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Outside the Box What's Up India? Listen Live Watch Live

Missiles Threaten Civilian Planes All Over the World

The world is pockmarked with volatile hot spots stretching from West Africa to Central Asia a wide arc where commercial flights and airline passengers could potentially be at risk from ground-based weapons.

Arizona inmate dies 2 hours after execution began

40 bodies from jet solemnly returned to Dutch soil

Moment hero cop and driver took down assault rifle-toting gunman after he went on a terrifying twenty minute rampage

'When does your morality kick in': Al Sharpton demands justice in defiant speech against NYPD at funeral of father who died after officer put him choke hold

At last, some dignity for the victims of MH17: 40 hearses and thousands of mourners line highways to pay respects

NJ teen who sued parents obtains restraining order against boyfriend

Haris Suleman, teen attempting world flight record, killed in plane crash

Fox News Poll: 58 percent say Obama administration incompetent at managing gov't

Inmate Takes 2 Hours to Die in Arizona Execution

Democratic Senator Accused of Plagiarism

Man Dies After Beach Hole Caves In

Octopus Love Involves Strangulation, Cannibalism




An excessive force epidemic?

Business as usual for Obama?

Excessive force in Eric Garner death?

Are terrorists inspired by MH17 downing?

Ukraine Amb to U.S.: Fighter jets shot down from Russia

Chris Pratt: the next Harrison Ford?

Krauthammer’s Take: U.N. Statement on Missing Rockets Illustrates Corruption

Goldberg: Obama Is 'Checked Out of the Job'

Bloomberg: Traveling to Israel Is Safe, and the Ban Empowers Hamas

Mohyeldin 3

MSNBC on Israel

Mohyeldin 2

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RT stringer Graham Phillips goes missing in Ukraine

US concerned over use of Russian rockets

MSNBC, mainstream media under attack for biased Gaza coverage

Gaza emergency workers fear for their lives

Arizona inmate suffers botched execution lasting two hours

600 million Apple devices have security flaws

Drudge Report

TRAPPED: L.A. commuters take to TWITTER to rip impact of Obama motorcade...


President locks out press -- again...

SECOND Man Arrested With Gun at Capitol Building...

HUMILIATE: Kerry Undergos Metal Detector Screening Before Meeting With Egyptian President...

Thousands attend tense pro-Gaza march in Paris...

DAY 16: LUFTHANSA, DELTA, USAIRWAYS extend flight bans to Israel...

FAA: Another 24 Hours...

Cruz: Obama using as 'economic boycott of Israel'...

Hamas: 'Great victory'...

Jihadi cleric calls for Muslim fighters to join fighting in Gaza...

IDF troops told to prepare for next stage of op...

Israel tests hi-tech tunnel detection system...

Astronaut Posts Photo of Rocket Explosions from Space...

CONFUSION: Lois Lerner's hard drive 'scratched,' then shredded...

WORK: Grandmother, grandson charged with running heroin ring...

Seniors turn to roommate-finding agencies...

Sheriff brings back prison stripes...

Orange became too 'cool'...

ISIS to Shopkeepers: Mannequins Must Wear Veils...

Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Mystery Thickens...

Webcam recorded stunt...

UPDATE: Old technology in NSA age; Typewriter sales surge in Germany...

PEPSICO looks to weird flavors for profit boost...

Oldest golf magazine in country goes all digital...

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David Letterman - Taylor Schilling's Deer Rides

David Letterman - Dave's Monologue - 7/22/14

David Letterman - Dave's VW and Ford Test Drive Giveaway

David Letterman - Eli Young Band: Dust

David Letterman - Ricky Gervais on Dave's Retirement
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HOT MAMA! Jennifer Lopez defies age in skimpy bikini

Jessica Alba says key to happy home life is 'girls' night out

MEOW! Carmen Electra is fit and trim leopard print bikini


Billy Bob Thornton -- 'Cupcake Wars' Crew Can't Take a Joke

Dax Chat LIVE w/ Charlie

'Big Brother' -- Ariana Grande Hides Grandfather's Death from Brother Frankie

Selena Gomez Ships Out with Cara Delevingne

Nico &Vinz -- 'Am I Wrong' Singers ... Yes, We're Black AND We're Norwegian

"Simpsons" Hank Azaria: People LOVE MOE!

