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Israel's elder statesman, Shimon Peres, dies at 93
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Former Israeli president and elder statesman Shimon Peres, a joint winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize, died in hospital on Wednesday at 93, two weeks after suffering a massive stroke.

Special Report: Flawed CDC report left Indiana children vulnerable to lead poisoning
EAST CHICAGO, Indiana (Reuters) - In this industrial northwest Indiana city, hundreds of families who live in a gated public housing community with prim lawns and a new elementary school next door are searching for new homes. Their own places have been marked for demolition.

PICTURED: Pyongyang starts day early with patriotic music
Women's League units in North Korea are appearing at Underground stations across Pyongyang waving red flags and dancing to patriotic music in a drive to boost workers' productivity in the secretive state.

US drone strike on ISIS leaders in Afghanistan kills 21 'including civilians'
A suspected U.S. drone strike (file photo) against Islamic State in Afghanistan struck a house where people were sleeping on Wednesday.

Deadly rocket that brought down MH17 over Ukraine 'DID come from Russia', investigators reveal
A surface-to-air missile hit the Malaysia Airlines flight en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in 2014, killing all 298 people aboard, most of them Dutch citizens.

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Biden mourns loss of Shimon Peres, 'the soul of Israel'

Why Clinton's plan to get Islamic State leader could mean breaking 'ground troops' pledge

High-profile Republican to endorse Clinton on Wednesday

Brzezinski Slams Fox Friends Hosts: 'How Could Two Men and a Woman in This Day and Age''

Trevor Noah: Clinton Successfully 'Goaded Donald Trump Into Hulking Out'

Sean Hannity Tells Off Those Media Elitists With Their Limos and Steaks and Fancy Wine

CBS Spotlights Debate Watch Party with No Trump Supporters

Networks Silent on Accusation Trump Used Cocaine Before Debate

Bozell on Holt: How Could He Not Have Asked Hillary About Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, and E-Mails?

Post Debate Surge: Donald Trump Fills Massive Hangar for Florida Rally, Thousands Turned Away

No Post-Debate Letdown for Trump ' Draws Enormous Crowd in Central Florida

Donald Trump Kills It with Massive Florida Rally: 'We Have One Magnificent Chance'

Exclusive ' Mook Spooked: Clinton Campaign Manager, Other Top Dems Dodge Questions on Whether Hillary Wants Obama to Withdraw TPP

TV Clip Shows Donald Trump Did Not Support Iraq War, Despite Lester Holt, 'Fact Check' Claims

Congress Divided as Shutdown Again Threatens Troop Pay

US Looks to Accelerate Deployment of South Korea Missile Defense

Nuclear Enterprise Is America's Bedrock of Security, Carter Says

Cardillo Discusses Importance of Geospatial Intel at Senate Hearing

O'Donnell Furious After Trump Insults Her During Debate

Michael Moore Declares Trump As Debate Winner

Lawsuit Claims 'Clock Boy'And Family Wronged In Publicity Over 2015 Case

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DRAMA: Germany 'not preparing rescue plans' for DEUTSCHE BANK...


Memo to staff...

Fears of financial crisis repeat...

Builders to lose jobs to robots, construction boss warns...

Surge in Satanism, black magic...




Russian Airline Owner to Challenge Bezos...

Gesture-recognition drone follows people...

UN Demands U.S. Pay Reparations To Blacks...

Lesbian Trump supporter slams gay Clinton campaign manager Mook...

Hillary touts Ex-Ms.Universe accused of threatening to kill judge...

WSJ: Comey's Immunity Coverup...

'Kill White People' Graffiti Rocks Tampa...

Iran Now Has Edge in Fight Over Oil Prices With Saudi...


UPDATE: 200 Quakes Hit SoCal...

Dog reunited with woman after disappearance, 1,100-mile journey home...

'WESTWORLD' teaser reveals bloody battle between robots and humans...

Aphrodisiac coffee...

Crucifix Display Reported as 'Hate Incident' at University...

STUDY: Decades of Divorce Erodes Religion in America...

The world of men who've sworn never to sleep with women again...

World's least friendly cities...

