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Forget the Dress - What Color is Mars?

While the world is divided over whether 'that dress' is blue and black, or white and gold, NASA has been involved in a color controversy of its own. This time the debate involves Mars the so-called 'red planet' which conspiracy theorists believe is in fact more blue and green. They argue the space agency has manipulated the color of images from Mars to appear red, orange and pink, in what they claim is an attempt to mask life on the planet.


One year after mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, loved ones of the 239 people on board remain haunted

Norwegian 'Punisher' troops sent to tackle ISIS: Crack squad who wear Marvel patches and liken themselves to the graphic novel vigilante arrive in Iraq


Outrage: Extremists take ancient statues, damage Iraqi site

Obama: Ferguson report exposed racially biased system

US: NKorea response to attack on ambassador 'callous'

AP Source: Federal charges expected against Sen. Menendez

Ferguson police chief stays on the job after federal report

'Homebrew' email servers: Genius as well as sneaky?

Politico: White House Knew About Hillary Email Setup in August

Could North Koreans Be Behind Attack on US Ambassador? History Says Quite Possibly

Study: For First Time, US Not a White Protestant Majority Nation

Sen. Orrin Hatch: WH Acted Like 'Spoiled Brats' Over Netanyahu Visit

EBay Removes Soap Said Made of Holocaust Victims' Fat

Rick Perry: Iran Deal Will Jeopardize Israel's Security

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez Facing Corruption Charges



Forget the Dress - What Color is Mars?

Norwegian Punisher troops sent to tackle ISIS

One year after mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, loved ones of the 239 people on board remain haunted

Cool reactions of skilled pilot Harrison Ford, 72, credited with saving his life after he crash-landed vintage plane on a golf course when its engine failed

Definitely not marriage material: Indian girl becomes a feminist hero after posting honest dating resume to stop her parents arranging her marriage

New pictures show how thousands joined gang which kidnapped rapist from Indian prison - then stripped him naked and beat him to death

India's Daughter

A Very Unique Pizza Shop

China Has Announced Plans For A World Currency

Patrick Ewing remembers former Knicks teammate Anthony Mason

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NJ Dem Top Critic of Obama Iran Deal...

FLASHBACK: President's Talking Points 'Straight Out of Tehran'...

Blasted deal with Cuba...

White House's least favorite Dem...


Boy Dies After Leaping From 2nd-Floor Window at Elementary School...


House Dems vow to protect Boehner from conservative coup...

Pelosi shows how to wield power despite GOP majority...


Man busted after calling 911 to report wife stole his cocaine...

CLAIM: New Procedure Changes Brown Eyes To Blue...

'HELP' Actress to Play God in New Movie...

Paris court rules against FACEBOOK over posted vagina painting...

Saudi 'whistle-blower' claims TWITTER suspended account after 'pressured'...

Le Pen lays out vision to govern France...

National Front on pace to become biggest party...

Beijing to cap city's population...

ISIS controls 90,000 TWITTER accounts?

Sharp rise in prosecutions over insults to Turkey president raise alarm...

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JEFFREY BIRNBAUM: Congress should think small

REPS. RENEE ELLMERS AND DIANE BLACK: From nurse to nurse: let’s help women build stronger families

WESLEY PRUDEN: Hillary Clinton breaks email rules, dogged by media

RICHARD BERMAN: CREW silent over Hillary Clinton email scandal

BOOK REVIEW: 'Die Again'

BECKY NORTON DUNLOP: A tribute to Stan Evans

CHRIS COX: Obama ammo ban is about gun control, not gun safety

DONALD LAMBRO: Obama's crippled presidency

WILLIAM REED: Goodluck Jonathan steering Nigeria with a steady hand

PETER SPRIGG: Americans want states to define marriage

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Tampa Bay Bucs -- Ex-Cheerleaders Win Big ... Team Pays $825k In Wage War

Harrison Ford -- Fore!!! Golf Course Reopens For Play

David Charvet's Legal War Over with 'Bachelor' Creator ... But Dogs Still an Issue

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders -- There Is No (Bikini) Off-Season

Harrison Ford -- Clearing Present Danger ... Wrecked Plane Moved (VIDEO)

Soccer Star Sydney Leroux -- My Hubby's Wedding Band Is $20k ... And I Designed It

Nick Gordon -- Checks into Rehab After Dr. Phil Taping

Harrison Ford -- Prescient, Ironic Flying Advice Way Before the Crash (VIDEO)

'Basketball Wives' Star -- I Had a Miscarriage ... It Was Devastating

Harrison Ford -- Police Scanner Audio ... 'One Critical Patient'

Lindsay Lohan -- Still Cleans Up ... Real Good (PHOTO)

Metta World Peace -- Don't Give Up On Kobe Bryant ... He'll Get Ring Next Season!