J.Lo &Leah Remini ... Friends?

Cell Phone User Segregation!

Lea Michele's Bikini Vacation

Naya Rivera -- Quickie Wedding Reeks of Ex-Fiancé Big Sean

Selena Gomez Weighs in on Mideast Crisis ... FINALLY.

Lawyer V. Lawyer! Beckerman v. Dirty D Talk Michelle Phan!

'Big Brother' -- Ariana Grande's Brother Frankie Gets the News His Grandpa Died

Ray J -- Rung Up for Alleged Touching of Tatas

Ex-NY Mets Pitcher -- DEADBEAT DAD ... Says Beauty Queen

Jimmy Choo Founder Sues Interior Designer -- Your Work Isn't Fit for a Frat House

Sydney Leathers -- Gets Tattoo To Celebrate Weinergate Anniversary

World Cup Hero Mario Gotze -- MUD BATHIN' ... With Hot Model GF

Billy Bob Thornton -- 'Cupcake Wars' Crew Can't Take a Joke

President Obama -- NOT Buying Rancho Mirage House

Ex-NFL Star Fred Davis -- DISSED EX-GF'S FLAT ASS ... Police Report Says

Nico & Vinz -- 'Am I Wrong' Singers ... Yes, We're Black AND We're Norwegian

LeBron James -- Dropped $2k On Cupcake Apology ... Proceeds to Benefit Charity

'Big Brother' -- Ariana Grande Hides Grandfather's Death from Brother Frankie

Elvis Presley -- Rolls-Royce Auction ... Anything But a Hunka Hunka Junk

Matt Leinart -- FIRES BACK AT DEAN CAIN ... 'Stick to Being D List'

Jadakiss -- My Jordan Collection Is Epic ... 'A Couple Thousand Shoes'

12 Reasons Why We’re Loving Hilary Duff In 2014

The Bizarre Thing That Makes Him Twice As Likely To Cheat On You

Stop Being Afraid Of Life, And Start Living It

Sleep Scandals: What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean

16 Reasons Beyonce And Jay Z Need To Work It Out

News of the Stupid

3 Bar Bets You’re Sure To Win

13 Crazy Facts About Horror Movies

15 Lies You Hear On A First Date

9 Celebrity Couples You Won't Believe Existed

If Guys Acted On First Dates Like They Act On Tinder

17 Photos That Were A Big Mistake

11 Honest Autocorrects To Your Best Friend

10 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Ikea

Boyfriend Casting Call

Problems Only Sweaty People Will Understand

Americans Taste Test Japanese Snacks (Part 2)

If Men Were Women

Congress is officially less popular than the worst ‘Star Wars’ character ever, Jar Jar Binks.

Fox hosts outraged that Texas 911 operators are ‘forced’ to help dying non-English speakers

One-eyed man claims optician is discriminating against him because they refused to give him an eye test at half price.

Egyptian court: Al-Jazeera journalists were "guided by the Devil."

Border Official Points Loaded Gun At Boy Scout's Head For Taking A Picture

McDonald’s Worker Was Selling Drugs While On The Job

Woman Trashed Salon Over Botched Hairdo

Drunk guy falls 5 stories down a garbage chute at a Country Music concert held at Cleveland ball park ends up dead in a garbage truck in a landfill 20 miles away

Murder suspect caught wearing loin cloth, tree-branch crown

Pile of dog poop lands man in jail

Tourist Poops Outside Storefront

Man wanted for defecating in Prestatyn Station lift

NRA’s ‘Everyone Gets A Gun’ plan: Kids must pass shooting tests to advance in school

N.J. man guilty of murdering 'messy' ex-wife found wearing pig mask

Husband and wife both arrested for DUI on the same night

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Actor left his fortune to his girlfriend

Kasem's body whisked out of U.S.

