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LEFT AND LEFTER DNC election could pull party further from center

BELLWETHER NASCAR vs. Hollywood is a tale of two Americas

ESCAPE FROM JAWS Drone cam shows surfer's brush with Great White

CHILD STAR QUESTIONED Left dying man outside hospital, ran away: report

'DECONSTRUCTION' BEGINS Trump's order to cut regulations follows Bannon's blueprint

Trump orders new task force push to eliminate red tape

Terrifying drone video shows great white shark stalking surfers

High-stakes DNC leadership election could pull party even further left

Mom is shamed for cake slice in child's school lunch bag

President Trump's full CPAC speech

Billy Bush and Donald Trump's 'locker room talk' tape leaked by 'Today' staffer, report says

When Kate Upton doesn't have sex with Justin Verlander

Fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld: Meryl Streep Wanted Chanel to Pay Her to Wear Free Oscars Dress

Exclusive Video ' Jackie Mason on the Oscars: Plumbers Should Get the Awards, 'We Can Live Without' Anti-Trump Movie Stars

Farage at CPAC: 2016 Was The Beginning of a Great Global Revolution

KASSAM at CPAC Slams Establishment Media: 'I've Been to Sweden, You Guys Just Don't Get it!'

Robert Davi at CPAC: Trump the 'Force of Nature' America Needed to Break Out of Globalist Era

Watch Live: CPAC 2017

Breitbart's Pollak Battles 'View' Host Joy Behar Over Fake News

Chicago's ABC-7 Suspends Sportscaster Mark Giangreco for Calling Donald Trump a 'Cartoon Lunatic'

Amal Clooney outshines husband George

Detroit judge throws two laughing people out of court

Trump launches new assault on the 'fake news media'

Hillary surfaces in three-minute address to Democrats

White House bans CNN and BBC from press briefing

Trump tower opens in Vancouver but the welcome isn't warm

Obama surfaces in Manhattan

Novelist takes Alford plea in his wife's staircase death

Nigel Farage sends US crowd wild

Michelle Hadley speaks out about being framed and jailed

Top Headlines


White House invite-only briefing focused on 'inaccurate' NYT, CNN reports

Conservative lawmaker doubts Obamacare repeal will happen

Howard Dean blames Democratic losses on poor organizing

Watch Jim Gilmore Lose His Cool at Brooke Baldwin for Interrupting Him

Rep. Peter King: It 'Diminishes Democracy' When Protesters Yell at Town Halls

New York Times and CNN Respond to Being Blocked From White House Gaggle

Seriously? MAJOR Entertainment Site Ties Oscar Terror Fears to Trump

Bozell Graham Column: A Speech to Denounce Meryl Streep

MSNBC Derides 'Slob'Bannon as Appearing Homeless, Like 'Dirty Old Man'

Rights Group Urges US to Probe Civilian Deaths in Yemen Raid

2nd Cavalry Regiment Heads to Eastern Poland on Deterrence Mission

Program Connects Navy, Marine Vets to Energy Field Internships

State Partnership Spouses Share Stories of Challenges, Personal Strength

Geraldo Rivera Irked Over Trump Administration's Target On Marijuana

Trump Signs Executive Order To Abolish 'Job-Killing Regulations'

Cruz Avoids Controversy With Answer To Reporter's Question About Trump

Buzzfeed Spreads FAKE NEWS Story About 'RUSSIAN TRUMP'Flags at CPAC

VIDEO : Actress Ashley Judd Compares Trump Presidency to 'RAPE'

VIDEO : Radical Left-Wing Religious Groups Create 'Underground Railroad' for Illegals

The Evolving Relationship Between Trump, Republicans

The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party Has Begun

How the DNC Race Turned to a Group-Therapy Session

Washington Still Reels From the Quake of 2016

President Trump's Fear-Based Immigration Policy

Democrats Are in Denial on Immigration

The Cost of Trump's War on the Media

The New Nationalism in America

Who, Exactly, Is Running U.S. Foreign Policy?