Aaron Hernandez Case -- The Smoking Ganja? ... 1st Pic of Joint Found at Murder Scene

Harrison Ford Crash VIDEO -- Eyewitnesses Cry, 'I Hope He's Gonna Make It!'

Pacman Jones -- Off the Hook ... In Casino Ejection

United States Of HOT: 15 Sexiest Presidents Ever

THINKING About The Gym Just As Effective As Going (Says Science)

Dear Women: Your Spanx Ain't Fooling Us. Love, Men

4 Steps To Having The 'Big O'That'll Blow Your MIND

Married People Are Happier People (Says Science)

Secret recording catches teacher boasting to kids about the size of his privates

A Guy Tried To Walk From Detroit To Toronto. It Didn't Go So Well.

Texas man jailed for sending harassing emails to Yahoo CEO

Reporter gets locked out of the mobile newsroom (aka car) during snowstorm, does report anyways

Man Accused Of Posing As Amazon Employer To Kidnap Woman Looking For Job

Austrian bank robber busted after he fails to intimidate cashier with silver spoon

Ohio home pelted by eggs for a year; police can't crack case

Pair pilfer $9,000 worth of underwear from Wyoming store

British mother gets 15 years over 'mummified' son | eNCA

Portland man arrested for allegedly stealing 2 bicycles and a goat named Penelope

Man burned by fajitas while praying can't sue Applebee's. (x-post from /r/news)

Man Calls 911 To Report Wife Stole His Cocaine

Man arrested after commenting on his own wanted photo on facebook

NH Woman Admits She Dug Up Dad's Grave in Search of "Real Will"

Man stole neighbors' credit card, took them to game

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Veteran Ferguson police officers resign

Police chief declines to defend department

Ferguson reacts to grand jury decision

DA: Dean shot student in head

Iranian loses eye as punishment

Charges in works for senator

Gigantic crater opens here ...

Father testifies he left dying son to save daughter

Mob fatally beats rape suspect

U.S. air superiority threatened?

Fox News

WHEN DID THEY KNOW? White House scrambles to respond on Clinton emails

A JIHADIST'S WARNING Ottawa gunman lays out motive in chilling video

HOT SHOT High-power laser weapon blasts hole through truck

SECURITY CONCERNS IT pros question if Clinton's email was vulnerable

DOJ reportedly preparing criminal charges against NJ Sen. Menendez

Pay cut for Putin: Russia's billionaire leader slashes salaries, including his - Crossing the Kremlin: The long line of Putin critics who wound up dead

Obama: Selma anniversary is about young people


What it Was Like to March in Selma as an 8-Year-Old Girl

Dentists Doing Dermatology? Cosmetics Lure Docs

Obama Has 'Full Confidence' in DOJ's Michael Brown Decision

Hear Intended Last Words From Woman Who Escaped Execution

What Makes LaGuardia Such a Difficult Airport?

A Grandfather's Grief Inspires Amazing Gift

Ferguson Officials Suspended After DOJ Report Have Resigned

CIA Director John Brennan Plans Big Overhaul

Washington Times

CIA creates new office to counter cyber threats

Iraqi forces, coalition retake western town of al-Baghdadi

Obama national security team pokes Benjamin Netanyahu with 'wrong for 25 years' tweet

Pope Francis wins over U.S. atheists, agnostics: 68 percent favor pontiff in Pew poll

Refugee advocate calls for greater international attention for displaced women

Silence in Egypt over police abuses amid 'war on terror'

