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Tourists in Jamaica warned to stay in resorts after shootings lead to state of emergency Kabul Intercontinental Hotel siege leaves more than 40 dead, Afghanistan official says On Day 2 of shutdown, Congress returns to find fix, end politically charged stalemate Massachusetts couple accidentally donates soup can with hidden savings Russian police discover crocodile in basement during weapons raid Dad's plea for kidney during Disney World trip results in transplant in NY Tom Brady's playing status unclear ahead of Sunday's AFC title game US slaps highest-level 'do not travel' warning on five Mexican states What happens during a government shutdown? 7 things you should know Woman dies after falling 'several decks' from a balcony on a Carnival cruise Porn star is found dead in rehab; fifth adult film actress to die in three months California mudslides death toll rises after woman's body is found Alligator fights python on Florida golf course My take on Trump's first year as an African-American mom and veteran WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: Brown snake devours tiger snake after a gruesome fight to the death Military chopper crash in Calif. leaves 2 dead McConnell promises vote on ending shutdown by 1 a.m. Monday Canadian billionaire and wife may have been killed, report says, conflicting with murder-suicide theory Sports Illustrated Swimsuit names plus-size model Hunter McGrady as 2018 Rookie Terrifying video shows pilot handle a sideways landing as 70-mph winds rock plane
Trump and Reagan Shared a Common Goal, American Greatness

Trump launches new round of partisan attacks as government shutdown enters Day 2

Stormy Daniels, star of the latest Trump sideshow, took her act to a strip club. It was a scene.

Pence says immigration talks over until government reopens

The Latest: US urges Turkish 'restraint' in Syria offensive

Demonstrators turn out Sunday for second straight day of Women's Marches

Rep. Luis Gutierrez is OK with paying 'hostage takers' for border wall to save Dreamers

Paul Ryan gets massive donations from billionaires after helping pass tax reform: Report

Tom Cotton denies sinking bipartisan immigration deal negotiation

Chris Coons: Chuck Schumer had to explain to Trump the difference between funding authorization and appropriation

Dick Durbin: Trump's negotiation and leadership skills found wanting in shutdown negotiations

What happens during a government shutdown? 7 things you should know

On Day 2 of shutdown, Congress returns to find fix, end politically charged stalemate

McConnell promises vote on ending shutdown by 1 a.m. Monday

Pence makes diplomatic trip to Middle East, meets with Egypt's el-Sissi first

Ryan orders ethics inquiry into Pa. lawmaker's reported use of taxpayer cash to settle misconduct case

Debunking Defamations, Defending Israel

Checks And Balances

Medicaid Expansion Has Enrolled Twice As Many Able-Bodied Adults as Projected

Mulvaney: Schumer Only Offered to 'Authorize' Wall Funding Not Actually Spend Money

Chuck Todd to Tom Cotton: You Accused Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham of Being a Liars

Donald Trump: Senate Republicans Should Kill 60 Vote Rule to End Government Shutdown

'Everything Is at Stake': Celebrities Join Women's Marches in L.A., NYC, Sundance

Delingpole: Left Reframes Jordan Peterson's SJW Takedown as Misogynist, Alt-Right Bullying

A Year of Real Change

Trump Does Not Believe in America

Dems Will Pay at Polls for Shutting Down Government

Republicans Will Get Blamed for a Government Shutdown. Bigly.

Washington: City of Hate

NBC's New Olympic Host Mike Tirico Less Likely to Bring Politics into Broadcasts

Shutdown Day 2: ABC Trashes Trump/GOP, Blamed by a 'Wide Wide Margin'

Evening News Cover Women's March Three Times More Than March for Life

Wilmore Likens GOP to 13 Children Abused by 'Creepy White' Trump Pence

Oops: WashPost Misquotes Eric Trump on 'Hannity' to Make Him Look Dumb

European leaders will counter 'America First' message

Hundreds gather to pay tribute to Dolores O'Riordan

Navy ship is stuck in ice in Montreal and can't move

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Nerves fray...

President Urges 'Nuclear Option'...

But who will be blamed?

CNN: Shutdown Risks Undetected Asteroid Strike...

China mocks American system...




Trump trolls women marches amid global protests...

Touts 'unprecedented economic success'...

Inauguration anniversary marred by shutdown...

Dems energized by 'Resistance'...


Germany's SPD in all-or-nothing vote on Merkel alliance... Developing...

