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Buyers circle suddenly attractive U.S. media companies

Kushner told Trump campaign staff to avoid meeting foreigners, lawyer claims

Trump holds off reversing ban on elephant trophy imports

Clinton aide: 'False comparison' to equate Bill with Weinstein, Moore

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to vote for Roy Moore in Senate race despite sex allegations

Liberal views of Roy Moore's Democratic rival could pose pitfall amid scandal

Mystery surrounds sourcing for story about Chris Christie fetching McDonald's for Trump

Jared Kushner's testimony on WikiLeaks may not add up

Trump halts elephant hunt decision amid outcry

Ted Cruz: Democrats' Moore-Franken double standard 'more than a little rich'

Senate panel seeks info from Jared Kushner on Russian national's 'dinner invite': Report

EXCLUSIVE ' Roy Moore: Gloria Allred's Refusal to Release Yearbook Proves Allegations Are 'Completely Untrue'

Report: Roy Moore Fundraising Surges Since Attacks

Hillary Blasts Trump, Moore for Not Accepting Responsibility on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Flashback: Al Franken Joked About Photographing Unconscious Lesley Stahl in 'Various Positions'

Gohmert Credits Bannon for Trying to Keep GOP from Running and Hiding from the Fight in Alabama

Two Tax Reforms Can Be Better Than One

What Democratic Civil War? The Left Already Won.

The Danger of Knowing You're on the 'Right Side of History'

Christie Would've Made a Better AG Than Sessions

Clinton on 2016: 'Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy'

Black Lives Matter Hashtag Activism Backfires on Black Record Label on Fox's 'Star'

Fake Fact Check: Politifact Rates Obviously Satirical Bergdahl Entry 'Pants on Fire'

Stelter Frets 'Stupid' Mistakes in Media Are 'Amplified by Some Right-Wing Outlets' to Discredit the Press

CNN, News One Now Ignore Black Police Officer Murdered in Baltimore

Flashback: 'Lion of the Senate' Ted Kennedy's Weird Sex Antics Widely Known

Serena Williams reveals dress after post-wedding party

Man punches woman after 'manspreading' on NYC subway

YouTube shuts down creepy Toy Freaks channel

Lena Dunham DEFENDS Girls writer accused of rape

Saudi Arabia swapping assets for freedom of some held in graft purge

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Secretive Senate Ethics Committee Soon To Be Busy...

'Black Hole' Allows Escape Without Consequences...

Precedent Of Dropping Matters That Occured Before Elected...


Navy acknowledges pilot drew male genitalia in sky...

REPORTER: Obama Deliberately Misled On Al-Qaeda Before Election...

Anxiety grips media business...

Digital facing reckoning...

CONDE NAST GASP: VANITY FAIR Staff Nonplussed by New Editor's Personal Style...

Tights with cartoon foxes?

COOK POLITICAL REPORT predicts Democratic 'wave' in 2018...

Counties Hold Clues...




Moore rallies faithful...

'No, I don't believe the girls'...

Senate Race Aggravates Republican Divide...

Bannon Searches for Cash After Big Donors Distance...

Could Birth Control App Replace The Pill?

UPDATE: The millennial who could be Italy's next leader...

Ohio State suspends sorority, fraternity activities amid probes...

Calls mount for action on 'killer robots'...

Just 12% of Americans eat enough fruit and veg...

NFL Civil War Breaks Out as Jerry Jones Targets Goodell...

'Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to me'...

ESPN Host Slams Critics: 'So Dumb I Can't Even Pray For You'...

School principal targeted in car bombing...

COURT: Surrogate mother who changed mind must hand over baby...

World's first human head transplant successfully carried out...

Operation on living 'imminent'...

Death soon may not be so final...

Island where 81-year-olds considered young...

Argentine Sub Missing with 44 Sailors...

NASA Joins Search...

Jesse Jackson Reveals Parkinson's Diagnosis...

Police Holding Active Shooter Training For Clergy...

POLL: 1 in 3 to avoid talking politics over holiday season...

Unemployment rate record low in 13 states...

House Passes $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut in Vast Overhaul...

13 Republicans voted 'no'...

NEXT: Showdown in Senate...

Drama over deductions...

Confused by Tax Bills? Be Glad You're Not an Accountant...

Getting Dog May Save Life...

Dog dies of 'broken heart' after owner dumps at airport...

Underground 'city of dead' for Jerusalem after runs out of plots...


