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Ex-Playboy model's notes on alleged Trump affair written a decade later Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca rips 'evil' Rev. Billy Graham: 'Have fun in hell' Lindsey Vonn's hilarious post-Olympics tweet Driver crashes car into Connecticut hospital, sets himself on fire, officials say Dem candidate under fire for 'crusty old Marine' comment North Korea spy chief, accused in deadly attacks on South Korea, to lead Olympic delegation at closing ceremony Trump holds thoughtful listening session on gun violence, but liberal media harps on his note card California couple accused of sexually abusing son may have committed sexual acts on dogs, cops say Korean War veteran saves woman from knife-wielding thugs Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher slams break up rumors Doctors successfully remove 4-pound brain tumor, bigger than head itself NYU accused of serving 'racially insensitive' meal in honor of Black History Month West Virginia closes all public schools amid teacher strike -- even as governor signs pay bill Florida school's security cameras had nearly half hour delay, causing lag in capturing gunman, report shows Canadian women's hockey player immediately removes silver medal after loss Navy veteran shoots home invasion suspect, says he was 'in fear' for his life Jane Seymour poses for Playboy, recalls how she almost quit acting after being sexually harassed David Bowie 'struggled for years' to tell the story of Ziggy Stardust guitarist Mick Ronson, says filmmaker Trump calls for arming teachers, raising gun purchase age to stop 'savage sicko' shooters Florida shooting survivor: CNN gave me 'scripted' question for town hall, quashed question on armed guards

Trump endorses raising minimum age to 21 for more weapons

Former Florida State Republican jumped to his death from overpass, medical examiner says

Ex-Playboy model's notes on alleged Trump affair written a decade later

How do gun background checks work? A look at the current system

Politicians react to Billy Graham's death: He was a 'pastor to presidents'

NRA hits back: LaPierre, at CPAC, says 'opportunists' exploiting Florida tragedy for 'political gain'

Trump threatens to pull ICE out of California over sanctuary policy

House Judiciary Committee Democrats urge chairman to bring gun bills before committee

Kellyanne Conway: 'People will feel like school safety and public safety are much enhanced' because Trump is president

Trump says NRA will back legislation to raise long gun purchase age to 21 even though they say they won't

Cast of 'Parks and Recreation' skewered the NRA for using GIF from their show

Trump on Gun Laws: 'The NRA Is Ready to Do Things'

Study: As Nations Grow More Equal, STEM Gender Gap Widens

Inside the Ring: U.S. vs. China in South China Sea

VP Mike Pence at CPAC Rebukes Media Glorification of North Korean Dictator's Sister, U.S. 'Doesn't Stand with Murderous Dictatorships, We Stand up to Murderous Dictatorships'

WATCH: Breitbart's Kassam Chairs CPAC Foreign Policy Panel

WATCH: Marion Le Pen Tells CPAC That France is Becoming The 'Little Niece of Islam'

Oprah Winfrey: Student Gun Control Marchers Like 60s Civil Right Activists

Trump Opens Door to National Gun Registry with Proposed Gun Controls

Trump Has Shown True Leadership Since Fla. Shooting

Students Said 'Wake Up,' and America Is Finally Listening

Could Armed Teachers Stop Shootings?

CNN's Town Hall on Guns the Unmaking of Marco Rubio

CNN Just Gave a Massive In-Kind Donation to the NRA

Journalist Criticizes Scarborough for Praising Trump: It's 'The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations'

CNN Touts CT Gun Control As 'Model,' Ignores Recent Murder Increases

'View' Host Meghan McCain Presses ESPN's Hill to Defend Race-Baiting Tweet

1999: CBS Admitted Assault Weapons Ban Didn't Stop Columbine

A Video Message From Brent Bozell: Demand ABC Stops Supporting Anti-Christian Bigotry!

Ivanka Trump heads to the airport to fly to South Korea

NRA's spokeswoman who was booed out of Town Hall

Celine selling clear vinyl $600 plastic bags

Drudge Report


LaPierre warns of 'socialist state'...

Church To Hold Blessing For AR-15s...

Parishioners Invited To Bring Rifles With Them To Service...


Toddler allergic to water...

Man Drives Car Into Hospital, Sets Self On Fire...

U.S. Embassy in Montenegro Attacked, but Only Attacker Killed...


Weinstein quotes female celebs in legal defense...

Paltrow Personally Invited to Her Home LAST SUMMER...

