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Take blame for government shutdown? 'F--- that,' Trump reportedly told aides More veterans seek Trump's pardon for combat-zone convictions Family and friends mourn the loss of Iowa family of four who were found dead in Mexico Airport worker's pay reportedly docked after video of him looking hot went viral Iowa family of four that went missing in Mexico found dead Aspiring actress believed dead after going missing; boyfriend commits suicide after police pursuit New Tavis Smiley witnesses detail sexual misconduct Roseanne Barr advises Jimmy Kimmel to 'zip that f---ing lip' about Trump Officer kills driver who pinned him against gas pump, police say Lincoln to Thai king: Thanks but no thanks for the elephants March for Our Lives gun control rally expected to draw thousands from around the world Aileen Wuornos' attorney talks about serial killer's last days in new documentary Utah legalizes 'free-range parenting' New York's Cardinal Dolan: Democrats have abandoned Catholics French officer who swapped himself for hostage served in Iraq, received nation's highest honor 7 clever ways to use that USB drive again President Trump issues order to ban transgender troops from service except in 'limited circumstances' 'Fixer Upper' stars Chip and Joanna Gaines: Major moments you should know Walmart, Costco, Target in Texas won the right to sell liquor, but some are fighting to appeal March for Our Lives: Gun control ideas sound good, but are deeply flawed and won't save lives

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How Trump's tariffs pinch Wall Street's 'Trump trade'

Wall Street rebounds as Trump backs away from spending bill veto

That time Zell Miller challenged Chris Matthews to a duel on air

RNC chairwoman: Democrats care more about winning elections than DACA recipients

Wall Street tumbles as Trump tweet raises government shutdown risk

U.S. Lawmakers Want China's Confucius Institutes to Register as Foreign Agents

Gun-Rights Groups Slam New YouTube Anti-Gun Policy

Stimulating Mind and Morals

Jimmy Fallon and Lady Gaga Join MTV, NAACP to Send Busloads of Protesters to Gun Control March

David Hogg Says Teachers Are 'Very Understanding' When He Skips School for Gun Control Rallies

Dem Rep Kelly: 'Why do NRA Dollars Matter More Than American Lives?'

Donald Trump: 'We Will Ban All Devices That Turn Legal Weapons into Illegal Machine Guns,' Like Bump Stocks

Maher: Loesch, Breitbart, and Bannon Took Their Rejection by Hollywood 'Out on the Whole Country'

What We Can Learn From Student Teachers From Parkland

The Problem With David Hogg and the Parkland Students

Bolton a Hawk Itching for War

Hard to Imagine a Better Choice Than Bolton Right Now

Russians Fear Bolton May Doom Iran Deal

This Week in Media Bias History: Just a 'Fantasy' That Press Was Pro-Obama

MSNBC Activists Smear NRA: 'Not a Sponsor of Safer Schools and Safer Streets'

CNN's Clapper Suggests His 'Evil Twin' Gave Inconsistent Testimony to Congress

Bozell Graham Column: Don't Politicize Sports and Entertainment

MSNBC's Melber Frets Media Not Covering Police Excessive Force Enough

Paul McCartney pays tribute to John Lennon at March for Our Lives protest

Celebrities have come out in full support of the March For Our Lives movement and its 800+ marches

French officer who took female hostage's place dies hours after wedding

Meghan Markle's body language shows she is in charge of relationship

March for Our Lives: Crowds descend on DC for historic protest


Tens of thousands gather nationwide for gun control...

'Today we are going to start a revolution'...




WIRE: Trump Planning to Expel Russian Envoys Over Spy Poisoning...

Saudi opens airspace to Israel for first time...

Growing questions about CNN airport monopoly as network veers left...

Rural hospital shutdowns force communities to take care of own...

UPDATE: Fiery Crash At Travis Air Force Base Terrorism?

TRAVEL HELL: 106 passengers stranded due to drunken co-pilot...

Stormy Daniels attorney sends 'warning shot' to Trump: 'Time to come clean'...

Mystery disc pic...

Dems Bullish on Gov Races, Too...

