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TODD STARNES TCU suspends student who criticized Islam, ISIS POTENTIAL SHOWDOWN? Senate halts plan to defund Planned Parenthood CIRCUS HORROR 2 dead, 22 hurt in New Hampshire tent collapse CITY UNDER SIEGE: Baltimore calls in feds to help cops handle violence GOP CEASEFIRE Candidates slam Dems, not each other at NH forum Suspect in fatal shooting of Memphis police officer turns himself in White House mulling intervention in massive judgment against Palestinians in terror case Death toll in NYC Legionnaires' disease outbreak rises to 7, health officials say Musicians Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale file for divorce - Reba McEntire, Narvel Blackstock announce separation Ex-Ferguson cop Darren Wilson gives first interview since controversial shooting Special Olympics athlete vanishes after another found safe Jury rules James Holmes qualifies for death penalty for movie massacre Navy official: Not ruling out charging service member who fired on Chattanooga shooter California firefighters scramble as largest of 20 blazes breaks containment line Iran experiences 164-degree temperatures as 'heat dome' traps Middle East As Dem Rep. Grayson runs for Senate seat, girlfriend reportedly runs for his Following death of Cecil, Zimbabwe authorities ID 2nd American in illegal lion kill - Zimbabwe safari operator says 2nd American accused of illegal lion hunt acted in 'good faith' - Delta bans shipment of some animal trophies Eye-scanning technology used to track terrorists adapted to help find missing kids DNC head still can’t explain difference between Democrats, socialists Puerto Rico fails to pay bond, defaults for the first time in 117 years as U.S. territory Pennsylvania rep indicted on racketeering charges vows to run for re-election Second Recall at Kraft After Consumers Choke on Plastic Obama announces power plant regulations, GOP lawmakers vow fight Former President Carter has liver surgery, expected to make ‘full recovery’ Prof who accused cop of profiling flunks dash-cam test Two shot outside NJ concert, suspect still at large - Revenge eyed as motive for deadly shooting of defendant at Mississippi courthouse Top House Dem on intelligence panel backs Iran nuclear deal - House GOP says it has the votes to disapprove of Iran deal Late British PM Edward Heath accused of 1961 sex assault on 12-year-old boy This Caddy will drive you Mad Demi explains her relapses Christina walked out on Pitt Bobbi Kristina death pic sold Trump food fight heats up Hadid: I will pose nude for... Surgeons left what behind? New dinosaur discovery 'Street Outlaws' star crashes Top techie running gear Chelsea: You call this fat? Delta: No more animal trophies Miranda and Shania did what? 'The Factor' vs. Dick Durbin


ANYONE BUT HILLARY? Once a lock, Dems now looking at Clinton options

What looked like a lock when she announced her candidacy four months ago has turned into a scramble for Hillary Clinton as her campaign faces not just challenges from declared candidates but speculation that recent stumbles could draw a party powerhouse like Vice President Biden into the race.

Top Stories


GOP forum in N.H.: More cattle call than debate

2 dead, 22 hurt in New Hampshire tent collapse

Baltimore calls in federal agents to help homicide cops deal with spike in violence

Fox News Poll: New high for Trump, new low for Clinton

'One of the Most Extreme Readings Ever in the World': Iranian City Records Insanely High Heat Index

Something 'Mind-Bending'Happens After Red-Hot Nickel Ball Is Placed on Block of Floral Foam: 'Wow'

'Hannity' Focus Group Gets Heated While Discussing Donald Trump

GOP Debate Preview: Is Donald Trump Ready for the Big Stage?

Reagan VP Candidate, Former Sen. Richard Schweiker Dies

China Demands Return of High-Level Defector

John Yoo: Next President Can Easily Cancel Iran Deal


Special Report


Fox News Leaves Many Questions Unanswered About Debate

All eyes are on Fox News with five days to go before the first Republican presidential debate. The clash is set for Thursday in Cleveland, but the network has left much unsaid so far.

John Kasich tussles with Fox News ahead of first debate

Trump builds his political machine

Hillary Clinton backers skeptical of Joe Biden run

Ann Coulter Says She's Only 'Half-Kidding' About This Idea if Donald Trump Is Elected President

Fox News Leaves Many Questions Unanswered About Debate

Trump: 'My whole life has been a debate'

Images of endangered species projected on Empire State Building to raise awareness following Cecil, Jericho's tragic deaths

Biden Reportedly Considering 2016 Run

Hillary worried about a NY Post photo of her on vacation: emails

Hillary and Bill Clinton Paid $43 Million in Federal Taxes



Outside the Box


My Wife Signed-Up For a One-Way Mission to Mars

A Virginia man has opened up about what it's like having a wife who volunteered to be part of the controversial Mars One mission - and the fact that, in just a few years, he and his sons are expected to say goodbye to her forever.