LA Cracks Down on Out-of-Control Hollywood Party Houses...

Anti-terror police investigate racist letter sent to UK palace...

White powder sent to Prince Harry...

Driving Bans Coming for German Cities?

New Cave Art Shows Neanderthals' Creative Side...

Border Wall construction begins...

Perils of live microphones tripping up NBC's Olympics...

Horrifying crashes mar games...

Athlete yanks silver medal off neck after loss to USA...

TRAVEL HELL: Passengers sit on tarmac 12 HOURS before flight canceled...

CNN denies 'town hall' scripted...

Network long history of allowing plants...

NRA spokeswoman booed and heckled...


Moderator Tapper Sits Back as Student Equates Rubio to School Shooter...

Texas to build police substation at school...

Dems want gun control, but worry it could cost them midterms...

UPDATE: Quincy Jones Walks Back Claims In Wild Interviews...

FOX Finalizes Deal With SINCLAIR...

OSCAR DRAMA: 'SHAPE OF WATER' accused of ripping off play...

Copyright Lawsuit Amid Voting...

1 in 5 Americans have more credit-card debt than savings...

Cops Flooded With 1,600 'Accidental' 911 Calls From APPLE...

Venezuelans lost 24-lbs on average last year as hunger spread...

Surgeons remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumor...

BOOM: Most expensive home ever sold in NYC goes for $100M...

Trudeau ridiculed by Indians for 'fake, annoying' traditional outfits...

GUCCI models walk runway with 'SEVERED heads'...

AI WARNING: Robots will need 'chipping' to stop 'MURDEROUS THOUGHTS'...

Trolley driver paid man $2K to attack him on job...

288-pound woman heaviest to run marathon...

Kylie Jenner Wipes Out $1.3 BILLION From SNAP With 1 Tweet...

CEO Got $638 Million In Year...

Billy Graham to lie in honor in US Capitol Rotunda...

Israel, Iran on collision course over Syria...


Jobless claims plunge...

Florida City Shows How Tax Cuts May Buoy Republicans...

White Student Attacked In Philly School, Family Says Targeted Because Of Race...


BREAKING: Majority Of Russian Bots Pro-Hillary, Funded By The Left

Poll: Majority of Americans Don't Trust Government to Fairly Enact Gun Control Laws

Man lobs grenade at U.S. embassy in Montenegro, then blows himself up

Report: Pentagon weighing McMaster's return to military

Craig Sawyer Discusses Latest Pedophile Arrests

Distraction Of All Distractions Might Be On It's Way:V CJ

10 Steps to Create a Revolution- False Flags with Richard Dolan


Prophecy Update News Headlines - News That Matters - 2/21/18

Vaccines, Geoengineering and Mind Control

Clock Is Activated, Protect Code Went Live, Timetable Accelerated:Q

Bitcoin or bitcon?


Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Wednesday 2/21/18: News, Milo, Laura Loomer, Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft

The New UFO Documentary the Elite Hoped Would Never Be Aired in Public

SINGAPORE WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FORUM - Former Mexico President Says Blockchain Tech To Reduce Poverty

This Is The Political Aftermath Of The Parkland School Shooting

Major Prophecy Is About To Be Fulfilled'Are You Ready?


Michio Kaku - Current News - Solar Energy

80% of Americans Are In MASSIVE Levels of Debt! ALL Generations Are Near Bankruptcy!

Peter Schiff : Trump Is No Reagan Powell Is No Volcker

This Is Where The Next Economic Crisis Is Hiding


Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Tuesday 2/20/18: News, Current Issues Analysis, Milo, Laura Loomer

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The Magic Of Hemp

LOOKING UP: Life Changing UFO Sightings | ITF Auxiliary #6

Socialist Workers' Party: England with Russ James

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Hungary's Orban calls for global anti-migrant alliance

Black voter registration effort launched at 'Black Panther' screenings

Georgia school to drug-test students by using hair samples

'I think I am going to kill people': Disturbing messages from school shooter Nikolas Cruz


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Major Police Operation In Brussels To Block Off Building With Gunman Inside

NBC Insider: 'Total Panic' Over Megyn Kelly's Morning Show

REVEALED: Cops let Florida school shooter get away because they didn't realize they were watching security camera footage on a 20 minute DELAY

Rob Reiner calls President Trump an ill sociopath after Florida school shooting

NANCY PELOSI | We Don't Need A Wall, Just Mow The Grass'

The Calm Before The Inflationary Storm

Curry ingredient turmeric is MORE effective than paracetamol or ibuprofen at easing painful injuries, study finds

Your Life Depends On Stopping This Coup ' Harley Schlanger

Lou Dobbs Breaks Silence On 3 Week Absence...

