Job


RSS Chief's Comments Map New Trouble for BJP in Parliament

26/11: One of the Most Devastating Near-Misses in History of Spycraft

Severe Cold Grips North India; Dense Fog Hits Flights and Trains in Delhi

New York Times on Aamir Khan's 'PK'

UN Panel Calls Hafiz Saeed 'Sahib,' India Wants Clarification

Flying Back on Course: The Inside Story of the New Airbus A350 Jet

Man Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' Drives Into Crowd in France

36 Flights, 50 Trains Delayed in Delhi Due to Dense Fog

Obama Weighs Returning North Korea to Terror List



Pope Francis' Disturbing Cuba Activism

President Obama Picks His Favorite Film of 2014

ABC News: North Korea Govt Behind Sony Hack

MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With 'Beyond Laughable' Error Rates

Can Obama Act Alone On Cuba

Juan Williams: Cuba Deal 'Pig in a Poke,' 'Nothing There'

New York to Ban Fracking; Environmentalists Cheer

FLOTUS Flashback: Woman Asked for Help at Target 'Because She Was Short'


Saudi Arabia Won’t Cut Oil Production to Boost Prices

5 Ways To Do Less And Give More This Holiday Season

This Body Language Makes You Look Like a Leader

Big Idea 2015: The Coming Micropayment Disruption

In Argentina, a Court Grants Sandra the Orangutan Basic Rights

Veteran Tunisian Statesman Claims Win After Presidential Run-off

Angelina Jolie Says New Film Has Brought Her And Brad Pitt ‘Closer’

Australian Woman Charged With Murder of 8 Children

Daily Beast

Cop Killer Had a Deathwish

No Blood on Their Hands

NY Police Union’s Vile War With Mayor

Fact-Checking the Sunday Shows

Meet The Blasphemous 'Disco Mullah'

Mistletoe is the Vampire of Plants

Baby Jesus, Holy Terror

COEXIST’s Inane Bumper-Sticker Politics

The Blaze

‘Elitism on Full Display’: Blaze Readers React to Michelle Obama’s Example of Racism in America — I Was Asked to Get Something Off the Shelf at Target

‘Pigs in a Blanket! Fry ‘Em Like Bacon!’: Police Protesters Caught on Video Taunting St. Louis Cops Just Hours After NYC Officers Murdered

Police: Fugitive Killed Florida Cop, a Father of Six Who Worked Midnight Shift to Be With Youngest Daughter

North Korea Threatens Strikes Against the White House, Pentagon and ‘the Whole U.S. Mainland, That Cesspool of Terrorism’

Driver Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’While Running Down City Pedestrians in a Half-Hour Spree, 11 Injured

It’s Called a ‘Snaketivity Scene,’and It’s on Display at a State Capitol Just in Time for Christmas

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Likely 2016 GOP nominee wants Joanne Chesimard returned from Cuba first thing

Rahm Emanuel’s son mugged outside of Chicago home

Will Dems who blamed Palin for Giffords attack refuse a ‘conversation’ about NYC shootings?

Obama has no idea how to handle North Korean attack on private citizens

NFL Week 16 open thread

Sunday reflection: Luke 1:26–38

Irony: WaPo editorial calls on Rolling Stone editor to resign while endorsing narrative journalism


Daily Kos: Reagan ‘Convinced Americans That Democratic Government Was Un-American’

Bill Kristol Slams Howard Dean for Insisting GOP Has to Help Obama Pass Liberal Policy

WashPost Offers Worship to Stephen Colbert: 'Consummate Showman'Made 'Zeitgeist Gold'

'This Week'Uncovers Anti-Castro Protesters Displaying Really Bad Spelling in Public

MTP: Bill Richardson Takes Incorrect Cheap Shot at Jeb Bush Spanish Fluency

George Will: Sony’s ‘Self-Censorship’ Exposes Problem With Liberalism

Year-End Awards: The Blue State Brigade Award for Biased Campaign Coverage

Smoking Gun

Ferguson Prosecutor Gives Free Pass To Witnesses Who Lied Before Grand Jury

Man Groped Drive-Thru Worker At McDonald's

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Woman Seeks Trademark For "I Can’t Breathe,"Dying New York Man's Final Words

Ferguson Witness Floated Bizarre Phone Tale

Duo's Phony Heart Attack Scheme Foiled

Large-Breasted Suspect In Mug Shot Nip Slip

Police Hunt Vandal Who Has Difficulty Spelling The Word "Bitch"

Canada Free Press

BREAKING: NYPD WARNED OF NEW THREAT –Suspect Questioned by DHS (Video)

Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

Mindless hatred of cops just helped get two of them murdered

Wrench and Socket—Via Email

Preliminary injunction hearing Monday regarding President Obama’s immigration executive order

Future Israeli Strikes in Syria: Shifting Dynamics?