Take Back Your Rights from the Feds

Identity Politics are the Enemy

Louisiana Cuts Off Planned Parenthood Funding

Flashback: UFC Champion Ronda Rousey Calls 9/11 an 'Inside Job'

Why Are Feminists Fat Ugly?

Report: Lions More Important Than Humans

Lefty Starbucks CEO Groomed to Replace Hillary

The Second Fall of Rome?

How To Renew America's Glory

The Rent is Too Damn High ' San Fran Residents Pay $1,000 a Month to Live in Shipping Containers

Man Throws Chain Saws at Deputy During East Texas Chase

WHO Full Report: Monsanto Herbicide in GMO Crops is Carcinogenic

My Wife Signed-Up For a One-Way Mission to Mars

Will Humanity Be Extinct In 100 Years?

Spain Surpasses Orwell's Nightmare 1984



Drudge Report




If Biden runs he'll need careful way round Clinton...

Hollywood Donor: 'We Need Choices'...



Favorability hits 52%...

Gets nearly 10X TV coverage...

Staying power confounds rivals...



City To Appoint 2 Illegal Immigrants As Commissioners...

Pilots On High Alert Following 3rd Drone Sighting At JFK...


Mom, accused of kidnapping girl to avoid vaccination, caught and jailed...



Some refuse to give up on Confederate flag...

IRAN: USA Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement...

Majority of House backs bill to kill deal...

POLL: Opposition doubles since June...

WASH POST LEAD TUES: Fate of Iran deal is with undecided Dems...

Obama Charm Offensive Targets Venezuela...

Pope to lead Havana mass next to Che Guevara portrait...

USA To Issue More New Green Cards In Next Ten Years Than Populations of IA, NH and SC -- COMBINED...


Donald Trump on Twitter                         


Gretchen's Take: Should Clinton's lawyer have classified info in his possession?
There would be no problem with releasing any emails if Mrs. Clinton had done business the way in which it was intended as Secretary of State -- not putting all of her emails on a private server.












The Five

Greta - On the Record

The O'Reilly Factor

The Kelly File



Savage Nation


When New York Times Takes Trump Seriously: When He Slams GOP Rivals as Koch Brothers 'Puppets'

MSNBC's Hayes Hints That Hamas and Israeli Govt Both Incite Violence

Blogger Josh Marshall: GOP Base Likes Trump's 'Do Anything, Say Anything Mode of Militant Nonsense'

Suit: Craig James Claims Fox Sports Fired Him for Gay Marriage Views

Networks Ignore 'Backlash' Caused by Company's $70k Minimum Wage

Guess Who? 10 News Outlets Tweeting Cecil the Lion More than Abortion Videos

Networks Ignore 'Backlash'Caused by Companys $70k Minimum Wage

CBS, NBC Minimize Coverage of New Mexico Church Bombings

Media Matters staff: Bill O'Reilly Compares Pro-Choice Democrats To Nazis

Media Matters staff: The Five Shouts Over Facts About Planned Parenthood And Deceptively Edited Videos

Media Matters staff: Media Matters ' Eric Boehlert On MSNBC Live : Fox News Is Running The Republican Primary

Media Matters staff: Eric Boehlert On MSNBC: "The Press Is Really Going All In On" Favorability Ratings "To Find A Hook" Against Clinton

Denise Robbins: See The Media's Disconnect On Climate Change And Extreme Weather Illustrated On The Front Page

Media Matters staff: Hannity Instructs Congress To Risk A Government Shutdown

Media Matters staff: Limbaugh: It's "Incumbent" Upon Trump To "Somehow Control" The GOP Primary Debate


Newspaper Row


Report: Man arrested, tried to carjack unmarked police car
Police: Man arrested by 2 undercover detectives after trying to carjack their unmarked car

Washington Post

14 Republican candidates not named Trump did some political speed dating. Here#8217;s how they tried to stand out.

DHS deportation program meets with resistance

Charles Koch's focus on 'injustices' is fueled by an unlikely partnership

Republican effort to strip Planned Parenthood funding stalls in Senate

Another poll, another huge #8212; and growing #8212; Trump lead

Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly vote to defund Planned Parenthood