Mayor dies after wasp attack

See 400-year-old crucifix dug up

Ex-Penn State coaches sue for $1M

Fruit recall at Walmart, Costco

Renowned law professor found dead

Dad: Son kept me from killing suspect

Stabbed girl gets Purple Heart

Who took U.S. flags off famous bridge?

Fox News

FREE PRESS 'CHILL'? FEC head warns books at risk of regulation

DREAM'S TRAGIC END Teen trying for world flight record killed in plane crash

BACK IN COURT Teen who sued parents now battling boyfriend

FOX NEWS POLL Voters: Administration incompetent at governing

IRS head: Backup tapes found in Lerner probe - IT expert: IRS has 'no excuses' for latest twist in email saga

Judge rules Colorado same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

Six indicted in StubHub cybercrime case

Sierra Leone's chief Ebola doctor contracts the virus - CDC lab director behind anthrax mishap resigns


Unhappiest City in America? It Might Surprise You

Washington's Worst Fires in History Take Nasty Turn

What Went Wrong? Arizona Execution Took Nearly Two Hours

"Porch Shooting" Trial Begins

Mom and Daughter Die from Food Truck Blast Injuries

Arizona Gov. Orders Full Review of Execution Procedures

Self-Defense on Trial Again in Porch Shooting

Police: Man Gambles While Elderly Mom Sat in Hot Truck

Washington Times

ICE denies late night New Mexico deportation claim

Statue series grows, to include Betty Ford in 2018

This time, Obama fundraising is a bit of 'Scandal'

Whistleblowers flood VA with lawsuits despite apology

Obama pressed on Sudanese mother's case, facing death sentence over Christian faith

Huffington Post

D'Souza's Shameful Treatment of Conservatives Highlights Need for a Renaissance of Intellectual Conservatism

Gaza Death Toll Climbs As Kerry Pushes For Truce

Nigeria: Is Religion Used as an Excuse to Rape?

This Week in World War I, July 24-30, 1914

Hidden History Helped End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Jan Brewer Orders Full Review Of Drawn-Out Execution

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalizing Personal Drug Use

U.S. Passport, Visa Operations Glitch Could Delay Millions


Democratic Senator Accused of Plagiarism

Ex-Reebok CEO Wins GOP Senate Primary

Obama Backs DC Home Rule

Perry Deploying 1K Guardsmen to Border: Reports

Obama to Putin, Rebels: What Are You Hiding?

Kerry: Plane Crash Probe 'Grotesque,' 'Compromised'

Obama to Sign Orders Protecting Gay Workers

Why Left and Right Need Elizabeth Warren to Run

McCain: 'Hell to Pay' If Russia Is Linked to Crash

CBS News

Teary John Boehner praises doctor who saved congresswoman's baby

Boehner praises doctor who saved lawmaker's baby

Montana Sen. John Walsh accused of plagiarism

Bob Dole won't give up on disability treaty

U.S. officials, lawmakers clash over Iraq policy

VA nominee clears first Senate hurdle

After runoff, Georgia Senate battle finally set

John Boehner "hopeful" Congress will act on border crisis

One America News

Sterling marriage ‘stress’at issue as L.A. Clippers trial nears end

GM recalls 717,950 vehicles in U.S., not for ignition switches

Boeing profit gets boost from increased deliveries

Watch what markets don’t do as world politics turns nasty

EU readies capital, tech sanctions on Russia, but not yet

Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data

U.S. appeals court throws out IRS rule on Obamacare subsidies

ABC News

Teen Flying Around the World Dies in Crash, Dad Missing

Town Battles High Gas Prices With Public Fuel Center

'Rude' Gate Agent Tweet Gets Family Booted Off Plane

Ukraine Says 2 Jets Downed By Missiles Fired From Russia

40 Bodies From Jet Solemnly Returned to Dutch Soil

Funeral Held for Man Who Died in NY Police Custody

Unarmed Teen Was 'Hurt' Before 'Porch Shooting'

Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban, Stays Ruling

Weekly Standard

For GOP, a Good Crop of Senate Candidates

Where’s Europe?