Video: Cops’frantic bid to save their executed brothers

Love and respect for the Blue Line trump the laughter and clapping in Brooklyn

Officers Down in Brooklyn

The Ulsterman Report

NYPD Literally Turns Its Back On Mayor de Blasio Following Police Tragedy

Obama Says He’s Against Censorship?? Really?? What About THIS Story…

Report To Show Sgt. Bergdahl Deserted Fellow Soldiers –Dishonorable Discharge

Must Read True Story Of Ronald Reagan’s Response To Soviet Cyber Attack

“North Korea Has Declared War On The United States”

D.W. Ulsterman Reviews: “ACT OF WAR”

Decorating The Christmas Tree LIKE A BOSS

Obama Giving Communist Cuban Regime A Helping Hand


Report: Israeli drone shot down in Syria

Dijon: Driver shouting 'Allahu Akbar' ploughs car into pedestrians

Saudi-brokered reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar marred by emirate’s hosting of Meshaal

Egypt's powerful intelligence chief replaced

Two police officers fatally shot in Brooklyn

NKorea warns of “grave consequences” if US rejects joint probe

Hundreds of US troops help fight ISIS in Iraq’s Anbar

Washington Post

Nation’s coal mines nearing record low in worker deaths

National digest: Dec. 22, 2014

Federal Diary: Gross case illustrates agency’s use of workers for secret Cuban projects

Medicare appeals office cuts seniors’ waiting time to see a judge in half

In New York, tensions between police and Mayor Bill de Blasio boil over after killings

A deal with Castro, for a post-Castro future

Political figures clash after slaying of NYPD officers

Rubio slams ‘Obama-Paul’ Cuba policy

The Fix: ‘Serial’ takes on Santa

Wall Street Journal

Bush's Ties to Donors Put Rivals in a Bind

Obama Plans More Gitmo Transfers

New York's Mayor Faces Fresh Test in Ambush Deaths

White House Weighs Options Against North Korea

Obama Faces Battle With Congress Over Cuba

Obama to Nominate Yates to No. 2 Justice Job

Army to Announce Forwarding of Bergdahl Investigation Results

'I Voted Today!' Sticker Photos

It's All About Elsa (Sorry, Anna)

Review: Microsoft Band Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

Washington Times

US mulls putting NKorea on terrorism sponsor list

'Allahu Akbar' shouted by 2 French men in separate attacks

Christie to Obama: Demand Cuba return cop killer

Agents wound armed Canadian on Ambassador Bridge

2014 frustrates U.S. hopes for Israeli-Palestinian peace

AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EST

Protesters: 'It's not the time' for more Cuba ties

Latest developments on the US-Cuba story

Obama releases four detainees from Guantanamo Bay; men sent to Afghanistan

LA Times

N.Y. police say gunman who killed officers told bystanders to watch him

NYPD shooter had history of arrests and mental health treatment

Obama ends year with reminders that he's still not irrelevant

At New York vigil for slain officers, marchers say hearts are broken

Parties unite for congressional lawmakers' farewell speeches

Two police officers 'simply assassinated' in Brooklyn

New Mexico dairy shuts down after undercover activist videotape

Presidential vacation in Hawaii begins with an Obama staple: golf

NY Times

Pharmacy Deal Heralds Changed Landscape for Hepatitis Drugs

Giants 37, Rams 27: Odell Beckham Jr. Stars in Win Over St. Louis

On Pro Football: Rex Ryan Falls Again to Bill Belichick and Patriots

A Widening Rift Between de Blasio and the Police Is Savagely Ripped Open

Munich Journal: He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, and Gives You Nightmares

New York Police Add Precautions After Ambush

Jameis Winston Is Cleared in Hearing Over Student’s Rape Accusation

In 2008 Mumbai Killings, Piles of Spy Data, but an Uncompleted Puzzle

USA Today

Japan faces specter of a butter-less Christmas

Emotions run high outside home of fallen NYPD offficer

Coming winter is a weapon of war in east Ukraine

Watch: Monkey revives unconscious friend

Monkey revives unconscious friend

Yazidis celebrate after Kurds break siege on Sinjar mountains

Believers pray to 'Our Lady of the Milk' in Bethlehem

N. Korea: U.S. government behind making of 'Interview'

Daily Mirror

Ukraine border guards clash with rebels near Russian border: military

What is the ice bucket challenge?

Russia sending aid convoy to Ukraine despite Western warnings of 'invasion pretext'

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

Gaza militants resume rocket fire at Israel after truce expires

Obama authorizes limited air strikes against militants in Iraq

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

NY Daily News

Crazed driver hits 11 in France terror attack

Canadian man shot after waving gun at border agents: feds

SEE IT: Bicyclist in China hit by truck, escapes injury

GOP critics pile on Obama over Cuba policy shift

Irish town wants Santa’s final resting place better known

Boko Haram extremists slaughter civilians in gruesome video

Scottish prosecutor reiterates Lockerbie bomber’s guilt

Michelangelo’s David to get $300K upgrade over earthquakes

The Times of India

Security of Pakistan's Lal Masjid cleric withdrawn

Renowned British actor Billie Whitelaw dies aged 82

WikiLeaks publishes CIA tips for traveling spies

Essebsi declares win in Tunisia election, rival contests

Obama says Sony hack not an act of war

2 NYPD cops shot in black revenge attack

Video shows Boko Haram killing captives

Afghan journalist wounded in French centre attack dies

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