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US survillance reportedly shows Chinese artillery on artificial islands
U.S. surveillance images reportedly show that China has positioned weaponry on at least one of the artificial islands it is developing in the South China Sea, apparently confirming suspicions that Beijing has been building up the area for military use.

Jaw-dropping Dennis Hastert indictment stirs deeper mystery - Washington Post THE LATEST: All 209 Federations to Vote in FIFA Election - New York Times Toughest Words Aren't Tough Enough for 2 Spelling Bee Champs - ABC News Volcano Spews Ash on Southern Japan Island - Wall Street Journal 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls woo Adelson at NYC gala - Haaretz US survillance reportedly shows Chinese artillery on artificial islands - Fox News Anthrax Shipments Came From Military Site in Utah Desert - ABC News Officials eye river levels in Texas, with focus on Houston - Fingerprint Cards shares at record after Google tie-up - Reuters Bergdahl appeared to lay groundwork for his disappearance in Afghanistan ... - Fox News

An epidemic of murder has gripped Baltimore in the month following the Freddie Gray riots




Santorum: 'Commander-in-Chief Is Not an Entry-Level Position'

Judge Nap: Marilyn Mosby's 'Goal Is Not Conviction,' It's 'Justice'

Christie Slams Rand Paul: He's Siding With 'Criminal' Snowden on NSA

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A submerged city seen from above: Aerial footage shows how Houston was left underwater by epic flood

Death toll at 21 as Texas horror continues: Recovery efforts hampered by continued


This Appearance On 'Judge Judy' May Explain Mosby's Views Toward Police

Carly Fiorina Runs Circles Around NBC News' Andrea Mitchell.

US Military Pilots Complain Hands Tied in 'Frustrating' Fight Against ISIS

Fox News

FREE SPEECH 'END RUN'? DC transit stops taking issue-oriented ads

RUFFLED FEATHERS? Proposal to save sage grouse puts limit on drilling

Bergdahl appeared to lay groundwork for his disappearance in Afghanistan

SECRET WEAPONS US images reportedly show artillery on Chinese island

'ALL ABOUT THE MONEY' Members of closed Boston church fight vacate order


Dozens Rescued as Flash Floods Ravage Texas

Historic Lighthouse Creeps Away From Eroding Cliff Edge

Slain Reporter Was Bystander Used as Human Shield: Kin

Why U.S. Farmers Have Left Millions of Apples to Rot

The Bulge in This Thief's Pants Was an Assault Rifle


Chinese astronaut asks U.S. to open space station

Shenzhou-10: China's longest crewed space mission

Mohammed cartoon contest planned in Arizona today

Man says he knows where Natalee Holloway is

Residents flee volcano

Embattled FIFA elects president today

ACLU: Pregnant woman's arrest 'horrifying'


Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted on federal charges

Blatter seeks re-election as scandal engulfs FIFA

National Spelling Bee ends in tie for 2nd year in a row

CNN Creates Blooper Reel Showing the Cable News Network's Most Famous On-Air Mistakes

This Is How the Bernie Sanders Campaign Is Explaining His Essay On Women Fantasizing About Gang-Rape

Fast Food Workers Lose Their Jobs After Marijuana Advocate Offers to Pay With Weed

'Let Me Finish': Things Get Tense As CNN's Anderson Cooper Grills 'Draw Muhammad'Contest Organizer

Husband and wife Tony and Janet Blundy score consecutive holes-in-one on same hole

FIFA's Sepp Blatter is a 'despot who wanted women footballers in tighter kits'

Jay Z and Beyonce's 'almost all white' Tidal staff picture sparks Twitter rage

Jessica Alba covers Forbes magazine with $200m wealth thanks to The Honest Company

Report: US Military Testing Bug-Size Drones

Top Army General: 'Incredibly Disappointing' to See 'Fractured' Iraq

Rush Limbaugh: All Immigration Today Is Weakening the US

NC Gov. Vetoes Bill on Religious Objection to Gay Marriage

Special Report

Charles Krauthammer: the Obama Admin Has 'Shown it Doesn't Stand Up'
China is defending its building of artificial islands in the South China Sea and accusing the United States of causing trouble in the region.


Jon Stewart opens Wednesday's 'Daily Show' by ripping FIFA and the investigation.

Jon Stewart wonders what took so long for FIFA investigation

Iconic David Letterman marquee removed from Ed Sullivan Theater

Which starlet sparked controversy with Dubai selfie?


Secrets of the Dennis Hastert Indictment

Maine Senate Votes to Eliminate Concealed Handgun Permits

Self Driving Cars Not As Cool As Batman's

Al Sharpton's Daughter is Just Like Her Daddy, A Fraud!