Podcast: Odds Good for GOP Takeover of Senate

Montana Senator John Walsh Plagiarized Thesis

Where Was Bruce Braley?


A No-Brainer for the House GOP

Perchance to Dream

The Ethics of Food and Drink

The Hill

What are the Jews supposed to do?

Congress must extend brain rehab program for veterans

West not blameless in Flight 17 disaster over Ukraine

Changing the tone

IRS: Lerner emails may exist after all

ObamaCare subsidies in jeopardy

Reporters bristle as WH derides, then offers, anonymous sources

CDC director warns of 'post-antibiotic era'

World Net Daily

Sheriff Joe: Something fishy with this administration

Teacher's nude pix hacked, emailed to 300

Dems 'have mastered art of character assassination'

Democrat senator accused of plagiarism

Elderly vet arrested for asking officials to speak louder

Egypt trying to restore Abbas nemesis in Gaza

Rape claim against Clinton gaining attention ... again!

Biden: 'Businesses hiring at historic rates'


Obama locks out the press — again

Sen. Walsh plagiarized War College thesis

How a Jewish doctor duped the Nazis

Congress dithers on migrant agreement

Battleground Ga.: Dems see 2014 flip

Borrowed time: Tale of a Walsh bill

Hamas: Israel airport targeted

Obama to issue drone privacy order


“Lucy”: The Eurotrash “2001″ ScarJo action sequel you’ve been waiting for

VIP boxes and seven-figure advances: How fiction gets the publishing industry laughably wrong

10 more strange facts about penises

Pinterest just hired the guy behind Axe’s notoriously sexist advertisements

Twitter releases diversity report, admits “we have a lot of work to do”

Duran Duran is suing its fan club

Wearable technology that hurts you on purpose

Researchers: Our best shot for finding aliens is to look for their pollution

Real Clear Politics

Why Obama Wants Israel to "Do More"

Pro-Palestinian Pundit Pillories Press

Obamacare in Critical Condition

Why Court's Blow to Obamacare Won't Stick

Eliminating Poverty Is Actually Pretty Easy

The New Social Divide in The Pink Police State

Did the U.S. Miss Signals of Airliner Shoot-down?

Another Obamacare Wake-Up Call for Dems

Free Republic

Communist Party Ousted From Ukraine Parliament

Ann Margaret on Ray Donovan (looking incredible at age 73)

Slain Omahan's relative says immigration crackdown might have prevented her death

Qatar, Saudi rulers meet in Jeddah for Gaza cease-fire talks [Israel and Hamas]

Ukrainians report sightings of missile launcher on day of MH17 crash

Amanda Carpenter wants answers on FAA banning flights to Israel

Hagel Offers To House Additional Undocumented Children, Extend Base Leases

Gov demands details on 139 undocumented immigrant kids


India Backs UN Resolution Against Israel, Condemns 'Disproportionate Use of Force'

For Obama, the Father, Protectiveness About Daughters Gives Way to Pride

Plane Crash in Pacific Ocean Kills US Teen Pilot Seeking World Record

Arizona Takes Nearly 2 Hours to Execute Inmate; He Was Gasping, Says His Laywer

Ishant Sharma Believes that Only his Teammates Appreciate his Efforts

Commonwealth Games 2014 Opens in Colourful, Moving Ceremony

Gaslow Commonwealth Games Open in Colourful, Moving Ceremony

TransAsia Airways Plane Crashes While Landing in Taiwan, Killing 48

First Superman Comic Book to Go on Auction at eBay



$840 Million of Border Crisis 'Emergency' Spending Bill Goes to Other Issues

US Intelligence Source: Hamas Has Many More Tunnels Than Israel Says

64 Public Figures, 7 Nobel Peace Laureates, Call for Arms Embargo on Israel for War Crimes

Half of California's School Children Now of Latin descent

Ted Cruz, Gary Bauer Accuse Obama of Turning FAA into Political Weapon to Punish Israel