German city bans new refugees as anti-migrant mood increases...


Texas shatters record for winter electricity use...

How Nicolas Cage blew $150 million on mansions, private island and real dinosaur skull...

'WACO' Joins TV's Torn-From-the-Headlines Streak...

Police haul 'drunk' pilot off BRITISH AIRWAYS flight...

UPDATE: Quake Swarm in Reno Has Lasted 7 Days Straight...

Adulthood now begins at 24 as young people delay work, marriage, families...

SKorea swoons as megastar from North visits...

Turkey INVADES Syria...

Tanks, soldiers cross border...

California Dems want businesses to give half their tax-cut savings to state...

Immigrant-crime hotline releases victims' personal information...

As USA Slows Immigration, Chile Embraces It...

Tens of thousands of Haitians pour in...

Gloria Allred Takes Over Sundance With Movie, Respect Rally...

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Could Be Toast of Fest...

Dark tale of triplets split at birth debuts...

Film documents 'wealth culture' addiction spiralling out of control...

Jane Fonda Rails Against Trump...

Surgeon creating bionic vagina from pig intestine...

Nations Seek Elusive Cure for Cyberattacks...

AMAZON drivers win legal battle but 'Draconian working conditions' kept secret...

GOOGLE's Secret Speech Police...

SNAP: Naked Man Causes Traffic Backup On Highway, Throws Debris At Vehicles...

Fight over cheesecake portion leads to arrest...

Deadly flu not near peak...


NOT AGAIN! Serial Stowaway Slips Past Security At O'Hare, Boards Flight...

Key cardinal distances himself from pope abuse comment...

Tourists Warned Not to Leave Resorts in Jamaica After Murder Spike...

Girl, 9, hands out pot-laced candy to classmates...


Macron Admits: France Would Vote To Leave EU If Referendum Held

Italian Populist Candidate: 'EU Can Go F*ck Itself'

White House Changes Public Voicemail To Say Dems Holding Govt 'Hostage'

Migrant Flees To Sweden With New ID After Abusing 4-Year-Old In Germany

Racism: Labour Party Charges White People Extra To Attend Corbyn Rally

FLU - Biological Warfare ATTACK!


Former CIA Robert David Steele "Hawaii Intercepted A Real Missile" Denise Wilbank Show

Govt Shut Down Again - Ho Hum!!!

Q Announces #TENDARKDAYS: Don't Be Afraid of The Dark!

Fluoride: Unprecedented Lawsuit Set to End Water Fluoridation in the US

Events That are Shocking The World... (2018-2019)

BREAKING: Congressman Says Secret Intel Shows ISIS Was Involved In Vegas Shooting

Market MELT-UP Has Arrived as Stock Market Most Overbought EVER IN HISTORY!

Trump Just Sent Armed Agents To Raid Politicians' Warehouse ' THEY FOUND IT ALL!!!

If The Credit Markets Freeze, The Economic Decline Will Be Spectacular:Wolf Richter

Benjamin Fulford : False-flag event may be planned for Super Bowl and Haitian cholera epidemic

US Government Shut Down 🇺🇸: Who's to blame?

AI Robots TAKING OVER The WORLD | Full 2018 Documentary


Peter Schiff : Trump's Bubble Is Going To Implode In A Massive Market Crash Causing The Election Of Communists

ALERT: Ex-Secret Service Agent WARNS 'Devastating' FISA Memo Set To 'Expose' Obama #ReleaseTheMemo


2018...Prophetic Events Unfolding Around The World

The Economic Agenda To Bring The Economy Down Has Begun

The Pentagon Needs to Give Up The Alloy, But Will FOIA Fail? UFO REPORT

Coast To Coast AM - January 20, 2018 Anomalous Skull Paranormal Tools, Jimmy Church LA Marzulli


The Libertarian Party UK with Adam Brown

Is The Pentagon UFO Story About To Implode? UFO REPORT

How Emmanuel Macron wooed his former high school teacher

Dems vow to block latest GOP plan to end shutdown

Planned Parenthood Condemns House Passage of Bill to Ensure Babies Born Alive During Abortion Receive Care

'Everything Is at Stake': Celebrities Join Women's Marches in L.A., NYC, Sundance

Brit teen hacker posed as CIA boss to access secret military files

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NVIDIA Tells Retailers To Sell To Gamers, Not Cryptominers As GPU Shortage Causes Extreme Price Gouging

'I'm Very Disappointed': Coffman On VA Hospital

Mass. Sends Bump Stock Letter to Gun Owners With Looming Deadline

Loneliness Epidemic - Kurds as Pawns In Syria a Travelogue

CNN's Maeve Reston: All We Talk About At CNN Is Russia And Voters Don't Care About The Issue....