Thanks to #BlackLivesMatter, More Black People are Now Being Killed in Baltimore

Governments Eye New Stingray-Detecting System

Expert Predicts US to Set Up Iran on Violating Nuclear Provisions

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted On Federal Charges

Obama Hosts Q&A Session, Americans Ask Him Why He Sucks

California Considers First Gas Tax Increase Since 1990s; Zero-Emission Cars May Have To Pay, Too

Shocking video shows moment ISIS prisoner is forced to dig his own GRAVE before being beheaded

'Don't let Bill back in the White House, he abused women and he'll do it again.' Paula Jones warns against voting for Hillary

'This is the face I grew up with': Incredible moment a woman sees her dead brother's FACE on another man's body for the first time after life-saving transplant surgery

O'Reilly: 'The President Is Plunging the World Into a Very Dark Place'

Thousands of homes destroyed, 18 dead and Texas could get MORE flooding: Officials warn that dam is on the brink of failure and state could be hit by further storms





7-Year-Old Boy, Mother Fatally Shot In Head...

Police Say Mobs Gather Around Officers When Responding to Calls...

Sheriff: Cops 'have been eviscerated, disemboweled'...

Union: 'Criminals Empowered'...



$3.5 million in hush money for 'prior bad acts'...


Evidence in WASH POST reporter's IRAN case is Obama administration job application...


TRUMP TOWER: June 16...

LET'S MOVE! Obesity reaches highest level ever recorded...

Michelle O. cracks down on campfire s'mores...

JPMORGAN to cut more than 5,000 jobs...

Drought drains California's Salton Sea...

26 people being treated after Army's accidental anthrax shipment...

Researchers warn tattoos come with long-term medical risks...


Gretchen's Take: Do private companies actually know more about you than the NSA?
could these private companies actually know more about you than even the NSA?













RICK BERMAN: California warning labels a Proposition 65 lawsuit racket

CHRISTOPHER COURSEN: Internet no telecommunications monopoly like Ma Bell phone system

WESLEY PRUDEN: Paula Jones reminds Hillary Clinton supporters of Bill's bimbo eruptions

ROBERT MERRY: Gail Collins' moral movement for minorities maligns America's heritage

BOOK REVIEW: 'Our Souls at Night'

PISAN MANAWAPAT: Ashton Carter will find Thailand a U.S. ally at Asia Security Summit

DONALD LAMBRO: Hillary Clinton hides positions on Obama policies she once supported

JAMES BOVARD: FDA cigar ban proposal a government regulation too far

CHRISTOPHER HARPER: Kermit Gosnell among biggest media hits, Bill Cosby among mashup misses

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Let Patriot Act expire, save the Fourth Amendment

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Next president must face down tyrants

MONICA CROWLEY: Tom Steyer: Climate change hypocrite

ILAN BERMAN: No substitute for seriousness in Iraq

BOOK REVIEW: 'We'll Have Manhattan: The Early Work of Rodgers & Hart'

SUZANNE FIELDS: Does a young Marco Rubio threaten an older Hillary Clinton?

Yahoo Columnist Spins Against Bernie Sanders: 'Hillary Clinton's Not Like the Rest of Us? Good!'

'Non-Partisan' Activist Lets Loose Anti-Republican Rage on MundoFox

Ataque desenfrenado contra republicanos de activista 'no partidista' en MundoFox

NBC Continues Media Push Blaming Flooding in Texas, Drought in California on Climate Change

Matthews: Hillary Clinton Should Tap Republican Gov. John Kasich for Vice President

New Yorker June 1 Cover Shows Only White Male 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

NewsBusted: Hillary's Steph-ing the Deck

Ann Coulter Previews New Illegal Immigration Book; 'This Is the One Debate You Cannot Hear in America'

Media Matters staff: Fox's Andrea Tantaros: Hillary Clinton Has Gotten Ahead By "Play[ing] The Victim"

Lis Power: Ann Coulter Falsely Asserts One Quarter Of Mexico's Population Has Been "Taken In" By U.S.