Clinton name-checks Republicans in new video defending Planned Parenthood

Ted Cruz#8217;s book royalties may be higher than Scott Walker#8217;s net worth

One Republican who won#8217;t run for president #8212; Bob Ehrlich

Wall Street Journal

Unhappy Voters Shake Up Presidential Race

Hispanics Hold Dim View of Trump, Poll Finds

Planned Parenthood Bill Stalls in Senate

Obama Unveils Rule to Cut Carbon Emissions From Power Plants

Capital Journal: Five Ideas Worth Debating on the GOP Stage

Koch Brothers Donors Tired of Being 'Demonized'

Amy Schumer Pushes Gun Control

Senate Pivots to Cyberattack Bill

Attorney General Will Intervene in Jail Death

NYC Comptroller Says Rainy Day Fund Needs a Boost

Washington Times

Kerry pushes Asia trade pact in Singapore

Islamic State attacks beyond Syria, Iraq prompt U.S. concern

KIM HOLMES: Iran nuclear deal raises war risk in Middle East

Iran deal: House GOP claim enough votes to reject Iran deal

Judge: Owner of ND vegetable plant must serve time in prison

Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials

Puerto Rico confirms it failed to make $58M debt payment

Iran's Hassan Rouhani chided on persecution of religious minorities

US begins armed drone flights from Turkey

LA Times

Crowded GOP presidential field races through campaign forum

South Bronx Legionnaires' disease death toll rises to seven

New York uses executive order to investigate woman's jail cell death

Puerto Rico fails to make $58-million debt payment

Idaho's ban on undercover animal abuse videos struck down by federal judge

GOP seeks end to Planned Parenthood money as both parties play to their base

Battle for final spot in GOP debate: Chris Christie beating Rick Perry

James Holmes moves closer to death penalty as jurors reject leniency

NY Times

Pakistan Hangs Inmate Said to Have Been Tortured Into Confessing

Kerry Hails Progress Toward Trans-Pacific Trade Pact, Despite Delays

Police Seeking Gunman Who Shot 2 Outside J. Cole Concert in New Jersey

Methane in Atmosphere May Greatly Exceed Estimates, Report Says

Uneven Performances in Trump-less Republican Forum

Legionnaires' Disease Death Toll in Bronx Climbs to 7

Move to Fight Obama's Climate Plan Started Early

Democrats Unveil a Plan to Fight Gerrymandering

USA Today

Floods kill dozens in Pakistan

Claims of child sex abuse against ex-British PM Edward Heath

Puerto Rico in default after measly payment

Myanmar floods kill dozens, displace 200,000

Earth's most powerful storm of the year roars across Pacific

Israeli president flooded with death threats for condemning 'Jewish terror'

It's insanely expensive to bribe Russian officials these days

US to allow Air power to defend Syrian rebels

NY Post

Graffiti artist gets $12,500 for spending 2 extra weeks in Rikers

Grade-fixing scandal could spell end of mayoral school control

Man sentenced to prison for fatally striking 69-year-old

Five wounded in Brooklyn drive-by shooting

Village People call truce in Hamptons battle

Nikki Finke posts first entries on new fictional entertainment blog

Royals get rowdy at pre-wedding luncheon

'Fantastic Four'cast bonds over dinner and drinks

NY Daily News

China salvage operator to raise South Korea ferry that sunk

Delta, American ban shipment of big-game hunting trophies

Rio de Janeiro police abuse detailed in Amnesty Intl. report

Whale causes stir at trendy Bueno Aires waterfront district

Fugitive Aussie groom skips out on bail and new bride

Luxury double-sided watch lets users attach Apple Watch

Pa. doctor accused of illegal lion hunt defended by operator

Google Translate adds 20 more languages to real-time video

Daily Mail

Bankrupt 50 Cent's mansion costs him $70k a MONTH to maintain: Broke rapper reveals the extravagant costs of his home - and all its previous owners also went bankrupt

Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley share photos from their nuptials

Houston and Brown families at WAR as Bobbi Kristina casket picture leaks

Office air conditioning temperatures are based on the preferences of men

Monk Shi Yongxin who turned Shaolin Temple into empire faces investigation

Pictures taking top prize in this year's National Geographic Traveler contest

The five cringe-worthy pick up lines that actually DO work revealed


The Lighter Side


It seems like everybody's weighing in on Trumps campaign - even Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. He said that Trump is probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long, long time. Then Trump was like, Well, at least one Cuban loves me.

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel Political Cartoons by Steve Breen




Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale Divorce -- She Believes He Cheated

Michael Jackson -- You Wanna See Where I Recorded 'Billie Jean' -- Maybe You Can!

Drake's Championship Ring -- Chill, Meek ... This One's NOT for You!