Adults keep getting fatter...

Pope Defrocks 9 Monks for Rogue Exorcisms...

TIESTO: The album is dead...

EDM heyday past?

No laughing matter: When exactly did clowns become scary?

Scientists witness first known case of orca infanticide...

Venezuela hopes to tackle world's worst inflation by deleting zeros from currency...


Says Backpack Rules Violate 1st Amendment...

'Teachers Very Understanding;' Skipping School for TV...

MONTAGE: David Is 'Disgusted'...

CLOONEY: 'You Make Me Proud Of My Country Again'...

Classrooms Now Armed -- With Bucket Full Of Rocks...

Man upset over pot policy threatens to murder congressman...

PBS Details Tavis Smiley Alleged Misconduct...

'Persistently pursued subordinates for sex'...

Rap mogul Simmons hit with another rape suit...

JANN WENNER: #MeToo Suffers From Absence of Due Process...

USA charges 9 Iranians in massive scheme...

Manhattan Luxury-Home Market Screaming: I'm Overpriced!

Huizenga, business titan and pro sports owner, dead at 80...

LA Considers Proposal To Give Housing To ALL Homeless...

Iowa family on vacation found dead in Mexico...

Waterslide in fatal accident considered 'deadly weapon'...

SNAP: Woman Cooks Chihuahua, Thought Boyfriend 'Inside' Dog...

Mount Etna slowly 'sliding towards the Mediterranean Sea'...

Orange snowstorm submerges tourist resorts with eerie 'apocalyptic' scenes...


The Rise and Fall...

Between fake news and data harvesting, FACEBOOK has no way to win...

APPLE Cook Calls for More Regulations on Data Privacy...

DOJ Revives Push to Mandate Way to Unlock Phones...

Rand Paul blasts omnibus: Maybe holding hands with Dems isn't great idea...

FLASHBACK: Ryan, McConnell LIE About Funding Border Wall...

Pelosi, Schumer declare victory...



Biden: Parkland Students 'Going To Win'On Gun Control

Obama Advisor: 'Intimidated'Lawmakers Should Stand Up To NRA

Confirmed: Lots of 'Good Guys with Guns' Protecting #MarchForOurLives in DC

Anti-NRA, Pro-Gun Control #MarchForOurLives Protests Kick Off In'London?

'Today'Spins Gun Control Rally as 'Protest Voice' to 'Teach Grown-Ups a Lesson'

Coast To Coast AM - March 22, 2018 Digital Privacy Awakened Dreaming

Ann Coulter Responds to Omnibus Spending Bill

Trump Failure Shocks

2018...End Times Prophecy News Current Events

Trump's Base Demands Impeachment For Omnibus Spending Bill

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Friday 3/23/18: Roger Stone, Trump News, Paul Joseph Watson

Gerald Celente - Bull Market, Correction or Crash? Follow the Trends

This Video Will Make You Question Basic Reality...(2018-2019)

Trump Imposes $60 Billion In Tariffs On China, Accuses Beijing of Intellectual-Property Theft

Peter Schiff (March 23,2018) Talks After Federal Reserve Interest Rates Decision,FED SUPRISED NO ONE


Gerald Celente - 03/21/2018 - Economic Political Forecast

The Debate - US Trade War With China

"Anonymous: Did You Get It? Get It Now!"

2018...Prophetic Events Unfolding Around The World

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Thursday 3/22/18: News, Trump Tariffs, Tim Harmsen, Kit Cope, Laura Loomer


The Crash Is Coming! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2018 Stock Market Crash

Why Are We Still In Syria?