HAPPY NUKE YEAR: NKorea to defy West with new launch...




FACEBOOK Must Ban Abusive Content Says German Justice Minister...

FBI probes hacks targeting Democratic Party officials' phones...

'Homeland Security' worried about attacks on concerts, sporting events...

Missing Afghan military students raise fears...

Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond YAHOO...

Warning of Rare Black Moon Set to Rise...

Paris finally bows to the importance of Oscar Wilde...

Physicians using GOOGLE GLASS to aid health documentation, but face security concerns...

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ADL Adds 'Pepe the Frog'Meme to Hate Symbol Database

Graffiti On Wall In Florida Includes 'Black Lives Matter'&'Kill White People'

Poll: Only 36% Of Voters Have Confidence In Hillary's Health

The Weaponized Government Continues ' U.S. Dept. Of Labor Target Peter Thiel'

Emergency! Hillary / Globalists Shutting Down Opposition Media

WATCH: Did Hillary Clinton Give Hand Signals to Debate Moderator Lester Holt?

House Republicans Warn Against Obama Administration's Attempt to Bailout Obamacare Insurers

Report: Dem officials'cellphones hacked

Video: Black Lives Matter is NOT a Race

CDC Whistleblower Claims Agency has been using Wrong Zika Test

Coast To Coast AM Earth Sounds and Alien Structures

Full Event: Donald Trump HUUGE Rally in Melbourne, Florida 9/27/2016 Post Presidential Debate

Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news


CNN Caught Rigging Polls For Hillary Clinton

GAME OVER... World Financial Collapse has STARTED! - Bo Polny

What Happens When You Die?

Anonymous - Message to the United States Government 2016

Judge Napolitano: FBI Was Told To Exonerate Hillary 'At All Costs To Run Against Trump'

Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan

Colombian government signs peace deal with communist rebels Farc bringing an end to 50 years of fighting that have claimed 250,000 lives

No debate over his support: Michigan homeowner mows 58,000 square-foot TRUMP sign into his lawn

Can deodorants cause CANCER? Study claims aluminium salts 'may trigger tumours'

NASA's Kennedy Space Center could soon be underwater as sea levels rise because of climate change

Pulled over for speeding, grieving man stunned when officer drives him 100 miles to be with family


Trump? How Could We?

The Media Loves Hillary. It May Cost Her the Election

Clinton Homes In on Trump's Debate Stumbles

Hillary Feels the Pressure

An Appeal From the New to the Old Liberals

The Fantasy of Trump's Economic Dystopia

Hillary's Wrong: Govt Can't Produce Economic Growth

Trump Flaunts His Sexism at Debate

Hillary, Interrupted

VIDEO: Hundreds of Supporters Try to Rush Trump Melbourne, FL Rally as Ten Thousand Turned Away by Fire Marshal

Figures. Hillary Touts Ex-Miss Universe at Debate'Who Later Became Porn Actress and Accomplice to Murder

What Media Bias? Trump Said Miss Universe Was Heavy in 1996 'Hillary Threatened to Destroy Sexual Assault Victims in 1998

Secret money to boost Trump

Trump considers biggest donation yet to his own campaign

Clinton campaign in 'panic mode' over Florida black voters

The most dangerous conspiracy theory of 2016

Howard Dean Insists Trump 'Coke User'

Bill O'Reilly on Trump Iraq Position: He 'Didn't Like That War'

CNN: Clinton Adding Sen. John Warner's GOP Endorsement

Gingrich: 'Intellectual Yet Idiots' Don't 'Know How Well Trump Is Doing'


Rob Kardashian -- Family Scared for His Life ... After Massive Weight Gain

Lena Headey to Ex-Husband -- U.S. Schools Suck ... Our Kid Stays In The U.K.

Curt Schilling -- Dead Serious About Political Career ... Eyes White House in 2024 (VIDEO)

Hayden Panettiere -- Most Expensive Dog Sitter Lawsuit EVER ... SETTLED

Tokio Hotel Guitarist -- Run, Run, Run from My Wife ... Files for Scheidung

Guess Who This Flower Child Turned Into!