Trump doubles down on arming teachers saying he wants as many as 40 per cent with guns - and educators should get BONUSES for having weapons in the classroom

More questions over Mueller probe 'bias'as 16 attorneys working for him revealed to include 13 registered Democrats and NO Republicans

NYT Presidential Rankings Summed Up: "Trump Bad, Obama Good, Media Dumb"

Venezuelan COPS Kidnapped Pro Athlete's Elderly Mom and Held Her For Ransom'and This ISN'T Unusual

Paul Tudor Jones: We are in the 'throes of a burgeoning financial bubble'

Holy Fake News | CNN Harasses Trump Supporter


67 Year-Old Jane Seymour Poses For Playboy -- SAFE PHOTO


Why do Billionaires Keep Buying US Newspapers despite their 'Terrible Future,' as Buffett Said?

CNN Scrambles: Denies 'Scripted Question,' Invites Pro-Gun Student to Appear


Israel propaganda festival canceled at French university

Palestinian prisoners boycott Israeli military court

Crimes of compassion, Iraq's long war and Canada's bloody hands

Florida Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave "Scripted Question"After Refusing Question About Armed Guards

Why George Washington's rules matter more than ever today

Fake photo tells the truth about NY's pathetic 'economic development'schemes

Sorry: Trump's campaign wasn't competent enough to pull off collusion

Critics are wrong: Obamas'presidential portraits a huge success

Billy Graham truly was 'America's pastor'

Percoco's pathetic 'stereotyping'ploy

The Marines are lowering their standards and other comments

The Russians didn't do anything to us that we weren't already doing to ourselves

Fitting honors for cadets killed in the Florida shooting

Will anyone notice if Carmen is replaced by an empty chair?

Trump Has Shown True Leadership Since Fla. Shooting

Students Said 'Wake Up,' and America Is Finally Listening

Could Armed Teachers Stop Shootings?

CNN's Town Hall on Guns the Unmaking of Marco Rubio

CNN Just Gave a Massive In-Kind Donation to the NRA

The Flimsy Excuses That Republicans Tell Themselves

Small Businesses Are Booming Under Trump Tax Cuts

We Can't Engineer Our Way Out of Climate Change

'Keep It in The Ground' Movement Needs a Dose of Reality

Postal-Service Workers Shouldering the Burden for Amazon

Black Panther, White Suckers

What Constitutes Treason?

The Florida School Shooting: Typical Leftist Exploitation

Freedom of the Press for All?

Did Jeremy Corbyn Meet with Communist Spies? 



The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy

Oprah Talks Florida Shooting, Responds to Trump's "Hate Tweet" Against Her

What to Watch After Black Panther: An Afrofuturism Primer

What Matters in Hollywood Today

'Parks and Recreation' Cast Slams NRA For Using Leslie Knope GIF

Kid Ink Has Advice For NBA GM's, Draft Trae Young #1

Harvey Weinstein Angry with Lawyer for Using Streep Lawrence in His Defense

Blac Chyna's Lawyer Lisa Bloom Getting Death Threats

TMZ Live Kylie Jenner Cost Snapchat $1.3 Billion!

Jennifer Aniston Looking Super Sad Post Justin Theroux Split

Farrah Abraham Says MTV Bullied Her Over Sexuality, She's Fighting Back for Her Daughter

Kylie Jenner's Tweet Might've Cost Snapchat $1.3 Billion

Ex-NFL Linebacker Was Murdered By Cocaine Dealers, Officials Say

Warrick Dunn: Saquon Barkley Will Crush the NFL, But I've Got Some Advice

Quincy Jones Apologizes for Recent Revealing Interviews

Justin Bieber Can't Stop Hugging and Kissing Selena Gomez in Jamaica

U.S. Women's Hockey Team Parties After Victory, Gold Medals and Beers!!

Jeremy Roenick Says U.S. Women's Shootout, 'Top 3 Moments In Hockey History!'

Jennifer Lawrence Blasts Harvey Weinstein, 'This is What Predators Do'

Brock Lesnar Is Primed for UFC Comeback, Says WWE Manager Paul Heyman

Kodak Black Gets 3 Charges From Home Raid Dropped

Bob Costas: Mike Tirico Killin' It at My Old Olympics Job, No Hard Feelings!