Drudge Report


Trump at Brink of His Own Bull Market as Dow Flirts With History...

Head-scratching investors call time...

'We're way overbought'...


WEEKEND: Why 'LA LA LAND' Worked Better Than Anyone Dreamed...

PAPER: Nobody cares about any recent Best Picture winners...

LA Street Artist Targets With Mocking Posters...

LAGERFELD: Meryl Streep Passed On Oscar Dress When CHANEL Refused to Pay...


PAGLIA: Grandeur of Hollywood OSCARS is Gone...

Most Political Awards Ever?

When Hannibal Lecter and Jack Palance Made Academy Awards Fun...

Fury at plans to broadcast re-enactment of PULSE nightclub massacre...

Arkansas lawmaker wants to strip Clintons' name from airport...

NYT Asks Chelsea About Her Favorite Books After Hers Flops...

China steams past USA, France to be Germany's biggest trading partner...


Firehouses Raise Alarm Over Lack of Young Recruits...

APPLE investigating 'exploding' iPhone 7 Plus...

Trump blasts FBI, says need to find leakers 'now'...

State Dept writes anti-leak memo, which quickly leaks...

Mexican Migrant Shelters See Spike in Deportees Coming from USA...

Travelers Alarmed as Federal Agents Check IDs After Domestic Flight Lands...

Los Angeles religious leaders create network to hide illegals...

NYC Mexican Restaurant Business Down 50% Amid Reports Of ICE Checkpoints...

Chicago gangs turning to rifles for added firepower...

Baby born premature dies after mother shot dead...

Namaste, Satan: Metal yoga class set inside Satanic Temple...


Murders, brutal riots...

'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Set to Dazzle...

POLICE: Man posing as UBER driver sexually assaulted teen...

Doctors Prescribing Food Instead Of Pills To Treat Patients...

Le Pen SURGES...

Frightened French Libs Beg Him to Run...

Makes splash in NYC...

SPIEGEL: Germany spied on BBC, NYT, REUTERS for decade...


Sword-swinging man threatens customers at WALMART...

CITY OF HATE: Breakdancers beat commuter refusing to make space on NYC subway...


'Now is time for action'...

Therapists nationwide overwhelmed by Trump issues...

Panic attacks, insomnia...


PLANT? Child asks congressman to 'hold Russia accountable'...



NRA CHIEF: Terrorists May Infiltrate Social-Hyped Protests...

SNAP: Naked Woman Storms Into Chapel, Goes On Wild Rampage...


Why President Trump Should Support the 'New START'Nuclear Treaty

US Crude Production Tops 9 Million Barrels As Rig Count Hits 16-Month Highs

Pissing Contest: Trump, Sessions Win

Justice and 'Social Justice'Are Two Very Different Things

Russia building Reichstag replica for schoolchildren's military exercises

Christian Martyrs VS Muslim Martyrs

MSM Panics Over Comment Sections

Tradecraft For Privacy: Use It or Lose It

Chinese Catholics Fear Pope Francis Will Rat Them Out to Communists

Traitor: Republican Senator Says No to Repealing Obamacare

Donald #Trump addresses CPAC 2017 - full speech

A Short Introduction to Libertarianism: The #Libertarian Mind with David Boaz

John Titor predictions of President #Trump - Timeline to year 2036 - John Titor #DonaldTrump legacy

#Money as #Debt

WASHINGTON IN FLAMES! What #Trump Just Officially Did Will Make Every American Rich!

#trump Was Right about #Sweden #immigration Crisis -- Mike Rivero

David Icke - The Illuminati's Plans For 2017 #illuminati #killuminati #nwo

SIGNS OF THE END PART 275 - LATEST EVENTS FEBRUARY 2017 #trump draintheswamp End #times

#libertarian Peter Schiff on How to The #fed is Causing the Demise of The American Economy #libertarians

#bankers talking about The Future of #Money

US Jews Condemn Trump's Deportation Rules'But Back Israel's

Californian City Unanimously Approves Trump Impeachment Resolution

Democrats Literally Laugh At Idea Of Voter ID At CNN's DNC Debate

State Department Writes Anti-Leak Memo... Which Quickly Leaks To The Washington Post

Banned HuffPo Contributor From Norway Tells Truth about Sweden -- Imediately Censored, Removed !


