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Phelps tries sprinting in 2nd event of comeback Number of military suicides dropped last year Analysis: Beyond Kerry, seeking new Mideast ideas Obama visit to South Korea tinged by mourning Seabed search for missing Malaysian jet to widen Fury, cargo questions surround sunken SKorea ferry S&P cuts Russia's credit rating Tornado shelters face dilemma with pet lovers APNewsBreak: Ecuador expels US military group Study: US manufacturers gaining competitiveness

Beyonc Beats Obama, Miley and the Pope to Land the Cover of Time's '100 Most Influential People'

Beyonc has landed the cover of Time magazine's annual '100 Most Influential People in the World'

Judge Nap: 'Gut Feeling' Is Online TV Service Aereo Loses Before Supreme Court

100 year old woman

100-year-old woman describes the moment she fell for her first love

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China Splurging on Military as US Pulls Back

China's navy commissioned 17 new warships last year, the most of any nation. In a little more than a decade, it's expected to have three aircraft carriers, giving it more clout than ever in a region of contested seas and festering territorial disputes.

1888 Shipwreck Found in SF Bay

Suit: Doctors Mocked Me While I Was Unconscious

Chances of a City-Leveling Asteroid: Pretty Darned High

Antarctic Iceberg Is 6 Times Size of Manhattan

Missing flight MH370: Live updates as US official says search for plane will take ... - Mirror.co.uk

What Bundy's Fans Said, Before and After - Daily Beast

Possible North Korea nuclear test looms over Obama's visit to South Korea - CNN

12 hurt, 3 critical in California school bus crash - Chron.com

Ukraine Crisis Escalation May Further Cool Russia-US Ties – Russian UN Envoy - RIA Novosti

Report: Netanyahu agreed to talk borders, settlement freeze just before Hamas ... - Jerusalem Post

Two suspects in custody after shelter-in-place ordered at Naval Base Point Loma - Fox News

Wings' magic runs out against Bruins - ABC News

FCC fights back against claims it's abandoned net neutrality, but few are convinced - Engadget

FDA weighs in on e-cigs - Philly.com

CNN exclusive: Rancher defends racist remarks: 'I think I'm right' - CNN

EU considers ban on deals with banks in Crimea - DAWN.com

Justin Bieber detained in Los Angeles - Business Standard

How a 700-page economics book surged to No. 1 on Amazon - CBS News

12 hurt, 3 critical in California school bus crash - SFGate

Putin issues new threat against Ukraine as - Daily Mail

The Batman-Superman Movie Has Found Its Cyborg - seattlepi.com

Apple earnings jump, will split stock 7 for 1 - CBS News

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Will headline 'senior recognition day'...

FLASHBACK: 'She doesn't know our kids'...

First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad...

Holder cancels visit to Oklahoma City police academy amid protests...


Obama Suffers Setbacks in Japan and Mideast...

Putin Warns of Consequences as Ukraine Steps Up Offensive...

Foreign Minister: Ready to fight...

Kerry threatens Russia with 'expensive' new sanctions...

Gingrich: WWI parallels...

Bulletproof SUBWAY Restaurant 'Sad Depiction Of Violence In Chicago'...


STUDY: Stress Turns On Machinery of Major Depression...

'LADIES' HOME JOURNAL' to fold after 131 years...

Jewish NYU students given eviction notices by pro-Palestinian activists...

UPDATE: Compton mayor pushes back against unannounced surveillance...

Seattle sets rainfall record...

SHOCK POLL: 53% Think Neither Political Party Represents American People...

Brazil's Rousseff praises USA for giving up control of Internet...

Costa Rica demanding explanation of 'Cuban Twitter'...

Sleeping female passenger molested on BRITISH AIRWAYS flight...

Strongest sandstorm in decades sweeps China...

NDakota finds more radioactive oil waste...

Discharged Marine regrets crucifying himself in public...