'Goliath' Star Tania Raymonde is OK with New Sex Scene Proposals

Jackie Kennedy Death Suit All the Rage with Fashion Models

Mike Tyson: Deontay Wilder Could Beat Me? 'I Don't Think So'



Trump threatens to yank immigration enforcement from California

YouTube made an 'absurd excuse' for why it can't have humans moderate trending videos, says expert

This $1,499 floating tent lets you camp on the water

So long, free Footlongs: Subway to shake up rewards program

Avoiding 3 common study mistakes can save you money and boost your standardized test score

Watch: White House briefs reporters after Trump advocates armed teachers in schools

Billionaire hedge fund founder Ray Dalio: Here's what to do in a volatile stock market

Citadel let go of one of its star traders because of performance

Why Tim Tebow says you should never be afraid to apologize

Why Tim Tebow says you should never strive to be normal

SpaceX launches demo satellites for its high-speed internet project

Hedge fund billionaire: 70% chance of recession before 2020 election

Toys 'R' Us May Close 200 More Stores

Groups Refile Lawsuits to Block Net Neutrality Reversal

Ford Names New North America President in Leadership Shuffle

Toyota dominates Consumer Reports 2018 Top Picks for vehicles

Delta passengers rage over 12-hour 's'tshow' on delayed plane

Dow rises more than 100 points as 10-year yield eases from 4-year high

Emotional support dog bites child on Southwest flight, forcing airline to reexamine policies

Amazon Plans to Open Six More Cashierless Stores, Recode Says

Bill Gates' biggest worry as a 31-year-old billionaire wasn't Apple or IBM

'Rick and Morty' fans: McDonald's is again bringing back famed Szechuan sauce

Michael Dell Paid a Record $100.47 Million for Manhattan's One57 Penthouse

Airbnb adds loyalty program, site inspections as new rules restrict core business

Koch group: Big tax breaks to lure Amazon's second headquarters won't pay off



US win over Canada for hockey gold is the stuff of dreams ' and naps

Russell Wilson says he'll be at Yankees camp on Monday, gives shout outs to Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton

Pirates get All-Star Dickerson in deal with Rays

Tiger Woods meets Stoneman High student at Honda Classic, one week after mass shooting

Former FIFA boss Blatter says Morocco should host 2026 World Cup over US

USA Olympics was being humiliated ' then women got to work

Biggest wipeouts of the PyeongChang Games

Yoenis Cespedes bombshell: No more golf

Knicks'words don't match treatment of Frank Ntilikina

Soccer star tied up robbery victim, threatened his fingers: cops

Red Bulls prospect's attitude change turned him into real weapon

Meet the twins who saved US Olympic hockey

Kirk Herbstreit joins ESPN's NFL draft coverage with one caveat

CC Sabathia prepping for Year 18: The changeup feels good

Canadian skaters ready to let that sexual tension explode

Knicks have yet to decide how they'll proceed with Joakim Noah

Team USA shares social media photos at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics

Mike Francesa apologizes after watching Jason Kelce speech

Drury says he grew up a Yankees fan, this 'a dream come true'

Stanton will show Yankees what he can do with new swing in 2018

Russell Wilson says he'll be at Yankees camp on Monday

U.S. women's hockey wins gold

QUIZ: How many Winter Olympics events can you name?

Canadian hockey player yanks off silver medal after loss to U.S.

Fantasy Baseball: Best draft strategy for 2018 mixed leagues


Fox News

White House on practicality of arming teachers

Chris Wallace: This could be Donald Trump's finest hour

Jennifer Lawrence fires back at online critics

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen addresses CPAC

Authorities thwart potential mass shooting in California


President says 'cowards' won't enter a school 'if 20% of the teachers have guns'

Trump blames video games, movies for violence

Trump opposes 'active shooter drills' in schools because it's a negative thing for kids

NRA chief's warnings go beyond guns

Trump defends NRA as patriots who want to 'do the right thing'


Why blaming gun violence on video games...