Media Matters staff: Watch How A Fox Host Shuts Down A Discussion About The Importance Of Including Diverse Candidates On Fox's Debate Stage

Alex Kaplan: "Obama Republican": Right-Wing Media Denounce Rand Paul For Criticizing Republicans On ISIS

Rachel Calvert: Media Give Carly Fiorina A Free-Pass On Opposition To Equal Pay Legislation

Media Matters staff: BBC's Katty Kay Laughs Off Guest's Denial On Climate Change And Texas Floods

Emily Arrowood: Hillary Clinton Spoke About Policy Positions, But Media Only Heard Her Southern Accent

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Newspaper Row

Regional talks to tackle human trafficking in Asia begin in Bangkok amid boat people crisis
Regional talks to tackle human trafficking in Asia begin in Bangkok amid boat people crisis

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Washington Post

Fact Checker: Hillary Clinton cites GOP quotes on equal-pay legislation out of context

Cruz: Universities that boycott Israel should lose federal funding

The Iowa straw poll, once a kingmaker, fades into irrelevance for 2016

GovBeat: Chris Christie finalizes his slow-motion flip-flop on Common Core

Seeking to expand GOP appeal, Marco Rubio takes campaign to Nevada

Clinton campaign still doesn't have supporter e-mail lists from Obama or booster group

Federal Eye: USPS contract talks stall; federal unions have little to say on pot policy

The Fix: Why Dennis Hastert got indicted by the feds

Pataki makes long-shot bid for presidency, joins cluttered GOP field

Wall Street Journal

GOP Split on Possible Health-Law Fixes

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted

Santorum's Message Reflects GOP's Economic Tilt

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Orders Review of Common Core

Centrist Pataki Joins Race for GOP Presidential Nomination

Quiz: Who Said It About Rand Paul?

FCC Proposes Internet Subsidy for Low-Income Users

Drilling Limited to Aid Sage Grouse

Facebook, Politics and Midterms

Washington Times

Canada diplomat's son back in court in drug-related killings

FIFA scandal highlights culture of corruption in World Cup, Olympics bidding

Hornets expand Dell Curry's role in organization

U.S. slams Russian push to classify military casualties as Ukraine coverup

Hillary Clinton-tied think tank bashes Obama's ISIS war strategy

Senior Islamic State cleric, 'the blind judge,' gives speech in Ramadi

Where They Stand: George Pataki on issues of 2016 campaign

Russia sends tanks, troops without insignia to Ukraine border: report

Indians crowd rivers, shady trees as heat toll passes 1,400

LA Times

If NSA surveillance program ends, phone record trove will endure

National spelling bee ends in a tie for the second year

Texas floods: Water 'lapping at the front doors' as evacuations get underway

There's still snow in Boston? Yes, and a big mess too

Can officers charged in Freddie Gray's death get a fair trial in Baltimore?

26 people treated after Army's accidental anthrax shipments

1 World Trade Center: A high-tech ride symbolizing New York's resilience

As Texas flood swept house away, woman called family to say, 'I love you'

NY Times

An Award for Bill Clinton Came With $500,000 for His Foundation

Bob Schieffer of 'Face the Nation' Prepares to Sign Off

Crisis-Hit FIFA Prepares to Vote on Whether to Keep Sepp Blatter as Chief

Sepp Blatter Is Unfazed Entering FIFA Election

Review: 'An Act of God,' With Jim Parsons as an Almighty Comedian

Complaints Rise Against Nation's Railroad Police

U.S. Soccer Will Support Blatter Rival in FIFA Election

U.N. Resolves to Combat Plundering of Antiquities by ISIS

USA Today

Pentagon exploring options to boost support for Sunni tribes after Ramadi

Volcano erupts on southern Japanese island

The day in pictures

Libya tribal chiefs set up council to aid peace efforts

Iraq exhumed 470 bodies from Tikrit mass graves

Yemen's southern militias fight Huthi rebels in Aden

Malaysia defends failure to discover 'migrant camps' at border

Desperate hunger predicted in South Sudan

NY Post

Football players carry dead teammate's casket across field

Race car driver painting Taylor Swift on his car

Volcano erupts on southern Japanese island

Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh misses practice again

Yanks'top pitching stud moves step closer to joining big club

Black church leaders lead revolt against de Blasio's re-election

Only fitting that A-Rod ties 'professor'and buddy Bonds

Shaky Ben Bishop reveals his Game 7 approach vs. Rangers

NY Daily News

Japanese volcano erupts, forcing island to evacuate

Car bombs rock two upscale Baghdad hotels, killing 10

Australian mom wants to leave ISIS, Syria, bring 5 kids home

Non-profit founder received undisclosed $370k annually: report

USCIS and CUNY sites can help with citizenship exams

Clean milk to blame for disappearing holes in Swiss cheese

Google and GoPro to launch Jump, VR service on YouTube

Crime drops, business booms after British town bans mankinis

Daily Mail

Husband and wife Tony and Janet Blundy score consecutive holes-in-one on same hole

FIFA's Sepp Blatter is a 'despot who wanted women footballers in tighter kits'

Jay Z and Beyonce's 'almost all white' Tidal staff picture sparks Twitter rage

Jessica Alba covers Forbes magazine with $200m wealth thanks to The Honest Company

Live Anthrax South Korea exposure sees 22 in treatment at US air base

Stolen Mercedes kills Neurologist Sergei Musatov in hit and run in NYC

James Holmes cries himself to sleep over Colorado theater massacre

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FIRST PHOTOS - Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Send The Message Their Marriage Is Solid
Looks like the family's intact! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are shutting down rumors of separation, divorce, marital trouble, whatever -- they're an intact family in a relationship that's still going...


