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Clinton had shot to take out terrorist leader before 9/11 attacks but passed because of feared civilian casualties

Only 10 hours before the first plane struck the World Trade Center, Clinton had the chance to kill Bin Laden but passed because the operation would have also killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan.


27 Palestinians killed as Gaza truce unravels

CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying

10 Things to Know for Today

Would you give your DOG liposuction?

Thai surrogate mother receives over $50,000 to help her six-month-old Down syndrome baby after Australian couple abandoned him ... but took his healthy twin sister

Commonwealth Games athlete 'goes on the run to avoid returning to Ebola-hit Sierra Leone'

Florida law professor targeted for murder feared for his safety after menacing anonymous threats to use 'all means necessary to shutting people like YOU down'

Gaza crisis: Humanitarian cease-fire under threat within hours

Clinton on Sept. 10, 2001: I could have killed bin Laden but 'I didn't'

David Cassidy DWI plea deal hearing derailed by tweet

WATCH: 'Everybody Loves Raymond' cast reunites

3-Day Ceasefire Seems to Be Crumbling Quickly

Antibiotic-Resistant 'Nightmare Bacteria' Rising in Southeast

Cantor Quitting House Early

Gas Blasts Rip Up Taiwan Streets, Kill Dozens

On 9/10, Clinton Said He Could Have Killed bin Laden


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Veep Joe gushes over love for skinny dipping in new tell-all book

It's the Joe Biden you didnt know and might not want to see



Spending on Afghanistan surpasses the Marshall plan

Snowden’s asylum in Russia expires

Sen. Lindsay Graham: UN needs to “shut up” about assault on Gaza

Lasers may allow civilian airliners to fend off missiles

Researchers determine suicide risk with blood test

Proof The Corporate Elite Are Running Out Of Threats
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Conservatives, Republican Leaders Battle Over Border Bill...

SHOCK POLL: GOP Standing Strong Against Illegal Immgiration More Important Than Benghazi, Repealing Obamacare...

1,000 Children Fleeing Violent Honduras Transferred to Violent Chicago...

'Godfather' Welcomes...

Chicken pox outbreak leads to lockdown of facility...

UPDATE: TB, Scabies Spreading...

Sheriff: Over 120,000 Illegals Arrested near Tucson...

TX Law Enforcement Volunteer To Form 'Border Brotherhood'...

Colorado Overwhelmed by Immigrant License Requests...

'Technical Glitch' Clogs Up Visa System...

Jerry Brown: 'Climate Change' Will Drive Mexicans North...

SESSIONS: Executive Amnesty Will Make Immigration Enforcement 'Almost Impossible'...





DOW -300...

EMPIRE: U.S. Attorney Warns Cuomo on Ethics Investigation...

UPDATE: 'New Pot Party' Claims Responsibility For White Flags On Brooklyn Bridge...

Israeli intelligence surprised by Hamas tunnel network...

Netanyahu vows to destroy...

Calls up 16,000 reserves...

72-Hour Cease-Fire Announced...

IRAN ROUHANI: 'Festering Zionist Tumor Has Opened Once Again'...

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David Gray Performs "Back In The World" on David Letterman

Comedian Michael Somerville on David Letterman

Top Ten Text Messages From Satan - David Letterman

Alan Kalter's Month of the Month - David Letterman

David Letterman's Monologue - 7/31/14

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Maksim reveals why Kirstie Alley ended their friendship

No bra? No problem! Chrissy Teigen goes for breezy walk

Celebs embrace the 'belfie' the selfie's cheekier cousin


Ray J’s Regrets His Sex Tape With Kim K.

Backstreet Boys Latest Casualties of Palestinian Conflict!!

Tiny -- I Want to Squash the Beef with Floyd Mayweather

Gisele Does Doggy Style!

Chris Pratt: Man of Action!

Vin Diesel -- Covers 'Stay With Me' ... And It's Strangely Enchanting

'Sharknado 2' Star Tara Reid -- Seriously ... I Don't Believe in Sharknado Attacks

Shark Tank's Daymond John -- I Struck Out on $20 Million Pitch

Montel Williams -- Barks at 'Homeboy' Obama ... FIX Veterans' Medical Problems

Tim McGraw -- Slapping 'Victim' Smacked Singer's Ass Before Attack

Adam Herschman: LIGHTNING ROUND!

