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Stop Underestimating Donald Trump - Brexit Vote Shows Why He Can Win

Britain's stunning vote to leave the European Union suggests that we've been seriously underestimating Donald Trump's ability to win the presidential election.

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Markets reel as world absorbs shock of UK vote for Brexit

Crisis or speed bump? What UK vote means for economy sectors

Trans-Atlantic Trend? Trump sees UK vote as validation

At least 20 dead in West Virginia floods, official says

Lucas abandons plan to build museum in Chicago after lawsuit

Vietnam captain recalls trick that faked the enemy, saved lives and earned Medal of Honor

Virginia delegate files lawsuit challenging binding at GOP convention

NPR issues major correction on gun control story

Pentagon looks to end transgender ban on July 1

O'Reilly: Brexit Was 'Emotional Vote Against Open Borders,' Immigrants Not Assimilating

Sheriff Arpaio's Lawyer Says Obama 'Rules Like He Is King George III in 1776'

Leaders from Scotland, Ireland Call for Referendums of Their Own to Leave the UK

Nets Pity Obama: 'Crushing Disappointment'from Supreme Court Ruling

Univision Rummages Through Terrorist Apartment, Breaks Accidental News

Conservative Woman Told 'Don't Vote' After Refusing to Base Vote on Gender on Netflix's 'Chelsea'

AP: Hillary Clinton Destroyed Gov't Email, Wiped Names From Her Calendar

CNN Highlights Clinton Fdn Donations From Countries With Poor Human, Women's Rights Records

WashPost: America Can't Declare Economic Independence Because Not Enough Whites

I agree with Trump! BRITAIN will be protected from immigrants now! Happy Independence Day.

Putin on Brexit: "Some Don't Want to Dissolve National Borders"

Brexit Signals Trump Victory in November

Millennials fury with baby boomers for voting Britain OUT of the EU 

Boston mobster 'Whitey' Bulger's possessions including a rat mug, a skull ring, gold and diamond watches and mob books are up for auction

The built-in compass that helps pigs get around: Study finds boar and warthogs are able to detect north and south 

Army Names 2,749 Soldiers for Promotion to Sergeant, Staff Sergeant

AF: Unpublished Guidance Allows for 'Unofficial' Flag-folding Script

U.S., UK to Maintain Close Ties; Counter-ISIL Efforts Continue

Welsh Thanks Airmen for Honor of Leading Them

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World's Richest Lose $127 Billion In Hours!


As Olympics Near, Brazil and Rio Let Bad Times Roll...

Favelas braced for violence...

Doping lab has credentials revoked...

Service dog dies saving FL owner from alligator...

Parents brawl during kindergarten graduation ceremony...

Gay Couples Settling Down in Droves...

Artificial insemination brings angst in same-sex divorce...

Drone falls from sky...

In NH, Living for Week in Libertarian Paradise...

Gun database begins...



PRUDEN: The Bad Moon Rising...

Trump Takes Aim At Globalist Hillary...

What is Biden up to?


Little interest...

Paul Ryan Challenger Hits Him on Open Borders...


Woman Jailed, Kids Removed From Home After She Spanked Them For Stealing...


KTLA Posts Harrowing Video of Reporter, Photographer Escaping...

Israeli restaurants in kosher food row with Jewish authorities...

Priests in Montreal banned from being alone with children...

Full-Scale Emergency Drill To Take Place At LaGuardia...

Massive turnout at LGBT gun training course...


VIDEO: Burning House Swept Down River...

UPDATE: Calls For TX Independence Surge...


Home ownership at 48-year low...

Leaked Documents Show UBER Drivers Barely Making Ends Meet...

EXPERT: Loretta Lynch Displays Deceptive Behavior...

Middle America Due For Huge Earthquake?

Central USA Preps For Big One...

FAA OKs 'drone journalism'...

Senators Demand Answers on Spy Agencies'Collusion with Hollywood

Top Google Trend: 'Is Hillary Clinton Going To Jail?'

Former Blair Advisor Pushes 'Second Referendum'to Sabotage Brexit Vote

Charlie Rangel: Only Politicians Get To Have Gun Protection

Germany Covering Up Terror Plots To Protect Muslim Migrants

Police Called On Woman Sharing Pen At BREXIT Polling Station

Canada Screws The Pooch

NATO, Russia And The Coming Robot Revolution

Putin on Brexit: No One Wants to Support Weak Economies

As It Searches for Suspects, the FBI May Be Looking at You

Paul Craig Roberts -- If EU breaks Up , Nato could be next to break up

David Icke on #Brexit

#Brexit Impact on The Global Markets

The People Voted To Exit The EU, Now The Central Bankers Will Attack

Documentary on Annunaki Theory: Were We Genetically Engineered?

Leak! U.S Veteran SOLDIER exposes the TRUTH about NWO Martial Law and Illuminati GOV PLAN (2016)

Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday 6/24/16: BREXIT Win & Roger Stone

Brexit 2016! What's The BIGGER Agenda?

WARNING #BREXIT to Collapse Eurozone

Central Banks commit Billions handle with Brexit fallout

I agree with Trump! BRITAIN will be protected from immigrants now! Happy Independence Day.

Putin on Brexit: "Some Don't Want to Dissolve National Borders"

Brexit Signals Trump Victory in November

DNC Sued By Up To 2 Million Sanders Donors In Class Action Lawsuit

Bonfire of the EU laws: From crooked cucumbers to powerful vacuum cleaners, the barmy Brussels regulations we can now get rid of

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anyone know where i can fine a phd thesis from 1984?