After A Year Of Trump's Immigration Crackdown, Migrants Living In Fear Are Using WhatsApp To Avoid Deportation

Make No Mistake, Trump's Government Shutdown Is About Racism

Fox News Guest Goes Off The Rails: 'White Supremacists Are American Citizens'

Here's How a North Korean Nuclear Attack Could Ruin the U.S. Economy

Economic forecaster Peter Schiff warns of impending collapse: 'Everything that can go wrong will'

Another Bloody American Century


The Trump Peace Plan: Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child

Crooks can clone your wireless key fob to unlock and rob your car

Trump Signs Bill Renewing Warrantless NSA Surveillance

One Year Anniversary of Trump Presidency Results in Government Shutdown as Democrats Prioritize Illegals Before Rule of Law and Security and Our Country Becomes Great Again

Interesting Poll in Louisiana: Trump versus Oprah Matchup- 36% of Blacks in Louisiana would vote for President Trump

Fox News host Shep Smith on the shutdown news: Trump and Republicans can't blame Democrats

Why this man who barged in on his cheating wife could go to jail for 15 years

Baltimore Fires Another Police Commissioner, After Record High Murder Rate

3.6M Illegals Brought to the US as Kids....57.9% of Illegals Caught at U.S.-Mexico Border in FY17 Not Mexican...

NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve

SARAH CARTER: Memo Could Be Released THIS WEEK!

Global Cooling

James O'Keefe is bringing back the best practice of journalism

Cuomo's health-care tax attacks

Jersey's new gov charts all-too-familiar course to disaster

Chemical imbalances don't cause depression ' society does

'Abuse of power'isn't the only cause of bad sex

The media just can't stop making themselves look worse than Trump

How to tell this year's flu hysteria is all hype

Cuomo's 'gender equity'oops

Mahmoud Abbas just got exactly what he asked for

Don't start 'congestion pricing'until the MTA delivers real reform

A Year of Real Change

Trump Does Not Believe in America

Dems Will Pay at Polls for Shutting Down Government

Republicans Will Get Blamed for a Government Shutdown. Bigly.

Washington: City of Hate

What Happens When Women Fight Back

Feminists in Wonderland

What Could Bob Mueller Want From Steve Bannon?

Did Putin Pawns Help Assemble the Trump-Smearing Dossier?

Trump in the World That He Insults

Wasting Away in Chuckschumerland

Social Security's Death Knell Is Ringing. Can You Hear It?

Can Anything Good Come from CO2?

Godlessness, Leftism, and the World's Holes

Shallow Reality in America 



Scarlett Johansson Shades James Franco In Women's March Speech: 'I Want My Pin Back'

SNL Recap: Jessica Chastain Gets Funny

Natalie Portman details 'sexual terrorism' she faced as a teen in Hollywood

'Jumanji' Stays Strong, Topping '12 Strong,' 'Den of Thieves' With $20 Million

PGA Awards: 'The Shape of Water' Named Outstanding Motion Picture

Halsey Says She Hopes Trump Listens to Her Poem About Sexual Assault against Women

Malia Obama and Boyfriend on a New York City Date

Stormy Daniels Kills It at Strip Club on Trump's 1-Year Anniversary as President

Harvey Weinstein Porn Parody Not in the Cards

Carey Mulligan Freezes Her Head Off in Sundance

SNL Weekend Update Skewers Trump Over Government Shutdown and Stormy Daniels

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Take in a Movie After the Birth of Chicago

The Making of a SAG Award

Tony Rock Blasts Mo'Nique's Netflix Boycott, Questions Her Relevance

Johnny Damon Backs Roger Clemens for Hall of Fame, Feds Tried to Screw Him!

Gloria Allred Says SAGs, Oscars Shouldn't Go To Alleged Sexual Predators

Vikings vs. Eagles: The Hottest WAGS of the NFC Championship Game

Anderson Silva: 'I Never Used Steroids,' Coming Back Soon!

