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Poll shows embattled Keith Ellison trailing Republican in AG race amid abuse allegations






Live: Pence delivers remarks on Space Force Fitton: Congress allowing Rosenstein to walk all over them Explosive device found in mailbox at George Soros' home Saudis planned Khashoggi's killing days before, Erdogan says Scaramucci: John Kelly 'ill-suited' for White House job Gov. Rick Scott battling to flip Florida Senate seat Trump not satisfied with explanation of Khashoggi's killing Op-ed likens migrant caravan to Cuban boatlift Trump's favorability notches up ahead of midterms Geraldo, Gorka spar over how to deal with migrant caravan Scaramucci: Trump has plenty of time to turn out voters Trump, Cruz hold 'MAGA' rally in Houston, Texas Obama hits the campaign trail for Nevada Democrats Why Gingrich says caravan is 'an attack on America' Gutfeld on soaring number of liberal staff at colleges


Sandra Day O'Connor Says She Has Dementia, Withdraws From Public Life

Erdogan Says Saudis Planned Khashoggi's Killing in Turkey

What Could Hold Back a Democratic Wave? Economy, Confidence, Independence

Man facing groping charge after flight: Trump "says it's OK to grab women by their private parts"

Stacey Abrams's Burning of Georgia Flag With Confederate Symbol Surfaces on Eve of Debate

Texas Democrat Party Sends Voter Registration Applications to Dead People ' One Woman Died 29 Years Ago

Keith Ellison Down By Seven Points to Doug Wardlow in MN AG Race

Top US Economist Confirms Obama Did Have an Effect on This Economy: 'It's the Effect that Barack Obama is No Longer President of the United States!'

REPORT: Twitter Shadow-Bans Man Who Accused Cory Booker of Sexual Assault

Vandals Throw Boulder Through GOP Rep. McCarthy's Office Window ' Then Steal Equipment

Man gets prison for poisoning baby food in extortion plot

Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has dementia

Murdered track star had 'previous relationship'with sex offender killer: cops

Win the culture war against the Left at the ballot box

Stacey Abrams admits to burning Georgia flag on eve of final gubernatorial debate

Trump, the Republican Beyonce, rocks Texas

Chuck Schumer: McConnell will take away your healthcare coverage

Why corporate America isn't freaking out about Democrats' rising fortunes

Caravan Migrants: 'What Are We Supposed to Do in Honduras If There's no Work?'

DHS Spox: If You Say the Magic Words, 'I'm Scared,' We Let You into America

Watch' Jeff Flake: Trump Wrong to 'Emphasize Criminals' Among Caravan

Adam Schiff Calls for Probe into Trump Ties with Saudi Arabia

Obama: 'Unlike Some,' I State Facts, 'I Don't Believe In Just Making Stuff Up'

President Trump Waging a Midterm Campaign of Fear

Trump Is Winning, Dems Are Headed for Midterm Disaster

In Montana, Tester Battles His Opponent - and Trump

Trump Cruz Complete the Transaction in Texas

How to Win Indiana

Megyn Kelly defends white people doing blackface

Breast cancer survivor stops treatment to give birth to baby girl

PICTURED: Female student athlete who was shot dead at University of Utah

Search for missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs expands as police hunt for 2 cars seen by Wisconsin home

Antifa is fired from his job after being filmed harassing '9/11 widow'

Black Hawk Down survivors relive the moment Medal of Honor winning snipers were sent to their deaths

Khashoggi's son glares at Saudi Crown Prince blamed for death of his father

Optical illusion makes wedding photo look MUCH cheekier than it is

NYPD hunts heartless purse snatcher caught on tape dragging a 57-year-old woman through the street

Trump will give TEN MORE rallies before Election Day



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Cook shifts 8 MORE House races toward Dems...

5 campaigns to watch...

Can rodeo legend win SDakota?

Out of Appalachia pain, tough-as-nails Dem emerges...

Relatives of Nevada gov candidate pen op-ed opposing him...

Stacey Abrams's Burning of Georgia Flag Surfaces on Eve of Debate...

Explosive Device Found Near Soros Home...

Vandals Throw Giant Boulder Through McCarthy Office Window...

Candidate Arrested For Stealing Rival's Signs...

Obama refers to self 92 times during speech...