Big Sean: Silent About Naya Surprise Wedding

Karrueche Tran DUMPS Chris Brown

Team USA's Jermaine Jones -- I Wanna Start a Sports Agency, Too ... Just Like Lil Wayne

'Ice Road Truckers' Star Tim Zickuhr -- Arrested for Devil May Hair Care Shoplifting Spree

'Sons of Guns' -- ATF Investigation Over Insane Machine Gun

Linda Hogan -- My Ex BF is a Leech and an Ingrate

Guess Who This Curly Haired Kid Turned Into!

Tara Reid -- 'Sharknado 2' Was Cool, But 3 Is Gonna Be ...


Selena Gomez -- Justin Bieber & Orlando BloomCan Kiss My ...

Linda Hogan's Ex BF -- She Treated Me Like a Day Laborer!

Chris Brown -- Well-Rounded for Life After Jail

Orlando Bloom & Erica Packer -- Anything Our Exes Can Do ...

'Party Down South' Star Ryan 'Daddy' Richards -- CLEARED Of Rape Allegation

Russell Simmons -- SHAQ'S A DOPE RAPPER ... I Wish I Woulda Signed Him

Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr ... Bizarre Billionaire Love Square

25 Insane Places People Had Sex

The Science Of Straying: 8 Things You Didn't Know About Cheaters

Getting Divorced? Don't Let Your Kids Get Stuck In The Tug Of War

Want To Be A Surrogate? Here's What You Need To Know

10 Dogs Who Are Tired Of Being The Third Wheel

Selfie-addicted Russian soldier caught in Ukrainian territory by Instagram geo-tagging

Michigan woman blames zoo for losing a finger when she tried to pet a caged lion

A social media specialist for a Utah language school says he was fired for writing a blog post about homophones because his boss was afraid readers would think it was about gay sex.

Giraffe hits head on low highway bridge, dies

Sean Hannity's Attempt To Respond To Russell Brand Goes Awry

Male Baby Doll With Penis Shocks Toys 'R' Us Shoppers

A Colorado woman is suing the nursing home where she worked and local police for allegedly not telling her that a gunman who held her hostage was a police officer conducting a safety drill

Flight diverted after woman throws prosthetic leg at flight attendant

Police: Drunk 80-year-old urinated in restaurant parking lot

Man stabbed for hogging the Lady Garden!

Black cats being abandoned because they don't look good in SELFIES.

Belleville man says he doesn't know why he put needles in grocery store meat

Website for Proposed 230-Foot-Tall Cross in Alabama Says Donations Could “Lead to Someone Being Healed from Cancer”

Police: Naked intruder fell asleep in couple's bed

Police: Partially clothed woman urinated on tombstone, assaulted cops

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'Big Bang Theory' stalls

Boy gets trapped in hot car, dies

Cop pulls man over, performs CPR

Paralyzed men have sex again

From sex offender to millionaire

Ax flies through car windshield

Man records own bull trampling

Congressman lived on minimum wage

NFL rule changes for 2014 season

Soccer team wears tuxedo uniform

Fox News

GAZA CEASE-FIRE OVER? 3-day humanitarian truce under strain within hours

'LUCKIEST MAN' MEMORY Souvenir from Lou Gehrig's last game nets $95G

CRISIS AT THE BORDER Federal agents exposed to lice, scabies, report says

'IT IS DEVASTATING' American held by N. Korea feels 'abandoned' by gov't

Recording reveals that Bill Clinton said on Sept. 10, 2001 he could have killed bin Laden but 'didn't'

Texas first-grader forced by teacher to sit on floor for weeks as punishment for drawing picture on desk

Pot activist says he's behind Brooklyn Bridge flag-swap - 2 hurt by falling glass from 24th floor of NYC high-rise

Taiwan gas explosions kill 20, injure hundreds


Wasps Kill Pregnant Mother of Four

Cop's Loaded Shotgun Missing After Motorcycle Mishap

Boy, 12, Accused in Homeless Man's 'Horrific' Killing

Detective Who Failed Drug Test Blames Sex Cream

Ex-Yankees Outfielder Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Tropical Storm Bertha Forms in the Atlantic

Safe At Last! Condemned Christian Mom Lands in U.S.