Rita Ora -- White Hot Bikini Body (PHOTOS)

50 Cent Bankruptcy -- G-Unit Is Bleeding Me Dry

Jesse Metcalfe -- My New Crib Is The Perfect Hybrid (PHOTOS)

Guess Who This Messy Baby Turned Into!

Kim Richards -- Shoplifting Bust at Target

NFL's Melvin Ingram -- BEST COUSIN EVER ... $165K Jewelry Run For Family

Drake -- Mocking Meek Mill Is All the Fashion (PHOTO)

Braxton Miller -- One Handed Catch ... While Holding 5 Footballs [Video]

Gwen Stefani Files For Divorce from Gavin Rossdale

Will Smith -- Jada and I Aren't Divorcing ... So Stop the Foolishness!!!

Luke Walton -- Wins Another Championship ... in Beach Volleyball!

Ronda Rousey -- Brazil Loves Me So Much ... They Kept My Tradition Going

7 Reasons Will And Jada's Marriage Has Been Over For A LONG Time Now

NEVER Feel Ashamed Of The Fact That You Don't Want Kids (Here's Why)

10 Signs You're DEFINITELY The Third Wheel (Sorry.)

Why Nobody Should Give A (Bleep) About Celebrities!

5 Ways Online Dating Has Ruined Finding Love



More News


Fox News

TODD STARNES TCU suspends student who criticized Islam, ISIS

POTENTIAL SHOWDOWN? Senate halts plan to defund Planned Parenthood

CIRCUS HORROR 2 dead, 22 hurt in New Hampshire tent collapse

CITY UNDER SIEGE: Baltimore calls in feds to help cops handle violence

GOP CEASEFIRE Candidates slam Dems, not each other at NH forum


Swarm of Bees Kills Electrician, Injures 2 Others

Two Dead in New Hampshire Circus Tent Collapse

PHOTOS: Tour Tijuana's Latest Busted Drug Tunnel

Texas Attorney General Surrenders After Felony Indictments

'Real Housewives' Star Arrested for Alleged Shoplifting


Girl's lie about her age lands him on the sex offender registry

Baltimore sends S.O.S to Feds

Islands scoured for MH370 debris

Giant ocean 'blob' discovered

Which GOP candidate is ready to throw 'every punch' at Clinton?

Planned Parenthood vote fails

2 die in circus tent collapse

Right Scoop

Mark Levin to Hannity: We need a new civil rights movement where we advance LIBERTY!

Trump supporters BATTLE IT OUT with Donald Deniers on FIERY Fox News focus group

An interviewer TRIED to get MMA fighter Ronda Rousey ANGRY about the 'wage gap'and FAILED

Rick Perry: We made It through two World Wars, we'll make it through Barack Obama

SERIOUSLY?!?! California city to appoint TWO ILLEGAL ALIENS to advisory boards!!

'Leaders CHALLENGE the Status Quo''Carly Fiorina ROCKS IT at the Voters'First Forum

One America News

Oil edges back up to $50 a barrel from six-month low

Trapero returns to Venice Film Festival with 'El Clan'

Samsung glamour days over as it fights to save mobile market share

Philippines to raise South China Sea despite Beijing's reluctance

Respite for commodities as dollar wilts, China bounces

Indian rapper goes viral with toxic waste gibes at Unilever

New Taliban leader facing tension as top official quits

ABC News

Suspected Cop Killer Surrenders, Says He's 'Not a Coward'

Idaho Big Game Hunters Defend 'Kill' Photos

Military Unit is Lifeline for Scientists on Unique Mission

Rugged California Area Searched in Manhunt for Gunman

Germany: 27 Injured in Fire at Former Air-Raid Shelter

Last Push Begins to Sentence Colorado Shooter to Death

Obama Power Plant Rules Spark 2016 Fight Over Climate Change

Worker Dies After Bee Attack at California Construction Site

Weekly Standard

Democrats Who Blocked Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Admit They Haven't Watched Undercover Videos

Carly: We Need a Nominee 'Who Is Going to Throw Every Punch'

Christie Says Jeb's Experience 'Relevant to Older Time'

Christie: Hillary Defense of Planned Parenthood 'Garbage'

General: The Army Is Breaking Down

They Hate Your Guts

Rogues' Gallery

The Guns of August 1990

Mission Impossible

The Hill

Veterans' issues took center stage before recess

New overtime rules close the door on hospitality

If Nixon had email, he'd have been just like Hillary Clinton

Is CISA gift-wrapped for hackers and nation-state actors?