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A totally new kind of golf, dude

'Guns everywhere' law packs dangers

Your best travel photos

11 assassination spots you can visit

2014's big-name graduation speakers

10 things you're wasting money on

Pols rip rancher's race remarks

Another folk hero exposes a nerve

Fox News 'misunderstood me'

Photos: Land rights in the West

Fox News

Oregon moves to dump ObamaCare exchange site, join HealthCare.gov

UKRAINE TURMOIL Kerry warns Russia of new 'costs' as tension mounts

IRAN'S CLOUT RISING? Tehran gains prominence at UN despite rights record

DAIRY CRACKDOWN Conn. weighs proposal to ban whole milk at daycares

Controversial VA boss accused of fudging stats- Senators call for probe into VA hospital deaths allegedly tied to delayed care

Clinton calls Benghazi terror attack 'biggest regret' on her watch

School brings drone class indoors after feds complain

3 Americans killed by guard at Afghanistan hospital- Chicago doctor killed was training residents


Colorado 4th-Graders Suspended for Bringing Pot to Campus

Court Throws Book at Man Who Faked Drowning

Students Hospitalized After Terrifying Los Angeles Bus Crash

Dog Alerts Customs to $16K in Undeclared Cash

Families Fight Back Against Playground Bully

Hawaii Jury Convicts Former Soldier in Daughter's Beating Death

Oregon Defense Contractor Charged with Providing Counterfeit Parts

Highway Surprise: Baby Born on Busy Interstate

Washington Times

Illegal immigrant could get law license under bill

Minn. AG backs bill surrounding lawmaker immunity

Obama reaffirms support of Japan as China's claim to islands raises tension in region

Consumer protection board under fire for suspected violations of Hatch act

U.S. warns Russia on military posturing; Russia warns Ukraine on killings

NRA gears up to mark a year of victories at convention in Indianapolis

Minority politicians point out where Republican message goes wrong

Campaign agency levels fines against GOP brothers

Oregon may ditch Obamacare portal

Ala lawmaker arrested on felony perjury charges

Huffington Post

Shouting Fire in America

Only Some Southern Whites Are the New Blacks (and Many Are Not)

Obama May Try To Push Sanctions As Kerry Warns Russia Against 'Grave Mistake'

Democrats Who Move Right Lose Elections - There Is No "Center"

Colorado Lawmakers Advance Bill To Crack Down On 'Revenge Porn'

Marshall Islands Sues 9 Of The World's Nuclear Powers In International Court

In Schuette, Roberts Continues Legacy of Bringing the Court Into the 21st Century

Obama Fails To Clinch Trade Deal As Japan Trip Wraps Up


Justice John Paul Stevens: Time to Legalize Weed

Mr. President, Refusing to Pay Your Interns Is Elitist

Crackpot Conspiracists Love Chelsea Pregnancy

Georgia Gov Signs 'Guns Everywhere' Bill

IRS Handed Out $1M in Bonuses— to Workers Who Owed Back Taxes

Kochs Launch Group to Win Over Hispanics

Louisiana Not Alone: 11 More States Still Ban Sodomy

Mayor Who Was Pals With KKK Shooter Resigns

Chicago—'Chiraq' —Needs to Get Serious on Guns

CBS News

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy defends "slavery" comments

Oregon panel recommends moving to federal Obamacare marketplace

Michelle Obama gets resume from girl with unemployed dad

Lawmakers petition for open NSA debate

Facing protests, Eric Holder cancels Oklahoma City speech

Republicans denounce rancher Cliven Bundy's racist comments

Hillary Clinton: Russia will pay "big price" for Ukraine crisis

Horseback archers impress Obama in Japan

One America News

New report calls U.S. a ‘rising star’of global manufacturing

Exclusive: JetBlue flight attendants seek to hold unionization vote

London’s Gherkin skyscraper enters receivership

Apple’s sales boom in communist Vietnam

London’s Gherkin tower enters receivership

GM posts lower first-quarter profit after recall costs

Cost-cutting, share buybacks buoy U.S. defense profits

ABC News

Seabed Search for Missing Malaysian Jet to Widen

Justin Bieber Leaves LAX After Being Detained

Rancher Loses Supporters Over Slavery Remarks

CDC: Measles Is Back and It's Spreading

Virgin Australia Official Says Drunk Passenger Caused Hijack Scare in Indonesia

Kerry Threatens Russia But No New Sanctions

12 Hurt, 3 Critical in California School Bus Crash

S&P Cuts Russia's Credit Rating

Weekly Standard

The Obamacare Opportunity

‘Meet the Press’ on the Couch

Discount Eyewash

Mudslinger in Chief

Decision Making

The powers not delegated to John Paul Stevens...