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Die for Faith Arrives in U.S.

Washington Times

Maine senators to visit US-Mexico border

Witness in ex-Va. gov trial: Gifts, but no affair

Utah lobbyists required to wear badges Aug. 1

CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying

Kansas City moves to ban open carry of firearms

Huffington Post

Jon Stewart Calls Congress The 'Sharknado 2' Of Government

Gaza War: 72-Hour Cease-Fire Unravels After Violent Clashes In Rafah

Eric Cantor Plans To Resign House Seat Earlier Than Expected: Report

Obamacare Is More Unpopular Than Ever, Poll Shows

Senate Follies Almost Derail Confirmation Of New U.S. Ambassador To Russia

Obama Doesn't Like Katy Perry -- He LOVES Her

Why Can't Obama Enforce Peace Between Palestine and Israel?

Big Banks Remind Us Why We Should Be Scared


Cantor Quitting House Early

On 9/10, Clinton Said He Could Have Killed bin Laden

House GOP Delays Recess, Scrambles for Border Bill

Mitt Romney in 2016?

George W. Bush Writes Book on His Dad

Full House Approves Lawsuit Against Obama

Michelle Obama: 'Blood of Africa' in My Veins

Colbert Punks Palin, Buys

McDonnells' Sad Defense: We Hated Each Other

CBS News

Who houses unaccompanied immigrant children?

VA reform bill clears Senate, awaits Obama's signature

Obama signs executive order protecting federal contractors' employees

Bill, Hillary Clinton blast "despicable" anti-Clinton authors

There will be some "bumps" in Obamacare enrollment this year: Official

Bill Clinton: "I could have killed" Osama bin Laden

Obama signs executive order protecting federal contractors' employees

House delays summer recess for possible border bill vote

One America News

China diners test McDonald’s, Yum says food scare hurts KFC, Pizza Hut sales

Bank of America ordered to pay $1.27 billion for Countrywide fraud

Detroit drops post-bankruptcy monitor from exit plan

Time almost up for Argentina to avoid debt default

U.S. home prices down in May, but consumer confidence strong

A mixed quarter for bets on U.S. stock volatility

U.S. homeownership rate falls to 19-year low in second quarter

ABC News

Two Americans With Ebola to Be Flown Back to US

Bill Clinton's Chilling Statements Hours Before 9/11 Attacks

6 Foods That Make You Look Older

Casualties Reported in Gaza Amid Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire

Company 'Shocked' After Demoted Employee Allegedly Shot CEO

Yosemite Wildfire Weakened, Evacuations to End

Cantor Tells Newspaper He'll Resign in August

US Warns Against Traveling to Ebola-Hit Countries

Weekly Standard

Ansar al Sharia Ally A Key Figure in Benghazi Security Failures

Paying for Paving

While We’re At It

Zero Hour

Archivally Correct

Lessons Learned?

Signifying Nothing

Why America Fought

Game of Yawns

The Hill

Is India becoming a case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

The muddied future of ObamaCare

So, how about those elections?

Russian sanctions are a big deal for Europe

Vulnerable Dems balk at Obama actions

Dems fear a debacle on turnout

Reid: GOP border bill could be vehicle for immigration reform

House votes to sue Obama

World Net Daily

Audio: Clinton skipped chance to kill bin Laden

Topless Texas protesters troll gun activists

Woman claims police brutality against NYPD

Permit needed for media to cover forest fire?

Satanists use Hobby Lobby to play devil's advocate

Court releases 'Fast and Furious'info withheld by Obama

CDC chief: Ebola 'could arrive in the U.S.'

Ex-FBI agent blasts bureau for botched OKC evidence


GOP leaders stumble on Day One

The secret George W. Bush book project

Congress sputters on deadline day

House GOP in disarray: Border fight delays recess

Cuomo's M.O. haunting him now

Senate blocks border bill

Cruz stands by border position

Next stop for 2016 Dems: Reid's Nev.