Colombian gangs using machete 'chop' houses to secure criminal empires

Ryan Pate charged for complaining about employer on Facebook in UAE

Man dies in landslide in Bosnia as bad weather hits Balkans

Huffington Post

Civil Rights Groups Push To Get Marriage Equality Restarted In Alabama

Landmark California Law Has Released Nearly 3,000 Inmates

Browns Owner Haslam Mixes Republican Politics With Football

At Last, Violence Against Women Act Lets Tribes Prosecute Non-Native Domestic Abusers

This 2-Minute Test Helps Parents Easily Figure Out If A Child Has A Concussion

Eric Holder Prepared To Dismantle Ferguson Police Department If 'Necessary'

HUFFPOST HILL - Snow Shoes Day

Progressive Group Wants Hillary Clinton To Give Back Foundation Funding Over Keystone


Tourist Dies Trying to Save Drowning Mayor

Sen. Menendez to Face Corruption Charges

Judge: I'm 'Mortified' by What It Took to Win Seat

Pizza Is Tearing Our Country and Politics Apart

State: Clinton Emails Could Reveal Rule-Breaking

Lawmaker's Office Glitter-Bombed

Clinton Addresses Email Brouhaha

Christie Rep Settled Exxon Suit for 3 Cents on Dollar

Ben Carson: Sorry About My Comments on Gays

Financial Times

Convoy complicates Kiev’s offensive

Russia defies Ukraine and sends in aid convoy

Trust in Kiev falls as refugees multiply

White House resists Pentagon’s Iraq advice

US hits at China over air ‘provocation’

Cordon tightens around Ebola states

Television lags behind Twitter in Ferguson

Former governor’s trial transfixes Virginia

Kerala decides to ban the demon drink

Hamas kills alleged Israeli spies

One America News

Brazil political leaders probed in Petrobras graft scandal

U.S. believed security for Seoul ambassador adequate before attack

BP drops bid to oust Gulf spill claims administrator

Wall Street firms more convinced of June rate hike: Reuters poll

Data brings more focus on timing of U.S. rate hike

Senate Democratic leader Reid endorses Rep. Van Hollen for Senate

Jodi Arias trial to cost Arizona taxpayers more than $3.2 million: officials

ABC News

Obama on Ferguson Shooting: 'We May Never Know What Happened'

UN Official: ISIS Destruction of Ancient City a ???War Crime???

Man Burned by Fajita While Praying Can't Sue Restaurant

American Missionary Kidnapped in Nigeria Released

'Heroic' Detroit Judge Was Wounded Trying to Protect Family

Whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Still a Mystery One Year Later

Get a Front-Line View of the Fight Against ISIS

Why 9 Potential Presidents Care About Corn, Pork and 1 Millionaire in Iowa

Weekly Standard

Podcast: The Clintons'Old Tricks Aren't Playing as Well as They Used to

Man Who Attacked American Ambassador in Seoul Has Pyongyang Connections

Lanny Davis Promises: 'Everything'on Hillary's Servers Will Be Available to Republicans in Congress

Feds to Charge Menendez With Corruption

Support Grows for Sending Troops Against ISIS

Yoga Test

Wood on Bailyn, cont.

Rebels with a Cause

Speaking for Israel—and America

The Hill

Clinton 2016, above the law

Dems hoping newest Clinton scandal, like others, will just go away

Bibi and Hillary at a turning

40 hours is full time

Keystone veto override fails

Budowsky: Roberts will uphold ObamaCare

Democrats do damage control

Gun ammunition ban draws fire on Capitol Hill

World Net Daily

Court smacks down 'defamed'congressman's lawsuit

Feds to charge Sen. Bob Menendez with corruption

Cops eye charges against pistol-packing homeowner

Obama sees Ferguson-style racism 'everywhere'

Hillary warned staffers: No personal email for work

116 ex-Gitmo detainees 're-engaged'in terrorism

Farrakhan: Quit military to fight white oppressors

City wages KGB-style crackdown on churches


White House alerted to potential Clinton email problem in August

Feds to charge Menendez with corruption

The rise and fall of Aaron Schock

State Dept. changes story on Clinton emails

Obama on Ferguson: `They weren't just making it up'

Report: Shalala to head Clinton Foundation

Reid backs Van Hollen in Maryland Senate race

Biden on Carson's homosexuality comments: 'Ridiculous'