TRAVEL HELL: Cities could see 'record' Thanksgiving traffic delays...


Clinton Zombies Invade Austin

Traveling 9/11 Style: Commercial Airplanes Can Be Hacked

Candace Owens: Black People Waking Up Will Be Hell For Democrats In 2020

Pope Pardons Pedo-Priests, Climate Denial Is 'Perversion'

Late-Night Evil Clowns

What if Jurassic Park Was Real?

The War on Your Mind

Bitcoin Surges To New All-Time High Near $8,000 As Wall Street Plunges In

Sophia The AI Robot answers your Questions

The Truth About Stranger Things

The Alex Jones (Commercial Free) : Candace Owens, Hillary News

Is Saudi Arabia becoming a danger to the region?

Gerald Celente : OPEC and the Saudi Shake-Up

Latest Headlines Current Events (November 17, 2017)

'No Survivors' Plane and Helicopter Crash Over Rothschild Estate

The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

Was Bitcoin made by an A.I.?

David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, Fall of the Cabal

We Are Seeing The Same Signs Now As We Saw Back In 2008

Putin "North Korea Would Rather Eat Grass Than Give Up Nuclear Weapons Program"

What If You Were Born In Space?

Moore Accuser Removes Anti Moore, Anti Trump FB Rants

China Breakthrough experiment : Turning Sand Desert into Farmland

Anonymous: CIA Declares War Against WikiLeaks, Pompeo says Publication 'Ends Now'

BREAKING: Bill Clinton Gets Horrific News, He Deserves This

Coast To Coast AM - November 16, 2017 Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Future Technology

The Confessionals - Episode 43 Reptilians at Stardust Ranch with John Edmonds The Alien Slayer

Future Predictions Ancient Indian Astrology with Achharya Jaydev

Coast To Coast AM - November 15, 2017 Mark Dice Ancient Archaeological Mysteries

The Immortal Mind: Science and The Continuity of Consciousness Beyond The Brain

Getting a Dog May Save Your Life

Video: Drunken man gets beat up by straphangers after he attacks mom on subway train

Canada, The Netherlands make strides to implement 'basic income'

First Transgender Minister Appointed In UK Methodist Church

US opens first permanent military base in Israel

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Hamas: Mossad Agents Carrying Bosnian Passports Behind Tunisia Drone Expert Assassination

Bootnotes Dick move: Navy flyboy flings firmament phallus for flabbergasted folk

Drone maker DJI left its private SSL, firmware keys open to world+dog on GitHub FOR YEARS

'There's All Kinds Of People Who Have Their Snouts In The Trough Here'

WATCH HIGHLIGHTS | Roy Moore's Wife Gives Press Conference On Steps Of Alabama Capitol'

LOCK HER UP: Hillary Chronicles

The Slow Decapitation of America'The powerful are winning the war against the institutions that protected society.

US-led war against ISIS is killing 31 times more civilians than claimed

US Senate Hearing Exposes Danger Of Nuclear War

Argentine Submarine Goes Missing with 44 Crew Members On Board

Millennials Can't Handle Reality, Are We Doomed? Majority of Millennials Say They Are Having a 'Quarter-Life Crisis'

NFL Player Jameis Winston Accused Of Sexual Assault'AGAIN

BUSTED!! Uranium One Just Blown WIDE OPEN, Hillary TERRIFIED

Sweden Police Installs Microphones in Migrant No-Go Zones to Detect Crime

Bloodsuckers: Seattle council approves tax on Airbnb rentals

Boris Johnson Ready To Pay UK's £450mn Iran Debt To Help Free Jailed British Mother

'Injecting Aluminum': The Dangers of Aluminum as a Vaccine Adjuvant

Is Soy Food Turning Men Into Pussies?

Tom Ridge In Critical Condition

Leaked Letter: DOJ Coming for Clinton Foundation

RAW VIDEO | Menendez Makes Threat In Press Conference'

HILARIOUS VIDEO | Jeff Sessions Cracks Up The Audience





Gov. Cuomo gets caught making up facts over Congress' tax plan

Get set for a new War on Cops when the next City Council speaker takes office

Never mind Blas' tram to nowhere ' how about saving the subways?