How to have cybersex on the Internet, courtesy of the ’90s

Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren: They have less in common than you think

James Franco: “If people have Franco fatigue, they should stop paying attention”

“Calvary”: A good priest takes on a poisoned church and a crazy Irish village

The bizarre case of a dad traveling alone with a baby

Boehner’s humiliating defeat: House border bill scratched at last minute

Could a blood test gauge your risk of suicide?

All the business advice I learned from Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You”

Real Clear Politics

Can the GOP Take the Senate?

Desperate Democrats Can't Escape Obama

Can Liberalism Survive Obama?

A New Old Regime

White House Is Begging for Impeachment

Israel Can't Let Up in War on Terror

John Kerry Is Right

Who Lost Iraq?

Free Republic

UKRAINE: Bad & Good Summary – July 31, 2014- Dmitry Tymchuk

(Col. Ralph) Peters: ‘Disdain for Israel Among Obamacrats Is Visceral’

"Sharknado 2" Breaks Records with 3.9 Million Viewers

Israel to resume Gaza operation as truce with Hamas crumbles

Illegal [alien] detained in death of 'Christmas Story' director [repost of article from 2007]

Search the narcotic squad after the disappearance of 50 kg of cocaine

NY judge: US warrant can reach email in Ireland

The Evil Mind of John Kerry


Truce Crumbles as 40 Killed in Gaza, Rockets Hit Israel

For 10 days, Jailed Sahara Chief Subrata Roy Can Stay in Conference Room

Aamir Khan Goes Nude, Almost, in Teaser PK Poster

Student Starts Global Class Action Against Facebook

Chief Justice Asks Centre to Fast Track Criminal Justice System

Former Congress Leader Says Rahul Gandhi Lacks Fire Needed for Politician

Village was Building a Crematorium. Too Soon, It Will be Put to Use

2014 Commonwealth Games Day 9 Live Blog

PM Modi's Image of India Undermined by WTO Stand, Says US



WATCH: BBC Newsreader Misses Own Bulletin

Report: Uncontrolled Immigration Could Lead to Crowded Schools, Failing Hospitals, and Even Water Shortages

QB Controversy Already Brewing in Cleveland

Mark Levin: 'Clean Out' GOP Leadership or Country Will 'Unravel'

Meriam Ibrahim Arrives on US Soil

CA Candidate Neel Kashkari's Homeless Week Makes the Case Against Obama's Executive Amnesty

Coulter on Border Crisis: 'We Need a Netanyahu'

Catholic Bishops Say Amnesty for Illegal Immigrant Children Is 'Pro-Life'


16 Breastfeeding Controversies for the Start of World Breastfeeding Week

Recent Birth Control Pill Use Linked With Breast Cancer Risk

This Astronaut’s Photos of Earth Look Like Beautiful Abstract Paintings

Philadelphia Narcotics Cops Charged With Stealing Drugs, Money

As Time Runs Out, Congress Is Gridlocked on Immigration Reform

So Long, Shamu: Southwest, SeaWorld End Ties

War Rages Again in Gaza as Cease-Fire Unravels

Here Comes the Manic Pixie Hot Mess

Daily Beast

Don’t Be Fooled: GOP Wants Impeachment

Disabled Woman vs. Dating Site Trolls

Chris Pratt, the Everydude Superhero

The Strange Last Days of the Afghan War

Pelosi to Boehner: Quash Impeachment

First Cronuts, Now Sundaes in a Can

Mystery Drone Over South Carolina Prison

Open Source Hunt for a Missing Missile

The Blaze

Eric Cantor Says He Will Resign From Congress Earlier Than Expected

‘This Is An Open Letter’: Mother of Five Pens Viral Response to Group of Young People She Says Shamed Her Over Stretch Marks

72-Hour Cease-Fire Between Hamas, Israel Goes Into Effect (UPDATE: Fighting Erupts After Truce)

A First Grade Student Admits She Drew on Her Desk, But One Part of the Punishment That Was Secretly Handed Down to the Girl Has Her Mother Infuriated

Radical Islamic Militias Declare Control of Benghazi

California Beachgoers Capture Something on Camera That Scientists Haven’t Seen in About a Decade: ‘It’s a Little Out of Whack’

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Ebola: First case coming to America

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Gov. Scott Walker’s signature Act 10 in its entirety

Is Romney poised for a comeback?