'Brokeback Bachelors' -- NAKED Showers Together ' But NO Sword Fights

'Dual Survival' Star Joe Teti -- Attacks Dog Over Cat-astrophe

Jermain Taylor -- Brutal Photos of Alleged Beating Victim

The Abbey -- Lights, Camera ' Gay Bar!!!

Guess Who This Baby in a Bonnet Turned Into!

Jay Z & Beyonce -- Black Rage Over Whiteout at Tidal Offices

Cody Simpson -- Over Gigi Hadid ... 'Single Life is Pretty Sweet' (VIDEO)

Dad from 'Friday' Reynaldo Rey Dead -- Dies from Stroke Complications

Mark Cuban -- Warren Buffett Is My Homeboy (Video)

Chris Brown -- Baby Mama Says He Cheaped Out On Royalty's Birthday

Wale -- Bryce Harper Is My Cousin

Harrison Ford -- Look Up in the Sky, It's Me Flying Again ... FORE!! (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez -- Together Again for God ... But Not for Each Other

Allen Iverson -- I'LL SOCK YOU OUT ... I'm Back In Endorsement Game

NBA's John Wall -- Kicked Off Plane In Vegas ... After Altercation

10 Teeth-Care Commandments To Keep Your Mouth Makeout-Ready

10 Ways To Ensure Your Kids Don't Become Victims Of Your Divorce

16 Straightforward Diet Tips That ACTUALLY Work

If Your Guy Does These 7 Things, He Probably Hates Your Family

12 Reasons Marrying My H.S. Sweetheart Was The Best Decision EVER

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Right Scoop

'It's because they're AFRAID''National Review's Rich Lowry dismantles Chris Cuomo's Sharia advocacy

Mark Levin on Hannity: I don't know why Hillary Clinton hasn't served time in PRISON

Kevin Jackson just laid the SMACKDOWN on a hack lawyer for blaming COPS for massive violence in Baltimore

END Common Core NOW! 'Chris Christie says policy just doesn't work

'It's a WARZONE!''Arizona border town HIPPIES and ILLEGALS protest AGAINST immigration enforcement!?

REPORT: Iran was right, Obama saw ISIS coming and LET THEM take Ramadi which led to the slaughter of 500 innocents

One America News

Former U.S. House Speaker Hastert indicted on federal charges

Missouri, Kansas students co-winners of National Spelling Bee

Hundreds seek safety from Texas floods, severe weather kills 17

Unrepentant Lehman ex-CEO Fuld says firm 'was not bankrupt'

India Inc seeks better pricing, FX relief to sell rupee bonds offshore

Sany says diversifying into smartphones, as machinery demand slips

Myanmar says won't take blame at Asia migrant crisis talks

ABC News

FIFA President Blatter Asks to Be Re-Elected Despite Crisis

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted by Feds

Co-Champs Declared at Scripps National Spelling Bee

'Taliban 5' Could Be Free to Travel by Monday

Manhunt Underway in Kansas After Officer Shot in Head

Heavy Rain Eases Texas Drought, but High Water Could Linger

Mistaken Anthrax Shipments Still Being Located

Volcano Erupts on Southern Japanese Island

Weekly Standard

Slim Pickings

Paul Krugman Tells Us What He Really Thinks

Transformational Diplomacy


Hawks of a Feather

Sentences We Didn't Finish

Slim Pickings

Paul Krugman Tells Us What He Really Thinks

Transformational Diplomacy

The Hill

Rand Paul blames GOP hawks for ISIS

Don't waste your time reading the first batch of Clinton emails

Should absence of harm be sufficient for merger approval?

Hispanic America speaks English

Report: Obama lied about bin Laden raid

Michelle Obama speaks of emotional toll of being first black first lady

Bin Laden report 'full of lies,'says former SEAL

Dems to GOP: We're ready to fix ObamaCare, why aren't you?