Surprise! Prince announces “surprise” U.S. tour

Anti-science advocates are freaking out about Google truth rankings

How can you afford Park Slope? Run a feminist BDSM dungeon in your apartment

Wingnut begs people to stop buying Girl Scout cookies because they promote “future lesbians of America”

Clinton confidant Lanny Davis flips out on MSNBC over Hillary emails

Real Clear Politics

Clinton's Wild Sense of Entitlement

Democrats'Only Choice? Defend Clinton

How America Was Misled on al Qaeda's Demise

The Gangsters of Ferguson

6 Questions About the DOJ's Ferguson Report

Can Congress Stop an Iran Deal?

Did White House Lie About Immigration Action?

Immediately Confirm Loretta Lynch

Free Republic

Chelsea Manning Can No Longer Be Called ‘He’ by the Military, Court Rules

Obama Unveils Plan to Further Nationalize Local Police

Freedom Yes, Redefining Marriage No (Poll: By 2-1 Margin, Americans want states deciding marriage)

Russia's Ghost Army in Ukraine &

White House Tweets Attack on Bibi Using Noted Plagiarist

Guns are barreling back, thanks to women

Open government leader warns against email deletion policy[Gov.Cuomo]

Scientists Transplant Organs for Aborted Babies Into Rats for Future Harvest (Worse than Sodom)


Revoke Ban on Nirbhaya Documentary: Editors Guild of India

High Alert in Assam and Nagaland After Mob Lynching of Alleged Rapist in Dimapur

Calcutta High Court Wears Deserted Look on Holi, As Lawyers Opt For Extended Weekend

46,000 Twitter Accounts Linked to Islamic State, Says Study

World Cup 2015: MS Dhoni Powers Team India into Quarters

World Cup: Shami, Dhoni Help India Beat Windies, Quarters Berth Assured

ICC World Cup 2015, Highlights: MS Dhoni Anchors Chase as India Scrape Past West Indies

Opinion: Justice for India's Daughters

High-Level Inquiry Ordered Into Mob Lynching of Alleged Rapist: Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang to NDTV


Daily Caller

Bye Bob! Group Unveils Website And Petititon To Force Robert Menendez To Resign

ACLU Defends Washington Redskins, But Still Thinks They’re ‘A**holes’

‘Goodbye To His Presidential Career’: Glenn Beck SLAMS Carson Over Gay Choice Comment [AUDIO]

Former Obama Faith Advisor: Tim Scott’s Selma Statement Has Civil Rights Heroes ‘Rolling In Their Grave’ [VIDEO]

Obama Claims It’s Easier To Buy Guns Than Books And Vegetables; That Some Want Machine Guns In Bars [VIDEO]

Udder Alles

NCAA Hits Syracuse Basketball Coach With Nine-Game Suspension

Fox News Signs Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s Niece, As Contributor


U.S. Army Makes It Harder to Dismiss Transgender Troops

Germany to Require More Women on Corporate Boards

The Road from Selma to Ferguson

Obama Cabinet: We Don’t Use Only Personal Email

See India Celebrate Holi, the Festival of Color

Harrison Ford’s Scalp and Facial Injuries Likely to ‘Heal Very Well’

Obama Focuses on Ferguson Police, Not Officer

2 Ferguson Officials Resign Following Justice Department Report

Daily Beast

Brian and Katie Back At NBC News?

Inside The Ancient City Isis Destroyed

Harrison Fords Near-Miss My Home All Day

GOP Leaders: Get Your A** Down to Selma

NASA Made It to Dwarf Planet Ceres

Brit Arrested For Killing Stepsister

Teacher Gets Hard Time for Dumb Mistake

Sock Puppet Metal Band Covers Slipknot

The Blaze

You Can Hear Audience Gasp in Dismay After ‘Wheel of Fortune’Contestant Blows Easiest Puzzle Ever

Why Glenn Beck Says Silicon Valley Libertarians Are ‘Desperate’to Meet With His Audience

‘Heartbroken’Couple Told They Can’t Be Foster Parents — Gun Advocates Will Be Irate When They Learn Why

Here’s How Your Simple Selfie Could Be Seen by Millions Across the Country

State Dept. Says Hillary Clinton’s Use of Personal Email Somehow Didn’t Violate Her Own Rule Against Using Personal Email

Megachurch Pastor’s Passionate Message to Christians: Your Need to Be Seen as Cool ‘Must Die!’