Racial tension divides town after black, gay mayor elected...




VOLCKER: 'We're in hell of mess'...

Foreign Buying of Treasurys Softens...

New TITANIC to set sail...

NETFLIX New $2B Borrowing Sparks Fears...

Auto dealers see slowing sales...

DC attorney general launches investigation of clergy sex abuse...

Issue of married Catholic priests gains traction...

UPDATE: Cat 4 Hurricane Willa closes in on Mexico coast...


Struggling Farmer Charged With Animal Abuse in Deaths of 27 Cows...

DC FOX-TV break-in suspect shot by guard had history of 'irrational' lawsuits...

Rise and rise of mega yacht: Billionaires play one-upmanship...

The squadron of ex-military men behind Bolsonaro's rise in Brazil...

Erdogan Seizes on Saudi Murder as Chance to Upend Middle East...

'Savage' Khashoggi killing planned...

REPORT: Body parts found in garden...

'Bring me the head of the dog'...

Son Glares at MBS During Meet...

Brothers face $450,000 fine for removing trees from THEIR property...

Homeowner Turns Heads With Vicious Trump-Themed Halloween Display...

1000 MILES AWAY...



SECOND migrant caravan heads for USA...

Previously Deported Join...

Company that hires protesters accused of extortion...

Judge bars New Hampshire proof of residency requirement for new voters...

SNAP: Woman demands to see passports of Spanish-speaking family at Virginia restaurant...

Boise, Reno Capitalize on California Real Estate Exodus...

New Company Helps People Flee San Francisco...

How Heartbreak Can Kill You...


People who eat organic 25% less likely to get cancer...



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Feminist Witches Battle Christians Over Kavanaugh Hex

MS-13 Gang Members Amongst 'Migrant Caravan'

New Democrat Campaign Ad Actually Hilarious

Watch Live: Cory Booker Wants To Turn Anchor Babies Into Trust Fund Babies

Photos: Numbers at Trump Rally Dwarf Those at Obama Event

Explosive device found at George Soros' home: report

Texas Democrat Party Sends Voter Registration Applications to Dead People ' One Woman Died 29 Years Ago

Russia's dark days in colour: The grim reality of the 1917 revolution is brought to life in images showing troops battling horrific conditions and Lenin disguised as a worker (21 Pics)

Robert Faurisson and the Study of the Past 

Mayor Pugh To Launch $2M Program Aimed To Get 'Squeegee Boys' Off The Streets

How to Make Democrats Explode With Rage With Just One Word

China's president Xi Jinping inaugurates the world's longest sea-crossing bridge that stretches 34 miles and dives INTO THE OCEAN

Auto dealers see slowing sales, sparking fears that a long-expected decline is here 

Judge bars New Hampshire proof of residency requirement for new voters

Is God Sending A Category 5 Hurricane To Stop The Migrant Caravan?

Sweden Not a Socialist Success

Mum blames miscarriage on Tory benefit cuts after stress 'killed her baby'

Severe floods Venezuela!

So you've won Mega Millions - Do you choose the lump sum or the annuity?

Jamal Khashoggi body parts found: Latest detail as FACE discovered in garden

Who's REALLY Leading the Migrant Caravan, in One Cartoon

The EU Doesn't Get It: Italy, With Its Sure-to-Lose Hand, Holds All the Cards

BOOM! After Elizabeth Warren Fails DNA Test Nikki Haley BRUTALLY ROASTS Her In Front Of Hundreds

Morgan Stanley's chief equity strategist Michael Wilson ominously warned that US capital markets have "hit the tipping point"

The Facebook founder exodus continues: Co-founder of Oculus quits four years after Mark Zuckerberg bought his VR firm for $2bn

The apps that can track you even after you've uninstalled them

Republican Congressman's Office Vandalized'With a Boulder

Thousands of Swedes are getting microchip IDs inserted into their hands to swipe into homes, offices, concerts and even to access social media

Obama Tells One Whopper Of A Lie. It's About Lying.

The World's Oldest Shipwreck: 2,400 year Old 'Odysseus'Greek trading vessel is discovered 1.3 miles down at the bottom of the Black Sea (7 Pics)


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Facebook, Twitter Censor Pro-Life Group for 'Hate Speech'

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