What Say You



George Amal Clooney Stun in Paris, Baby Bump Included (PHOTO)

Muhammad Ali's Son Detained for Hours at Florida Airport, Allegedly for Being Muslim

Amber Rose Has Receipts to Prove She Owns Ace of Diamonds (VIDEO)

Jose Fernandez Married His High School Sweetheart in 2012 (DOCUMENT)

Queen of MySpace 'ForBiddeN' Dolce Dead at 35 From Liver Failure (PHOTO GALLERY)

Diane Kruger Rebounding Just Fine with Norman Reedus (PHOTO GALLERY)

Adrien Broner: I'm Sober Now ... But I Still Turn Up!! (VIDEO)

President Trump Makes It Official, Get Your Wall Bids Ready (DOCUMENT + VIDEO)

Barack Obama Makes a Splash in New York City (VIDEO)

Lionel Richie Undergoes Knee Surgery, Concert with Mariah Carey Put On Hold

Antonio Brown Flying A Jet?! (VIDEO)

Jose Fernandez's Death Certificate Reveals He was Divorced (DOCUMENT)

Amber Rose Sued by Ace of Diamonds Strip Club (VIDEO)

Chris Brown, Don't Ask Me About Karrueche's Domestic Violence Claims (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather Says Don't Bring Up The 'C' Word On His Birthday (VIDEO)

The REAL Reason Men Are So Infatuated With Your Breasts

11 Billie Jean King Quotes That Prove EVERY Woman Can Be A Champion

If Your Guy Has These 21 Habits, Marry Him Right Now

My Husband, Our Girlfriend I Went To A Steam Room Swinger Party And WHOA!

10 Hot Sex Stories By Real People Confessing SUPER Naughty Secrets

NFL QB Jameis Winston Tells 5th Graders That Boys Are Strong While Saying Girls Should Sit And Be Silent

More News

Washington Post

Trump trashed Paris in his CPAC speech. The city's mayor fired back.

Trump to CPAC: 'Now you finally have a president, finally'

On Twitter, Trump urges that the FBI 'find the leakers' in its ranks

Do President Trump's business conflicts violate the Constitution?

VP Pence: 'America's Obamacare nightmare is about to end'

Wall Street Journal

North Korean Terror Notice

Waiting for Justice Gorsuch

The ObamaCare Holdouts

Mattis's Pyrrhic Personnel War

Confessions of a Free-Trade Lobbyist

Fellow Democrats, Your Effort to Destroy the President Is Abnormal

How Congress Can Boost Haley at the U.N.

Decoding the Zimmermann Telegram, 100 Years Later

Washington Times

Draft GOP health care bill revamps Obama's health care law

NYC mayor meets with campaign corruption probe investigators

Coleman A. Young II announces run for Detroit mayor's office

Dems invite immigrants to Trump's first address to Congress

Indianapolis school board OKs measure supporting immigrants

Vermont Senate unanimously passes Trump bill

Oklahoma goes to state Supreme Court to fight release of more Scott Pruitt emails

LA Times

Only 1 of 13 additional Bill Cosby accusers can testify at sexual assault trial, judge says

Man shouts 'get out of my country'before killing one man and injuring two at Kansas bar, witnesses say

Kansas lawmakers fail to override veto of income tax increases

One of two girls killed in Indiana captured cellphone audio of suspect, police say

College Board plans to boost SAT security around the world after test-stealing and other instances of cheating

Federal judge blocks Texas from cutting off Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood

No evidence of a shooting at Houston hospital, police chief says

NY Times

Trump at CPAC: Right's Unlikely Hero Renews Attack on Press

Fact Check: Trump Blasts 'Fake News'and Repeats Inaccurate Claims at CPAC

White House Bars Times and Other News Outlets From Briefing

Some See Media Bias. But 'the Enemy'? Not Quite.