Jerry Brown Nominates Mexican-Born Lawyer to Supreme Court

Texas Police Look for Cartel Connection in Massive La Joya Shootout

HuffPo Writes Off Walsh in Montana Over Plagiarism Charge


Social Security Spent $300 Million on ‘IT Boondoggle’

Relatives Fly to Taiwan Plane-Crash Site, 48 Dead

FAFSA Application Confusion Led to Some Students Getting Aid in Error

Walmart Managers Average Salary Higher Than Starbucks

Arizona Inmate Dies After Nearly 2 Hours in Apparently Botched Execution

Arizona Inmate Dies 2 Hours After Execution Began

Near-Perfect Copy of Action Comics #1 Will be Sold on eBay

This is What ‘Bae’ Means

Daily Beast

David Gregory: Dead Head Talking?

Arizona Botches Execution

Graves Tapped To Run Crucial House Panel

Glenn Beck’s Common Core Kumbaya Moment

Gazans Seek Refuge in a Christian Church

Is Google Anti-‘America?’

Dole: Gay Marriage Holding Portman Back

A Bonsai Tree Goes to Space…for Art

The Blaze

After the Guy on the Right Goes Up in Flames, Watch the Guy on the Left Make Everything Worse

‘A Perfect Son, a Perfect Brother…’: Family Devastated After 26-Year-Old Man Is Killed When Beach Tunnel Collapses and Buries Him

Former El Al Security Director Blasts FAA for Giving Hamas ‘Incentive’to Shoot More Rockets Into Israel

China to Build World’s Largest Particle Collider in Bid to Unlock Universe’s Physical Mysteries

News Helicopter Captures the Incredible Moment a Veteran Deputy Draws on Armed Carjacking Suspect From Moving Motorcycle Like a Pro

‘Mind Blowing’: In Just 30 Seconds, You’ll Understand Why This ‘Crazy Circle Illusion’ Has Received Over 1.3 Million Views This Week

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Former loathsome nanny-state mayor confuses blogger with second awesome move this summer

Video: Army Medal of Honor recipient breaks gavel at New York Stock Exchange

Senate analysis: What does “success” look like for the GOP in 2014?

Could a Republican president gut ObamaCare without action from Congress or the Supreme Court?

Rubio: Immigration reform won’t happen for another 10 years unless border security comes first

Watch the most infuriating interview on the Israel-Gaza conflict yet

Wisconsin gubernatorial poll: Mary Burke 47, Scott Walker 46


NBC Spotlights Bloomberg Blasting FAA For Suspending Flights to Israel; ABC, CBS Omit

Paul Waldman: ‘Cruel and Uncaring’ Right-Wingers Rejoiced as Appeals Court Jeopardized Health Coverage For Millions

Coulter Column: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Mississippi Republicans!

Networks Ignore GAO's Study on ObamaCare Accepting Fake Applications; NBC Touts Enrollment

Walter E. Williams Column: Blacks Don't Need Special Favors From Government

MSNBC's Hayes Hails 'Gutsy'Israeli Reservist Who Refuses to Serve if Called Up

Maddow at Most Delusional - Claims 'Vast Majority'of Illegals Flooding Border Will Be Deported

Smoking Gun

Woman Trashed Salon Over Botched Hairdo

Brooklyn Bridge Flag Stunt Was, At Least, A Two-Person Operation Launched After 3 AM

Kroger Worker Arrested For In-Store "Upskirt"

Why Can't All Armed Robbers Be As Polite As The Guy Who Just Held Up A South Carolina Bank?