You Live in a Surveillance Prison and Social Media Platforms Spy, Report and Record Everything


Hawaii Legends with Jane Palomera Moore | iTF Auxiliary #10

Coast To Coast AM - March 23, 2018 Exorcisms the Demonic, Open Lines

Witch Creek: A Wildland Novel with Laura Bickle | After Hours AM

Coast To Coast AM - March 22, 2018 Digital Privacy Awakened Dreaming

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Neocon Takeover of Washington Completed

Video: Israeli police destroy Palestinian tombstones in Jerusalem cemetery

UK's Porton Down denies it could have been source of nerve agent that poisoned ex-spy

Afghanistan: Deadly car bombing near Helmand stadium

Illegal Wars: The New American Way

Britain urges Israel to improve treatment of detained Palestinian children

War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give 'pieces' of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt

Majority of $1.3 Trillion US Omnibus Spending Bill Goes to Military

Large swath of West Texas oil patch is heaving and sinking at alarming rates

U.S. steel tariffs meet barrage of criticism at WTO


"This is a BETRAYAL of Our Country!!"Tucker is PISSED About the New GOP Spending Bill


Exodus: Baltimore Residents Flee Collapsing City, Census Figures Warn

Taxi driver falsely accused of kidnapping girls says reputation is in TATTERS after mum plastered his face on Facebook

Savage: 'Trump Faked a Veto'on Budget

Stock Market TANKS 1400 Points This Week! WORST Weekly Decline In Years!

'She wanted us to know that God is real': Moment US mother closes her eyes and accelerates into a POLE with her children, aged 5 and 7, in the back of the car to teach them that religion will protect them

Free Speech on the Internet May Have just Ended

Don't freak out, but Facebook is keeping an updated copy of your entire phone Contacts info, including every nickname you've used to store them, address info and personal notes.

Teen couple 'took photos of overdosed girl's body and shared them on Snapchat and Facebook then ran out of gas as they drove her to hospital without ever calling 911'

Here Are All the Officials Who Have Left the Trump White House

The U.S. Economy is one hiccup away from imploding ' Philip Kennedy

The Budget-Busting $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill That Was Just Passed By Congress Is A Betrayal Of The American People

Former Playboy Model Spills Details Of Alleged Affair: Trump 'Tried To Pay Me'

Are There Risks From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke? Early Science Says Yes.

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy congratulates Savage for 24 years in radio: 'He was right then and he's right now.'

French cop who offered himself to gunman in exchange for hostage dies of injuries

Family of four vanishes while on vacation, found dead in tourist complex condo

Omnibus Spending Bill Allows More Illegal Aliens to Be Released into U.S. Through 'Catch and Release'

Kylie Jenner Shows Off 'Mom and Dad' Cars One Month After Flaunting 'Push Present'

Box Office: 'Black Panther' Becomes Top-Grossing Superhero Film of All Time in US

'Chicago Fire' actress DuShon Monique Brown dies at 49

Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne Spotted Kissing After West Hollywood Dinner Date

George Amal Clooney Show Support for Gun Violence Prevention at DC March For Our Lives Event

March for Our Lives: Students Rally to End Gun Violence, Many Celebs Join the Fight (LIVESTREAM)

Shaq and Gronk Have Dance Off During Ultra Festival Weekend

Jay-Z Hints at Champagne Bottle Named in Honor of Sir Rumi

Justin Bieber Involved In West Hollywood Car Crash

Kanye West's Company Employee Badly Injured When Machine Falls on Him

Rick and Kathy Hilton, Prenup for Paris'

Tomi Lahren Says March for Our Lives is No-Go For Her

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

Tyron Woodley Says Floyd Mayweather's MMA Journey Begins Next Week

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Troy Aikman Says Peyton Manning Joining FOX Would Be Awesome

'Frasier' Star John Mahoney Leaves Behind $5 Million Estate

Ex-Galaxy Star Kyle Martino Says Ibrahimovic is Huge For MLS

Sylvester Stallone's Wife Says Sly's 100-Pound Pull-Ups Are No Biggie

Sexy Stars Who Swing -- Pump Through the Pics

Donald Trump Makes Move to Ban Transgender People From Military

'Chicago Fire' Actress DuShon Monique Brown Is Dead

Justin Bieber's New Girl, Baskin Champion, Seen Leaving His Beverly Hills Home

Jimmy Garoppolo and Girlfriend Go Disneyland Official

Kylie Jenner Drops Out of Lawsuit Against Blac Chyna



'March for Our Lives' rally in DC for gun control draws thousands from around the country