Video: Baffling gun-control ad from Mike Bloomberg’s group draws inevitable response

Democratic Senator calls for CIA director’s resignation for spying on Congress

“Are you a Christian?” Tucker Carlson vs. Kirsten Powers on admitting children from Central America

Joe Scarborough on Israel: “We cannot be associated with this if this continues”


WaPo's Kucinich Covers Bloomberg Ad, Misses How Having a Gun Would Have Prevented Domestic Violence

NYT's Kirkpatrick Bizarrely Suggests Lack of Support for Hamas by Arab Nations Bad News for Peace

Writers at The Hill Lend 'Obama Pivots to Economic Legacy'Meme Credibility

NBC 'Nightly News'Exclusive: Russia Granting Edward Snowden Permanent Asylum

MSNBC Uses Term 'Impeachment'More Than Four Times as Often as Fox News

Top Spanish-language Newscasts Ignore Damning Lois Lerner E-Mail Revelations

Only NBC 'Nightly News'Covers Stunning Bill Clinton 9/10/2001 Audiotape

Smoking Gun

FBI: Man, 68, Hid Sewing Needles In Packaged Meat

Naked Man On Leash Prompts Criminal Probe

TLC '14

TLC Reunion Tour Demands Fancy Sushi, Oxygen, And No Courtyard By Marriott Hotels, Rider Shows

Woman Sues Doc Over "Cocaine Nose"Photos

Accused Gunman Has Exciting Few Days In Custody

Cops Arrest South Carolina Woman For Possessing Urine That Tested Positive For Methamphetamine

Cops: Woman, 25, Left Her Two Kids In Unattended Car While She Performed Sex Act On Boyfriend

Canada Free Press

ObamaCare Disaster in California

Jews Condemned Whilst Christians Are Decimated And Dispersed

EPA’s Misleading PR Campaign on Power Plant Rules

Constitutional Immigration

INDIA: Non-Hindu Activities Outlawed in Villages Throughout Chhattisgarh

Latin America Disappoints

Truckers concerned misleading headlines undermine highway safety improvement efforts

The UN Continues to Blame Israel for Everything

New York Times Reporter: ‘Some People Are Deserving of Incivility’

The Ulsterman Report

Obama Has Lost The Ability To Speak…

Catholic League Rips Obama: Do Christian And Jewish Lives Mean So Little To You?

D.C. Whispers: John Kerry Throws Tantrum Over Potential Loss Of Nobel Peace Prize…

John Kerry And The Obama Regime Have Become Hamas Errand Boys…

President Obama Thanks Muslims For “Building Fabric”Of America…

Video Of Obama Heckled In Los Angeles Last Week

MUST SEE: Pro Palestinian Thugs Riot In Paris –Attack Police (VIDEO)

ISIS Engages In Brutal Purge Of Those Who Reject Muslim Caliphate (VIDEO)


IDF declares closed military zones

Heavy IDF-Palestinian clashes in Rafah after Hamas breaches truce

Updated List of Israeli Fallen in Operation Defensive Edge 2014

Five Israeli soldiers killed by mortar fire Thursday night

US and UN: Israel and Hamas agree on a 72-hour truce from Friday, "immediate" talks in Cairo