Don't start rejoicing over Mugabe's fall just yet

Democrats' bogus claims about who gets hit if Washington ditches the SALT write-off

#MeToo has lumped trivial in with legitimate sexual assault

Franken's awful 'apology,'the Dems'civil war and other commentary

How Bob Menendez's friends helped him steer clear of jail

Congress'pervert problem, Iraqi beauty queen's team-up with Israeli and other commentary

Lowering standards is no way for the Army to meet quotas

Two Tax Reforms Can Be Better Than One

What Democratic Civil War? The Left Already Won.

The Danger of Knowing You're on the 'Right Side of History'

Christie Would've Made a Better AG Than Sessions

Clinton on 2016: 'Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy'

FBI Gave Clinton Investigation 'Special' Status, Email Shows

The Great American Earthquake

Conservatives Reap the Whirlwind of Their War on Media

Why Conservatives Lost Faith in Mainstream Media

What to Ask When Decades-Old Harassment Surfaces

This Is What Anguish Looks Like: Victims of Black-on-White Violence

Sex Scandals: Who's Really to Blame?

Menendez Presumed Innocent, Moore Presumed Guilty

Two Issues, Two Answers: Time for SCOTUS to Make Some Hard Choices

A Game-Changer in the House of Saud?


P!nk Hangs Off L.A. Skyscraper to Rehearse for American Music Awards

Simone Biles Blasts Gabby Douglas: Don't Victim Shame Aly Raisman!

Tyrese Wins in Court, Judge Grants 50/50 Custody of Daughter

David Otunga Asks Judge to Throw Out Jennifer Hudson's Restraining Order

Usher Herpes Lawsuit Dismissed

Tyron Woodley to Nate Diaz: I'll Smash You With a Jacked Up Shoulder!

Chad Johnson Wipes Out HARD at the Skatepark

Marcia Clark Says O.J. Simpson 'Doesn't Seem to Be in Control'

Meghan Trainor Named Final Judge on FOX's 'The Four'

Tyrese Gibson Not Optimistic On Way into Court

Ric Flair's Manager Lashes Back, You're a 'Despicable' Liar

David Otunga Says Jennifer Hudson is Lying About Abuse and Parenting

Ben Affleck Looked Flustered After Getting Grilled by Stephen Colbert

Jameis Winston: Uber Driver Is Confused, I Wasn't Sitting Next to Her

Serena Williams' Wedding Video, Venus Shakes to 'Back That Ass Up'

Rev. Jesse Jackson Reveals He's Battling Parkinson's Disease

David Otunga Pulls Out of WWE 'Survivor Series' In Wake of Jennifer Hudson Split

Jennifer Hudson Confronted by David Otunga Over Cheating Allegations with Mali Music

Bill Hader and Wife Split Up After 11 Years of Marriage

Jennifer Hudson Claims David Otunga Got Physical with Her ... He Denies It (UPDATE)



An unpopular argument for giving Josh McCown your loyalty

Nets get welcome reprieve from their point guard problems

Porzingis struggles mightily as Knicks pounded by Raptors

Worst version of Rangers returns in ugly loss to Blue Jackets

Mets take small first step toward getting some bullpen help

Joakim Noah faces new reality as Knicks bench him again

Yankees announce date for pitchers and catchers

Hidden blueprint to winning this week's big daily fantasy tourney

Gabby Douglas slams Aly Raisman: Dressing in 'sexual way'welcomes wrong crowd

Giants rookie gets leadership honor from Ben McAdoo

Kristaps Porzingis struggles as Knicks get blown out by Raptors

Rangers can't score for Henrik Lundqvist, fall to Blue Jackets

Conine: Getting fans at Marlins games should be Jeter's priority

Gabby Douglas victim blames Aly Raisman

Aaron Boone: I've been preparing to be MLB skipper for 44 years

Joakim Noah admits he 'probably' won't ever return to form

Jameis Winston accused of groping Uber driver: report

Video surfaces of Jerry Jones delivering bizarre wedding message

Giants coach on Rodgers-Cromartie: 'We don't hold grudges'

McAdoo has message for Giants fans: Come watch us beat the Chiefs

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Fox News

Peter Schweizer on the significance of the Uranium One deal

Democratic Party plagued by scandals

NYPD cops handcuffed by new stop-and-frisk policies

Ann Coulter: If Dems were smart, they'd get rid of Franken

Tucker: Clinton dynasty crumbles


Source says Kushner testified he did not recall any campaign contact with Wikileaks. But senators say he did receive an email about Wikileaks contact

Kushner attorney fires back: There were no 'missing documents'

Mueller wants to interview publicist who set up meeting between Trump Jr. and Russian

Senate committee seeks more info on Kushner

President Trump begins paying legal bills from his own pocket


White House Chief Economist not so good at...

