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DONALD TRUMP ON FIRE: Dominating Headlines, Rocketing Up In Polls

A new CNN poll has Trump rocketing up to 12% among GOP voters nationally, putting him behind only former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

Top Stories

Bodies of missing Arizona couple are believed found
The bodies of a man and a woman believed to be a Phoenix-area couple missing for more than a week were recovered from a property near their home, and a man who lives there was arrested, authorities said Thursday.

'Hero' Hubby Saves Famous Ex-CNN Anchor

Ex-CNN Anchor Says Her Husband Is Her ĎHeroí After He Takes Out Armed Robber With Several Well-Placed Bullets

ISIS execute gay men by pushing them off a fourth-storey building in Iraq

Thrown to their Deaths by ISIS Barbarians for 'Being Gay': Men are Pushed Head-first Off a Fourth-story Building

Can P.G. Sittenfeld make millennials stop hating politics?

Christie can't win New Jersey. Does that matter?

All-clear given after reports of shooting at Navy Yard

Millionaire residents of posh Hollywood Hills neighborhood outraged after Airbnb guests at campsite sandwiched between mansions 'start drinking and having sex in the open'

Missing Maricopa Tina and Michael Careccia search finds bodies in Arizona

Dylann Roof's sister crowd funding for her HONEYMOON after she was forced to cancel her wedding following Charleston massacre

Beck Announces New Details for 'Never Again Is Now'Event in Birmingham, Alabama on 8/28

A Guy in a Wingsuit Is About to Fly Through This Narrow Rock Hole ' Watch the Heart-Stopping Moment

A Fisherman Sitting in a Kayak Hooks a 7-Foot Shark ' and Soon Learns a Bigger Boat Could Have Been Useful

Rudy Giuliani: 'The U.S. Military Could Take Out ISIS in Six Months'

Fla. Car Dealership Facing Fines over American Flag Banners

PHOTOS: See Widow amp; K-9's Moving Tribute to Cop Killed in Crash

Beachgoers Stumble When Asked: What Does July 4 Celebrate?

Rasmussen: Only a Quarter of GOP Voters Give Christie a Chance

TSA Paid $3M in Lost or Damaged Luggage Claims in 4 Years: Report

Special Report

Navy Yard Response Highlights Terror Jitters
An employee heard what she thought was a gunshot.

Americans Have No Idea Why They Are Celebrating the 4th of July

The 75 Trillion Dollar Shadow Banking System Is In Danger Of Collapsing

Record 93,626,000 Americans Not in Labor Force

128 Unaccompanied Alien Children Caught at Mexican Border Per Day in May

Bill Would Create New Homeland Security Office for 'Countering Violent Extremism'

Don't Be Terrorized By Your Government This Fourth of July

New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile

Today GMO Mosquitoes: Tomorrow GMO Dogs and GMO People

Behind the Curtain: A Look at the Inner Workings of NSA's XKEYSCORE

Hillary's Secret War

Soros Helps Pro-Clinton Super PACs to $20 Million Haul

VIDEO: Citizens Don't Know What Country We Seceded From In 1776

Hypocrisy: Obama Defends Slavery While Attacking Confederate Flag

Whole Foods Execs Apologize for Overcharging

TERROR PANIC: Rep. Says NYC Officials Expecting DIRTY BOMB Attack on July 4th

Donald Trump on CNN

Americans Have No Idea Why They Are Celebrating the 4th of July


Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Gretchen's Take: Let's not forget why we celebrate July 4th
Let's not forget to remember why we celebrate the 4th and what it means to live in the greatest nation on the earth.











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ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Hillary's secret war

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: America's failure to plan ahead leaves nation thirsting

SUZANNE FIELDS: Obama, America awash in sincerity and absurdity

TIM WINER, DAIVD GOOD FRIEND: Web-based content offers affordable choice

CAL THOMAS: Repeating myself on an Iran nuclear deal

MONICA CROWLEY: Obama, the Left and their Declaration of Dependence

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Speechwriter: A Brief Education in Politics'

PAT ROBERTS: Ending Washington's mandate on Common Core

R. EMMETT TYRRELL: Supreme Court can't beat conservative surge

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot'

DONALD LAMBRO: Bernie Sanders' surge could threaten Hillary Clinton

ROBERT MERRY: Millennials undermining marriage for years

ALLEN WEST, JACOB KOHLHEPP: Rand Paul's 'fair and flat' tax proposal

CLIFFORD MAY: Palestinians and an Israeli discuss the West Bank

CHRISTINE HARBIN HANSON: Shutter the Ex-Im Bank--for good

Chris Christie gave a 20-minute speech to announce he's running for president in his high school's gymnasium. It was the longest period of time Christie has ever spent in a gym.


Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Even CNN Liberal Avlon Finds Clinton the 'Most Liberal'Dem Nominee 'Since George McGovern'

U.S. Women's National Soccer Player Declares 'I Play to Glorify Jesus'

Former Clinton Official on CNN: Trump Remarks 'Will Incite Violence'

California Quality of Life Concerns Ridiculed on Univision, MundoFox

NewsBusted: ObamaCare Is 'Whatever Obama Says It Is at Any Given Moment!'

Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton is 'More of a Conservative...Traditional Politician'

NBC CBS Use Trump to Predict Trouble for GOP

George Takei's Racist Rant: Clarence Thomas Is a 'Clown in Black Face'

Media Matters staff: Limbaugh Defends Trump: Liberals Believe In "Cockamamie Crap" Like Sexual Assault Epidemic, Then Get Upset When You Ask "Who's Doing The Raping"

Media Matters staff: Fox Host Criticizes Women's World Cup Players For Being Too "Emotional" On The Field

Media Matters staff: Fox Hosts Smear Obama's Overtime Proposal To Help Workers: "It's Too Much Government"

Media Matters staff: Fox News Contributor Instructs GOP Presidential Candidates To Follow Trump's Lead On Immigration

Rachel Calvert: Megyn Kelly Uses Ann Coulter's Book To Defend Donald Trump's Comments About Immigrants

Libby Watson: Daily Caller Headline: "Barack Obama, Wife Beater"

Sergio Munoz: Wash. Times Fantasy Of Feds Seizing Clinton Email Server Based On Wildly Misrepresenting Gov't Factsheet

Hot Videos

Newspaper Row

Cat rescued from engine of pickup truck after 28-mile ride
Cat rescued from engine of pickup truck after 28-mile ride from Pennsylvania to New Jersey

New York Daily News

New York Daily News

Washington Post

The Fix: Support for polygamy is rising. But it's not the new gay marriage.

Bernie Sanders raises $15 million in two months

DHS scales back deportations, aims to integrate illegal immigrants into society

The Fix: Why Chris Christie is smart to wave the white flag on gay marriage

The Fix: Since 1980, nearly 2,500 people have run for president

Saban and Soros help pro-Clinton groups raise more than $24 million

The Fix: Surprise! Donald Trump is wrong about immigrants and crime.

Chris Christie wears 'Hogan Strong' bracelet for Md. governor

The Fix: OK, now Hillary Clinton seems to have some problems in Iowa

Wall Street Journal

Clinton Raised $45 Million in 2nd Quarter

Obama Announces Renewed Diplomatic Ties With Cuba

Clinton Emails Show Image Management

GOP House Leaders Delay FAA Reauthorization Bill

U.S. Gives U.N. Agency Big Role in Iran Deal

Chicago Cuts 1,400 Jobs as Pension Fight Drags On

Maine Lawmakers Approve Probe Into Allegations Against Governor

Behind de Blasio's Decision to Escalate Rift With Cuomo

Jeb Bush Releases 33 Years of Tax Returns

New Data Could Affect Health-Insurer Deals

Washington Times

After trade deal, Obama seeks to repair rift with labor

Merkel's office invites US envoy to discuss latest spy claim

Iran takes hard line on inspections, sanctions at nuke talks

Many but not all in GOP object as US, Cuba plan embassies

News from around Wisconsin at 5:28 a.m. CDT

Benghazi, where Libya's uprising began, now a shattered city

Crashed Indonesian plane may have suffered engine problem

New Mexico tribal leaders gather for annual summit

Ferry capsizes in Philippines; 36 dead, 19 missing

LA Times

Obama to tout new overtime rules, a win for progressives

Conservative overreach may explain liberal victories in Supreme Court

BP reaches $18.7-billion agreement to settle Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina winning over skeptics

Some still just say 'no' as Alabama tries to adhere to same-sex ruling

Black church fires raise fears; crime data suggest blazes are not unusual

Donald Trump's comments on immigration complicate GOP's 'Latino problem'

Put aside politics and improve healthcare, Obama says

NY Times

Pea Guacamole Defenders Step Up

First Draft: 'Super PAC' Raises $15.6 Million for Hillary Clinton Campaign

Mexico City Journal: Donald Trump Gains Infamy in Mexico for Comments on Immigrants

Big City: Trump's Golf Course, a Lesson in Inequality

Data Show Healthy Job Growth but Also Signs of Weakness

Should Swimmers Worry About Sharks?