Mary J. Blige -- My Prenup's Way More Solid than My Marriage

Conor McGregor -- Eddie Alvarez Is a Moron ... Shoulda Asked for More Money! (VIDEO)

Miranda Kerr -- Snapchat Specs Are All the Rage (VIDEO)

CM Punk -- Called Out By 'Howard Stern' Legend ... I'll Whoop Your Ass!! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber -- Getting Snotty with Front Row Fans (VIDEO)

Ex-LSU Star Jacob Hester -- LSU 'Disrespected' Les Miles ... 'Should've Finished Season'

Kylie Jenner -- Jail Time for Gate Crasher

Brad Pitt -- Death Hoax Story Could Kill Your Computer (PHOTO)

Jerry Jones -- Jay Z's the Real Deal ... 'I See What Beyonce Sees In Him' (AUDIO)

I'll NEVER Apologize For Saying No To Things I Don't Want To Do

Don't Apologize For Your Feelings ' It's BRAVE To Show You Care

3 Reasons You Should Never Settle For Love That's Only 'Good Enough'

6 CRUCIAL Q's You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Leave A Cheater

Love Can't Trump Everything: Why I Dumped My Conservative Boyfriend

How To Make A Man Sexually CRAVE You, According To His Zodiac Sign

More News

Washington Post

Trump campaign says $18 million windfall followed Monday's debate

At Florida rally, Trump resumes attacking 'Crooked Hillary Clinton'

Sanders praises Clinton for populist debate answers on taxes, trade and wages

Trump is actually doing his foundation a favor, by 'storing'its portrait on his golf resort wall, his adviser says

Former Mexican president: Trump's debate performance should alarm world leaders

Wall Street Journal

James Comey's Clinton Immunity

Fact-Checking Lester Holt

Another Win for the Cowboys

Trump's Losing Debate Strategy

A Clear Debate Victory for Clinton

And the Winner of the Trump-Clinton Debate Was . . .

The Donald Abides

Please Stop My 8% Social Security Raise

Washington Times

Support for divided government at 15-year low: poll

Donald Trump's campaign brings in more than $18 million after the debate

Amnesty's Thailand torture allegations spark arrest threat

Mexican consulate, Memphis office of EEOC renew agreement

Court hears arguments over benefits for "displaced worker"

NAACP head says shooting victim's history doesn't matter

Senate poised to override Obama's veto of 9/11 legislation

LA Times

Obama to nominate top diplomat in Havana to become U.S. ambassador to Cuba

Flood barriers protect Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as river crests

Firefighter dies in New York City house blast after report of gas leak

Houston gunman wore Nazi emblems and had two weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition

Mall shooting victims include teenage cancer survivor, Macy's worker, probation officer

Washington mall shooting suspect confesses to slayings, is charged with murder

Number of murders spiked in 2015; violent crime also up, FBI reports

NY Times

After a Disappointing Debate, Trump Goes on the Attack

New Debate Strategy for Donald Trump: Practice, Practice, Practice

Shimon Peres, U.S. Election, Wells Fargo: Your Wednesday Briefing

New York Today: New York Today: Return of the Pumpkin

Trump and Clinton in First Debate

Watching on Mute, I Still Knew the Score

Russia Implicated in Shooting Down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Over Ukraine

USA Today

Shimon Peres, Israel's defense and peace leader, dies after stroke

Why a Swiss town pays $24,000 a year for a hermit

'Three parent' baby born using new technique

5 things you need to know Wednesday

Swarm of earthquakes continues in Salton Sea

A black moon will rise Friday night, but you aren't going to see it

Dutch investigators say missile that shot down MH17 came from Russia

NY Post

Serena Williams: I 'won't be silent'about police killings

Missile that shot down Malaysian flight came from Russia: probe

Inside Elon Musk's big plan to colonize Mars

Trump campaign raked in $18M after debate

Two-legged pig is trying to raise money for a wheelchair

Amy Schumer is the Internet's most dangerous celebrity

Tanaka wants to pitch again in 2016, but Yankees aren't so sure

Mets hope two players breakout game is more than a tease

NY Daily News

NYC couple pleads not guilty in Utah rough threesome case

Vt. castaway was suspect in grandfather's death

California cop fatally shoots man witnesses say was unarmed

Harlem boy, 6, covered in bruises dies at hospital

Ex-Israeli leader Shimon Peres dead at 93

Georgia teacher arrested for allegedly having sex with students

Conservative Arizona newspaper endorses Hillary Clinton

Cops across the nation abuse confidential databases to snoop

Daily Mail

California marijuana farmers fight to rescue their crop from devastating wildfire