New revelations about Kushner and Russia

What about sexual misconduct allegations...

WaPo: Trump has made over 1500 misleading...

Kushner failed to disclose outreach from...

Kushner's WikiLeaks Problem

Who needs to fall back this week?


ABC News

Trump to keep ban on big game trophies for now

Trump family's hunting history reexamined in light of new elephant trophy policy

Does hunting elephants help conserve the species?

Trump to be presented with $47M deal to arm Ukraine against Russia

Argentine Navy loses communication with submarine carrying crew of 44

CBS News

Can Alabama's evangelicals carry Roy Moore to victory?

Senate panel probes Russians' request for meeting with Trump during campaign

Russia halts further chemical weapons inspectors in Syria

60 Minutes tells the story of the worst sports tragedy in years

Trump to delay decision on importing elephant trophies


China says will work with North Korea to boost ties as envoy visits

Argentina intensifies search for missing submarine with 44 crew

Cavs' Rose to miss up to three weeks with ankle sprain

China's home price growth picks up in October

Syria toxic gas inquiry to end after Russia again blocks U.N. renewal


Washington Post

Trump halts Interior's elephant trophy decision

Can President Trump pressure the Justice Department to investigate Hillary Clinton?

Sanders: President believes Alabama voters alone should decide Senate race winner

Why can't Jeff Sessions remember interactions related to Russia?

Trump personally asked Xi Jinping to help resolve case of UCLA basketball players arrested in China

Washington Times

Lawmaker may lose influential post over harassment claims

Washington Legislature argues most records exempt under law

Woman who impersonated ICE agent in scam sent to prison

Ethics panel rejects $1,000 fine for former Oregon governor

Members of the Senate Ethics Committee

Roll Call

Podcast: Trip Wires Await the GOP Tax Proposals

New $44 Billion Disaster Aid Request Paltry, Lawmakers Say

DCCC Launches Digital Ads Over GOP Tax Vote

Gillibrand PAC Endorses Lipinski Primary Challenger in Illinois

10 Things to Watch as the Tax Bill Moves Forward


New York Times

North Korea, Al Franken, Leonids: Your Friday Evening Briefing

White House Memo: In Mocking Franken Over Claims of Sexual Misconduct, Trump Joins a Debate He Started

Franken Case Sets Off Debate Over Line Between Abuse and a Mistake

In Minnesota, Outrage and Sorrow Over Al Franken Allegations

White House Requests More Disaster Aid but Also Seeks Cuts as Deficits Rise

New York Daily News

Gabby Douglas victim blames Aly Raisman

Mom ignored by four while protecting son from California gunman

Huckabee Sanders says Franken admits 'wrongdoing,'Trump hasn't

Supreme Court Justice pens bizarre response to Franken allegation

NYPD probing why cops rebuffed woman reporting subway maniac

New York Post

Hillary comes to defense of 'accountable'Al Franken

Trump temporarily reverses decision on elephant trophies

Mom falls to her death after suspicious meeting with mystery man

Alabama governor will still vote for Moore despite accusations

Woman has a crappy day after falling into septic tank


Real Clear Politics

Two Tax Reforms Can Be Better Than One

What Democratic Civil War? The Left Already Won.

The Danger of Knowing You're on the 'Right Side of History'

Christie Would've Made a Better AG Than Sessions

Clinton on 2016: 'Lots of Questions About Its Legitimacy'

FBI Gave Clinton Investigation 'Special' Status, Email Shows

Washington Beacon

Matthews on Bill Clinton's Sex Scandals: 'I Was Too Tough on Clinton'

CNN Analyst: Bill Clinton Should 'Have Some Sort of Reckoning at Some Point'

Trump: Elephant Trophy Importing Decision on Hold Until I Review Conservation Facts

Sessions Asks Convention Crowd: 'Any Russians? Anybody Been to Russia?'

Gillibrand: 'Ridiculous' to Call Her a Hypocrite for Saying Bill Clinton Should've Resigned


Kushner's Lawyer Pushes Back on Senate Committee Request

Trump Puts Elephant Trophy Decision 'On Hold'

Report: Senate Seeks Kushner Data on Russian Request for Trump Meeting

Franken Apologizes to Woman Who Says he Kissed, Groped Her

DOD: Sexual Assault Reports Up at Military Installations