Even with the sell-off, Trump has presided over a stock surge that's still holding on to big gains

Trump replaced 3 top advisors this month. Here's how his new hires compare to their predecessors

Trump is reportedly preparing to expel Russian diplomats in response to UK poisoning incident

San Francisco Fed's John Williams is front runner for New York Fed President position: Report

You're probably paying more for your car loan or mortgage than you should

Ulta, Gap, Target and more: These retailers are still opening stores in 2018

Musician and entrepreneur Jon Bon Jovi: This is the key to succeeding in business

Here's how a string of March Madness upsets could help fans in search of cheap tickets

One of NFL's few female owners is changing her team's formula for identifying talent

Facebook Tries to Calm Advertisers After Cambridge Analytica Crisis

Hawkish Fed Probably Worse For Market Than China 'Trade War'

Leaked data suggests Uber self-driving car program may be way behind Waymo [updated]

Few noticed, but Congress just banned restaurants from skimming tips

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster In Space ' Because It's Fun

American scam: My kid and I are both supposed to go broke paying for college? Forget it

The Former Khmer Rouge Slave Who Blew the Whistle on Wells Fargo

United Airlines passenger gets $10000 voucher to give up seat on overbooked flight

Bank of America to Pay $42 Million to Settle New York AG Probe in Electronic Trading

Heavy recruiting shows Toys R Us workers won't wait for new jobs

So, you want to retire. Will you have the money?

First look: Inside Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas, world's largest cruise ship

Worried About Rising Rates? I Believe This Strategy Could Be The Answer

Nike (NKE) Downgraded to 'C+' at TheStreet

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Bitcoin Earnings? Taxpayers Could Pay the Price if They Don't, IRS Warns



Elite Eight teams, ranked for the national championship

The Giants caught the worst of a spring training injury wave

Duke, Kansas and the marquee matchup we've been waiting to see

Stephen Curry exits Warriors win after suffering left MCL sprain

Patriots' Duron Harmon, former Rutgers standout, reportedly caught bringing marijuana into Costa Rica

Mets get 'blunt'with Zack Wheeler as he gets demoted

Brandon Drury is making a change after scary plunking

What Brandon Drury's injury means for the Yankees'infield

Michael Conforto passes DH test as early Mets return looks likely

Why you can't draw conclusions from Tanaka's spring outings

Mets doing everything to get Wilmer Flores in lineup ' everything

CC Sabathia grapples with cost of speaking on political topics

The solution to Knicks'point-guard jam may be starring in NCAA

A 'weird'feeling turned quickly for Rafael Montero

Sister Jean and Loyola Chicago will be going to the Final Four

SEE IT: Shaq and Rob Gronkowski compete in dance off at Ultra

Alex Rodriguez needs to drop rehearsed lines on his PED past

WIth Vargas pushed back, Lugo likely to make spot start for Mets

Mets option struggling righty Zack Wheeler to Triple-A

DeMarcus Cousins offers to pay for Stephon Clark's funeral

Ex-Giants TE Martellus Bennett retires from NFL

Patriots' Harmon busted for trying to bring pot into Costa Rica

Yankees' Brandon Drury says he'll be ready for Opening Day

Mets' Jason Vargas lands in emergency room with stomach virus

New York Daily News back pages of 2018

Trump on Twitter
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Fox News

What actions can the Trump White House take on gun control?

Kentucky students speak out about gun violence at DC march

Chris Coons on battle over gun rights

Parkland victim's father on anti-gun violence marches

Money matters: Rep. Issa on GOP fundraising


School shooting survivors lead the world in rallies for gun control. Their next target? The midterms.