Terence Crutcher's twin sister marches alongside Al Sharpton calling for peace

'She looks like a movie star!' Kate wows the style crowd with a 'Hollywood makeover' for Canada tour as she FINALLY has fun with fashion... and shows off an even trimmer new figure

PICTURED: Pyongyang starts day early with patriotic music

US drone strike on ISIS leaders in Afghanistan kills 21 'including civilians'

Right Scoop

'They're totally meaningless''Krauthammer obliterates O'Reilly pushing online polls

Rush Limbaugh says disappointed Trump supporters hit with 'overwhelming PESSIMISM'over debate

Dana Loesch asks Glenn Beck if he put TOO MUCH FAITH in Ted Cruz'

Trump praises deceased pitcher José Fernández, but his policies would have deported him to Cuba

Sean Hannity thought online polls were STUPID when Ron Paul won them, but now they're GREAT!

BREAKING! Charlotte Police Dept EVACUATED after suspicious package found!

Mr. Nigel 'Brexit'Farage thinks Trump is going to beat Hillary

One America News

Israel's elder statesman, Shimon Peres, dies at 93

Special Report: Flawed CDC report left Indiana children vulnerable to lead poisoning

Families: investigation found MH17 downed from pro-Russia rebel held territory

Aleppo bombardments hit bakery, damage hospitals: residents

Iran atomic chief sees no threat to nuclear deal if Trump becomes U.S. president

Putin faces dilemma after vote win: How to prolong a system based on himself

Norway appeals court rejects Snowden extradition lawsuit

Syrian army, insurgents in fierce clashes in southwest Aleppo

ABC News

Differences on Race, Gender Stark This Election

First 2016 Presidential Debate Most Watched in History

The First Presidential Debate: By the Numbers

Where Undecided Voters Stand After First Presidential Debate

Trump Missed Opportunities Against Clinton in First Debate, Republicans Say

President Obama Says Trump Doesn't Have 'Preparation,' 'Temperament' and 'Values'

How Clinton Got Under Trump's Skin During the Debate

Weekly Standard

Brangelina, the Infliction Economy, and Fly Fishing Graft

Fact Checking Hillary on Exports

Beijing Snubs Taipei

Did Trump Just Endorse the Democrats' Unconstitutional Anti-Gun Policy?

Caldwell: Trump v. Hillary Was a Huge Blowout

Donald Trump and the Audit Canard

What Trump Could've Said If He Prepared for the Debate

The Radical Left's Trump Envy

The Hill

Trump vs. Clinton: Debate of the century gets wilder

Frenzy builds for epic debate

Bloomberg to fact-check debate on-screen

Civil rights museum denies Trump visit request

State officials warn Congress against 'rigged election' talk

Poll: Who won the debate?

Green Party nominee escorted off debate premises

Five things to watch for at Trump-Clinton debate

World Net Daily

Poll: Only 36% think Hillary is healthy

Insiders: Trump successfully executed debate plan

The real agenda behind Charlotte's 'peaceful'protests

Congressman: Hillary's 'experience'disqualifies her

Ann Coulter: Trump won by proving 'He's not Hitler'

Was Hillary wired for Trump debate?