Colorblind Law

Frost Unplugged

The Legalization Juggernaut

The Hill

Republicans break up with Hispanics

8 million ObamaCare signups

Westerners and federal land

NSA spying out of control

Michelle Obama scraps graduation speech

Republicans break up with Hispanics

McCain: Illegal immigrants are 'not going home'

Illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy

World Net Daily

Senators: Obama threatening 'entire constitutional system'

Deputy shoots Texas man's dog on sight

Harry’s war

How Sunday school shaped the American frontier

Viguerie maps out strategy for GOP 'Takeover'

2 popes to celebrate sainthood of 2 past pontiffs

U.S. Muslims demand Americans'private emails

New Obama pardon chief tied to ex-domestic terrorist Dohrn


Tea party eats its own in Oklahoma

Warren's book tour: 'Run, Liz, run!'

Bundy's first and last rodeo

Graham foe: Women who love kids cause divorces

Son: George H.W. Bush wants Jeb to run

Obama, Abe find face-saving 'path forward'

Dems embrace ACA in Pa. primary

Stevens: Pot should be legalized


Watch Andy Warhol use the Amiga 1000 to paint a portrait of Debbie Harry

Leslie Jamison and Roxane Gay: “Men are crowned as the gold standard of the genre. It’s gonna change”

“The Other Woman” shatters rom-com tropes for male infidelity

“Blue Ruin”: A bloody, brilliant revenge thriller

Wall Street’s secret pension swindle

Anticipating “Mad Men”: Don’s big move

If “Forrest Gump” were a Wes Anderson film

“They might as well discriminate against me in death as well as life”: Veteran fights to be buried alongside her wife

Real Clear Politics

Getting It Right on Affirmative Action

Talking About How We Talk About Race

The Right's Piketty Panic

GOP's Plutocrat vs. Tea Party Death Match

Why Neither Party Has a Political Edge

Harry Reid Tries to Pick Republican Candidates

Lions to the Ballot Box

Cliven Bundy Just Ruined His Cause

Free Republic

Australian pilot reports hijack bid on flight to Bali: Indonesian official

John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz.

Cliven Bundy -- The Man Who Said Too Much

McCain: It’s a stain on America’s honor that we haven’t passed amnesty yet

Florida GOP Primary Big Win for Rand Paul, Political 'Outsiders'

Kyl & Romney Endorse Andy Tobin in Targeted Arizona Race

Obamacare: The Hate Can’t Be Cured

Obama to pitch U.S. immigration reform from South Korea


Hijacked plane forced to land at Bali: Reports

Priyanka Gandhi takes on Narendra Modi again, this time over "RSVP" remark

Complaints about Narendra Modi's road-show are sour grapes, says BJP

Malaysia vows MH370 transparency as families vent anger

Apple, Google agree to pay over $300 million to settle conspiracy lawsuit

The Narendra Modi factor in Mayawati's balancing act

Ceasefire violation at Line of Control near Poonch, heavy firing exchanged

Nokia to name Rajeev Suri as next CEO: report

For now, Jayalalithaa can't free seven Rajiv assassins, says Supreme Court



Sarah Silverman: 'Gross' Liberals Can Get Away with Saying the N-Word because 'We Don't Mean It'

Carville Defends Obama's 'Manhood' on Foreign Policy

Arizona Law Will Allow Surprise Abortion Clinic Inspections

Jimmy Fallon Presents: Putin and Obama Go on 'Dr. Phil'

North Carolina Proposes Bill to Completely Revoke Common Core

'Parks and Recreation' Gushes over Michelle Obama

What It Means for the Vatican to Canonize Popes John XXIII and John Paul II

Breitbart, Drudge Get Shout-Out on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' for Obama-Robot Story


Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures Are Proving His Critics Right

Ferry Tragedy Could Overshadow Obama’s South Korea Visit

Mumbai’s Election Turnout: Better, But Not Great

Iran Cuts Portion of Gasoline Subsidies

Ecuador Expels U.S. Military Group

Seabed Search for Missing Malaysian Jet to Widen

11 Kids, Driver Hurt in Calif. School Bus Crash

Pinterest’s Guided Search Looks Like Good, Serendipitous Fun

Daily Beast

Simon: ‘The Wire’ Wouldn’t Survive Today

Iowa GOP Senate Debate Shows Divides

What Bundy’s Fans Said, Before and After

Pedophile Drugged and Abused 90 Students

Putin Exposes CIA Cat Listicle Plot

The Sexual Psychology of Hate Crimes

Israel Jails Made United Palestine

Refugees to Sicily in ‘Biblical Exodus’