Your Thursday Briefing

BP to Pay $18.7 Billion for Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

USA Today

At least 35 dead after ferry capsizes in Philippines

Greek FM: Rather 'cut arm off' than sign deal without debt relief

'No' Vote in referendum would Likely push Greece out of Eurozone

The day in pictures

'No breakthrough yet' in Iran talks

Indonesian plane's engine likely failed before deadly crash

Pilot in TransAsia crash described as hasty

The newest U.S. export may leave Russia with excess gas

NY Post

Maria from 'Sesame Street'is retiring after 44 years

Charleston gunman's sis: Racist brother ruined my dream wedding

Mets make rare spending splash on 2 amateur shortstops

The Big Sean diet: Chipotle every day

Hillary's secret 'Santa'is her hairdresser

My dream job pays me to blow things up

'Next question': Caroline Wozniacki gets testy at Wimbledon

Mom who killed 8 newborns gets 9 years in prison

NY Daily News

Blue eyed-people more likely to be alcoholics: study

Tunisian authorities detain 8 people in beach resort attack

36 dead, 19 missing as ferry capsizes in Philippines

Aid worker is less than charitable about crusading celebs

Pilot in TransAsia crash turned off wrong engine: report

Graphic photo shows Richard Matt's body

Woman jumps into crocodile pit and grabs predator's tail

Robot grabs, kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany

Daily Mail

Millionaire residents of posh Hollywood Hills neighborhood outraged after Airbnb guests at campsite sandwiched between mansions 'start drinking and having sex in the open'

Missing Maricopa Tina and Michael Careccia search finds bodies in Arizona

Dylann Roof's sister crowd funding for her HONEYMOON after she was forced to cancel her wedding following Charleston massacre

Laura Bassett comforted after England lionesses lose World Cup match to Japan

English teacher, 24, 'had a month-long tryst with high school junior until he came clean about affair to her colleague'

Bristol Palin's ex Dakota Meyer's grandfather breaks silence on pregnancy

Police searching for clues three days after beloved doctor and married mother of two was found murdered in her Florida home while her family were away

Hot Stuff

Report: Jen And Ben's Split Fueled By Actor's Growing Closeness To Ex Jennifer Lopez
There's a new Poor Jen in town! Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner announced they were splitting this week, and now we're learning that their marriage might have been weakened...

Hot Pics of the Day

Eva Longoria shows off her bikini body in a bright orange strappy suit as she relaxes poolside

Mariah Carey barely avoids pitching down some stairs in her very high heels

Kim Kardashian on the cover of Rolling Stone

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Miss USA -- Donald Trump Won't Make a Penny From Reelz

UFC's Miesha Tate -- My Ass Kicks Ass

Britney Spears' Son -- Flashes Of LeBron ... Lockdown Defense In Hoops Game

Shaq -- Sinks Golf Ball Free Throw ... Goes Insane!

Ben Affleck -- Even Jennifer Garner Doesn't Believe He Messed with JLo

TMZ Live: Kendrick Lamar: Addresses Geraldo's Criticism of Hip Hop

Stephen Colbert to Eminem -- I Ain't Afraid of You, Punk! (VIDEO)

Joey Chestnut -- I'll Gain 22 Pounds In Hot Dog Contest ... Post-Dump Will Be 'Epic'

Ryan Seacrest -- Junk-Grabbing, Wine-Guzzling Fun! (PHOTO)

Jahlil Okafor -- You're Gonna Get Hazed, Bro ... Says 76ers Teammate

Paris Hilton -- FAKED Horror in 'Plane Crash' Stunt ... In on the Prank

Matt Damon -- Meet My Little Pony (PHOTO)

Chrissy Teigen -- A Nipple Is a Nipple Is a Nipple (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart The Rock -- Smoke on Movie Set Sparks 'Beef' with Fire Chief (VIDEO)

