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CHAOS IN BAGHDAD Protesters infiltrate Green Zone, storm parliament

SITTING ON MILLIONS $100M in loose change lost in seat cushions

DC CELEBRATES ITSELF Obama attends his final Correspondents' Dinner

Obama takes his last shots at White House Correspondents' dinner

Brutal attack on tourists in Thailand caught on video

Lost in the seat cushions, there's $100 million in spare change

Obama blasts Trump and GOP and Dems and media and ...

Obama's best lines of the night

Photos from the red carpet

Obama teases Clinton: She's like 'your relative who just signed up for Facebook'

Trump seeks approval from foreign policy experts, but hits snags

Trump turns fire on Obama

Obama mocks Republican field at WHCD: A bunch of you wrote in Paul Ryan for your dinner choice

In final roast, Obama tears into presidential candidates, even Hillary

Who was Arianna Huffington's date to the correspondents' dinner'

Trump to Michael Savage: 'I'm Not an Isolationist'

Oops! No One Told Ted Cruz That Delegates Pick the VP at a Contested Convention

Scientist: 'Aliens Exist and Are Impregnating Human Woman on Earth to Evolve Us into Higher Beings'

'If this material works, I'm going to use it at Goldmans next year': Obama swings for Hillary, professes love for Biden, roasts Trump and ends his final Correspondents' Dinner with a MIC DROP 

Warren Buffett says Berkshire 'fine' with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton


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West Point set for first woman dean in two century history...


Nuke sub missile drill...

EU military civil unrest training...

Left clashes with far-right in Germany...

Fire ravages Muslim prayer hall in Corsica...

NKorea Vows to Rapidly Advance Nuclear Attack Capabilities...

Talking cat collar 'translates' meows into human speech...

Wee-lief! Dogs get airport bathrooms of their own...

Crisis-hit Venezuela to push clocks forward to save power...

Hair left half-cut in electricity chaos...

Someone already born will 'live to 1,000'...

Govt wants fingerprints to unlock phones...


GOP Race Shifts California's Political Fault Lines...

From NY to LA, street art blooms for presidential candidates...

BECK: I Lost $500K Helping Cruz...

Rubs Face In CHEETOS...

FBI and NSA requests never denied by secret court...

How doctor plans to perform first human head transplant...

UPDATE: TARGET tests robot employees...

Free will illusion'

Latino activists vow more Trump protests; Tensions heighten...


'America First'Slogan to be Outlawed

Antiphysical: Why Men Are Giving Up Sex &Relationships

The Coming Antichrist

Army Ordered To Pass Women, Lower Standards

Venezuela's Energy Crisis Causes Riots

Trump Rally Gets Bloody

Americans haven't gotten a raise in 16 years

Anti-Trump Rioters Gone Wild [UNCENSORED]

Trump Rape Hoax Exposed

VIDEO: Crazed Feminists Harass Man For Filming 'Whiteness History Month'Presentation


Dollar will Blow Up and Collapse -- John Williams


Obama Does It Again: Fourth Worst Economy In U.S. History

The Coming Antichrist

Shocking News by Imran Hosein | Armageddon -The Evilest of the Evil Times to Begin in 2016

Peter Schiff : Gold and Currency Markets Expose U.S. Recovery Myth

Satanic Dictator His NWO City to Head "One World Government" - Prophecy Alert!

TIP OF THE ICEBERG: Why The Stock Market May Be About To Crash. By Gregory Mannarino

Debt Slavery -- Max Keiser

What If The Catholic Church Declares No Wars Are Justified'

Dear Sanders/Trump Supporters It's Hillary's turn in the woodshed

Goldman Sachs - Why do they keep getting what they want'

People in their 20s in Italy successfully sue parents to provide their upkeep

Jim Grant - "The Fed is in the business of making things worse as it seeks to make things better."

The Truth Shall Set You Free


The Long Climb

Funny or crazy things people do while driving...

The curiosity of children

The Acronym Game Thread 2

Wedding Woes

Ray McGovern on how dangerous our foreign policy is getting.

How does the rest of the world deal with race relations'

Prince is not infact dead....

Men and women in the military and physical standards

Veterans Being Served Cockroaches In The V.A.

Three 16th-Century Truth Seekersâ€What Did They Find'

What is the relationship between psychopathy and religion'

Theyre Heeere

Will the Son of Man find faith on earth'

5 faith facts about Harriet Tubman: 'American Moses' is coming to $20 bill

Question about Roswell/Brazel/Marcel

HELP: Have you ever witnessed a UFO'

Extraterrestrials, gods and daemons - A clairvoyant investigation.