The Blaze

Parents, Kids Are Apparently Using Popular Lip Balm in an Unusual Way —Guess Where They Put It

The State Department Spokesperson Just Ignited the Internet With This One Tweet

Deputy Fired After Heartbroken Texas Farmer Refuses to Keep Quiet About His Best Friend’s Tragic End

‘Dear Rap Music’: Dad Announces He’s ‘Breaking Up’With Vulgar, Sexist Music for His Daughters’Sake

DHS Secretary Puts Ex-Watchdog on Leave After Report

Ex-Cons Squatting in Soldier’s Home Defiantly Stay Put — But Their Tune Rapidly Changes After Outraged Bikers, Veterans Promise a Little Visit

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Good: Comedienne refuses to apologize for telling jokes

Shocking report: Obama didn’t even finish Jiro’s sushi

Who’s up for a Throwback Thursday with Kim Jong Un?

Georgia governor signs liberalizing concealed carry law

McCain: It’s a stain on America’s honor that we haven’t passed amnesty yet

Hannity: Bundy’s comments on race are beyond repugnant to me

Should the GOP push to lower the drinking age to 18?


MSNBC's Dyson Likens Cliven Bundy Racism to Paul Ryan Comments

Press Tries to Discredit Conservatives With Cliven Bundy, Ignores Large Dem Donor Convicted of Brutal Domestic Abuse

Miley Cyrus: Feminism Means I Can Grab My Crotch, Backed By My 'Hos'

Sleazy: ABC Notes Sean Hannity's Support of Cliven Bundy, But Ignores His Condemnation of Bundy's Racism

NBC (Again) Talks About Caroline Kennedy Supporting a Hillary Presidential Run

NBC News President Slams Media Coverage of David Gregory as 'Vindictive,''Untrue'

Column: What the Papers Won't Tell You About the 'Central Park Five'

Smoking Gun

Cops: Man Assaulted Ex-Girlfriend While Returning Home From Court-Ordered Anger Management Class

Sleeping Woman Molested During Airplane Flight

Billionaire's Kin Targeted In Naked Photos Extortion

The Kilos On The Bus Go Round And Round, Round And Round...

Cops: Teen Had Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina

Prisoner Hoaxes TMZ With Phony Jodi Arias Story

Time To Throw In The Towel (And The Toilet Paper)

Man Arrested For Punching Fellow Bar Patron In Face During "Heated Debate" Over Bundy Ranch Standoff

Canada Free Press

Oil and Gas Production on Federal Lands Still a Disappointment

Some Lessons from Cliven Bundy

The Ukrainian Crisis: Is It Over?

SOMALIA: Young Christian Woman Murdered

European Union: lunatics at the wheel

Why Thousands of Americans Gave Up Their Citizenship Status Last Year

A Lesson in Liberal/Democratic Party Hypocrisy

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Castro’s Propagandist & Snitch

Quick fixes won’t work; we need consumer-friendly healthcare

The Ulsterman Report

Media Predictably Cast Cliven Bundy As Racist Lunatic

Barack Obama’s Higher Education Debt Bomb About To Explode

HEADS UP!!! Obama Hires Top Criminal Defense Attorney

Lesbian Columnist Attempts To Convince America Barack Obama Is Not A Girly Man…

Oh My –“Less Than Half Of Obamacare Enrollees Have Paid”

“Obama Has A Manhood Problem”

Nevada Assemblywoman Shreds MSNBC Host Over Bundy Ranch Conflict (VIDEO)

The Headline That Has Big Government Gnashing Its Teeth…


Secret US Financial-Intelligence War Room in Kiev Faces Moscow

US-Russian Financial Duel May Release Cyber War and Encompass Europe and Mid East

Netanyahu Orders 'Intelligence Blackout' on Ukraine Input

How Abbas’s Unity Pact with Hamas Caught US and Israeli Intelligence Napping

Washington’s Dialogue with Tehran Extends to an Elevated Hizballah

A Digest of DEBKAfile Round-the-Clock Exclusives in Week Ending April 24, 2014

Russian army ordered to advance toward Ukraine border. Moscow questions May election’s legitimacy

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