A Photographs i took at Stonehenge summer solstice

I found an odd thing in an old thread

Someone explain this Brexit thing to me please?

Hey you might want to check out a show on Netflix called The 100

Former UN President awaiting corruption trial dies at home when barbell crushes his neck.

Conspiracy Factions

Lets Discuss Time Travel

Incase you werent paying attention the drug war is fueling world wide terrorism

In preparation of a complete collapse, Venezuela banned civilian ownership of firearms.

The Sinai covenant and the Last Supper

How God makes things?

How do Christians deal with the Brexit?

The (real) disciple Jesus loved, Gospel of John

What Was Your Biggest Religious Choice?

Roswell UFO Festival [Jun 30 - Jul 2] to feature Ken Johnston

Ok, lets hear the UFO debunkers debunk this one.

World UFO Day (02 July) and Vivid Blue Diamond UFO

Clear UFOs captured above Seattle

Recruitment and Covert Service For Secret Space Programs

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We Have Woken Up in a Different Country

Will America Follow Britain This November?

The Isolationist Catastrophe of "Brexit"

The Brexit Vote Was Just the Beginning

Why Voters Like That She's Not Trump

Trump's Right: This Is Our Last Chance at Change

Two Senior Juveniles

The Supreme Court's Post-Scalia Term

Republicans Have a Shot at Replacing Obamacare

Hillary Is Panicked after Brexit: 'Donald Trump Has a Real Chance of Winning'

DEVASTATING: Paul Ryan's Opponents Post Billboards That Could Take the Speaker Down

FBI Investigators: No Evidence That Orlando Islamist Omar Mateen Was Gay

Can Trump repeat the Brexit miracle?

Why Obama couldn't stop the Brexit

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes

Clinton's leadership test ' and warning sign

Newt: 'People Are Sick of Their Elites'

Pro-Hillary Super PAC Makes $10.5 Million Ad Buy in Pa.

Tom DeLay: House Dems Should Face Ethics Charges Over Sit-in

Former Trump Adviser: Mia Love, Tom Cotton Possible VP Picks

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West Virginia Football -- Rounding Up Food, Water, Clothes ... For Flood Victims

NFL's Tarvaris Jackson Arrested -- Allegedly Pulls Gun on Wife ... 'I'll Kill You, Bitch' (MUG SHOT)

Johnny Manziel's Lawyer -- Accidentally Texts Reporter About Drugs, Crash, Dom. Violence Plea

Justin Bieber -- Busts His Ankle Hours Before Concert (PHOTOS)

Nicolas Cage -- Separates From His Wife

Frances Bean Cobain Divorce -- Cops On Guard for Violence While She Moves Out (PHOTOS)

Sherri Shepherd -- Want My Fans' Bank Info? Here Ya Go!

Samantha Ronson -- Sorry, Lindsay Lohan ... No Wedding DJ Discounts (VIDEO)

NBA's David Lee -- Dirk Ain't Leaving the Mavs ... He Loves Dallas Too Much (VIDEO)

Chris Brown's Manager -- I Didn't Steal Your Money and Oops ...You Forgot to Fire Me!

Iggy Azalea -- Making a Not So Clean Getaway (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Tony Robbins -- Tells Fans to Walk on Hot Coals ... Over 30 Get Burned (VIDEO)

Future -- Drops O.J. Murder Song ... Did He Just Threaten Russell Wilson? (AUDIO)

Minor League Baseball GM -- On Stadium Gun Night ... 'You Can't Please Everyone'

Justin Bieber -- Lord of the Mighty Mississippi ... For a Night, Anyway (PHOTO GALLERY)

Girl Busted For Going Braless Is Your Newest Feminist Hero

I Am Strong & Brave BECAUSE I Grew Up With Disney Princesses

5 Reasons Capricorns Make The Most Amazing BFFs

People Who Wake Up Early Are Smarter, Healthier & More Productive

Why These Vagina Dentata Cupcakes Are Delicious FEMINIST Treats

18 Hilarious Quotes That PROVE There's No Such Thing As 'Adulting'

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Leftists Find a Socialist They Don't Like

Protected-Christians in Arab lands

It's Not Trump's Fault GOP Leaders Have Failed

Obama's money and Israel's sovereignty

Brexit Message to U.N.-loving Obama: UK is just the beginning

Brexit: The Shot Heard 'Round The World!


Britain votes to leave EU; David Cameron resigns as prime minister

Voice of the Martyrs'June 24, 2016

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman On Britain's Stunning Anti-Globalist Brexit Results

D.W. Ulsterman On Donald Trump's 'I'm With You'Speech'

MIND BLOWN: Hated Ramsay Bolton Is A Kick Ass Musician! (VIDEO)

'Sweet Home Alabama'Irish Pub Style

To The Readers, THANK YOU

'You Better Bring Yours, When You Come To Take MINE''

D.W. Ulsterman On Why CNN's Anderson Cooper Hates The LGBT Community'

D.W. Ulsterman Gives A Shout-Out To FX's, 'THE AMERICANS'(VIDEO)


Brexit ' Backlash from mass migration and ISIS

Palestinian woman driver injures two Israelis

The UK exit EU vote is second setback for Obama

David Cameron resigns as UK PM after vote to quit EU

UK votes to leave the EU

ISIS stole army truck to bomb Jordanian troops

Polls close in UK's historic 'Brexit' referendum


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