World Net Daily

Marilyn Mosby, husband to serve as circus ringmasters

Cops declare 'rock stacking'a jailable offense

Pentagon to train Sunni forces to fight ISIS

Judge rejects D.C. request to delay gun ruling

Black leaders: Common Core 'inherently racist'

State chief justice calls out Ginsburg for backing same-sex 'marriage'

Pastor spills secret on kids summoning 'demons'

Hillary tipped murdered ambassador's movements in emails


On Common Core, Jeb Bush is a party of one

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert indicted

Hillary's hair: She's in on the joke

Congress avoids war debate as ISIL advances

Hastert indictment shocks former colleagues

Ex-Schock aide dishes to FBI

Feds blocked volunteers from migrant detention center

Cool McConnell gets passionate ' and pays


'Most musicians have nothing to say. They're not very interesting, and they're not very smart': Refused's raw, radical politics return for the Bernie Sanders generation

'Results': Cobie Smulders and Guy Pearce will pump you up in this buff and delightful rom-com

Big banks run everything: Austerity, the IMF and the real story about world economy that the media won't tell you

Melissa McCarthy blasts malls for segregating plus-size clothing for women

Exxon CEO ridicules green energy: 'We choose not to lose money on purpose'

Real Clear Politics

What Would GOP Do About Islamic State?

Fiorina On Offense On ISIS

Santorum's Stealth Candidacy

The Hillary Clinton Paradox

Rise of Social Liberalism and GOP Resistance

Democratic Extremism

The Death of the Death Penalty

Elections & Campaigns Not the Same Thing

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Video: Chris Pratt teaches Pledge of Allegiance to his 2-year-old son

Comedian who plays wonderfully wooden Hillary on SNL finds actual Hill 'resplendent'

Google announces Android M and tons of other cool stuff at I/O 2015

It's happening: Trump set for 'major announcement' on June 16th

Did Clinton ask Blumenthal to look for information about Libya?

Five years in, pizza chains find ObamaCare menu mandate still half-baked

Money pit: The USPS has lost more than $46 billion since 2007


Yahoo Columnist Spins Against Bernie Sanders: 'Hillary Clinton's Not Like the Rest of Us? Good!'

'Non-Partisan' Activist Lets Loose Anti-Republican Rage on MundoFox

Ataque desenfrenado contra republicanos de activista 'no partidista' en MundoFox

NBC Continues Media Push Blaming Flooding in Texas, Drought in California on Climate Change

Matthews: Hillary Clinton Should Tap Republican Gov. John Kasich for Vice President

New Yorker June 1 Cover Shows Only White Male 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates

NewsBusted: Hillary's Steph-ing the Deck

Smoking Gun

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Mother Arrested For Potato Sack Attack On Son

Police Arrest Man, 46, Spotted Meditating In Nude On Florida Sidewalk

Woman Stabbed In Eye During "Last Rib"Beef

Florida Is No Refuge For Ukraine Tourists

Cops Arrest Man Named Notorious Neal On Larceny Charge

Playwright Sam Shepard Collared By New Mexico Cops On Aggravated DWI Charge

Woman Faces Bribery Charge For Lick Offer

Canada Free Press

Tilly the missing spaniel is found'153 miles away

NIGERIA: Believers Killed as Villages Raided

Obama, We hear that your ISIS strategy has succeeded

Is this Your Country?

Palestine -Netanyahu Goes For Gold In Shoot-Off With Obama

A Teachable Moment for America's Flawed Constitutional Scholar!

The real climate threat to our national security

Federal Court Denies Admin. Stay In DC Concealed Carry Case

It's time to shut down campus shouter-downers

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman's Thoughts On SEASON TWO of the RACE WARS Series'

Climate Change Indoctrination Goes All-In At A School Near You'

Obama Flies To Florida For Meeting With Gay Millionaire Mortgage Broker

Check Out This Irish Father's Reaction To Son Not Passing His Driving Test'(NSFW)

DISASTER LOOMS: Obama Era Has Turned America Into Nation Of Paid Non-Workers'


Ferguson Thug Life Memorialized By City Gone Wrong'

American Soldier Wakes To Find 'F*CK THE MILITARY'Painted On Her Home


Enlarged US defense aid to Israel discussed by teams

US puts onus for fighting ISIS on Iraqis

Leading US nuclear negotiator Sherman to quit

The Islamists Cash in on Natural Resources in Looted Lands, Can Afford a Nuclear Bomb

The Syrian Army Is Shrinking and Falling Back, Nullifying Assad's Options

Obama Gives Iran Exclusive Carte Blanche for Fighting ISIS in Iraq

ISIS Primed to Pounce on Assad's Secret Chemical Weapons Store at Al-Safira