Hot Air

Times of Israel: Netanyahu was ready to deal on 1967 borders, Jerusalem in previous term

Jeb hits back at Team Hillary’s claim that his ‘email scandal’ is just as bad

Fired ambassador: I used State’s e-mail for official business

Confirmed: Republicans more confident in their ability to survive the apocalypse than Democrats

NATO gets serious about Eastern Europe, but has it given up on Ukraine?

Hillary in 2010: Our strategy is to strengthen Russia through the “reset”

Oh my: DOJ preparing to file criminal corruption charges against Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez

Wisconsin legislature passes right-to-work bill


Florida Congresswoman Boycotts Bibi's Speech, Then Virtually Copies May 2011 Statement to Effusively Praise It

Going Bananas: A Case Study in Media-Manufactured Racism

Taylor Swift's Bad Investment

Andrea Mitchell Says Clinton 'Partisans'Dismissed Benghazi 'Witch Hunt'– So Did She

ABC’s 'Scandal'Reimagines Ferguson With Guilty, Racist White Cop

George Stephanopoulos: My Colleagues Worried If I Could Be 'Fair'

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Attacks Ben Carson as 'Off the Wall,'Reruns Nasty Tweets

Smoking Gun

Meet The West Virginia Man With The World's Greatest Criminal Alias

Man Calls 911 To Report Wife Stole His Cocaine

Brazen Bagpipe Burglar Being Sought By Cops

Perjuryfest '14: Michael Brown Probe Marred By Lying, Delusional "Witnesses"

Prosecutors Mull Charges In Brown Family Attack

Hillary Clinton's Private E-Mail Draws Scrutiny

Motorist, 21, Arrested After Cops Find His Marijuana Stash Inside Sour Cream Container Labeled "Not Weed"

Repeat Drunk Driver, 66, Arrested Wearing Remarkably Stupid Message T-Shirt

Canada Free Press

Senator Menendez and Hillary Clinton Grow Democrat Party Circle of Corruption!

Clinton to keynote jellyfish journalist gathering, but no questions allowed

ISIS: Outcome of a failed policy toward Iran

Top U.K. University Blacklists Israeli Academic Institutions

Netanyahu’s predictions coming true; Congress hands power to executive branch

Democrats lining up to make sure John Boehner retains his speakership

McConnell postpones vote to give the Senate treaty power the Constitution already gave it

New Lockheed-Martin ‘laser’disables truck from a mile away

Breaking: DOJ prepping criminal corruption charges against Dem. Sen. Bob Menendez

The Ulsterman Report

BREAKING: Obama DOJ Charging Corruption Against Senate Dem Who Challenged Obama

Oil Pulling Follow Up: Natural Sleep Aid? I’ve Never Slept Better!

Infant Thrown 25 Feet Through Car Window During Crash –And Survives. (VIDEO)

D.W. Ulsterman’s Reading List: March 6th, 2015

House Speaker John Boehner Faces Most Serious Challenge Yet From Republicans

Hillary Shrills Out Plea To Supporters, “Don’t You Want To See A Woman President?”

WINTER IS COMING –AGAIN: Game of Thrones Season 5 Looms…

D.W. Ulsterman’s Reading List: March 4th, 2015


US Justice Dept charges Sen. Mendez with criminal corruption

Islamic State on destructive rampage in Nimrod after Mosul

PLO awaits Abbas’word on ending security ties with Israel

Nusra Front chief confirmed killed in Syrian air strike

Five Israel female police officers injured in car-ramming terror attack in Jerusalem

Independent probe finds Argentine prosecutor Nisman was murdered

Obama Lambastes Netanyahu to Fill Time Until Khamenei Pronounces on a Nuclear Deal

Washington Post

Clinton e-mail review could find security issues

The White House gets nostalgic in South Carolina

Obama: Ferguson ‘clearly a broken and racially biased system’

GovBeat: This bill would make it a crime for her to enter a female restroom. A transgender woman’s powerful response.