NY Congressman Says Diddy Should Buy the Jets

Nick Cannon Accused of Not Paying Film Crew for 'She Ball'

Chamique Holdsclaw: The Baddest Chick I Ever Played Against Was ...

Kristen Bell -- Good Genes or Good Docs?

L.A. Women's March: Celebrities Swarm to Support the Movement

Owner of @Chicagowest Twitter Account Says He'd Gift it to Kim and Kanye

Kris Jenner's Vintage Thunderbird Auctioned Off for $57,000



'We're not going anywhere': The 2018 women's marches show the movement's endurance

Women rushed to get IUDs fearing Trump's threats to repeal Obamacare

How to use your investments to support women in the workplace

Despite Trump tweet, McConnell opposes using 'nuclear option' in shutdown battle

Rocket Lab, a next generation space company, sets a milestone by reaching orbit

3 money truths hidden in Jay-Z's lyrics

Amazon's automated grocery store will launch Monday after a year of false starts

Trump urges Senate to use 'nuclear' option as government shutdown drags into 2nd day

This Hearst ranch has raised cattle since 1865, now it also powers Apple's headquarters

To boost US economic growth, an SP study finds a simple solution: Hire more women

Inside Amazon's surveillance-powered no-checkout convenience store

Could Amazon's new headquarters flip the presidential vote in a swing state?

Why Amazon Is Raising The Price Of Prime Memberships This Year: Analysis

'Serial stowaway' got past TSA, spent night at O'Hare before flight to London: Prosecutors

Theresa May vows to stop private sector 'pension abuse'

Small-town budgets hurting from loss of mini Walmarts

Tesla's Model X: A lovely roadtripper with stiff daily driving competition

Electron soars to orbit on Rocket Lab's 'Still Testing' flight

On 'Saturday Night Live,' Boston makes its pitch for Amazon's HQ2

The Bull And The Bear Case For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, And Other Cryptocurrencies

Internal documents reveal that Whole Foods is leaving some shelves empty on purpose

Verizon Go Unlimited will soon include service in Mexico and Canada

Delta Air Lines Tightens Rules for Service and Support Animals

Gov. Cuomo praises Manhattan congestion pricing plan

Staten Island-based 'CabbageTech' charged with bitcoin-related fraud after promising 300% returns in a week



Sources: Cut to Tom Brady's hand required stitches, happened on handoff to Rex Burkhead

Clint Capela adds fuel to Warriors rivalry, says Rockets are 'better'

Vikings vs. Eagles: How the two teams match up in the NFC championship

UFC 220: Miocic vs. Ngannou - Winners and Losers

2018 NFL Playoffs: NFL gets Armed Forces Network turned on despite government shutdown

Giants zero in on ousted Raiders coach as next Spagnuolo

Government scrambles to get NFL playoff games to troops

Oiled-up Olympic heartthrob will need some clothes this time

Fox Sports'Charissa Thompson fights back after nude photo hack

Eagles, Vikings connected by history of unbelievable pain

Rockets snap Warriors'road streak in statement win

Jaguars are too young and cocky to be intimidated by Patriots

Errol Spence Jr. defends IBF title with eighth-round TKO

Islanders dominate in offensive masterpiece

Division I recruit blazes trail for New York City talent

Rafael Nadal, Grigor Dimitrov advance to Aussie Open quarterfinal

Vikings at Eagles - Playbook for the NFC Championship Game

Jaguars at Patriots - Playbook for the AFC Championship Game

New York Daily News back pages of 2018

Fantasy Notes: A look at fantasy wrestling... and NFL notes

Fantasy Basketball: Moves to make as the trade deadline nears

What Trey Burke's emergence means for Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

Shorthanded Rangers can't handle red-hot Avalanche, lose 3-1

Todd Frazier gives thumbs up to 'Thumbs Down Guy' as two meet

Eagles look to grab edge in trenches in tough battle vs Vikings

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Fox News

Magazine's porn star interview

Bennett: Trump dominates culture

Flake likens Trump to Stalin

Media's shutdown blame game

Schweikert: Dems trying to find a way to burn the place down


The White House wants Senate rules changed to limit Democrats' power

Government shutdown Day 2: Divides deepen

Analysis: The shutdown might last longer than you think

Trump and Schumer came close to a deal. Then it fell apart

Duckworth calls Trump 'draft dodger' in fiery speech


Government shuts down on anniversary of Trump inauguration

Richard Painter on Stormy Daniels: "The whole thing's disgusting"

Barber on shutdown: To use these children' is just wrong

Why Trump might be highly vulnerable to blackmail

What's next for women activists after one year of Trump?