How you spell "The Berenstain Bears" could be proof of parallel universes

UFOs Terrorize Alaska (1978 article from Ideals UFO Magazine)


Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk

In Case of Trump Nomination, Break Glass

Five Ways Trump Will Attack Clinton

How Clinton's Positions Have Moved Running Against Sanders

The Uberization of Banking

What Would Happen If We Just Gave People Money'

Does Erdogan Want His Own Islamic State'

It's Time to Take Action Against Lyme Disease

Curt Schilling -- After the Tweets

CRUZ POACHES NEARLY ALL AZ DELEGATES=>Former Gov. Jan Brewer and Trump Supporters Cry Foul

Hah! Comedian Larry Wilmore Cracks Bill Clinton Stripper Joke at WHCD (VIDEO)

Oops! Heidi Cruz Spills the Beans=>Tells Supporters Ted Cruz is an Immigrant

Obama roasts the media, RNC and, of course, Trump at annual dinner

Obama's top 10 jokes at the correspondents' dinner

Trump flops in Arizona delegate fight

Inside Cruz's camp, confidence crumbles

Trump Campaign: 15 of 16 Delaware Delegates Onboard, Even in Multiple Ballots

Bloomberg: Presidential Candidates on Both Sides Offer Blame, Not Solutions

Pro-Cruz PAC Targets Trump Over Tyson Friendship

David Brooks: GOP at 'Joe McCarthy Moment' Over Trump

Talk Shows

The Five

Greta - On the Record

The O'Reilly Factor


The Kelly File



Ray and Janay Rice -- Baby On the Way!!

Prince -- Traveled Miles For Prescription Pill Addiction

Ronda Rousey -- Crazy Beach Workout ... Ready For The Ring (PHOTOS)

'Star Wars: Episode 8' -- Say Hello To The Millennium Falcon (PHOTOS)

Snoop, Sam Hunt -- Strange, Stagecoach Bedfellows

Miguel -- Nobody Could Play Prince In Biopic (VIDEO)

Bradley Cooper to Lady Gaga -- Wanna Ride My Hog'

Draya Michele -- Defies Nature After Giving Birth

Nicole Murphy -- Good Luck Filling Strahan's Shoes

Chyna -- Mixed Pill Bottles Throw Wrench In Death Investigation

NFL's Brandon Marshall -- Wake Up Raiders ... Vegas Is Dangerous For NFL Players (VIDEO)

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

NFL's Takeo Spikes -- Sexist Advice For NFL Rookies (VIDEO)

Nick Young -- Boys Night Out ... Back to Normal

Justin Bieber -- No Need to Dread Him Anymore (PHOTOS)

Sorry Lady, But Maternity Leave Is FAR From 'Me Time'

Why Falling In Love Is SO DAMN HARD For Strong Women

We'll Always Have Unfinished Business '​ And Damn*t I Still Miss You

7 Sex Positions That Will Help You Feel A LOT Less Self-Conscious

8 Signs That 'Nice Guy'Is Actually A Narcissistic Assh*le

You Should Never Stop Chasing Her (Even When She's Already Yours)

More News / Trivia

Canada Free Press

Trump Targets Obama and Clinton Betrayal of Israel

Why Can't California Farmers Get the Water They Need'

Inside climate propaganda

Election 2016: Who Has the Best Immigration Numbers'

Antisemitism Center Stage at Palestinian UN News Conference

Leading Us Down The Aisle

California's Political Water Wars Heat Up

Trump's three huge lies about Cruz

Will California declare war on baseball next'

The Ulsterman Report

Conor McGregor Fights For His Own Freedom &Self-Determination

D.W. Ulsterman: 'It Is Now Time For The Republican Party To Unite Behind Donald Trump'

D.W. Ulsterman Answers Question On What His Favorite Prince Song Is'

D.W. ULSTERMAN On The Launch Of Game Of Thrones: Season 6

'THE WRITER'Publication Update


RIP Prince: 'Sometimes It Snows In April'

WE Did It!!! My Newest Novel, 'THE WRITER'Has Been Chosen For Publication!!!


DEBKAfile exclusive on Libya battle makes headlines in UK

Iraq car bomb: At least 24 people killed

Russian Jet Intercepted US Air Force Plane Over The Baltic Sea

Italian-British force ambushed by IS in Libya

#39;Regime of silence#39; to go into effect in two Syrian cities

Iran planning ICBM tests soon after new US president takes office

ISIS said to order attacks on targets in Rome, including Israeli embassy



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