Trump builds his political machine

RNC chief to GOP field: 'Stop the name-calling'

Rand Paul attributes Trump's rise to a 'loss of sanity'

Trump sees double-digit surge in new poll

World Net Daily

Baby-parts judge fears 'violence'' against abortionists

City to appoint 2 illegals as commissioners

14 of 17 GOP candidates in 'debate lite'

Lesbian mayor who demanded sermons now being sued

'Gays'demand 'irreversible harm'to Christian

Boehner nemesis defends push to oust speaker

Boehner may have to cut deal with Pelosi to save job

Donald Trump: No more anchor babies!


Planned Parenthood fight casts shutdown shadow

Does the American public oppose the Iran deal?

Sen. Schumer enlists famous cousin Amy to pitch guns bill

Can Palin sell Trump to 'Joe Six-Pack'?

Gawker publishes Donald Trump's cellphone number

Former IRS commissioner files FEC complaint over Fox forum rules

Hillary Clinton comes out in support of Planned Parenthood

Fox, Bloomberg will release pre-debate polls


The 7 most dangerous myths about a $15 minimum wage

Robert Reich: America is revolting against its ruling class

The radical 'Jurassic World' we didn't get to see: When 'starting from scratch' means 'starting from white'

Jeffrey Tambor and Jill Soloway tease 'Transparent' season 2: 'We're taking the gloves off'

Unemployed Darren Wilson living off donations, only shopping 'with like-minded individuals ' where it's not a mixing pot'

Real Clear Politics

Nuclear Deal Won't Change Iran

Why Biden Would Be a Serious Contender

Democrats Hold the Trump Card

Hillary Clinton's Summer Slump

In Defense of the Fox News Debate Format

Fighting Climate Change For Real

Millennials Can Rescue Cities

The Inclusive Strength of #BlackLivesMatter

Hot Air

Quotes of the day

Real TIME headline: 'Charles Koch Says U.S. Can Bomb Its Way to $100K Salaries'

Democrats manning the walls to defend sanctuary cities

'True Detective' grumble thread: Playin' out the string

The Brits struggle to deal with their own illegal immigrant problem

Having solved all other problems, NY fines companies selling toy guns

Open thread: Are you ready for the first GOP non-debate debate?

The latest from the campaign trail: Machine-gun bacon


When New York Times Takes Trump Seriously: When He Slams GOP Rivals as Koch Brothers 'Puppets'

MSNBC's Hayes Hints That Hamas and Israeli Govt Both Incite Violence

Blogger Josh Marshall: GOP Base Likes Trump's 'Do Anything, Say Anything Mode of Militant Nonsense'

Suit: Craig James Claims Fox Sports Fired Him for Gay Marriage Views

Networks Ignore 'Backlash' Caused by Company's $70k Minimum Wage

Guess Who? 10 News Outlets Tweeting Cecil the Lion More than Abortion Videos

Networks Ignore 'Backlash'Caused by Companys $70k Minimum Wage

Smoking Gun

Carjacker Tries To Steal Unmarked Cop Car

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Vandal Defaces Civil War Memorial With "Confed Lives Don't Matter"Graffiti

Florida Coppers Collar Babyface Floyd On Felony Raps

Cops: DJ In Priest Garb Assaults Transgender

Naked Connecticut Man, 81, Arrested For Illegally Communing With Nature

Meth Trafficker Walter White Wants Stuff Back

Chief Keef Impostor Busted By The Feds

Canada Free Press

Planned Parenthood, unequal justice and dark forces

Killing the planet is Obama's #1 goal

Dawa at Chautauqua

Obama's Energy Power Grab

The Banality of Evil

On Courts and Constitutionality in the Kentucky Resolution of 1798

Pro-Life Leader Vindicated for Walk on Navy Pier During Planned Parenthood Gala

Are Strawberries Going Away?

Homosexual Rights and Religious Freedom Collide

The Ulsterman Report

D.W. Ulsterman's Review Of Showtime's, 'RAY DONOVAN'

It's Official 'Top Gear's Clarkson, May, and Hammond Have New Show With Amazon

Race-Ragers Prepare For Yet Another Onslaught Following University Officer Indictment (VIDEO)

John Kerry Just Hinted Obama White House Prepared To Break The Law To Keep Iran Deal

Media Declares Trump Campaign 'DOOMED''What Say You?


Voters Cheer As Donald Trump Decimates Far Left Reporter (VIDEO)



Lavrov: US air strikes in Syria violate international law

The late Rabbi Cahane's far-right grandson detaned

US would defend Israel as it would a NATO ally

Two Israelis hurt by firebomb attack in Jerusalem

Two mortar shells explode on Golan

A Kurdish PKK suicide bomber kills two Turkish soldiers

Obama authorizes air power to defend US-backed Syrian rebels


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