California Today: California Today: In Virtual Reality, Investigating the Trayvon Martin Case

Bathroom Case Puts Transgender Student on National Stage

Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter

USA Today

Soldier surprises parents by coming home unannounced

Paris mayor strikes back at Trump for insulting city

Obamacare popularity highest in nearly seven years as repeal talk mounts

Trump executive order builds on regulatory reform efforts by Clinton, Obama

Trump blasts FBI for 'leaks' during ongoing Russia investigation

Trump budget battle may be looming over National Endowment for the Arts

VX nerve agent used on Kim Jong Nam: 10 milligrams on the skin can kill

Right Scoop

'We don't see CNN or the New York Times rooting for ANY president!''CNN's media critic

MEDIA OUTRAGED as Trump BANS press from White House briefing!!

Trump Audio: 'If countries are going to have nukes, we're gonna be at the TOP OF THE PACK'

BREAKING: Trump signs NEW executive order on repealing massive federal regulations

UPDATE: CONFIRMED 'O'Keefe hits reporter for not telling TRUTH about Russian flags at CPAC

WATCH: Here's Trump's full speech from CPAC 2017

HORRIBLE: ISIS jihadis gun down ANOTHER Christian in front of wife and children in Egypt

One America News

Details emerge of Republicans'plans to replace Obamacare

Kansas man charged with killing Indian in possible hate crime

Egypt's Christians flee Sinai amid Islamic State killing spree

Iraqi forces punch into western Mosul, launch air strikes in Syria

Trump's transgender move puts spotlight on Supreme Court case

Chemical weapon VX nerve agent killed N.Korean leader's half brother: Malaysian police

Pro-Kremlin politicians warn Trump could unleash new arms race

Trump attacks FBI on leakers of Russia reports: 'FIND NOW'

ABC News

Trump renews attacks on media amid news of FBI-White House contact

Former Kentucky governor to give response to Trump's address to Congress

Trump signs executive order to help remove 'job-killing regulations'

Rex Tillerson stays silent as State Dept. to resume 'regular' briefings

Priebus urged FBI to dispute Trump-Russia report

The Note: Priebus asks the FBI to refute Trump Russia reports

Obamacare favorability nears record propelled by independents: poll

Weekly Standard

The GOP Isn't The Party Of Trump...Yet

NBC Defends Journalistic Practices By Citing ... Birtherism?

It's Trump's Conservative Movement Now

The Elusive Woman Behind Thatcherism

White Out

Substandard Show Notes--Episode 1.16

Pants on Fireball

Prufrock: A History of Hebrew, Evelyn Waugh's "Puckish Charisma," and a Ride through the Alps

The Hill

Lawyers: ICE detainee with brain tumor removed from hospital

Ryan tours Mexican border on horseback

White House hints at crackdown on recreational marijuana

Trump administration withdraws protections for transgender students

Report: Conway sidelined after going 'off message'

Video: Bill Maher condoned sex between 35-year-old woman, 12-year-old boy

Boehner: ObamaCare repeal and replace 'not going to happen'

'West Wing' star Whitford: Ivanka Trump 'enabling hatred'

World Net Daily

Trump goes hunting for 'job-killing regulations'

Governor threatens jail for 'sanctuary'sheriff

Trump electrifies CPAC: 'You finally have a president!'

MSNBC host calls Trump supporters 'dogs'

Pro-lifer, 16, hailed as Planned Parenthood's 'worst nightmare'

Israeli leader: 'I've never encountered right-wing anti-Semitism'

Soros denies funding anti-Trump town-hall protests

Religious leaders creating 'underground railroad'to hide illegals


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ivanka?