Many Trump boosters are spawns of chain migration

Johnston on Trump: 'He's a con artist! He's a fraud!'


ABC News

'I say pay it' to get deal for 'Dreamers': Democrat says of Trump's border wall

Trump willing to support legal status for 'Dreamers' in exchange for wall: WH sources

Government shutdown stalemate could give Americans a case of the Mondays

Eric Trump on government shutdown: 'Honestly, I think it's a good thing for us'

Trump campaign ad calling Democrats 'complicit' in murder won't work: Senator

CBS News

Ryan says House would back short-term shutdown deal

A war of words on college campuses

Women's March rallies continue around the globe for second day

Jordan Peele on "Get Out," Trump, race and art

Eric Trump on Fox News: Shutdown is "good thing for us" politically


German SPD backs coalition talks, leader vows tough approach

Bank of Israel: Computer driven trading is boosting shekel

Pope urges hope in visit to Peru area devastated by floods

Spain to seek ex-Catalan leader's arrest if he travels to Denmark

Protect the Amazon from big business and greed, Pope Francis urges


Washington Post

In campaign ad, Trump says Democrats are 'complicit'in crimes by illegal immigrants

In Cairo, Pence praises the friendship and partnership between the U.S. and Egypt

Trump to meet with British prime minister next week in Swiss Alps

Trump's inauguration speech, one year later

Pence urges Democrats to vote for short-term spending bill and worry about DACA later

Washington Times

Mick Mulvaney, budget director: Trump wanted to avoid shutdown while Obama wanted to 'weaponize it'

Luis Gutierrez, Illinois representative, willing to fund 'idiotic' border wall in exchange for DACA

Gunfire death rate increases in 7-year period in Alabama

Deportation fears have legal immigrants avoiding health care

Corruption trial of ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo aide to begin

Roll Call

Trump Wants to Go 'Nuclear' ' On Senate Votes

With No Deal, Senate Heads Toward Votes at 1 a.m. Monday

Republicans' Schumer Poster Rankles Dems, Prompts Decorum Vote

House GOP Has Message for Senate on Shutdown: Nuke the Filibuster

Hoyer Introduces Four-Day CR to Fund Government


New York Times

Trump, Syria, Women's March: Your Weekend Briefing

After Vowing to Fix Washington, Trump Is Mired in a Familiar Crisis

Bitter Bickering Muddies the Path to Ending the Government Shutdown

Open, Closed or Something in Between: What a Shutdown Looks Like

1 Son, 4 Overdoses, 6 Hours

New York Daily News

Michael Wolff claims Trump may be having affair in White House

Allison Shearmur, 'Star Wars'producer, dead at 54

Hawaii gov. waited 13 minutes to send info on bogus missile alert

Government shutdown: How we got here, what to expect now

Daredevil surfing A train takes fatal fall onto NYC subway tracks

New York Post

Cops may bring dogs to search for bodies in 'horror house'

Sanders: Deporting Dreamers would be 'one of the ugliest stains'in US history

Mulvaney: Trump is 'absolutely interested'in fixing DACA

Gingrich says Trump is playing shutdown to his advantage

Trump urges GOP to use 'Nuclear Option'during government shutdown


Real Clear Politics

A Year of Real Change

Trump Does Not Believe in America

Dems Will Pay at Polls for Shutting Down Government

Republicans Will Get Blamed for a Government Shutdown. Bigly.

Washington: City of Hate

What Happens When Women Fight Back

Washington Beacon

Debunking Defamations, Defending Israel

Checks And Balances

Medicaid Expansion Has Enrolled Twice As Many Able-Bodied Adults as Projected

Washington Examiner Writer to Pursue DC Gun-Carry Permit in Wake of Armed Robbery

Columbia Faculty Boycott Bookstore After it Apologizes for Promoting Palestinian Violence


RT Rips Trump on First Year

Cotton Says No One 'Expressed Offense' at Trump Africa Comment

More Texts Turned Over from FBI Agent Taken Off Mueller Team

Amazon's Automated Grocery Store of the Future Opens Monday

Trump's U.K. Visit Should Be Welcomed, Johnson Says in Telegraph