Phil Jackson -- Porzingis Is a Good Investment

Meet The World's Most Beautiful Bride ... With A Beard

I'm Catholic ' AND I Support Gay Marriage

10 Foods GUARANTEED To Turn You On (And Maybe Turn Your Stomach)

3 Tips For Staying Healthy And Energized (Told By A Pro Ballerina)

15 Signs You're The Designated Mom Of Your Friend Group

More News
Fox News

WAR OF WORDS: Trump, Pataki get into Twitter row over Mexico remarks

A SLICK $19B Oil giant BP will pay 4 Gulf states over spill

SHARK BITES MAN Ex-editor fights predator in latest NC beach attack

HAZING DEATH Family files suit vs. frat over pledge’s fatal hike

GRISLY DISCOVERY Bodies found believed to be missing Arizona couple


New Details in Pasco Police Shooting

Local News Crew Pistol-Whipped on San Francisco Pier

Volunteer Firefighters Face Arson Charges

United Flight Diverted to Ohio After Passenger Makes Threats

NASCAR Asks Fans to Stop Displaying Confederate Flag


Investigators say captain switched off wrong engine

'All-clear' in Navy Yard lockdown

Booze broke up escapees

Ex-CNNers involved in shootout

Trump: Who is doing the raping?

Hillary Clinton's 'Santa' revealed

Why the Carolina shark attacks?

Right Scoop

Trump gives EPIC response to Emmitt Smith leaving his position as judge for Trump's pageant

Despicable: Christian woman sentenced to DEATH for drinking out of a Muslim's cup

Star Trek's George Takei goes on RACIST RANT, calls Clarence Thomas a CLOWN IN BLACKFACE

Ted Cruz BLASTS Obama for opening an embassy in Cuba but not one in Jerusalem [AUDIO]

BREAKING: Scott Walker finally to announce his run for president

AWESOME: Protesters show up to STOP anti-cop lowlifes from burning the American flag in NYC

One America News

IMF warns of huge financial hole as Greek vote looms

Nerves rattled by false reports of U.S. Navy Yard shooter in Washington

Low earnings forecasts may mean profit beats, market boost

Oil up as U.S. data cools rate hike views; gasoline jumps

Yelp temporarily decides not to pursue a sale: Bloomberg

BP reaches $18.7 billion settlement over deadly 2010 spill

Weak employment report dampens September rate hike bets

ABC News

Navy Yard Response Highlights Terror Jitters

Whole Foods Apologizes for Overcharging Customers

Watch a Mob of Unruly Teens Ransack a Walmart

A Look at the Toxic Chemical That Forced Thousands to Evac Near Train Fire

'Enough Is Enough' for Woman Who Removed Confederate Flag

Gulf States Reach $18.7B Settlement With BP Over Oil Spill

Ferry Capsizes in Philippines; 35 Dead, 20 Missing

Solid Hiring, Lower US Unemployment Rate, but Wages Flat

Weekly Standard

The Iranian Spy Empire

Democrats Feel the Bern

Bernie's Moment Now a Movement

June Jobs: Good, not Great

Axelrod Likens Bernie to Howard Dean

'It's Never Anyone's Turn to Be President'

Say It Again

It Could Have Been Worse

The East Wing

The Hill

The Bernie Sanders hoax

How can states respond to EPA's power plant carbon reduction goals?

To counter violent extremism, focus on the young

New overtime rules right a wrong

The Supreme Court's other big decision on marriage

Budowsky: Obama could sink 2016 Dems

Katie Pavlich: America is not racist

McConnell: Congress can't roll back gay marriage decision

World Net Daily

Star Trek actor fumes: Clarence Thomas 'clown in blackface'

Fort Sumter nixes all Confederate flags

Episcopalians approve 'gay'weddings in churches

Obama blocks Arab attempt to fight ISIS

Navy Yard gets 'all clear'in shooting

Pam Geller sues D.C. transit over ad flap

Defense Department warns of ISIS plot on 4th

Famous Iwo Jima flag goes 'gay'


Hillary's shadow

Obama will badger Scott Walker in Wisconsin

Why the GOP Congress could be trouble for Obama in Cuba

The book Ted Cruz really wanted to write

New Jersey wants Chris Christie to resign

'All clear' given at Washington Navy Yard after reports of shooter

Anthony Weiner still hasn't figured out Twitter

BP reaches $18.7 billion settlement in Gulf spill


Blame the West's historic drought for ruining your 4th of July fireworks show

The mainstream media's Bernie Sanders trap: Deranged Clinton hate turns them into America's socialist vanguard

Robin Thicke defends 'Blurred Lines' in first post-verdict interview: 'I would never steal'

George Takei on Clarence Thomas: 'He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court'

Bernie Sanders surges ' but how far can he go?