Netanyahu Prepares to Pull Troops out of Gaza - but Keep a Buffer Zone

The Transcript Scandal Exposes Rising Rancor between US, Israeli Leaders

LA Times

CIA apologizes, admits it improperly searched Senate computers

Sen. Ted Cruz rallies GOP against border bill; House delays vacation

Eric Cantor set to resign from Congress in August, he says

Court upholds Wisconsin collective bargaining and voter ID laws

Congress approves temporary highway funding measure

Kevin McCarthy tested as he begins tenure as House majority leader

New York may regulate costumed characters after unseemly incidents

Senate sends $16.3-billion Veterans Affairs reform bill to Obama

NY Times

City Room: New York Today: Life Without the G

African Leaders and W.H.O. Intensify Effort to Combat Ebola Virus

Israelis and Palestinians Clash Despite Cease-Fire

Cantor, Ex-Majority Leader, to Leave Congress Early

Cuomo’s Back-Room Style Draws a Potent Critic

Cease-Fire in Gaza Conflict Takes Effect as Talks Are Set

DealBook: MoneyPak, a Popular Prepaid Money Card, Opens Path to Fraud Schemes

A Fight to Shackle the Chain Stores in East Hampton

USA Today

Taiwan gas explosions kill 24; blows car onto roof

Israel-Hamas cease-fire precarious few hours after start

72-hour Gaza cease-fire takes effect

Tropical Storm Bertha forms in the Atlantic

The day in pictures

Clinton, in 2001, on bin Laden: 'I could have killed him'

Not just Argentina: 11 countries near bankruptcy

West Bank grows restive as war in Gaza continues

Daily Mirror

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

Train carrying MH17 bodies reaches government-held Ukrainian city

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in further clashes in the east

Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials

Exclusive: U.S. says government lab workers possibly exposed to anthrax

Ukraine rebels speak of heavy losses in battle against government troops

Obama sends U.S. military advisers to Iraq as battle rages over refinery

NY Daily News

American Ebola virus patient will come to U.S.

Death toll rises to 51 in western Indian village engulfed by landslide

Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour ceasefire

WTC contractor defrauded Port Authority: prosecutors

Meriam Ibrahim lands in New Hampshire

At least 20 dead, more than 270 hurt after Taiwan explosions

Qns. man hid mom's death to collect benefits meant for her: DA

Ice cream changes color while you eat it

The Times of India

Father beats infant, posts photos on Facebook 'for fun'

Sudanese Christian woman spared execution is in US

Three-day Gaza ceasefire under way

Air Algerie jet fell 10,000 metres in 3 minutes

Libya Islamic militias declare control of Benghazi

US, UN announce deal on 72-hour Gaza ceasefire

Taiwan gas explosions kill 20, injure 270

Ebola claims 729 lives, world on alert

The Guardian

Gene Simmons confirms Kiss movie Cadillac High

Gaza conflict: Israel and Hamas begin 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire

Meriam Ibrahim, Christian threatened with execution in Sudan, arrives in US

Atlanta's Emory University Hospital to receive patient infected with Ebola

Republican leadership in disarray after failure to vote on immigration bill

Microsoft ordered to produce overseas customer email addresses by US judge

Gaza: White House calls UN school attack by Israel 'totally indefensible' video

The homeless governor: California candidate spends a week in poverty

The Independent

Sean Hannity reacts to Russell Brand's Israel-Gaza criticism: 'You're a dumb actor known for your failed marriage to Katy Perry'

Amazonian rainforest tribe makes contact with outside world after suffering violence and illness

Man dies after crashing car into bee-infested house

Man dies after crashing car into bee-infested house in Michigan

Plan to reintroduce genetically pure bison could put the wild back into America's Wild West

George W Bush downs his paintbrush to pen father’s life story

A tale of two presidents: George W Bush downs his paintbrush to pen father’s life story

Amazonian Indian tribe filmed making contact with Brazil village in rare video footage

The Telegraph

Ebola virus outbreak: live

Jellyfish bloom caught on camera

Burning Man's mutant vehicles

Gaza's fragile ceasefire 'broken' just hours in

Gaza conflict: Ceasefire ends after less than three hours

World War One biplanes dogfight in the skies above New York

Australian couple abandon surrogate twin with Down's syndrome - but keep his sister

Gaza men watch as smart bomb blows up building

Financial Times

Shortlived Gaza ceasefire falls apart

Thailand to use rubber for roadbuilding

Sberbank says sanctions hit global finance

Crash investigators access MH17 site

Xi graft crackdown hits party appeal

CIA apologises for spying on Senate

Indian objections sink WTO deal

Swiss to get vote on links with EU

US diplomat faces questions over strategy

Business warns on Republicans suing Obama

Rolling Stone

America's Gun Violence Epidemic: Readers Share Their Stories

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

The Intercept

It’s About the Lying

Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza

Top Journalists and Lawyers: NSA Surveillance Threatens Press Freedom and Right to Counsel

The NSA’s New Partner in Spying: Saudi Arabia’s Brutal State Police

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original

NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet

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