Lester Holt has history of favoring Hillary, Democrats

Limbaugh: Hillary came off as 'a witch with a capital B'


Secret money to boost Trump

Trump considers biggest donation yet to his own campaign

Clinton campaign in 'panic mode' over Florida black voters

The most dangerous conspiracy theory of 2016

Clinton thinks Trump's privilege is different from hers

OBAMA, HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON to ISRAEL for Shimon Peres' funeral -- TAPPER on what to expect in OBAMA town hall -- Clinton gets small debate bump -- NEW POLLING PARTNERSHIP between POLITICO and Morning Consult

Former Va. Sen. John Warner endorses Clinton

Michelle Obama in new Clinton ad: 'Hillary will be a president our kids can look up to'


Hillary Clinton endorsed by Arizona Republic, becoming first Democrat endorsed by newspaper in 126 years

Shimon Peres, former Israel president, dies at 93

Just as you suspected all along: Firing middle managers is good for business

A world of worry: Hillary's apologies aren't enough to stop Trump Terror from striking our allies

Killing people, breaking things and America's winless wars: Details of the dismal U.S. military record

Real Clear Politics

Trump? How Could We?

The Media Loves Hillary. It May Cost Her the Election

Clinton Homes In on Trump's Debate Stumbles

Hillary Feels the Pressure

An Appeal From the New to the Old Liberals

The Fantasy of Trump's Economic Dystopia

Hillary's Wrong: Govt Can't Produce Economic Growth

Trump Flaunts His Sexism at Debate

Hot Air

FBI investigating hacks of Democratic official's phones

Film review: The Magnificent Seven

Rush: Trump won last night by showing that he's not of the system

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is dropping most of its Obamacare customers

The University of Pennsylvania doesn't think fossil fuels rise to the level of 'apartheid or genocide'

Fox News and the RNC: 2003 clip backs up Trump on pre-war opposition to Iraq invasion

Howard Dean doubles down: Maybe Trump has a coke habit

AUDIO: Alan Dershowitz fact checks Lester Holt's fact check on 'Stop and Frisk'


CBS Spotlights Debate Watch Party with No Trump Supporters

Net Silent on Accusation Trump Used Cocaine Before Debate

Bozell on Holt: How Could He Not Have Asked Hillary About Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, and E-Mails?

Bozell Graham Column: Lester Holt Learns His Lauer Lesson

BBC's Kay Touts Holt's Question to Trump on Hillary's Looks; Hits 'Malpractice' of Little E-Mail Time

If Lester Holt Really Wanted to Be Fair and Balanced...

Howard Fineman's Hyperbole: Trump's 'Worst Debate' Ever

NYT Live Debate Crew: Hillary Survives 'Blizzard of...Untruth,''Latent Sexism'; Holt Was 'Minimalist Moderator'

Smoking Gun

Cops: Quarrel Over Orgy Got All Stabby

Police: Teen Filmed Boy, 3, Smoking Pot

Friday Photo Fun Match Game

Driver Nabbed With Avocado Marijuana Pipe

Iowan Busted For Measuring Self With Ruler

Cops: Suspect's Distinctive "Man Bun"Helps Lead To Grand Theft Arrest

Sex Offender Picks Worst Place To Offend Again

Police: California Man, 35, Assaulted Multiple Victims With Stolen Crucifixes

Canada Free Press

Chief Justice Roy Moore Final Hearing Today

Three Key Arguments Against the 'Clean Power Plan'

Where Will Oil Prices Go After Algiers?

Secret Report: Terrorists Running Wild Within U.S. Borders

It's Election Donald Trump must win not Lester Holt's 'Debate of the Century'

VIDEO: Trump promises to 'get rid of that crooked woman'

Utopia's Classes

The Ulsterman Report

Arnold Palmer's Final Message To Golfers &Fans

D.W. Ulsterman On The Charlotte Riots

'I was young. I was foolish. I was angry. I was vain''

'I've started out, for God knows where. I guess I'll know, when I get there''(VIDEO)

Fascinating Interview With Golfing Great, Ben Hogan

D.W. Ulsterman Reviews Colson Whitehead's, 'The Underground Railroad'

D.W. Ulsterman Remembers America's City In Ruin: September 11th, 2001


State funeral of Shimon Peres to be held Friday at noon on Mt. Herzl

Israeli police capture 39 terror suspects, weapons in E. Jerusalem

Putin pays tribute to Shimon Peres

ISIS kamikaze drone strikes Turkish force in N. Syria; three wounded

Olmert appeal rejected, will serve the last 8 months

Obama, Clintons among dignitaries to attend Peres funeral

World leaders mourn the passing of Israel#39;s Peres


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