Real Clear Politics

How Gay Marriage Became a Constitutional Right

Obergefell's Threat to Religious Liberty

Why the Culture Wars Refuse to Die

In Homestretch, Obama Regains Momentum

Welcome to Wisconsin, Mr. President

Emails Show Clinton Trying to Find Her Place

Hillary's Remarkable Record of Mendacity

Puerto Rico Should Declare Bankruptcy

Hot Air

Jeffrey Neely, the GSA 'hot tub' exec to spend three months in prison

Bad news from Mr. Sulu: Clarence Thomas is a 'clown in blackface'

Whatever happened to Leland Yee? Oh. He's going to prison

Time to start a pool: When will Bernie Sanders pass Hillary in Iowa or New Hampshire polling?

Video: Former CNN reporter shoots and kills robber to protect wife ' a former CNN anchor

June jobs report: 223K added, but 432K left workforce, April-May revised down 60K; Update: Manufacturing, durable goods goes negative in May

Say it ain't so: Feds investigating airlines for colluding to jack up prices, cut services

Breaking: Another live-shooter event at the Washington Navy Yard; Update: Phoned report, but no shooter? Update: 'We suspect this was a hoax'


Even CNN Liberal Avlon Finds Clinton the 'Most Liberal'Dem Nominee 'Since George McGovern'

U.S. Women's National Soccer Player Declares 'I Play to Glorify Jesus'

Former Clinton Official on CNN: Trump Remarks 'Will Incite Violence'

California Quality of Life Concerns Ridiculed on Univision, MundoFox

NewsBusted: ObamaCare Is 'Whatever Obama Says It Is at Any Given Moment!'

Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton is 'More of a Conservative...Traditional Politician'

NBC CBS Use Trump to Predict Trouble for GOP

Smoking Gun

Three-Year-Old Boy's Newspaper Obituary Refers To His Strong "Pimp Hand"

Texan Pleads Guilty To Federal Hate Crime For "Knockout Game"Attack On 81-Year-Old Black Victim

There Is A Good Reason Why Jeb Bush Would Prefer To Talk About Your Aimless Kids

Teen Leads Mob In Ransacking Of Georgia Walmart

Cops: Mom Hit Daughter Who Flushed Her Pot

Girl, 13, Arrested For Vicious Videotaped Attack On Classmate, Young Boy

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Cops: Man Struck Girlfriend During Argument Over His Inability To Get An Erection

Canada Free Press

A Call to a Declaration of Dependence

Jimmy Carter says Obama's had 'minimal'global successes, bemoans diminished US prestige and respect

A message to all you anti people: Stop raining on our parade!

Bill C-377: Landmark union disclosure legislation passed by Senate

In fear of ourselves

China's Carbon Prices Collapse


Basing their decision on 'inartful drafting'tags the majority as 'inartful dodger

Obama and Cameron in on blocking heroic Kurds from fighting ISIS

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman's Reading List: July 2nd: 2015

Liberal Leaders Mainstream Media Working Overtime To Destroy Donald Trump'

Revisiting 'The Irish Cowboy'With Author D.W. Ulsterman

Political Correctness Kills Beloved Family Program: 'The Dukes of Hazzard'

South Carolina Racial Tensions Escalate Under Shadow Of Confederate Flag'(VIDEO)

American Citizens Happily Sign Petition To Abolish American Flag In Favor Of 'New World Order'Flag

BREAKING: America's Fifty-First State Goes Broke'

When A President Blatantly Lies About A Deceased Man's Legacy'


All Clear at the Navy Yard

London police arrest a 15-year girl suspected of terror

Unconfirmed reports of shooting at Navy Yard, Washington

Cairo: 300 ISIS terrorists carried out North Sinai assault

Tunisia charges eight suspects in beach terror attack

FBI on high terror alert for July 4 weekend

Hizballah attacks rebels holding Syrian Zabadani


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