Marches across America

Celebs come out for DC rally

Huge crowd in Atlanta

MLK's protests worked, but these don't


Emma González: People need to 'empathize rather than feel apathy'

Parkland teacher: 'I went to college to be a teacher not to be a police officer'

'March For Our Lives'inspires Chicago gun violence victim to speak out

Stoneman Douglas senior: 'We wanted to take this grief' and 'make a difference out of it'

Columbine survivor: 'We were told this would never happen again'

Parkland shooting survivor: 'With everybody's voice I think we're going to a change'

Here's what it would cost to arm teachers in America


ABC News

LIVE UPDATES: March for Our Lives: Passionate calls to end gun violence nationwide

'America, love your children not your guns': Some signs from March for Our Lives

Everything you need to know about March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives takes place in cities around the world, from London to Sydney

March for Our Lives could define politics for new generation: ANALYSIS

CBS News

Massive crowds rally to call for gun control -- live updates

French police officer who swapped himself for hostage dies of his injuries

More support than oppose young people speaking out about guns, poll shows

"March for Our Lives" -- schedule of cities and events

Trump transgender military ban: Democrats, LGBT groups are outraged, and GOP is silent


As Syrian rebels quit Ghouta, Douma stands alone

Bomb kills two in Alexandria ahead of Egypt presidential vote

Greek shipping tycoon denies drugs charges

Former Catalan leader faces arrest in Finland

Sierra Leone court agrees to delay election run-off


Washington Post

White House praises 'courageous'youths marching against gun violence

When will Trump stop firing people and settle on his 'A-team'?

Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill despite veto threat on Twitter

Trump criticizes his Justice Department for not joining fight over Arizona driver's licenses for 'dreamers'

Republican National Committee spent big at Trump properties in February, filings show

Washington Times

Florida students call for gun reform at March for Our Lives

Hundreds assemble in LA to march for stricter gun laws

Kansas chemist facing deportation says US is his home

Greek tycoon calls drug charges politically motivated

Murphy wants $2.1M to help immigrants with legal aid

Roll Call

March for Our Lives in Washington: What You Need to Know

Podcast: Trump Now Managing His Own Show

Who Is Cecil Andrus?

Man Arrested for Threatening to Murder Rep. Scott Taylor

Roll Call's 2018 March Madness ' Weekend Update


New York Times

After Another Week of Chaos, Trump Repairs to Palm Beach. No One Knows What Comes Next.

Trump Approves New Limits on Transgender Troops in the Military

Trump Signs Spending Bill, Reversing Veto Threat and Avoiding Government Shutdown

Live Updates on March for Our Lives as Students Protest Guns

Trump's Tariffs Keep Allies, Markets and Industry Guessing

New York Daily News

Manhattan babysitter gets 100 years to life for raping two kids

Queens girl chokes to death on a Doritos chip in prank gone wrong

Food deliveryman talks about thwarted robbery attempt in Harlem

School district to arm students with rocks to fight shooters

Playboy model Karen McDougal: I did OK in Trump affair interview

New York Post

British 'Nazi'soldier allowed into parade with Kate and Prince William

Killing of unarmed black man roils California's capital city

Lincoln's letters with Thai king displayed at new exhibit

How Grace Kelly's bridesmaid ended up homeless

Man reaching for baseballs gets stuck between 2 buildings


Real Clear Politics

What We Can Learn From Student Teachers From Parkland

The Problem With David Hogg and the Parkland Students

Bolton a Hawk Itching for War

Hard to Imagine a Better Choice Than Bolton Right Now

Russians Fear Bolton May Doom Iran Deal

When Unfounded Smears Are Treated as Facts

Washington Beacon

U.S. Lawmakers Want China's Confucius Institutes to Register as Foreign Agents

Gun-Rights Groups Slam New YouTube Anti-Gun Policy

Stimulating Mind and Morals

No Keith Ellison, McDonald's Isn't 'Clear-Cutting Forests' to Graze More Cattle

Gutiérrez Ordered to Repay Federal Govt. Over Misuse of Funds


UK Watchdog Assessing Evidence From Cambridge Analytica Raid

Israel-Bound Airliner Enters Saudi Airspace For First Time

Wayne Huizenga, Who Built His Fortune from Trash, Dies at 80

Protesters Gather in Washington, Demanding Gun Control

McCabe: Never Dreamed 'FBI Career Would End This Way'