Holder says he’s ‘prepared’ to dismantle Ferguson police department if necessary

The Fix: Trace Adams’s 2040 presidential bid signs on its first adviser: Barack Obama

Federal Eye: New Postmaster General pledges ‘faster pace of change’ during swearing in

Big Iowa donor to question GOP candidates on agriculture this weekend

The Fix: How late-night comics handled Hillary Clinton’s e-mail controversy

Wall Street Journal

Donna Shalala to Lead Clinton Foundation

Clinton Email Use at Odds With Department Policy

U.S. Plans to File Criminal Charges Against New Jersey Sen. Menendez

CIA Director to Revamp Agency Structure

Brisk Jobs Growth Puts Fed on Notice

Health-Law Ruling Could Prompt Some States to Act

U.S. Struggles to Find Pattern Among Aspiring Islamic State Members

Kerry Assures Arab Nations on Iran

Action on Iran Bill Can Wait, McConnell Says

Washington Times

CIA creates new office to counter cyber threats

Iraqi forces, coalition retake western town of al-Baghdadi

Obama national security team pokes Benjamin Netanyahu with 'wrong for 25 years' tweet

Pope Francis wins over U.S. atheists, agnostics: 68 percent favor pontiff in Pew poll

Refugee advocate calls for greater international attention for displaced women

Silence in Egypt over police abuses amid 'war on terror'

Colombian gangs using machete 'chop' houses to secure criminal empires

Ryan Pate charged for complaining about employer on Facebook in UAE

Man dies in landslide in Bosnia as bad weather hits Balkans

LA Times

CIA to build cyber espionage unit

Daylight saving time: Why do we have to lose an hour of sleep?

On Selma's 50th anniversary, Obama will look to the future

Memories of Selma and 'Bloody Sunday': 'They came with nightsticks'

2 Ferguson police officials resign, court clerk fired over racist emails

Obama stands by Justice Dept. decision not to charge Ferguson officer

Winter of extremes goes on: Not enough snow in Alaska, too much in East

Supreme Court meets to vote on Obamacare; Roberts likely holds key vote

NY Times

American Missionary Freed in Nigeria, Church Says

ISIS Bulldozing of Ancient Nimrud Site in Iraq Stirs Outrage

Two Ferguson Police Supervisors Linked to Racist Emails Resign

Obama Backs Justice Department’s Decision Not to Indict Ferguson Officer

The Saturday Profile: Chinese Advocate of Sexuality Opens Door Into Her Own Private Life

Tom Benson, Saints’ Owner, and Heirs Are Locked in an Inheritance Dispute

News: What We’re Reading

Syracuse Basketball and Jim Boeheim Penalized by N.C.A.A.

USA Today

Iraqi forces push Islamic State out of al-Baghdadi

'Extinct' bird isn't extinct at all

How ISIL's twitter army could be used against it

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The day in pictures

Austria to keep Nazi-looted Klimt masterpiece

The week in pictures

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, 1 year later

Daily Mirror

MR sends message to Kandy rally

Dr. Nonis appointed Presidential Advisor

Sushma arrives

Reginold summoned to BC

Medicinal drugs bill passed

Yoshitha transferred to Navy Headquarters

Johnston summoned to Bribery Commission

True SLFP with me: MR

NY Daily News

Activists fight to send Russian alcoholic bears to rehab

‘Crazy' badger terrorizes Stockholm's Radisson Blu hotel

Boy, 11, punished for dressing as '50 Shades' Christian Grey

Abid Naseer re-convicted after no court stenographer present

Salvation Army uses ‘The Dress’ in ad to end domestic abuse

Thieves steal water faucets from German spy agency HQ

F1 driver Fernando Alonso forgot last 20 years after crash

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: A year of mystery, pain

The Times of India

Clinton machine proves to be liability and asset

North Korea response to attack on ambassador 'callous': US

CIA to make sweeping changes, focus on cyber

CIA to make sweeping changes, focus more on cyber operations: Agency chief

Police release video made by gunman before Ottawa attack

Iran commitments do not go far enough: France

Florida man drives dead body to attorney's office

46,000 Twitter accounts linked to Islamic State, study finds