Sandy, Randy Duo In Lewd Beach Romp Bust

Arrestees, Express Thyselves

Cops: Woman Tried To Shoplift Vibrator By Hiding Device Behind Her Child In Stroller

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Canada Free Press

Liberty or Laws? —Militia in Aid of Our Neighbor

Federal Lands Deserve an Energy Boom, Too

Home Sweet Home in Freight Shipping Containers

Democrats Led By Obama and Harry Reid Determined to Scuttle USA

Statism is the Disease, Fueled by Human Nature

Obama and 50,000 children led to the American Border by paid smugglers

Popsicles and Plastics Go Hand in Hand

Obamacare Official Gets Ethics Waiver as Former Company Faces Scrutiny

Latest News From China

The Ulsterman Report

The Lighter Side: Guess They Make Cards For Everything These Days…

Opposition To Obamacare Nears 60%

Barack Obama: “A Disgrace, Incompetent, Unfocused,Shameless”(VIDEO)

IRS SCANDAL: Lerner Hard Drive “Scratched”Then Destroyed

D.C. Whispers: White House Directs Media On Anti-Obamacare Ruling

The Lighter Side Of Life: “Bad Day”

“Obama Recovery”You Say? Check Out This Chart And Then Shut The Hell Up…

BREAKING: IRS Claims Yet MORE Computer Crashes Took Place


Hamas leader turns down unconditional truce

Central Israel again under heavy rocket barrage

Palestinians initiate UN war crimes probe against Israel

Three Israel paratroops killed in Gaza Wednesday

30,000 mourners pay last respects to Sgt. Max Steinberg

Mortar fire from Gaza kills a foreign worker in S. Israel

Israeli forces shell Wafa hospital after anti-tank rockets fired

Washington Post

Arizona execution takes nearly 2 hours; governor orders review

Arizona inmate’s execution takes over 90 minutes

House Republicans unveil plan to deal with border crisis

In the Loop: Rubio, eyeing the 2016 GOP nomination, coyly dances around Clinton’s age

Border crisis creates discomfort for state, local politicians over housing children

Wall Street Journal

How a Louisiana Doctor Got Rich Invoking Anti-Fraud Law

Deportations Give Migrants Cold Feet

U.S. Increases Surveillance, Military Advisers in Iraq

Senate Sets Vote for Highway Funds

Deepening Congressional Divide Threatens Border Funding

Washington Times

ICE denies late night New Mexico deportation claim

Statue series grows, to include Betty Ford in 2018

This time, Obama fundraising is a bit of 'Scandal'

Whistleblowers flood VA with lawsuits despite apology

Obama pressed on Sudanese mother's case, facing death sentence over Christian faith

LA Times

Arizona inmate dies belatedly in apparently botched execution

In Los Angeles, Obama gives his die-hard supporters a tough-love talk

Executions should be by firing squad, federal appeals court judge says

Study finds record-low midterm turnout amid widespread discontent

Proposed oil train safety rules include lower speeds, improved braking

Bob Dole returns to Capitol, takes on GOP critics of disability treaty

U.S. targets deposits paid to smugglers bringing kids to the U.S.