Cover Girl: Ivanka Trump's Long History With the Glossy Magazine

Trump tweets anger at FBI while White House scrambles to contain fallout

Priebus request to FBI violated norms, if not rules

Trump escalates his feud with the media

At CPAC, Trump tightens his grip on the GOP

White House selectively blocks media outlets from briefing with Spicer

GOP governor: Republicans need to pay attention to town hall protests


Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

Trump's moves on the Dakota Access Pipeline portend more clashes with states

Air Force cannot confirm Trump's claim to have saved taxpayers more than $1 billion on two new planes

Someone at CPAC handed out Russian flags with 'Trump'written in bold

Trump White House staffer Sebastian Gorka worked with anti-Semitic leaders in Hungary: report

Real Clear Politics

The Evolving Relationship Between Trump, Republicans

The Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party Has Begun

How the DNC Race Turned to a Group-Therapy Session

Washington Still Reels From the Quake of 2016

President Trump's Fear-Based Immigration Policy

Democrats Are in Denial on Immigration

The Cost of Trump's War on the Media

The New Nationalism in America

Hot Air

The Sanders vs. Clinton schism in the Democratic party isn't going away

White House bars CNN, NYT, LAT, BuzzFeed, Politico from today's press gaggle with Spicer; Update: White House denies

Trump at CPAC: Yes, the 'fake news' media is the enemy of the American people

Leaked draft offers glimpse of GOP Obamacare replacement

CPAC conversation: Covering the news in the Trump era

Arkansas Supreme Court gets dragged into LGBT 'protections' law question

Trump rips FBI for not stopping leakers after Priebus accused of contacting Bureau about Russia story

Ginsburg offers praise for ' Neil Gorsuch?


Seriously? MAJOR Entertainment Site Ties Oscar Terror Fears to Trump

Bozell Graham Column: A Speech to Denounce Meryl Streep

MSNBC Derides 'Slob'Bannon as Appearing Homeless, Like 'Dirty Old Man'

Hostin to Hollywood: Use Oscars Stage for 'Social Justice'

CNN's Stelter Terrified at New Trump Attacks on Media: 'Chill Up' the Spine!

Trump Lambastes 'Dishonest People,' 'Fake News Media' in Rowdy CPAC Speech

CBS to GOP Senator: What Was It Like to Be 'Humbled' By Lib Town Hall?

NY Times Oscar Ad: 'The Truth Is More Important Than Ever'

Smoking Gun

Man, 41, Charged With Indecent Exposure For Intercourse Incident

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Woman Busted After "Yelling Profanities And Throwing Sex Toys Around"Ex-Boyfriend's Home

Cops: Suspect Used Sex Toy During Attack

Group Sex Dispute Ends With Handcuffs

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Utah Couple Charged With Drone Peeping

Florida Woman Jailed Following Final Stop On Her 2017 Pain Pill Tour

Canada Free Press

Trevor Loudon at CPAC 2017

NYT: Beleaguered Democrats abandon compromise, opt for 'total war'with Trump

Ultra-leftists of ANSWER rally against Trump, capitalism, America, in Chicago

Toward a true US-Israel partnership

ICYMI: VP Mike Pence rocks CPAC with excellent speech

Spicer: Um no, which bathroom you use is not an issue for the federal government

Savages of Stockholm

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman On A Generation Lost In A 5'x 2'Space

D.W. Ulsterman On Being Inspired by The Rockford Files for his San Juan Islands Mystery Series

D.W. Ulsterman Explains What It's Like To Kill Someone'

'MURDER on MATIA'Update!

SAD! Image-Obsessed American Youth Injecting Poison Into Faces To Appear Even Younger

It Is Your Life: Bukowski

D.W. Ulsterman On The Establishment Backlash Against The Reality Of Voter Fraud


Malaysian police: Deadly VX nerve agent killed Kim's half-brother

Trump: #39;Military operation#39; against illegal immigrants in US is underway

Assad Will Let Hizballah Fire Rockets against Israel from Syrian Soil

Even If Large-Scale US Forces Can Beat ISIS ' It Won't Be Swift

Saudis, Israelis Coordinate Military Steps to Face Iran

Iran Makes Oman Main Way-Station for Smuggling Arms to Yemeni Rebels

Trump Team's Brief Honeymoon with Turkey's Erdogan Is over



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