Fmr. CIA Director: Intelligence leaders must rise above partisanship

Honoring Parkland teen who was shot 5 times while protecting classmates from gunfire

Here's how social media companies have responded to 'crisis actor'posts

Big Picture: USA women's hockey team gold-winning shot

Matt Schlapp addresses gun reform, NRA ahead of CPAC

Falkowski: Arming teachers 'creates more problems than it solves'


ABC News

Trump calls active shooter drills 'a very negative thing'

Trump wants to ban bump stocks; ATF doesn't know if it can

Gun lobby chief says 'NRA does care' in wake of Parkland shooting

US women's hockey wins first gold since 1998 in dramatic win over Canada

9-year-old in Tennessee writes letter to sheriff asking for more school security

CBS News

NRA's Wayne LaPierre makes it clear he isn't backing down on guns

Social Security underpays thousands of widows and widowers

As death toll soars, Syria cease-fire proposal hangs on Russia

Trump suggests bonuses for armed teachers in effort to prevent shootings

FBI's deputy director admits there was "a mistake made" regarding tip on Florida shooter


Investors take flight after Angry Birds maker warns on profit

Wall Street climbs as interest rate concerns ease

Romanian minister calls for prosecutor's sacking, graft crackdown under threat

Haiti suspends Oxfam's operating right amid misconduct probe

Stymied by regulators, Airbnb looks to luxury vacations, hotels for growth


Washington Post

Trump casually threatens to pull ICE officers out of California to teach the state a lesson

'ATTACKS WOULD END!': Trump doubles down on arming some teachers, defends NRA

Can teenage victims of school shootings force a change in federal gun laws?

Ivanka Trump plans to focus on U.S. athletes, not North Korea, during trip to Winter Olympics

Trump suggests supporters should pressure Sessions to investigate Obama's inaction on Russian meddling

Washington Times

Nevada AG no longer featured speaker at NRA event

Ted Cruz: Teachers should be allowed to carry guns if they choose to

Third California state lawmaker resigns over sexual misconduct allegations, just ahead of possible e

Democratic turnout in Texas up for nation's first primary

Maine ethics panel won't investigate once-anonymous GOP site

Roll Call

'Harden' Schools to Combat Shooters, Trump Says

Cruz Escalates Intra-GOP Fight With Grassley Over Biofuels

Defense Bill's New Lobbying Restrictions May Send Contractors Scrambling

Protesters Flock to Lawmakers' District Offices for Gun Control

Word on the Hill: What's Buzzing Over Recess?


New York Times

Trump Promotes Arming Teachers, but Rejects Active Shooter Drills

N.R.A. Chief, Wayne LaPierre, Offers Fierce Defense of 2nd Amendment

Parents and Students Plead With Trump: 'How Many Children Have to Get Shot?'

Marco Rubio and an N.R.A. Official Were Jeered and Lectured on Gun Control

The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy

New York Daily News

NRA head LaPierre says 'elites'are exploiting Fla. shooting

Killer dying of cancer set to be executed by lethal injection

Parkland shooting survivor says CNN gave him 'scripted'questions

Trump promises 'ATTACKS WOULD END'if teachers armed

Former judge sentenced to 5 years in sexual favors case

New York Post

Trump's new blame for shootings: video games and movies

Bernie: Hillary had more info on Russian meddling than me, yet did nothing

Trump wants teachers to get paid more if they carry a gun

Man sets himself on fire after crashing into hospital: cops

'We love you': Thousands honor hero Florida school coach


Real Clear Politics

Trump Has Shown True Leadership Since Fla. Shooting

Students Said 'Wake Up,' and America Is Finally Listening

Could Armed Teachers Stop Shootings?

CNN's Town Hall on Guns the Unmaking of Marco Rubio

CNN Just Gave a Massive In-Kind Donation to the NRA

The Flimsy Excuses That Republicans Tell Themselves

Washington Beacon

Trump on Gun Laws: 'The NRA Is Ready to Do Things'

Study: As Nations Grow More Equal, STEM Gender Gap Widens

Inside the Ring: U.S. vs. China in South China Sea

CNN Reporter Presses DoD on Gun Control: 'Can the Pentagon Really Continue to Stay Out of the Gun Debate?'

Comedian Who Called Trump the 'Dumbest President Ever' to Perform at White House Correspondents' Dinner


Deputies Were Called to Fla. Shooter's Home Weeks Before Incident

US Judge Denies Manafort's Request to Modify His Bail Terms

Mayor: Man Crashed Car Into Conn. Hospital, Set Himself on Fire

Pennsylvania Church Will Bless AR-15s at Ceremony

S. Africa's Ramaphosa: Land Expropriation Won't Be 'Smash and Grab'