L.A.-bound Obama sticking to fundraising, event schedule amid protests

NY Times

Honoring a ‘Gentle Man’ And a Symbol of a Divide

Food Safety in China Still Faces Big Hurdles

Arizona Inmate Dies 2 Hours After Execution Begins

As Much of the World Frowns on Israel, Americans Hold Out Support

Arizona Takes Nearly 2 Hours to Execute Inmate

Facebook’s Profit Propelled by Mobile

Kerry Claims Progress Toward Gaza Truce, but Hamas Leader Is Defiant

U.S. Proposes Faster Changes in Oil Trains

USA Today

Dutch observe day of mourning as MH17 remains arrive

The day in pictures

FAA extends Israel travel ban, Bloomberg flies anyway

Israeli American reservist torn over return

Famed Somali singer and lawmaker shot down by Shebab

Rockets or not, Birthright still going to Israel

Five reasons this Israel-Hamas war is different

TransAsia Airways crashes in Taiwan; 47 feared dead

Daily Mirror

Iraqi air strikes kill 19 around militant-held Falluja: medical official

Thai junta leader could be PM under interim charter: adviser

Train carrying MH17 bodies reaches government-held Ukrainian city

Three Ukrainian soldiers killed in further clashes in the east

Israel presses Gaza offensive, kills eight in air strike: officials

Exclusive: U.S. says government lab workers possibly exposed to anthrax

Ukraine rebels speak of heavy losses in battle against government troops

Obama sends U.S. military advisers to Iraq as battle rages over refinery

NY Daily News

SEE IT: British cyclist sent flying by driver — but lands on his feet

De Blasio honored in Italian town

Pilot, 17, dead, father missing in plane crash during around-the-world attempt

Dutch mayor: deport Putin's daughter

Canadian baby, 1, still can't open mouth

Taiwan plane crash: 47 dead onboard TransAsia flight

Drunk man fights sign (VIDEO)

North Korean cooking website launches

The Times of India

Hamas rejects Gaza truce unless blockade lifted

Death sentence given in AP photographer's killing

26/11 trial in Pak adjourned for 7th time in a row

3 Pak nationals arrested with fake Indian currency

US calls for truce in Gaza as toll rises to 657

Millionaire beggar nabbed in Saudi Arabia

Rebels shoot down two Ukrainian jets near MH17 site

Possibility of war crimes in Gaza: UN

The Guardian

Teenage around-the-world pilot dies

Colorado gay marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

Arizona killer Joseph Wood dies almost two hours after execution begins

Mount St Helens researchers set off blasts to map volcano's interior

Facebook earnings beat expectations as ad revenues soar

US warned: surveillance reform hinges on change to Reagan executive order

Crowdfunding campaign seeks to help Detroit residents pay water bills

Police arrest suspects in StubHub ticket site fraud investigation

The Independent

US teen pilot dies during attempt to fly around the world in 30 days

Beyoncé poses as Rosie the Riveter, the wartime poster girl who became a feminist pin-up

Israel-Gaza conflict: US Secretary of State John Kerry hails ‘steps’ towards ceasefire after negotiations

John Travolta’s pilot wins right to tell all about their ‘personal and intimate’ relationship

Caracas’s sky-high 'Tower of David' slum finally cleared of its 2,500 squatters

Argentina denies 'world’s saddest polar bear' Arturo chance to live in Canada

Video: Dog resuscitated after being rescued from fire in Chile

Video: Dog saved from fire in Chile

The Telegraph

Teenage pilot attempting round-the-world flight record dies in ocean crash

Arizona execution takes nearly two hours to kill prisoner

Meet the amazing six-year-old champion limbo skater

Roller limbo skater Gagan Satish from Bangalore squeezes beneath 39 cars

MH17 plane crash: latest news - 23 July 2014 as it happened

Fugitive tries to make escape by running into police academy

Ukraine claims Russia shot down two military jets

Michigan jail ditches 'trendy' orange prison fatigues

Financial Times

Fears rise of Russia-fuelled arms race

Obama pressed to act against Russia

Bodies from MH17 arrive in Netherlands

Israel fears damage from flight ban

UN warns of war crimes as hospital is hit

Iraq violence stirs Iranian war memories

Taiwan air crash claims 47 lives

Glasgow’s humour on show as games open

US oil groups ordered to renew railcars

Carney says UK rate rise drawing closer

Rolling Stone

Barbara Bush Tells Son George W. His Father Was Best President

4 Reasons President Obama's New Trans Rights Policy Is a Big Deal

Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas

Plastic Stones, Melting Snails: 3 New Ways To Maim a Planet

Rock the Vote Returns for 2014 Midterm Election

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes

Eric Cantor: Burned at the Steakhouse

The Intercept

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original

NBC News Pulls Veteran Reporter from Gaza After Witnessing Israeli Attack on Children

Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet

For the Record: Yes, the Government Really Did Trash-Talk Our FISA Story

Newly Obtained Emails Contradict Administration Claims on Guardian Laptop Destruction

Civil Rights Organizations Demand Answers From White House on Surveillance of Muslim Leaders

VIDEO: Bahamians React to NSA Surveillance

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